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Eddie Ford

DOB: 21/06/2002
Height: 188cm
Weight: 79kg
Position: Medium Forward

An electrifying medium forward, Ford can fly high or get the job done at ground level with remarkable X-factor. He showed in his bottom-age year he is capable of playing through the midfield – a role he wants to grow into – and could do so once he builds his endurance further. In terms of his athleticism and pure footballing ability, Ford is up there with the best, and when he is on fire, he is hard to stop. His highlight reel from 2019 would be something special to watch, including a massive hanger for Vic Metro during the Under 18s trial game at Ikon Park. He had an interrupted preseason but expect him to get going once football returns.



Isabelle Pritchard

DOB: 08/03/2002
Height: 177cm
Position: Tall Defender/Midfielder

Pritchard is a talented utility who showed during her bottom-age and middle-age seasons that she can be an elite centre half-back, acting in that quarterback type role. With an equal balance of offensive and defensive traits, the Jets star was able to become a rebounding force leading up to her top-age year, representing Vic Metro as a middle-ager after coming through the Under 16s program. In 2020, Pritchard moved into the midfield where she dominated in the opening three games of the season, winning plenty of the ball, whilst being able to drop back and help her defence, and also assist in setting up scoring chances for her team.




Western Jets Girls

1Charlotte Baskaran122341561400410037121717.44.922.
2Sienna Cutajar00000000000000.
3Camryn Tyrrell141327200160022052.
4Trinity Skenderis351247200270066057.
5Hayley Baber23520080010021.
6Jasmine Farrugia61521000270001170.
7Annie Gray3115468002000110374.
8Paige Ryan681987100033001418079.72.712.
10Paige Trajkovski20626400110027063.
11Stephanie Asciak4540850002300115076.45.712.
13Maddison Tsaloumas00000000000000.
14Marli Klaumanns-Moller961520080032024.
14Kiera Whiley3126576002410125174.
15Sierra Grieves00000000000000.
16Ella Tyson14142800050022252.
17Lou-Lou Field00000000000000.
18Isabel Choate10818100141012052.
19Olivia Forsyth00000000000000.
20Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner00000000000000.
21Nyanthier Malual00000000000000.
22Kensley Ward13922200130020252.
23Giselle Lambley00000000000000.
24Laura Elliott3221531200500015074.
25Nicole Besnard12300050001020.
26Macy Vicino00000000000000.
27Caitlin Sargent43206317001300131476.
28Leah Spargo223052700200018054.
29Kiera Leare272350500180082173.
31Nikita Wright1161740060031025.
32Ava Strathairn00000000000000.
33Kymberly Bays171734500170008072.
34Kasey Maddock771420090010032.
35Sarah Grunden00000000000000.
37Alana Anthony35800031000131.
38Montana Ham804012019003910030142711.45.717.
39Najet Ajaimy00000000000000.
40Emma Kiely141327000210005072.
41Ciara Singleton5114651000150027068.52.310.
42Jemima Woods532982150016370257277.
43Kate Maxwell2413371000900011073.
44Sarah Golding681430070041023.
45Eva Lavanda11200070000020.
46Hannah Juricskay44810050010022.
52Krystal Russell30326260018160094074.
53Mariam Kadour00000020000010.