Eastern Ranges

Eastern Ranges were a founding member of the TAC Cup competition in 1992 and their home base is at Box Hill City Oval, with training at Kilsyth Recreation Reserve.

Eastern has two premierships to its name in 2002 and 2013, with runners-up in 1995, 2000 and 2004.

Among the alumni is the Scott brothers (Chris and Brad), Rory Sloane, Nick Malceski, Lindsay Gilbee, Travis Cloke, Jon Patton and Tom Boyd.

Eastern Ranges 2018

3Connor Tilyard516142100100
6Mitchell Brown68144410200110
7Lachlan Stapleton101121232291111231100474251
9Jonte Duffy32578985240510171416
10Chayce Black72921642670974602514123
11Mitch Mellis170208378441562375604449332
12Jarrod Gilbee746914326527929032300
13Jamieson Rossiter127199126300208
14Lachlan Gawel2520451221241001613
16Todd Garner221638131623803281
17Cody Hirst201939619211805800
18Billy McCormack7089159239173251331818263
19Wil Parker9514368200030
21James Ross3138691325422613370
22Bailey White381755162235703835
23Zakary Pretty9253461619507120
24Thomas Hardstaff549445100110
25Lucas Vassis3139701236362907540
26Callum Norris54399317336326167120
27Jordan Jaworski39317017413424061064
30Tyler Edwards80631433253912201217113
31James Blanck744411833625920756391
35Lachlan Munro104146591001601
36Benjamin Hickleton6410355131005
37Jayden Weichard292049519291202241
39Joel Nathan3631672133331144171
41Kyle Phelan000000000000
45Mihaele Zalac463581254142132313153
49Riley Smith45741192169512226623864