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Q&A: Jason Horne (South Adelaide/South Australia)

SOUTH Adelaide prospect Jason Horne is the current consensus for top pick out of the 2021 draft crop, credit to an outstanding season last year which saw him crack the Panther’s League lineup. Now part of the AFL and South Australia Under 19 academies, Horne is looking to cement such status with another big season. The combative midfielder has very few weaknesses and can also hit the scoreboard, making him a threatening option in the engine room. Fittingly, he is a Fremantle supporter who moulds his game on Nat Fyfe.

Draft Central correspondent Tom Cheesman chatted to Horne at the recent South Australia preseason testing event for a question and answer (Q&A) special.


Q: How did you go at testing?

A: “Not too bad. The yo-yo was a bit disappointing, I think I got pulled out a bit early but I’m alright with that, I thought the day went pretty well.”


Can you tell us a bit about your footballing journey?

“I started playing footy in Under 7s for Salisbury North, I played there for a season then moved down here and played for (Christies Beach) since Under 8s I think. Then I played my whole junior career through there and came to South to play 13s, 14s, 15s and now 16s, 18s and seniors. So a pretty easy journey straight through all the development squads, it’s been good.”


How’d you find the experience of being promoted to League level in 2020?

“I thought it was a challenging step up but I really enjoyed it, took it onboard and thought it was a really good experience coming into this year.”


Did you enjoy competing against the bigger bodies?

“It was a bit difficult but I enjoyed the challenge and found ways to work around it I guess.”


What would you say your biggest strengths on the field are?

“I think my competitiveness and my contested footy, that’s the one big one that I think stands out a lot. My kicking and marking are two of my big (strengths) as well.”


What are you looking to improve on?

“I think I really need to improve on my leadership. Also, me and Boofa (Jarrad Wright) the League coach talked about my field kicking going inside 50, I just think that could improve a bit from last year. Then also my goalkicking, from my point of view I think it needs a bit of improvement.”


Do you anticipate some more midfield minutes this year having spent plenty of time up forward in 2020?

“Yeah, me and Boofa had a talk not long ago and we said we’ll have a bit more flexibility this year with our League team, getting ‘Gibba’ (Bryce Gibbs) and a couple of young fellas from the AFL clubs, so we think hopefully this year I’ll have a bit more midfield time as well as a bit up forward.”


Have any senior players in particular taken you under their wing at South Adelaide?

“I think Gibba’s the main one. He’s working with us young fellas and the 18s just to work on our development so he’s been a good mentor for us young boys and especially me, I’ve been spending a bit of time with him.”


How would you describe yourself off-field?

“I just think I’m a nice, respectful bloke. Good to have a laugh with and chat with.”


How do you go with balancing footy with other commitments?

“I’m working now five days a week so it’s a challenge but it’s helped me improve my time management.”


Is there anyone you mould you game on?

“Nat Fyfe. I like Nat Fyfe and I’ve been watching him for a long time so he’s the big one I model myself on.”

Image Credit: Deb Curtis/SANFL

Draft Central All-Star Team matchup: Claremont vs. South Fremantle

OUR next All-Star Team battle is between two West Australian clubs, in the Claremont Tigers and South Fremantle Bulldogs. The two captains voted in by the public as the All-Star Players of the AFL Draft era were Fremantle captain, Nat Fyfe (Claremont) and West Coast great, Peter Matera (South Fremantle).


These clubs are seeded seventh (Claremont) and 10th (South Fremantle) respectively, forming another Round of 16 clash in our draw. The winner will qualify for the quarter finals, set to face the Geelong Falcons.


Claremont’s defence and midfield jump off the page most significantly, though South Fremantle is arguably just as strong in both areas. The Tigers boast premiership Eagles of differing eras in Jeremy McGovern and Ashley McIntosh at the key position posts in defence, while Guy McKenna and Heritier Lumumba complete up a terrific half-back line, and the pockets are filled by the very capable Alan Toovey and Eric Mackenzie.

Glen Jakovich and Darren Gaspar make for another talented key position defensive pairing, with James Clement in tow, and John Worsfold joined by the ‘Miracle on Grass’ hero, Ash McGrath across half back for South Fremantle. The Bulldogs’ midfield also stands up to Claremonts, with their on-ball trio of Tim Kelly, Peter Bell, and Clinton Jones stacking up well against Claremont’s Fyfe, Tom Mitchell, and Matt De Boer.

The x-factor in each forwardline is also apparent, as South Fremantle lays claim to Jeff Farmer, Phillip Matera, and the enigmatic Allen Jakovich, while Claremont’s Chris Lewis and Paul Medhurst also boast decent highlight reels.


While top 10 clubs often boast few chinks in their armour, there is one glaring hole in South Fremantle’s ruck department. Cam McCarthy, an undersized key forward as it were, fills that spot, up against a formidable opponent in Michael Gardiner. The bench depth on either sides doesn’t quite match up to the starting standard either, but that is to be expected.


This is a tough one to call, but despite what our seeding system may suggest, we fancy South Fremantle in this matchup. Despite the ruck fault, the Bulldogs’ midfield is strong inside and out, Their forwardline boasts over double the amount of goals of Claremont’s, while the back six matches up quite well too.

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South Fremantle
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Draft Central All-Star Team matchup: Claremont Tigers vs. West Perth Falcons

OUR next All-Star Team battle is one between a couple of West Australian clubs, in Claremont and West Perth. The two captains voted in by the public as the All-Star Players of the AFL Draft era were Nat Fyfe (Claremont) and Mark LeCras (West Perth).


These West Australian teams are seeded seventh (Claremont) and 26th (West Perth), and both have some quality players, but the Tigers come in as the second highest ranked West Australian team behind East Fremantle.


In terms of strengths, the Tigers have plenty of talent across all three lines, starting with defence, which features the key position posts of Jeremy McGovern and Ashley McIntosh, as well as Guy McKenna and the run of Heritier Lumumba. Alan Toovey can lockdown on an opposition small, while Eric Mackenzie is a handy third tall. Up forward there are plenty of options with Jesse Hogan and Peter Mann the main targets, while Chris Lewis also features, and then the onball combination of Nat Fyfe and Tom Mitchell roving to Michael Gardiner is superb.

The Falcons have some great speed on the outside with the Hill brothers – Stephen and Brad – as well as some potent forwards with Ronnie Burns and Darren Bewick providing the X-factor, LeCras the goalkicking consistency, and the likes of Quinton Lynch and Jack Darling they key targets. It would make for a fascinating battle to see the front six – not to exclude Justin Longmuir – taking on the back six from the Tigers.


The Tigers might drop off a little once you look at the bench compared to some other sides, which is why they are not inside the top six. Their starting 18 is quality, but compared to the higher ranked teams, they do not quite have the tail-end. It would be enough to get the job done here and likely in the next round however.

For the Falcons, their midfield depth and key position defensive depth is the question mark in particular. The onball combination of Nathan Van Berlo and Blake Acres roving to Mark Seaby is not going to cut it against the trio from teh Tigers, while Kepler Bradley and Michael Pettigrew were solid talls, but need a more elite option like the Tigers have.


The Tigers are the higher ranked team and with the midfield and defence you would expect them to get the job done. They have some talent up forward, and while it is not the best forward line compared to some other sides, they would have enough inside 50s to win here one would think.

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West Perth
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Keeping Tabs: Standout draftees from Round 8

IN Round 8, we make an exception from the first-year draftee rule with two debutants from the 2016 draft making an impact – and a third in just his third game – being the match-winner in a crunch game. Here are some of the top draftees from round eight.

Ben Ronke

Third-gamer Ben Ronke kicked off the round in remarkable style, booting no less than seven goals including four in the first quarter and the sealer, to get the Swans over the line against Hawthorn. Having been taken in the 2016 Rookie Draft by the Swans, the former Calder Cannon made the most of his opportunities inside-50. He collected 11 disposals two marks and 10 tackles (including seven inside-50 tackles), spending 88 per cent of the game in the attacking half. He created chances for himself and his teammates through relentless pressure and capitalised when he found time and space. It certainly appears as if the Swans have unearthed yet another gem from the rookie list.

Isaac Cumming

On debut for the Giants, the flashy 2016 first round draftee showed promise off the half back line and along the wings. He amassed 14 disposals, repelled from the back-50 twice, sent the ball inside the attacking-50 three times, and gained 205 metres. Renowned for his speed, run and carry and precise foot skills, it appears difficult for Cumming to keep his spot in the side once some of the Giants big names return from injury. However, he did himself no harm in the loss to West Coast, showing why he was rated so highly. Cumming is another graduate of the GWS Academy.

Brayden Ainsworth

The baby-faced Brayden Ainsworth produced an outstanding second quarter to kick-start his AFL career. The second-round draftee from last year found the majority of his 15 possessions on the outside of the contest, but also showcased his toughness on the inside, laying eight tackles. In what was a very solid debut game, the Western Australian native will look to build on his endurance base and foot skills throughout the remainder of the year, having spent just 67 per cent of time on the ground.

Lochie O’Brien

In Carlton’s first win of the season, Lochie O’Brien provided great run and spread from the contest to worry his Essendon opponents, collecting eight marks as a result. O’Brien came into the year having been regarded as one of the best kicks in the draft pool and his neat skills were on display on Saturday afternoon. Of his 15 disposals, 13 of them were kicks, highlighting the Blues faith in his kicking off half-back and the wing. He gained 380 metres and continued to build on his time on ground.

Ed Phillips

Away to Fremantle is a reasonably tough start to your AFL career, but dashing outside midfielder Ed Phillips was one of the Saints’ best players in his first game at the highest level. He was involved in multiple chains of handballs through the centre of the ground, linking up well with his teammates. Phillips collected an impressive 24 disposals, delivering the ball at 79 per cent efficiency along with wings, while recording just one turnover for the game. The former Oakleigh Charger also tallied five intercept possessions, three marks and five tackles. Of particular promise were his time on ground figures (84 per cent time on ground) which indicates he has the aerobic fitness to run out matches. Given St.Kilda’s current state, Phillips, along with Hunter Clark and Nick Coffield, should be given every chance to play week-in-week-out, providing they maintain their early season output.

Andrew Brayshaw

The second overall draft pick from the most recent national draft, Andrew Brayshaw, continues to front up and show promising signs every week. Playing mostly on the ball in an outside-leaning role, Brayshaw’s balance and well-roundedness was apparent, as he managed 16 disposals (69 per cent efficiency), five marks and six tackles. His ability to find the football, work hard both ways, apply plenty of pressure and use it cleanly on the outside have been impressive so far in 2018. As he builds on his time on ground, Brayshaw will only improve. Fremantle will no-doubt be pleased with his production early in the year.

Adam Cerra

Classy, smooth moving midfielder Adam Cerra once again hit the scoreboard and made the most of his possessions in the win over St.Kilda. The top five draft pick spent much of the game on-ball, where his exciting combination of polish on the outside and contested ball winning on the inside were evident. Cerra tallied 14 disposals (eight of which were contested) at a strong 79 per cent efficiency to go with three tackles and two majors. His scoreboard impact has been terrific for a 18-year-old, having booted six goals in his opening seven matches. The signs suggest it will not be long before Cerra joins the likes of Nat Fyfe, Lachie Neale and potentially Andrew Brayshaw to form an elite midfield combination.

Tom McCartin

In the absence of superstar centre half-forward Lance Franklin, the youngest player in the competition, Tom McCartin, was handed his debut by John Longmire. The third-tall forward, who is known for his extremely high endurance, was seen pushing up the ground and helping out in the backline when he wasn’t providing a target in attack, as a testament to his work rate. Although he didn’t hit the scoreboard, McCartin, the brother of St.Kilda’s Paddy, tallied eight disposals, clunked four marks and laid three tackles. The Swans coaching staff may look to make the most of his strong work rate by using him in a linkup role, not dissimilar to the one Tom Lynch plays for the Crows.

Queensland weekly wrap: Lions win Youth Girls Academy Series

BRISBANE Lions Youth Girls Academy were the top performers at the weekend’s Northern Academy Series, while their AFL counterparts pushed Port Adelaide all the way in Adelaide, but the Gold Coast Suns went down to Fremantle in a “home” game at Optus Stadium.

Lions and Suns compete in Youth Girls Northern Academy Series

Brisbane Lions have triumphed in the Youth Girls Northern Academy Series with three victories over the GIANTS, Gold Coast Suns and Sydney Swans. The Lions defeated the GIANTS by one point in the opening game, before a 46-point victory over the Suns and 20-point victory over the Sydney Swans followed. The Suns won their two other matches with a 23-point victory over Sydney and a 42-point victory over the GIANTS, restricting both sides to a combined two behinds in their matches. A total of 60 players took part in the series from Queensland, with 28 representing Brisbane Lions and 32 representing the Gold Coast SUNS.

For more information on how the series went down, head to the AFL Queensland website.

AFL Round 3 

Brisbane Lions vs Port Adelaide Power

Port Adelaide survived a goalless last quarter to beat the incredibly brave and luckless Brisbane Lions by five points at Adelaide Oval on Saturday. Inspired by Stefan Martin, who had an amazing 30 disposals and 48 hit-outs, the Lions came back from 18 points down at three-quarter time and battled hard. The Power looked completely drained after a six-day break from a tough away encounter against the Sydney Swans. Port was expected to win – they have been touted by many to finish in the top four – but the Lions seemed to believe they were always a chance.

The Lions turned up in hot conditions ready to produce a highly respectful performance, going down fighting to the bitter end. Charlie Cameron started at full-forward and kicked three telling early goals on his old hunting ground, and for Brisbane to lead by 11 points at half-time was a huge wake-up call for the Power. When they did, they were back to their controlling best, but again not without needing to work hard for each possession. Port regrouped after half-time and found their cleaner flow, definitely with more vigour. They tested the resilience of the Lions, switching the play and forcing them into growing errors amidst the extended pressure.

For 43 of the first 75 minutes of match play the Lions led and looked like deserving winners. Of course, ultimately Port clawed their way back through tenacity and a rise in intensity, but for the Lions to hang in there for so long speaks volumes for the path coach Chris Fagan is taking them on. There were Brisbane’s hardy perennials like Luke Hodge who masterminded the defence, Dayne Zorko who was brilliant in the midfield, and Mitch Robinson who was inspirational with his attack on the ball, but it was Stefan Martin with some magnificent ruck work that really gave the Lions a big chance. Port kicked seven goals to the Lions’ five in the second half to escape with the game which went right down to the wire. Next Saturday afternoon the Lions face reigning premiers Richmond at the MCG.

Final Scores: Port Adelaide 14.13 (97) defeated Brisbane 14.8 (92)  

Gold Coast Suns vs. Fremantle Dockers

Gold Coast Suns’ undefeated run came to an end on the weekend at the hands of a Nat Fyfe-inspired Fremantle Dockers outfit at Optus Stadium. With the Commonwealth Games in full swing on the coast, the Suns sold their home game to the Dockers and it proved to be a winning factor in the game. While the crowd wasn’t nearly as strong as the previous numbers Perth’s new stadium has yielded, the Freo fans surely helped to will their side over the line. It took special performances from Michael Walters (23 disposals, six tackles, two goals) and Ed Langdon (27 disposals, five marks, five tackles), alongside their skipper, for Fremantle to break the half-time deadlock and come away with the four points.

While it was a fairly even contest for most of the game, the Dockers ended up dominating the key stats – winning the disposal count 387-324, clearances 37-29 and contested possessions 154-135 – and the margin could have been more had they kicked more accurately in front of goal with 31 scoring shots to 18. For the Suns, Jarryd Lyons continued his admirable early season form with a complete performance of 30 disposals, ten tackles, seven clearances and two goals. Jack Martin pitched in with 21 disposals, six marks and a goal alongside Kade Kolodjashnij (22 disposals, seven marks) and Touk Miller (19 disposals, six tackles, five clearances).

One of the more pleasing performances came from the injury riddled Sam Day, who booted three goals from his ten disposals and five marks with Tom Lynch kept quiet. Besides the loss, coach Stewart Dew will also face the concern of potentially losing star wingman Pearce Hanley to another shoulder injury after he suffered a dislocation in the first half. Overall, the result came from a mix of Fremantle’s brilliance and a somewhat disappointing Gold Coast effort. The Suns will again head to Optus Stadium to face West Coast in round four. Final Scores: Fremantle 13.18 (96) defeated Gold Coast 10.8 (68)