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Scouting notes: TAC Cup Girls – Round 6

ROUND six presented us with some of the most even matches this season. The Falcons and Knights came up against tough opponents in the Eastern Ranges and Gippsland Power, respectively, but still both managed to keep their undefeated streaks alive. The Dandenong Stingrays also joined them on the winner’s board with their first victory of the season. With all teams now with a win on the board, we decided to focus on the in-form players of the competition in this week’s opinion-based scouting notes.


Gippsland Power vs. Northern Knights 

Gippsland Power:

#6 Emily Haeusler

The dashing defender backed up her form from the week before with another top performance. She provided early run out of defence, winning plenty of the ball in the back half and clearing it wide. She did drop a couple of marks, but recovered well to win the ball back, and had good awareness to turn her opponent inside out at ground level and kick to a teammate cleanly on the wing. She showed clean hands at ground level, having a great one-handed pick-up at full speed off the deck, but unfortunately slipped over as she went to kick. Haeusler also laid a good hip-and-shoulder late in the first term to assist a teammate to win the ball. Throughout the game she took some good intercept marks and generally kicked to space, with only one hesitation coming in the third term where she handballed backwards to a teammate. Other than that, she gained some good metres and then moved onto a wing late in the game and was crucial driving the ball inside 50 in the final term when Gippsland was coming at Northern.

#27 Nikia Webber

Webber was contained more than previous weeks but still got involved where she could. She presented up to the ball at half-forward and had an early snap but it fell short. She started the third term in defence and got an early touch, also taking an intercept mark. She copped a knock at the eight-minute mark of the third quarter, but she came back on, played forward in the final term and booted the first goal to get the momentum flowing. She missed a chance at making it two running into goal, but was looking dangerous. Copped another knock in the final term but got back up.

#28 Tyla Hanks

The Gippsland Power co-captain came back in to the side after a week off with AFLW Academy duties and had an impact in the middle. Arguably her usual influence was somewhat nullified due to the good work of opposing captain Maddy Brancatisano who made sure she always had body contact on Hanks at the stoppages. She moved into defence when the Knights started to get a roll on, and then back into the middle when the Power needed more drive from the clearances. When Gippsland needed someone to step up as the game was starting to slip away, Hanks snapped a great goal off a step from a loose ball. She just continually hunted the football and won a few free kicks for being held and despite being under opposition guard, cracked in hard for some crucial contested possessions. In the third term, she laid a great run-down tackle on Olivia Dikranis as the latter almost got away from the stoppage. She worked well with Emily Haeusler in the final term to keep the Power alive, almost kicking a couple more goals, but one went out on the full and one just missed.

Northern Knights:

#5 Maddy Brancatisano

I thought it was the captain’s best game of the year, because she not only won the ball herself, but played a crucial role on the inside on Tyla Hanks. The pair had an enthralling battle for most of the contest and neither took a backwards step. Her best work was her hands on the inside, often winning the hardball and releasing a teammate on the outside, almost setting up a goal in the opening term with the subsequent shot missing. In the third term she stood her ground in a marking contest with pressure from Hanks coming at full-speed, and also won a one-on-one in the forward 50 for the Knights to lock it up and stop the Power rebound.

#6 Alyssa Bannan

A solid performance from the versatile tall, with Bannan booting the one goal, but moving well across the ground. She won a crucial contest early in the piece and in Bannan style, kicked the goal of the day with some great running from the half-forward flank, taking a few bounces and kicking a goal on the run in the opening term. She took a strong mark on the lead in the second term and showed both quick hands and a ferocity around the contest throughout the match.

#22 Britney Gutknecht

When the game was hot early on and the Knights were firing, I thought Gutknecht was the one who stood tallest in the match. With Maddy Bracantisano playing a crucial inside role, Gutknecht was the beneficiary on the outside. She booted the knights’ first goal thanks to a good bounce. She copped a hard hit shortly after, managed to spin out of it and kick long to the 50m mark. Gutknecht has that touch of class where she does not have to win a heap of it to influence the contest, and also provided good defensive pressure as well as offensive drive. She capped off a great first half with a goal at the 10-minute mark after Gippsland had a purple patch and momentum was with the Power. She almost kicked a third goal but just missed, then a fourth shot from 50m just went to the left. Was a little quiet in the final term, but her work in the first half was great.

#23 Gabby Newton

A consistent performance from Newton who returned from AFLW Academy duties. Her first touch was a clean one, with a pick-up out of a stoppage and charge forward. She showed quick hands under pressure and dish off to teammates, and showed some almost too unselfish play in the third term where she went to handball to Alyssa Bannan after taking a good mark inside 50. She immediately handballed to Bannan who was not quite expecting it. Luckily, they mopped up and still kicked the goal. She also had a shot on goal herself from long range but it went wide and was intercepted.

#24 Alexandra Pronesti

Had her moments up forward with great defensive pressure and continual ball movement. She booted a goal in the third term to almost seal the game, and while she has had more dominant performances this season, she was always involved when required, providing one percenters defensively.


Greater Western Victoria Rebels vs. Calder Cannons 

By: Cameron Ross 

GWV Rebels:

#8 Ella Wood

Wood was the Rebels’ best player until injury in the third quarter curtailed her influence in the final term. She gave the Rebels outside run all game, which was really important as they were struggling to get the ball inside 50 at times and needed her quality ball use and skill level to break down the Cannons defence. Impressed me with her ability to win her own clearances, and a willingness to not only give outside run, but put her head over the ball and win the hard ones too. A really important contributor in the Rebels’ win.

#16 Lauren Butler

The captain was outstanding again, and is proving to be one of the most consistent players in the TAC Cup Girls competition. The Carisbrook native is courageous, athletic and has intangibles that set her apart from many of her peers. An example of this was when she understood that the switch wasn’t on, even though the Rebels had the outnumber in the centre, and that the kick down the line was the smarter play. She also took a big intercept mark in defence and won clearances at the stoppages. One player who is enjoyable to watch.

#18 Sophie Van De Huevel

Tough player who has a great eye for goal and a willingness to do the one percenters. Her attempt at a contested mark was spoiled yet she buttered up with a big second effort, cleanly picking the ball up and kicking it inside 50. Lovely piece of roving earned her a goal with a nice snap on the right boot. A quality performance.

#23 Sophie Molan

The first time I watched Molan against Bendigo, I wasn’t 100 per cent sure what I thought about her. However, she won me over against the Cannons. She is a lovely kick of the ball, and has an ability to not only take big contested marks but also win contested possessions at ground level. Molan is a player that I can see developing into a quality footballer.

#25 Georgia Clarke

A pillar of strength in defence, and read the play well to stop the Cannons attack on a few occasions. Plays the “kick-and-a-half” behind the play role better than anyone.

#27 Nyakoat Dojiok

Dojiok is so exciting to watch. She doesn’t get a lot of the footy, but when she does she always does something amazing. At one stage she received the ball in the middle and launched a 40-45 metre bomb to a one-on-one in the hotspot. She’s just so raw that the Rebels must be excited to see her development over the course of the season.

Calder Cannons:

#3 Madison Prespakis

Prespakis was outstanding, and the best player on the field in a losing side. Had nearly a page of notes on her alone, with “LITERALLY EVERYWHERE” written in capital letters at the bottom of the page. This was written after she won a clearance, had a shot at goal at one end, and then moments later was taking an important mark for her side in defence. Was important for her side at stoppages, using her strength and nous to win clearance after clearance. The complete package and standout player on the day.

#9 Molly Warburton

Warburton played well and was an option for the Cannons on the outside. Finished off a nice bit of play for the Cannons, kicking a goal on the run after they moved the ball quickly and went from defence to attack within four possessions. Overall, played well and will look to build on that performance next week.

#21 Georgia Patrikios

This player is classy. Makes the game look really easy, and clearly has natural ability. Kicked one of the better goals you will see at this level. Flew out of the centre with a clearance, and kicked a long goal from 50 out. Unlucky not to kick three goals, hitting the post and just missing a snap on goal. Enjoyed watching her play.


Dandenong Stingrays vs. Western Jets 

By: Julia Montesano

Dandenong Stingrays: 

#3 Courtney Jones

Kicked two goals for the game and was really lively inside 50. Her first attempt at goal was off a free kick, where she got the opportunity to kick a major from just inside the boundary line. While the kick missed, she demonstrated a great goal-kicking action, which held her in good stead for the rest of the game. She was able to present well to kicks inside 50 and read the ball really well in the air. Jones was also able to show some great resilience in one instance, when she copped a hard knock from a Jets opponent. While she was on the ground for a bit, she got back up, waved the trainers away and before you knew it, she was having a set-shot at goal. There was also one moment when she picked up the ball well off a Samantha Ryan handball, sold some candy and kicked towards Brooke Struylaart inside 50 with a bend-around-the-body kick.

#15 Jordyn Allen

There was not much work for her to do as the ball was not getting propelled into the Jets forward-line that often early. But she moved into the middle in the second half and never looked back. Displayed good awareness and got the ball in the right places, especially when she took a nice mark at the top of the 50. From that mark, she received a 50 metre penalty and like Jones, her kicking action was impressive. When needed, she would float back down into defence, and was very composed. This was demonstrated when she picked up the ball in the defensive goal-square and kicked off her opposite foot because she saw that there wasn’t an option on the right side of the ground. Allen also displayed great strength when she still got a handball away after being tackled by two players. Stepped up massively in second half and worked her way into the game when she saw it wasn’t coming down her end.  

#29 Brooke Struylaart

Did really well to track down the ball inside 50. She was able to demonstrate high footy IQ when she elected to keep kicking a dribbling ball off the ground rather than bending down to pick it up, which would’ve allowed her opponent to beat her. Instead, the ball went deep inside 50 and resulted in a good chance at goal. Struylaart never gave up on the footy when it was about to trickle out of her reach, working hard when it came near her way. In one instance, she spoiled the ball well and demonstrated great awareness to pick up the ball and kick it well. Struylaart had good composure throughout the game, which was especially shown when she delivered a perfect kick just from outside 50, which hit Jones lace-out on the chest. Kicked a nice running goal and deserved it for her efforts. However, her day was turned sour when came off with a suspected knee injury shortly after. Finished the game on crutches.

#44 Samantha Ryan

Ryan proved that she was a high-flyer when she leapt up for a specky! Although she didn’t bring the ball down, she showed how agile she is in the air. Gave off a nice handball to set up a high kick to the goal-square. Was also able to get the ball under pressure, demonstrated by a good quick-fire handball to Jones. Has a great reach, which was demonstrated by touching Caitlin Greiser’s high kick towards goal through for a point. Read the ball well in the air and was composed enough to just let it roll over the line.

Western Jets: 

#14 Isabella Grant

Started off the day by taking a composed mark and kicking the ball nicely to the wing. Had a fantastic burst out of the back-line where she evaded two players and kicked it long down the ground. That was one of the greatest passages of plays I’ve seen from an individual this year. Grant took a good mark on the wing and kicked it nicely down the line. She demonstrated great strength when she stood up in a tackle and still got a long kick away and got the ball out of congestion. Hands were fantastic all game and she was calm and composed by foot.

#16 Elisabeth Georgostathis

Attempted to clear the ball from congestion and when it didn’t work out, she followed up her efforts, showing how resilient she is in the contest. Tried to trap the ball on the boundary line under pressure, which I thought was great, especially with the ball moving so quickly down the ground. Georgostathis was in every hard contest, and did well when she was able to deliver a nice high kick to get the ball forward. One of her most impressive moments was when she took good mark in the back pocket, reaching towards the side of her body to grab the footy. In one instance, she cleared the ball well out of the stoppage, evaded a couple of players and booted it perfectly in front of Savannah Forbes.  

#27 Payton-Ani Ozols

Gave off a nice quick handball to set up some run on the wing. Displayed great speed with a great run-down tackle that saved a Stingrays goal. She also took a good intercept mark and looked up straight away to spot Caitlin Greiser. Demonstrated good run out of the back-line and was able to just get and go. Has amazing acceleration when she gets the ball in hand. This was demonstrated when she burst away from a player and still got a kick away after being tackled. At one point, the ball was kicked into space perfectly for Shelley Heath but Ozols chased her down extremely quickly to stop the ball from being penetrated into Dandenong’s forward line.

#30 Isabelle Pritchard

Pritchard was brave around the contest, which was demonstrated when she took a strong pack mark on the goal-line to save a score. Laid some bone-crunching tackles in defence. But strength wasn’t her only asset on the day as she also demonstrated great agility. This was shown through a good pick-up and handball off the deck.

#39 Cleo Saxon-Jones

Did well in the ruck with her nice leap. Won a lot of hit-outs on the day. Was able to show great awareness when she followed up after the ball got smothered off one of her teammates’ boots. Saxon-Jones thinks fast and moves fast, which helped her when she was able to read the footy in the air and try to mark it. Laid a good shepherd to allow the Jets small midfielders to chase the ground ball. Had good awareness to run back into the square when Forbes, who was playing at full-forward, had to play a role at the stoppage inside 50.

#40 Sharnie Whiting

Took a great mark in the forward pocket with her really strong hands. Demonstrated her long, booming kicking when she was dealt with the task of kicking the ball out of the back-line. Her kick-outs often went past 50 metres! Whiting also did the little things such as when she picked up the ball well under pressure and displayed good intent to hack it out of congestion. To me, Whiting has one of the longest kicks in the competition.

#43 Caitlin Greiser

Was held down well by Stingrays defenders but still got herself involved in the game. Greiser does really well to get the ball forward, always looking ahead for an option inside 50. In one instance, she had great awareness to know that the kick from Ozols was touched and played on straight away, streaming into goal and kicking truly from the goal-square.

Scouting notes: TAC Cup Girls- Round 5

ONLY two teams remain undefeated after round five delivered some cracking contests. The Western Jets got their first ever TAC Cup Girls win while ending Eastern’s undefeated streak in the process. Over in Bendigo, the Falcons managed to get up over Murray despite missing five AFLW players. Although the Knights were given a scare by the Chargers, they stormed home to remain undefeated after five rounds of competition. This may have been the hardest week to pick the best players, with each team showing their depth in their respective matches. Below are our opinion-based notes on each of the six TAC Cup Girls games.

Western Jets vs. Eastern Ranges 


#16 Elisabeth Georgostathis

Smothered the ball twice after giving away the free kick then gave a quick-fire handball to a teammate to set up a forward thrust. This was just one of her great plays on the day, she was simply everywhere. Displayed great run and carry after good mark and was able to clear the ball from congestion multiple times. She had an innate ability to get the ball moving whilst also doing a good job defensively with strong tackles. Georgostathis was able to display good composure to spin out of trouble on some occasions. Started to get targeted in the fourth quarter with the Eastern players trying to get in her head. Ended off a brilliant day with a big tackle in the goal square. 

#43 Caitlin Greiser

Greiser just read the ball better than her opponents and knew how to work her opponent under the ball. Eastern players did not know how to defend her. Booted two goals in the third quarter to get the Jets’ spirits up. Finished with four for the game. Continues to be a huge presence up forward. 

#19 Olivia Forsythe

Never stopped tackling the whole game. Her tackles were strong and often stopped Eastern players from playing that running game that we are so used to seeing from them. She was fierce around the contest and really got into the game in the third quarter. She tackled anyone that came near her and created so many stoppages. She was one of Western’s game-changers.

#26 Isabella Negri

Had a really good ability to move towards the ball on a long kick rather than waiting for it and trying to judge it in the air. In one instance, she took a huge contested mark inside 50 and was slow to get up. But she was brave enough to go back for the set shot, displaying incredible courage.

#40 Sharnie Whiting

Was able to snap through a nice goal after being really lively in the forward line. Was able to hunt the ball down, get it and kick it quickly to create space on the field. 


#27 Payton-Ani Ozols: Was able to burst out of stoppages a lot of times. Displayed nice acceleration and quick hands. Followed up when she missed the target with her kick, showing great determination.

#30 Isabelle Pritchard: Also displayed quick hands, was a rock in defence. Was able to provide good run and carry and was really strong in congestion. She laid a goal-saving tackle on the dangerous Laura Mcclelland in the last 30 seconds of the game.

#4 Leah Spargo: Kicked a nice ball to the top of the square which helped the tall forwards who were keen to take some contested marks. Like Georgostathis, she was lively and everywhere. Really aggressive on the wing.

#41 Savannah Forbes: Pushed off a player and kicked strongly on the run. She was aggressive all game and was right at the bottom of contest a lot of times.

#8 Emily Gardner: Another lively Jet. Laid some nice and strong tackles especially through the middle of the ground. Stepped up her game in the third quarter.



#46 Sarah Kendall

Was able to mop up well in the back-line and dominated the ruck. Played a sweeper role and did not let her team down. Kendall would often pick up the ball quickly, get it and kick it, and not just hacking it- following through for the kick to hit a target. Took a great sliding mark running at full flight towards the ball. She was a huge force especially at the top of the defensive 50, playing a great rebounding game. Nobody could get past her as she would mark everything that came her way.

#37 Georgia Macpherson

Stalwart in defence as usual! Displayed good run and carry and had a long penetrating kick. She took some great contested marks in this game and dominated. She usually takes a lot of uncontested marks but showed she is a contested marking beast as well. Read the footy really well when she took a mark right in the goal-square off a clever high kick by Caitlin Greiser. Sold the candy at one point and kicked off the other side of her body to get the ball into the middle, showing that she is one of the most clever ball-users in the competition.

#6 Gabriella De Angelis

Played a fantastic game for Eastern and just did not stop trying throughout the whole game. Took a great overhead mark under pressure, which was great to see for a small midfielder. Then she did what small midfielders do, when she took the ball and burst through the middle of the ground, hitting her target perfectly with a skillful kick. Kicked two goals to top off her hard work. They were well-deserved, she was outstanding.

#21 Mikala Cann

Really proactive in the middle of the ground. Delivered a nice kick to the middle of the ground at one point and did it on repeat occasions in other areas of the ground. At one point, she was barely looking at the ball and still hit a target. Displayed good hands under pressure and always managed to follow up her efforts with the ball in hand. She had good speed to chase the ball on the deck, showing off her impressive sprinting capabilities. Delivered a beautiful kick into the forward line and kicked a beautiful ball off one step. There was simply no other word to describe her game!  

#49 Charlotte Wilson

The co-captain made good contributions throughout the game. She kicked the ball nicely to the wing at one point and was a huge presence in the ruck. Kicked the ball well to her forwards, especially with a nice kick to Laura McClelland later in the latter stages of the game. Stepped up well in the absence of Emerson Woods. 


#48 Lauren Szigeti: Displayed nice movement throughout the game and her constant effort to fight for the footy was outstanding. Laid a huge goal-saving tackle at one point in the game. She was so aggressive throughout the game and did not ease her pressure at all.

#38 Laura McClelland: Had a good penetrating kick and kicked it well out of congestion. Took a huge contested mark and kicked it truly, already showing signs of an experiences forward. Had good eyes for the ball throughout the game.

#17 Mietta Kendall: Displayed nice hands to leap for a mark but just could not hold it on the way down. Still managed to build on her performance quarter-by-quarter. Had good quick hands.


Bendigo Pioneers vs. Gippsland Power

By: Peter Williams 


#3 Carly Isaac

Showed off a lot of speed throughout the game, spreading to the outside and showing composure with ball-in-hand. She put in a consistent effort across the game, winning the footy and getting back to help out the defence and break the lines down the wing.

#19 Kodi Jacques

Thought she was one of the best Pioneers for her sheer work rate and ability to get to the football. She provided good pressure on the inside and a knack for quick hands. In the second term she snapped inside 50 which led to a goal to Bree Heiden. When inside 50 she was lively and took a good intercept mark from a kick out and kicked long to the square. In the third term she worked hard out of the midfield, had three possessions in a chain from the clearance through to a snap which just missed.

#27 Brooke Hards

Really liked her game off half-back, particularly early in the peace. Had it not been for Hards’ efforts then no doubt Gippsland’s lead would have been higher in the opening half. She worked really hard in the back 50 and won the footy at half-back thinking her way through her touches going forward. She also showed off a good turning circle when she managed to swing onto her preferred side to kick forward.

#28 Megan Williamson

Another consistent effort from the captain who consistently showed no fear in her attack on the ball. She buzzed around the stoppages and showed good intensity when tackling the opposition ball carrier. She organised the midfield well and won a few free kicks from going in hard, and getting to the ball first. One of the Pioneers’ most consistent on the day.

#30 Bree Heiden

Attacks the football with vigour and used her strong body to bump an opponent off the ball and win a crucial one-on-one. She earned a goal through hard running to lead into the central corridor and kick truly from the set shot.


#1 Maeve Tupper: Packs plenty of excitement and almost snapped a miraculous goal in the second quarter from a tight angle, but was dragged down and the shot just missed.

#2 Maddy Baldwin: Created some good run on the outside and was able to get into space to win the ball. Baldwin was another Pioneers midfielder who stood up when it counted and put in a consistent performance.

#8 Shelby Knoll: Provided a target inside 50, taking a couple of good marks out on the lead, including a juggling mark in the third term. She worked well with Kodi Jacques in the third term, marking the pass and then handballing back to Jacques to keep the play moving.

#9 Dayna Kelly-Guthrie: Played through the ruck and was solid in her tapouts, then got forward and kicked a great goal from a set shot in the second term.

#11 Jemma Finning: Another midfielder who was up for the fight defensively. Laid some huge tackles and worked hard with Jacques and Williamson through the midfield.

#20 Kate Douglass: Played in defence for most of the game before swinging forward. Provided a target in the final term, taking a couple of marks and kicking a long goal from 45 metres out.

#32 Sharmaine Reilly: Showed good pressure in defence, stopping a certain goal on the line in the opening quarter with a dive, and then laying a particularly memorable tackle later in the game to lock up the ball from escaping in the Power’s forward 50.



#1 Ebony Jones

A composed user of the football, Jones played on the wing but also worked hard to get back into defence and help out. She covered the ground well and took a couple of marks in the defensive half of the ground. Jones also showed off a high defensive awareness and great speed, when in one instance she shepherded a teammate to allow them to kick inside 50, and later produced a great run-down tackle on the wing.

#6 Emily Haeusler

Her best performance of the year and put together a four quarter performance. Camped at half-back she rebounded everything, keeping a firm line between half-back and the centre of the ground. Her first interaction was a good one, side-stepping an opponent and kicking long inside 50 to a one-on-one. Moments later she took a great overhead mark one-on-one and kicked to Alana Rippon on the wing. She showed off her fleet-footedness using agility to turn her opponent inside out and showed composure while on the move. Her first term was superb but it did not stop there, consistently providing rebound for the power, intercepting anything in her area and laying some great, fierce tackles. Her mindset was also promising. In one instance in the fourth quarter where she missed a kick out of defence after winning the ball at ground level, but rather than berate herself, ran forward, bumped the opponent and locked the football up to stop the Pioneers getting it forward.

#8 Chandra Abrahams

A player who impressed with some great highlights. She laid a good tackle on the wing in the second term, and provided great forward pressure throughout the match. In the third term she showed quick thinking and goal sense to kick a goal off a step from 45m out. In the final term she laid a great goal-saving tackle, earning her a free. Her versatility to play up either end was on show on the weekend.

#27 Nikia Webber

A player who is in ripping form currently, Webber continues to provide a forward target for the Power, finishing the game with three majors and moving to second on the goal-kicking table. She kicked a huge goal from 40m out in the first term, then got her second in the second term through some hard running, and capped off with an impressive third goal just after that. Aside from hitting the scoreboard, Webber also provided strength and a keen goal sense inside 50.

#58 Amy Dunn

Played through the ruck and certainly held her own, showing good strength and giving her midfielders first use most of the time. A strong body, she assisted her teammates with good defensive efforts. The co-captain was a good leader in the absence of co-captain Tyla Hanks on game day.


#10 Tahlia Dower: Provided some good dash out of defence and got forward to kick a goal for her hard running efforts. She covered the ground really well and was one of the better Power players on the day.

#30 Alana Rippon: Worked hard through the midfield and provided some good dash. It was clear if the opposition gave her a centimetre she would take a mile. Got some quick first few steps and is able to find the ball.                     

#57 Jasmine Ferguson: Constantly applied pressure to the opposition and pumped the kick long inside 50. Ferguson took a huge grab in the middle of the ground and moves well for a taller player.

#65 Julia Redmond: Had a memorable moment in the second term, pulling down a huge pack mark on the wing.


Northern Knights vs. Oakleigh Chargers

By: Michael Alvaro 


#4 Neve O’Connor

Fought valiantly all day against Bridie Winbanks in a very even ruck battle and made her presence felt. She moves really well for a player of her height and was not afraid to take her opponents on when pushing the ball forward with her booming kick. In a very strong Knights midfield, it felt like O’Connor was a fourth rover with her efforts around the ground proving valuable.

#6 Alyssa Bannan

She always finds a way to hit the scoreboard and today was no different. Starting on the wing, Bannan provided touches of class and some good run through the midfield. Her spread from the congestion proved to be damaging, and her ability to repeatedly be the option to carry the ball inside 50 is a real asset. She booted both of her goals in the final term, with one of them coming off the back of a nifty side-step to get rid of her opponent.

#18 Sarah Sansonetti

Kicked the first goal of the game but spurned the chance to kick another moments later as she could not manage to poke the ball through from the goal-square. She was ever-present inside 50 and provided a solid option all day, often acting as the link in the chain between the arc and the goals. She had the chance to kick another goal in the final quarter but gave it off, which was typical of her score involvements for the game.

#21 Ellie McKenzie

Arguably the best player on the ground, McKenzie dominated in all areas. She started the game in the centre bounce and won a stack of clearances to go with two goal assists early on. The highlight of her game also came early in the first term when she received the ball at half-back and went on a winding four-bounce run through the centre square. She lost the ball momentarily but bounced straight back up, won it back and hit up a teammate inside 50. She was thrown forward late in the last quarter and kicked three goals in as many minutes to seal the win for her side, capping off a complete and dominant display.

#24 Alexandra Pronesti

Another Knight who always seems to find the goals, Pronesti was again at her dangerous best. Her three first-half goals helped the Knights to set up a handy buffer going into the main break, and she stood up when needed. Playing as a deep-lying forward, she was able to position herself well at every contest and proved to be a real handful when working in tandem with Sarah Sansonetti.


#2 Marnie Jarvis: There is not much of her, but Jarvis was everywhere and had some nice moments. Working mainly off half-back and the wing, she looked lively with ball in hand and provided some spark going forward. Her speed and nifty sideways movement allow her to stand out.

#5 Madeline Brancatisano: The skipper was lively early as she attended most of the stoppages. She provided a cool head to go with her tough edge in the contest and burrowed in well to set the tone for her side. While she faded out later on and was caught in possession a couple of times, she showed signs of her usual accumilating best.  

#7 Abigail Bennett: Was used in varying roles around the ground but was mostly effective behind the ball and through the midfield. Her best moment came in the last quarter where she picked up the loose ball, weaved through two opponents and set on a dangerous forward run. A smooth mover, Bennett also impressed with her clean hands in a frantic contest.



#11 Bridie Winbanks

Was a standout as the Chargers’ best player alongside midfield bull Emily Harley with a massive contribution in both the ruck and at ground level. While the ruck battle was relatively even, it was Winbanks’ follow-up efforts and fierce tackling that were most impressive. As a mobile tall, she was able to show off her admirable work rate and strong hands in what was a physical contest. Her lone goal came at the end of the third term, which the Chargers won with three goals to zip thanks largely to her efforts. 

#16 Alana Porter

Porter spent the majority of the game in the midfield and had a few good moments. Her speed and willingness to take the game on was a highlight, and she was able to give her side a nice bit of outside drive. While her attacking style is exciting, she was caught in possession a couple of times, opting to bounce or hold the ball when she had the chance to quickly dispose of it.

#17 Nicola Xenos

Was quiet early but found her feet and a way into the game during the third quarter. She had a five minute purple patch where she showed off her speed in a mazy run, caught an opponent holding the ball, and put in a courageous effort at half forward in quick succession. Her hands are clean and she has good natural pace, proving to be quite evasive throughout the game.

#19 Emily Harley

Harley was a bullocking force through the Oakleigh midfield and provided some real grunt when they needed it. She started off the game dishing out a couple of fend-offs and doing her best to side-step opponents with her turn of pace, and continued on with much of the same. Her forward drive and competitiveness was a real standout, with many of her runs finished off with a long inside-50 ball. A highlight for her was her handy slips catch while she was thrown deep forward in the second term, which she capped off with a goal.


#41 Katie Lynch: Having started in the centre square for most of the first half, Lynch struggled to make an early impact. A move deep forward in the second half proved fruitful, as she looked to have gained some confidence and found a lot more of the ball. She looked dangerous at times and finished the game with a goal.

#38 Daisy Bateman: There were limited opportunities for the Oakleigh forwards but Bateman took advantage of the ones that fell her way, booting two of her side’s five goals for the game.


Dandenong Stingrays vs. GWV Rebels

By: Peter Williams 


#1 Shelley Heath

One of the Stingrays prime movers through the midfield and constantly pushed back to help out the defence. Had a busy first term with a couple of eye-catching dashes in the opening minutes, and also laid some tackles later that quarter. After a quieter patch in the middle of the game, Heath picked up in the second half with a huge tackle later in the third quarter just outside 50 with the clock counting down. Her last quarter was great, winning plenty of the football pushing back at half-back and along the wing, working hard to use her pace to drive the ball forward.

#10 Abbey Jordan

Has pace to burn and constantly tried to break the lines. She worked in tandem with Heath along the wing and covered plenty of ground. In particular she moved well in the final term, driving the ball out of defence to help propel the Stingrays forward.

#18 Saige Bayne

One of the better Stingrays throughout the game, played on the outside and managed to get into ball-winning positions. I thought it was her best performance of the season and she adds a bit of pace and grunt to the outside, a solid performance across the four quarters. Just keeps battling hard and was able to get free on a number of occasions to kick the ball long.

#28 Tyanna Smith

Booted two goals for the Stingrays and was lively in the front half of the ground. Early in the third term, Smith positioned herself well in front of her opponent and protected the ball drop to mark. Not long after she kicked one of the goals of the day from long range. One of the better Stingrays on the day and a creative option inside 50.


#35 Lucy Cripps

As consistent as ever in defence hardly put a foot wrong and just so consistent, when the going got tough she got going. Cripps even pushed up to a wing at times in the third term to provide extra support in the midfield and drive the ball forward. Good long kick deep in the third term, as she had pushed up to half-forward at the time. Knows when to push up the ground and when to stay back. Versatile and can play anywhere on the ground.


#5 Eloise Allen-Burns: A composed defender in the back 50, Allen-Burns repelled a number of Rebels attacks with some good intercept marks and clearing kicks. Just does her job and is rarely beaten one-on-one.

#20 Eliza Wilson-Macdonald: Buried herself under packs again and laid a number of fierce tackles. She just continues to work hard and win one-on-one contests or at least put her body on the line. Earned a free kick in the final term at a crucial stage to drive her team forward.

#26 Isabella Shannon: Played forward in the third term and presented well and then started to show it on the scoreboard with a goal and then a centering pass to the square. With her leading out the Stingrays looked much more dangerous. Great long kick at half-forward to deep.

#55 Harmony Thomas: Continues to present as a forward target, just needs to capitalise on her opportunities. She took a great one-on-one mark early in the game but missed the set shot. A last quarter free for going in hard presented another opportunity but just missed. She laid a great tackle in the third term to stop a forward thrust and provided a neat kick to Shelley Heath.


GWV Rebels:

#2 Renee Saulitis

She has a bit of pace and class about her, kicking a goal and looking dangerous at times through the midfield. She had a good deep pass forward in the second term and is a good mover, sidestepping her opponent.

#16 Lauren Butler

Just a consistent leader in midfield, she positions her kicks well to the danger zone and has that powerful penetration. In the third term she won the ball at midfield and hit up her team-mate leading out of the forward 50. Early on with Dandenong having the breeze, Butler drifted back to help the defence and took a good intercept mark in the hole in defence.

#21 Denver Henson

Really liked her performance through the ruck and around the ground. She continued to push hard and kicked long to gain serious metres. She laid a fierce tackle in the opening quarter and showed quick hands to her runners. I think the bigger highlights were her efforts around the ground.

#23 Sophie Molan

Really consistent performance again from Molan who seemed to be everywhere. She settled down the side and was used in transition, winning the football across the midfield and being an important link in the chain going forward.

#34 Stephanie Glover

Provided some great drive out of defence, and was particularly prominent early. She showed good agility to sidestep opponents and kick long down the wing, and was one of the better Rebels across the course of the game. Seemed to have a no-frills approach of winning the ball and keeping it moving in transition, working hard to win it defensively and drive it forward.


#9 Jordie McAuliffe: A hard runner who was rewarded with a great goal in the second term. She also was a reliable kick, hitting up Isabella Simmons who lead at the football in the forward 50.

#19 Katie McAloon: Kicked a great goal off a step in the second quarter.

#27 Nyakoat Dojiok: Created some great run and carry early on in the match, and almost pulled down a high leap but just dropped it. Good acceleration and has a penetrating kick, she had some impressive plays.

#28 Isabella Simmons: Positions herself well down forward, leads for the footy and then camps under the drop zone protecting the ball drop.

#45 Alyssa Humphries: Early on in the game she was damaging up forward, booting a goal and then using her quick hands after a mark to give it off to Jordie McAuliffe for a goal. Played well out of full-forward, and almost kicked a second goal, hitting the post in the final term.


Sandringham Dragons vs. Calder Cannons 



#1 Maddison Wilson

Was lively around goal, especially in the first quarter. She kicked the first two goals for the game and finished up with three. Bended it nicely around the body for a confidence-boosting goal after stoppages started to come into play more frequently. Wilson read the ball well in the goal-square, crumbing the ground balls and snapping them through. Was killing it inside 50, taking great uncontested marks and trapping to the ball deep inside 50.

#25 Bella Eddey

Her goal was a stunning pick up and snap around the body from the boundary line! This was set up by Alice Burke’s high ball, which set the small forwards up nicely to run onto the footy. Eddey displayed good work to hunt the ball down and got plenty of it. She was involved in a lot of passages of play, which was highlighted by a spearing pass to Sophia Rothfield on the lead. Even brought her teammates into the game with a good one-two to get the Dragons out of trouble.

#30 Eleanor Brown

Did all the little things right for Sandringham. Managed to kick the ball well even off a burst of acceleration. Delivered a beautiful kick into the middle of the ground to get the Dragons out of trouble. Displayed pinpoint accuracy with her kicking. Had good run and carry especially down the wing. Brown leads well towards the ball even in defence, and doesn’t wait for the ball to come to her so she can spoil. She didn’t allow opponents to lead to the footy because she always meets it first.

#36 Jemma Owen

Really starting to find some good form in these past couple of rounds. Was able to stand up in the stoppages and did some nice things to clear the ball out of congestion. Kicked a nice goal after a good assist from Georgia Emberton. Kicked two for the game which really got her confidence up.

#49 Laura Amelung

Amelung can make an impact wherever she plays. Spent some time up forward and kicked a goal courtesy of a nice snap. Had some great one percenters with some really strong tackles, some great work to run into space and even a nice attempt to thread the needle through goals! She had a nice moment where she grabbed the ball off the deck, accelerated and ran towards goal. Ended up with two majors for the day, showing her versatility.



#2 Winnie Laing: Was able to trap the ball well and handball it out of congestion. Displayed great work to get the ball out with three Cannons players tackling her.

#3 Sophia Rothfield: I witnessed one of the best leads to the footy I’ve seen after Rothfield burst off her opponent with immense speed when she read Bella Eddey’s spearing pass immensely well. Gave her opponent no chance to chase her down in that instance. Displayed some really good work to chase the ball down in the goal-square and kick off one step while being tackled.

#31 Bryanna Arnold: Read the footy beautifully, shown by a kick just landing into her arms after all eyes were on it. Displayed good work to hold up play while the Cannons attempted to run away out of a stoppage.

#32 Sarah Hartwig: Displayed good composure down back. Was able to kick well under pressure. She’s a good defender and a great leader in the back-line.  

#46 Alice Burke: Had plenty of score involvements throughout the match. Most memorable one was a high kick to set up a Bella Eddey goal. Delivered some really nice kicks for the forwards to run onto, and one of them ended up in a great boundary-line snap from Eddey once again.



#2 Felicity Theodore

Theodore was everywhere for the Cannons and tried extremely hard to keep her side in the game. Did well to hold the dangerous Alice Burke up in stoppage to create another stoppage. Was reading Carla Rendelmann’s taps perfectly and was able to get some clearances. Even had a couple of good ‘don’t argues’ to clear the kick away from congestion. In another instance, she fended off well to evade her opponent and dashed out of the middle. Theodore was able to pick up ball with pace, making it look like the other players were just staring at it. Often got the Cannons out of trouble. Leapt and marked against two Sandringham players to send the ball straight back inside 50 after a kick-out from full-back. Really filled Prespakis’ shoes.

#32 Terira Fry

Applied great pressure to cause a stoppage with four Sandringham players around her. Laid a huge tackle in the goal-square to keep the ball alive for the Cannons inside 50. Continues to improve each game and is one of the Cannons’ best players. Caused some headaches for the Dragons thanks to her aggressive manner and hunt to penetrate the ball forward through defensive acts.

#34 Zoe Hardiman

Hardiman did some really nice things around the contest. She picked up the ball well and evaded her opponents to deliver a nice centring kick, took a really nice mark which set her up for a set shot in the second quarter,  and delivered a fantastic run-down tackle. Also read the ball well when she marked a kick that dropped short. Accelerated towards it rather than waiting for it. Was active around the half-forward flank especially.

#38 Laura Cocomello

Got heaps of kicks away and did not seem to stop trying for the Cannons. She was proactively keeping the game moving for Calder. Kept herself in the game through some good running and following up her teammates’ nice work around the contest. Was able to just grab the ball and kick it without fuss.

#42 Kellie Sutton

She was really strong in defence. She took a great mark to create a turnover and delivered a nice handball under pressure. Displayed great work to hack the ball out of inside 50 when Dragons looked dangerous. Strong tackling was also evident in one of her best games of the season.




#15 Georgia Marsland: Took a nice mark off a high kick. Kicked the Cannons’ first goal of the day.

#18 Carla Rendelmann: Was impressive in the ruck and won lots of hit-outs. Tapped the ball down well to her small midfielders, especially Felicity Theodore.

#37 Faith Holloway: Broke away from the contest well and got a kick away. Had a lively start to the game. Smothered the ball well to save a certain goal for the Dragons.

#46 Gloria Elarmaly: Did some nice work to thread through a goal for Calder. Was lively inside 50.


Geelong Falcons vs. Murray Bushrangers 


#10 Samantha Atkins

I was impressed with her performance across half-forward, providing some fierce tackles and keeping the opposition honest. Earned an important free kick in the first term when she dispossessed Grace Egan, and then worked hard inside 50 to win the ball at half-forward and centre it to a dangerous position, leading to a goal. She laid quite a few strong tackles, with one in particular in the third term causing an important turnover in the forward half.

#11 Luka Lesosky-Hay

Arguably Geelong’s most prominent midfielder, Lesosky-Hay really stood up in the absence of Olivia Purcell and Nina Morrison. She went head-to-head with Grace Egan throughout the day and had some great battles, never taking a backwards step. She went in hard and won some crucial contested possessions, shovelling the ball out to teammates in space.

#32 Mia Sheppard

I thought she was one of the better Falcons given her strong work in defence. On a couple of occasions, she positioned herself well in the marking contest, and had a desire to win the football. In the final term when Murray was attacking, Sheppard won a crucial one-on-two and locked the ball up. Had she lost that contest, Murray would have surely goaled and put the margin within a kick.

#36 Abbey Chapman

It was almost impossible to name a best player from the Falcons such was their team effort, but Chapman probably came the closest with her sensational work in defence. It was not just her consistency that was impressive, but she just had a number of “big” moments which could be considered game-changing. In the third term she saved a certain Grace Egan goal with a mark on the line, and then in the fourth term, took a huge intercept mark with five minutes to play, settling down the team as the Bushrangers attacked. Across the course of the game she was very good one-on-one.

#39 Tarryn Love

I thought she was one of the best on ground early, until injury curtailed her match in the third term. She just hunts the ball and harasses the opposition, providing pressure on the ball carrier. When in control of the football she has clean hands and a great first touch. Her awareness of her teammates’ positioning is also important and she is able to execute handballs through traffic. Love set up a goal to Paige Sheppard with a kick to her advantage up forward.


#6 Paige Sheppard: Kicked a couple of goals to spur on the Falcons with one from a set shot, and another from a snap courtesy of a Tarryn Love kick inside 50.

#16 Laura Gardiner: Seemed to cover the ground well, playing off half-back and also getting forward to kick a goal. She is a long kick who is often on the move.

#37 Sophie Dinneen: Another Falcons defender who worked hard to win the football and repel the Bushrangers attacks. She was smart with ball in hand and kicked long out of the defensive zone.

#35 Sophie Walmsley: A lively player who kicked a great goal courtesy of a snap in the pocket. She provided run on the outside, received a good handball to keep the ball moving along the wing, and showed good pace at times, highlighted by a spin around and kick long to the danger zone inside 50 in the third quarter.

#38 Renee Tierney: Did not kick a goal after a bag last week but played a team role with the way she pushed up to the wing and hit the packs hard, providing support for her teammates. She moves pretty well and is strong one-on-one. Had more of an impact up the field than closer to goal this week.



#1 Julia Harvey

The pocket rocket stepped up into the midfield and had a huge opening term against the Falcons. She seemed to be everywhere, buzzing around the stoppages and weaving her way through traffic. A noticeable strength is her great hands in close and cleanliness at ground level. She is a good user of the football and quite composed with ball in hand. Was quieter later in the game – still had some impressive plays – but her first quarter was sensational.

#22 Tamara Smith

Was Murray’s best player across four quarters and the attributes that stand out are her ability to move through traffic, and her game smarts. She is good above her head and in the second term, showed the awareness while under pressure, to punch the ball forward mid-air rather than take possession and be dispossessed. Smith is a clever player who in the third term also did the team thing, going in to assist her teammate Kate Adams at a stoppage, providing a vital shepherd to allow Adams clear passage for disposal. She also assisted with a goal to Melanie Cook after a nice pass in the fourth quarter.

#37 Sophie Damon

Had a huge first half in particular, being somewhat of a playmaker through the middle with her teammates looking to her to kick long and deep. She was often on the end of handballs, and moved really well for a taller player. In one instance she calmly sidestepped an opponent and managed to kick with composure. She had a shot on goal but that just missed to the left. Her ruck work was also impressive, giving her teammates first chance at possession. She was also involved in the Melanie Cook goal, hitting up Tamara Smith with a piercing pass.

#39 Hayley Doohan

The most notable moments for me were when she won some crucial one-on-ones late in the match. She was able to win a hardball and handpass to Grace Egan under pressure, then beat her opponent late in the final term in a one-on-one contest.

#42 Grace Egan

One of the stars of the Bushrangers’ line-up, Egan was consistent across the game, but particularly picked up in the second half. She worked hard through the midfield, burrowing under packs, putting pressure on the opposition. She stands strong during tackles and found a lot of the ball in close. In the third quarter she ran forward and had a shot on goal, but it was marked on the line. She has clean hands and a one-grab player, spreading well to cover the ground. One of her best passes was in the final term when she had the ball at half-back. She sent a bullet, hitting up a teammate on the wing, switching up play and disrupting the opposition’s set-up. Really stood up as a leader in the final minutes, trying to assist in directing players.


#4 Chelsea Knight: A classy midfielder who assisted Julia Harvey, Tamara Smith and Grace Egan through the midfield. She stepped up at points and had a few good touches in the midfield, especially in the third term.

#8 Olivia Hall: Got her side up and about in the final term with a great goal to put the Bushrangers back within 10 points at the six and a half minute mark of the final term.

#40 Melanie Cook: Continually presented at the football and was often under tight watch from the opposition. She took a good mark and kicked to the danger zone in the second term to set up Mikayla Jones’ goal. In the final term, Cook got the ball rolling and the atmosphere going with a goal from a snap.

Team selection: TAC Cup Girls – Round 1

THE TAC Cup Girls teams have not mucked around in round one of the 2018 competition, stacking their sides with experienced players, exciting debutants, and hot draft prospects.


Round 1 – Saturday, March 3, 11am
Deakin University – Geelong

All three of Geelong’s 2017 TAC Cup Team of the Year members in Lucy McEvoy, Denby Taylor and Olivia Purcell will pull on the Falcons’ jumper to face off against the Dragons. McEvoy was named as a defender in last year’s Team of the Year, but in round one, she will start in the forward line, in what could be a permanent positional change in 2018.

Geelong’s opponents in Sandringham will have a host of famous football relations in its round one side. Fifteen year-old Alice Burke is the daughter of former St Kilda player, Nathan Burke. Burke will debut in the Dragons’ backline, and will be looking to stop the likes of Lucy McEvoy in Geelong’s forward line. Teammate, Abbie McKay will also join Burke in the backline. McKay is the daughter of former Carlton player and current Head of Football at the club, Andrew McKay.

Geelong Falcons

B: 15. J. Devarakonda, 36. A. Chapman, 24. K. Gleeson
HB: 32. M. Sheppard, 21. K. Haustorfer , 27. D. Taylor
C: 18. N.  Morrison, 11. L.  Lesosky-Hay, 35. S.  Walmsley
HF: 10. S. Atkins, 42. S. DeGiacomi, 26. M. Skinner
F: 6. P. Sheppard, 23. L. McEvoy, 4. B. Thompson
R: 33. Z. Inei, 7. O. Purcell, 39. T. Love
Int: 44. C. Elsworth, 19. I. Long, 20. D. Smith, 2. E. Vella
Emg: 37. S. Dinneen, 34. S. Hungerford, 29. S. Milsome

Sandringham Dragons

B: 21. A. Burke, 17. C. Bowen, 3. J. Owen
HB: 15. A. McKay, 2. S. Rothfield, 13. D. Walker
C: 9. E.  Brown, 8. N.  Amiet, 45. S.  Hartwig
HF: 37. N. Borg, 25. T. Grasso, 1. I. Stutt
F: 57. L. Amelung, 11. H. Bate, 55. M. Wilson
R: 18. A. Dalley, 7. E. McNamara, 5. W. Laing
Int: 43. B. Arnold, 53. G. Bridges, 35. M. Denahy Maloney, 47. E. Harkin, 65. P. Hobday, 63. G. Strangio, 67. J. Tait, 49. T. Tysoe


Round 1 – Saturday, March 3, 11am
Holm Park Recreation Reserve, Beaconsfield

On Saturday, Northern Knights captain, Madeline Brancatisano will lead her side out against the Stingrays. Brancatisano will play in a stacked midfield that contains fellow leaders, Britney Gutknecht, Maggie Antypas, and Gabby Newton, which will be a dangerous prospect for their opponents.

Dandenong is welcoming a positional change for 2017 Team of the Year member, Jordyn Allen. Allen played in defence throughout last year, but will suit up in the midfield in round one, in order to challenge the exciting Northern Knights leadership group in the middle of the ground.

Dandenong Stingrays

B: 5. E. Allen-Burns, 51. Z. Hill, 19. B. Borchard
HB: 3. C. Jones, 35. L. Cripps, 29. B. Struylaart
C: 4. J.  Guy-Toogood, 15. J.  Allen, 1. S.  Heath
HF: 18. S. Bayne, 31. B. Vernon, 28. T. Smith
F: 46. J. George, 44. S. Ryan, 55. H. Thomas
R: 39. N. Taylor, 26. I. Shannon, 12. M. McDonald
Int: 40. R. Clancy – Dillon, 45. M. Graham, 10. A. Jordan, 41. S. Repellin
Emg: 42. A. O’Sullivan, 30. P. Swayn

Northern Knights

B: 32. A. Snow, 26. E. Clayton, 13. M. Suzuki
HB: 10. P. Chisholm, 18. S. Sansonetti, 27. P. Kearney
C: 1. M.  Antypas, 5. M.  Brancatisano, 2. M.  Jarvis
HF: 12. O. Dikranis, 6. A. Bannan, 16. T. Manson
F: 14. J. Fitzgerald, 3. N. Morris-Dalton, 24. A. Pronesti
R: 4. N. O’Connor, 22. B. Gutknecht, 23. G. Newton
Int: 7. A. Bennett, 9. M. Chaplin, 17. C. Fitzgerald, 25. T. Mills
Emg: 8. G. Ceravolo, 35. M. Rodezno, 34. M. Uwland, 11. A. Williams


Round 1 – Saturday, March 3, 12:45pm
Holm Park Recreation Reserve, Beaconsfield

The Greater Western Victoria Rebels are fielding a full-strength team for round one, stacking up the midfield with its captain, and two AFLW Academy members. Lauren Butler, Rene Caris and Sophie Van De Heuvel will really challenge the Eastern Ranges midfield with their impressive skills and leadership traits. In the backline, look out for Tara Jasper, who comes from an athletics and netball background. It is the 19 year-old’s last year in the program, so she would be looking to go out with a bang.

A player who would be nervous for Saturday’s match is Mikala Cann, who will start on ball in her first game for the Eastern Ranges. Cann comes from an athletics background, and the club is hoping to utilise her running power to burst through the corridor. She will be joined by AFLW Academy player, Emerson Woods, who will play on the wing for her first appearance in the TAC Cup Girls competition this year.

Eastern Ranges

B: 18. A. Allsopp, 44. H. Tucker, 17. M. Kendall
HB: 37. G. Macpherson, 43. A. Tognazzini, 48. L. Szigeti
C: 41. J.  Richardson, 16. E.  Horne, 3. E.  Woods
HF: 26. T. Brown, 40. T. Merrett, 19. I. Ball
F: 9. P. Buruma, 42. M. Taverna, 47. J. Provan
R: 46. S. Kendall, 21. M. Cann, 6. G. De Angelis
Int: 22. C. Chamberlain, 8. C. Delbridge, 39. O. Meagher
Emg: 10. N. Cormack , 35. B. Cubitt, 50. S. Zappia

Greater Western Victoria Rebels

B: 34. S. Glover, 14. L. Sykes, 23. S. Molan
HB: 15. T. Jasper, 27. N. Dojiok, 19. K. McAloon
C: 2. R.  Saulitis, 44. E.  Bibby, 10. H.  Simpson
HF: 25. G. Clarke, 28. I. Simmons, 8. E. Wood
F: 41. K. Harris, 45. A. Humphries, 13. C. Leonard
R: 35. R. Caris, 18. S. Van De Heuvel, 16. L. Butler
Emg: 6. N. Butler, 26. G. Pidgeon, 17. A. Astbury , 21. D. Henson, 7. A. McAuliffe, 33. I. Robson


Round 1 – Saturday, March 3, 1pm
Epsom Huntly Reserve, Bendigo

At Epsom Huntly Reserve, Sophie Kerridge will get to suit up for the Pioneers. The 19 year-old is the sister of Carlton player, Sam Kerridge, and has been touted as a player to watch this year. In the forward line, the Pioneers’ hot draft prospect, Jordyn Joliffe will be hoping to pick up where she left off last year in Bendigo colours, which could cause havoc for the Jets’ defenders.

The Western Jets have selected cousins, Payton Ozols and Savannah Forbes in their round one side. The girls come from a netball background, but enjoyed a great year for the VU Western Spurs in the Essendon District Football League. Forbes was awarded as the joint best and fairest in the Youth Girls competition, along with Spurs and now Jets teammate, Elisabeth Georgostathis, who will play across half back.

Bendigo Pioneers

B: 25. T. Stewart, 32. S. Reilly, 5. E. Turnbull
HB: 24. E. Gretgrix, 20. K. Douglass, 21. H. Spencer
C: 11. J.  Finning, 28. M.  Williamson, 3. C.  Isaac
HF: 30. B. Heiden, 4. J. Jolliffe, 23. G. Murrell
F: 27. B. Hards, 17. G. Sladden, 1. M. Tupper
R: 9. D. Kelly-Guthrie, 19. K. Jacques, 2. M. Baldwin
Int: 12. T. Coad, 13. S. Kerridge , 26. L. Newton, 14. O. Taverna, 22. M. Ward

Western Jets

B: 2. C. Gashi, 31. K. Rebuffo, 25. T. Kolevski
HB: 8. E. Gardner, 30. I. Pritchard, 16. E. Georgostathis
C: 22. A.  Chivell, 10. M.  Cooper, 6. L.  Wright
HF: 3. A. Lowe, 14. I. Grant, 4. L. Spargo
F: 7. L. Eustace, 39. C. Saxon-Jones, 40. S. Whiting
R: 43. C. Greiser, 19. O. Forsythe, 27. P. Ozols
Int: 26. L. Basto, 29. E. Cassar, 5. M. Daw, 21. M. Fenech, 41. S. Forbes, 1. M. Gregory, 12. K. O’Keefe


Round 1 – Sunday, March 4, 11.30am
Moe Recreation Reserve, Moe

The Power will be hoping to get its 2018 campaign off to a great start, and have included AFLW Academy member, Tyla Hanks in the midfield. Hanks is a top draft prospect for Gippsland, and will be hoping to follow the footsteps of former teammates, Darcy Guttridge and Holly Whitford, who have earned spots on Collingwood’s AFLW list.

For the Chargers, daughter of AFL umpire, Scott McLaren, Hannah, will start on-ball. McLaren has joined Oakleigh as a defender, but will be looking to put pressure on the likes of Tyla Hanks in the Gippsland midfield. However, we will not be seeing cricketer, Isabella Gietzmann in the round one hit-out, but she is sure to appear later on in the season for the Chargers.

Gippsland Power

B: 2. S. Beaton, 45. L. Van Berkel, 17. S. Trewin
HB: 65. J. Redmond, 57. J. Ferguson, 27. N. Webber
C: 1. E.  Jones, 28. T.  Hanks, 30. A.  Rippon
HF: 13. H. Andrews, 8. C. Abrahams, 31. L. Berry
F: 47. E. Cornish , 50. M. Van Berkel, 12. M. Fitzsimon
R: 58. A. Dunn, 10. T. Dower, 6. E. Haeusler
Int: 32. C. Bird, 29. C. Bray, 7. L. Raymond , 49. M. Shaw
Emg: 48. C. Prestidge, 9. T. Whitehead, 60. E. Williams

Oakleigh Chargers

B: 13. T. Morton, 45. T. Cowan, 5. A. van Oosterwijck
HB: 19. E. Harley, 39. T. Nichols, 26. A. Micallef
C: 2. M.  Hill, 14. H.  McLaren, 30. G.  Lagioia
HF: 33. G. Byrne, 68. A. Dyer, 3. J. D’Amato
F: 29. M. Bertuna, 21. C. Moon, 17. N. Xenos
R: 11. B. Winbanks, 16. A. Porter, 41. K. Lynch
Int: 43. E. Hastie, 50. C. Nancarrow, 32. C. O’Malley
Emg: 9. E. Jackson, 15. A. Ling, 69. L. Mayne, 28. G. Wyett


Round 1 – Sunday, March 4, 1pm
JC Lowe Oval, Yarrawonga

Consistent stars, Grace Egan and Rebecca Webster headline Murray Bushrangers’ round one side. Egan will be looking to hold down the fort in defence, while AFLW Academy member, Webster will be hopeful of a day out in the midfield. But perhaps the biggest story comes from the forward line, where under-16 national basketballer, Olivia Barber will battle it out at full forward.

The Calder Cannons has stacked its midfield ahead of its blockbuster clash on Sunday, weary of the Bushrangers’ fire-power in that area of the ground. Hot draft prospect and Calder captain, Madison Prespakis will lead from the front in the middle of the ground. She will be joined by fellow Vic Metro representative, Georgia Patrikios, who are a dangerous duo in the midfield.

Murray Bushrangers

B: 14. A. Duguid, 10. G. Kelly, 32. N. Watts
HB: 16. E. Ashley-Cooper, 42. G. Egan, 26. E. Nicholson
C: 11. A.  Chessor, 17. R.  Webster, 3. P.  Crelley
HF: 19. M. Brown, 5. C. Hargreaves, 1. J. Harvey
F: 37. S. Damon, 45. O. Barber, 8. O. Hall
R: 43. T. Verhoeven, 22. T. Smith, 4. C. Knight
Int: 6. K. Adams, 44. M. Eze, 36. C. Mckimmie, 33. M. Trethowan
Emg: 39. H. Doohan, 25. E. Freeman, 31. S. Locke, 34. E. McPherson

Calder Cannons

B: 24. K. Delia, 48. C. Brown, 32. T. Fry
HB: 29. S. Elias, 46. G. Elarmaly, 9. M. Warburton
C: 1. H.  Cooke, 23. G.  Dicker, 21. G.  Patrikios
HF: 34. Z. Hardiman, 17. E. Cornish, 22. M. Muller
F: 10. M. Hemburrow, 16. C. Hodgson, 2. F. Theodore
R: 18. C. Rendelmann, 3. M. Prespakis, 11. A. Barba
Int: 49. T. Crook, 25. A. Magri, 8. E. Vale, 27. E. Woodley
Emg: 30. S. Cameron, 37. F. Holloway, 35. I. Young