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NSW/ACT weekly wrap: AFL Women’s U18 stars perform

IN this week’s NSW/ACT wrap we take a look at the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships’ NSW/ACT contingent with the Eastern Allies and how they fared over the weekend.

Angela Prifits was named third best for Auburn Giants in their draw with Western Wolves in the AFL Sydney Women’s Premier Division. She is making a mark at the level, having been named in the best in four of her six matches thus far in 2018, following on from her strong season last year. While the result was disappointing for Southern Power in their 23-point defeat to Western Wolves, teenager Jemima Wrigley was a standout, named in the best in her first game back from the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships. It was her fifth consecutive game named in the best for the Power, building up some impressive form either side of the championships. In Division One, Brenna Tarrant was rested and will return to the East Coast Eagles side this weekend.

Meanwhile in the Sydney Harbour Youth Girls Division One, NSW/ACT teammates went head-to-head in the Kellyville-Rouse Hill and Willoughby-Mosman clash. Georgia Garnett booted a goal in the Magpies’ 19-point victory, while Zoe Hurrelland Alice Mitchell both took to the field for Willoughby-Mosman. Emily Hurley is Garnett’s teammate but did not play on the weekend. Of the quartet, Hurrell has played the most games, booting four goals in eight matches, while Garnett has slotted nine in seven. Hurley has managed six goals in four matches, while Mitchell has three in four.

In the AFL North Coast, Ahlani Eddy had the week off with Sawtell Toormina Saints having a bye, while in the Youth Girls, Lillian Doyle was a key contributor in Grafton Tigers’ 52-point win over Coffs Harbour Breakers. Moving across to the nation’s capital, Alexia Hamilton continues to impress for Queanbeyan Tigers, having mixed between the juniors and the senior side this season. On the weekend she booted two goals in her side’s 115-point demolition of Tuggeranong. It was not the first time she has booted multiple goals, with a huge five-goal best on ground effort against Ainslie earlier in the season. In the far west, Eliza Cumming played for South Broken Hill against Central Broken Hill. Holding a narrow lead at each break, South conceded the only goal of the final term to go down by five points.

In the North East Border league, NSW/ACT and Eastern Allies’ Most Valuable Player (MVP) Alyce Parker showed she was a class above with a best on ground performance for Thurgoona Bulldogs. Parker booted five goals in the Bulldogs 124-point rout of Murray Felines, and made it four consecutive best on grounds for the year in the league. Parker has also managed an impressive 15 goals in four games for the Bulldogs. Lavington Panthers had the bye for the round, which meant Brea Quinlivan had the week off. Quinlivan has booted 15 goals in seven games this season, named in the best four times. Across the border in the Shepparton and Districts Junior Football League, Eloise Ashley-Cooper booted two goals in a winning side. Finley defeated Euroa 45 points at the Murray Bushrangers defender got forward to snag a couple of majors and was awarded best on ground for her efforts.

Scouting notes: AFLW U18 Championships – Wednesday, July 11

THE story of the day was Queensland getting an upset win over Vic Metro in the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships in a wonderful performance. The other winners of the day were in-form teams, Vic Country and Western Australia. Julia Montesano and Peter Williams were there to take notes on all the action that unfolded.


Queensland vs. Vic Metro


By: Julia Montesano 

#5 Lily Postlethwaite

Played a fantastic game for Queensland and was one of their key players during the game. Delivered a nice composed kick to a teammate in the back half, showing composure with the ball in hand. Also demonstrated great run and carry which was highly effective in the fast-paced game. Her tackling was particularly a highlight as she laid an excellent run-down tackle to win herself the opportunity to create a scoring shot for Queensland.

#6 Zimmorlei Farquharson

Farquharson was the game-changer for Queensland, kicking the last two goals of the game to seal the upset win for her side. One goal was truly wonderful, as she kicked it from a difficult angle near the boundary line on the run. Her second goal bought the house down, as it proved to be the match-winner and was reward for her hard work during the day. She ran hard inside 50 and showed good acceleration when she needed to.

#7 Isabel Dawes

Displayed excellent run and carry through the forward line and was a jet inside 50. Her tackling was aggressive and it paid off, as she was able to put forward pressure on the Metro defenders. Displayed great agility to kick a goal, which was a highlight of her game.

#10 Jacqueline Yorston

Delivered a nice kick into the forward line to a player on the lead and laid a good tackle inside 50 to dispossess the ball of her opponent in a danger zone. Followed this up with another great tackle on Maddy Brancatisano, stopping her in her tracks. Delivered a perfect centering kick to a player in the forward line, demonstrating her great kicking. Also combined it with her agility when she executed a clean pick up off the deck and delivered a nice kick down the line.

#14 Tori Groves-Little

Laid a lovely run-down tackle in middle of the ground in the first quarter and won a free kick for efforts. Groves-Little did some clever things throughout the game such as executing a great slide to trap the ball. Did well to execute a great pick-up off the deck and followed this up by displaying wonderful running down the win. When she aimed to spoil and it didn’t work out for her, she immediately tackled her opponent, displaying a good second effort.

#18 Ellie Hampson

Displayed nice agility to dodge around her opponents and get the handball away. Backed this up with a great pick-up off the deck, followed by a clever spin around her opponents and a nice kick while being held. Also took a great mark running back with the flight of the ball, demonstrating her good intercept work.

#20 Natalie Grider

Provided good run and carry for Queensland and ran into space well. Took a great contested mark and also took a fantastic intercept diving mark, demonstrating strong hands. A highlight of her game was when she emerged out of a park and accelerated well with the ball in hand.

#24 Charlotte Hammans

Executed a great side step around two opponents to run into a goal just outside the goal square, which was Queensland’s first major of the day. Executed a great kick around her body inside 50 and gave off a great quick-fire handball to Zimmorlei Farquharson who was streaming into goal, being the catalyst for that game-changing passage of play. Led well and took a great mark lace-out. Also showed good composure to lower her eyes and spot up Serene Watson on the wing.

#26 Serene Watson

Took a nice mark in the centre of the ground. Although she knew she had space, she didn’t blaze away, showing good composure. Laid a great tackle to put the pressure on Metro in a stoppage. Demonstrated great reading of the footy when she trapped it behind the back the back of the pack. A great role player for Queensland.

#27 Tiarna Ahwang

Executed a good pick-up off the deck and a nice kick down the line. Delivered a nice high kick inside 50 and showed great run and carry before she disposed of the ball, highlighting her exciting pace. Gave her teammates the opportunity to attack footy in space with these kicks, proving to be very important in terms of forward 50 entries. Did well to trap the ball after she dropped the mark and executed a nice kick around her body, showing her clever footwork.

#35 Lauren Bella

Bella fought hard in the ruck and did extremely well, bringing the ball down well for her midfielders. She took a good intercept mark in the middle of the ground to send it back forward for Queensland, displaying good composure under pressure. Competed hard all day and is having a really consistent tournament.


Vic Metro: 

By: Peter Williams

#3 Emerson Woods

Had a really promising start to the game, working in close and using her superior vision to find teammates on the outside. Her agility and ability to move swiftly through traffic was on show, and she covered the ground well.

#6 Madison Prespakis

Another impressive game from the Calder Cannons skipper who just keeps on performing at a high level. She won plenty of the ball, often running into space and using her high work rate to work over her opponents and win the footy on the wing or in holes around the field. Prespakis kicked the final goal of the game, and while it was not enough to change the result, she finished the game with a terrific 20 disposals. She dropped back into defence and helped out, mopping up on a number of occasions.

#8 Georgia Patrikios

Clean, classy and versatile, Patrikios spent some time at half-back as she did in game one, then would push up the ground and use her foot skills to advantage in the front half. Just goes about her business well and rarely wastes a touch, kicking over all distances and having the perfect balance between inside and outside.

#17 Georgia Macpherson

One of Metro’s best in the game and was a rock at half-back intercepting everything she could. Macpherson took some fantastic intercept marks and rebounded out of the back 50, making the Queensland side have to pick their way through the set-up and put more pressure on her back there. Really strong one-on-one in the air and ground level.

#18 Abbie McKay

Another solid performance from the Sandringham Dragons midfielder who was often found in the middle of a contest, right at the coal face. In the opening term she took a strong mark and also won an important one-on-one along the wing. In a midfield full of stars, she was important on the inside.

#20 Gabby Newton

Newton played a really inside game and was often found handballing to teammates in space more so than her traditional long kicking. She still had a number of long bombs going forward, but covered the ground really well, winning the football in each third. A good four-quarter performance overall.

#21 Eleanor Brown

Stood out across half-back and through the middle, particularly in the second half. She mopped up everything in defence best she could, and just found the ball with ease. Ended up with the second most disposals behind Prespakis and won the majority of them in a contest. Took some vital marks and spent plenty of time through the midfield.

#22 Katie Lynch

A really prominent opening term, Lynch was often the player her teammates released to on the outside as she ran past. A long kick of the football, she was not as influential as the first game, but still managed to find the football and use it fairly well.

#27 Gabby De Angelis

The exciting forward was strong and clean throughout the game and while she does not win a heap of the football, she uses it pretty well. In the second term she used her goal nous to pounce on a loose ball in the goal square and kick Metro’s first major of the game.

#32 Lauren Szigeti

An important defender for Metro, she had a really nice run along the wing in the second term and was able to rebound plenty in the second half. Thought her way through her kicks and stood tall when the defence was under siege in the final term.

#36 Holly Bate

Did not win a heap of it, but booted a goal and set up another. She took a good running mark in the second term and had a crack from long range, where it was spilt and Gabriella De Angelis managed to boot the goal. In the final term, a 50m penalty saw Bate kick the easiest of goals from the square.


Vic Country vs. Central Allies

Vic Country:

By: Peter Williams

#1 Shelley Heath

Used her trademark dash to create some run and carry down the field across the four quarters. She was strong in the contest in the final term, taking a good mark under pressure, and kept running with a series of handball receives and kicking forward to break through the opposition defensive zones.

#3 Kodi Jacques

Always battled away hard, using her body underneath packs and laid some strong tackles. Courageously went up for a mark in the final term, backing back with danger coming from all sides, and despite not holding it, backed it up with second efforts.

#6 Tyla Hanks

Just worked hard across four quarters rotating between midfield and up forward. Early on she had some great bursts out of congestion and was strong overhead and at ground level. In the second term, Hanks produced a great snap from the boundary line and she delivered a good pass to the advantage of Lucy McEvoy who won a free and goaled. A consistent, four-quarter effort.

#7 Olivia Purcell

Played a really strong inside game, winning the ball at the coal face, then spreading into space where she was able to provide an option. Purcell also laid some strong tackles and linked up well in transition, often winning the ball at half-back or in the middle and sent it forward with interest.

#8 Sophie Van De Heuvel

One of Country’s best, just needed to finish a little better. Had numerous opportunities and kicked four behinds. Despite this, she had the opportunities to hurt the opposition and was constantly involved in the play. Van De Heuvel created good run in the forward half and used her long kick to advantage.

#9 Nina Morrison

One of Vic Country’s top midfielders, Morrison backed up her top performance in the opening game with another sensational effort in the second match. She showed good vision and speed throughout, and had multiple bounces along the wing in the fourth term. Threw herself into contest after contest with little regard for her safety and took a really strong mark in the air, clunking it cleanly with pressure from behind.

#10 Nikia Webber

Almost like a defensive forward’s game, Webber was able to provide a target, while also working hard to lock the ball inside the forward 50. On paper she might not have won a lot of possessions, but every time she went near it, she was either putting pressure on an opponent, or opening up space for a teammate. She was rewarded for her hard work in the third term with a good mark on a lead and goal from a set shot. A really underrated performance and once that was worthy of being in the best. 

#14 Jordyn Allen

A strong captain’s game from the midfielder who managed to cover ground really well and find plenty of the football. She used her thumping kick to clear the defensive zone and go deep inside 50, and also took a number of intercept marks in the middle of the ground. Had a shot on goal from 50m after taking a bounce, but her shot had an unlucky bounce and bounced back into play.

#21 Rene Caris

The ruck showed off her versatility by also playing forward and back, winning a lot of the ball in midfield, then taking some important grabs around the ground. Her last quarter was really important in defence, clunking a couple of contested intercept marks and clearing the zone when Central Allies attacked vigorously.

#22 Rebecca Webster

Played on the inside and predominantly used her body to shield opponents from winning the easy clearance, particularly working hard against Nikki Gore when Gore was starting to take control in the middle. She laid a strong tackle in the third term to force a turnover, and continued to present around the ground.

#23 Lucy McEvoy

Another match-winning performance up forward from the bottom-ager who is so strong and smart inside 50. She booted her first goal in the second term, and then had an opportunistic moment in the moments later off the deck, while winning a freekkick and converting from 15m out in the third term, then running into an open goal in the final term. Just a dominant performance up forward.

#35 Lucy Cripps

Worked her opponent well and restricted her direct opposition too much opportunity to do damage. Was outmarked by Katelyn Rosenzweig on one occasion giving away the free kick, but otherwise did really well. She charged out of defence, peeling off her opponent and providing a contest up the ground, and took some good intercept marks.


Central Allies:

By: Julia Montesano

#7 Janet Baird

Displayed great run and carry through the middle of the ground, as she just loves to get and go. She also did well defensively when she caught her opponent in a tackle and did well to dispose her of the ball.

#8 Danielle Ponter

Made a real impact in this game with two of her side’s three goals. Kicked a great goal from just inside the boundary line to kickstart her day. Displayed great reading of the play to run onto the ball for her second major. I thought her hands were also strong and were handy up forward for the Allies.

#10 Hannah Munyard

Munyard for me was one of the Allies’ key players and was also a good role player in Monday’s match. Plays a real team role and shows great hunger to win the ball. Did well during the game to show clean hands when picking the ball up off the deck, following this up with getting a kick away. Delivered a nice composed centering kick to an opponent in another instance, showing composure when she gets the ball on her foot. Also showed her aggressive side when she laid a great run-down tackle on Sophie Van De Huevel to stop her in her tracks.

#20 Rachel Dunstan

Dunstan’s hands were superb on the day as she used great body work to take a defensive mark. Followed this up with a good lead-up mark in defensive 50 to stop Country from penetrating forward. Used her body well to take a lovey contested mark, using her strong hands to effect. Also demonstrated nice kicking when she executed a good kick down the line.

#22 Jaslynne Smith

Kicked a long ball out of defence that gave her teammates opportunity to run onto it. Showed courage when she ran back with the flight of the ball and got a kick away. Did well to trap the footy and cause a stoppage after some good run and carry from Vic Country was showing worrying signs for Queensland.

#23 Teah Charlton

Took a nice lead out mark, displaying great hands. Followed this up with a good lead out mark on the chest, repeating her efforts effectively to get the ball forward for the Allies. Did well to get a kick away while being tackled

#24 Amber Ward

Trapped the ball well and followed it up by smothering Tyla Hanks’ kick towards goal. Took a great mark and displayed good run and carry to stream away immediately, showing great footy smarts and acceleration. Demonstrated good strength in a one-on-one defensive contest and also when she was able to fend-off a player and get the handball away. A highlight of her game was when she laid an excellent smother on the last line of defence to save a certain Rene Caris goal.

#25 Bella Clarke

Executed a great spoil that prevented a mark inside 50 for Country’s Rene Caris. She then took a great mark on the last line of defence to prevent a goal, showing her defensive prowess. Used good body work on Amy Dunn as well, demonstrating that she is talented in many defensive areas.


Western Australia vs. Eastern Allies 

Western Australia 

By: Julia Montesano 

#5 Mikayla Hyde

Hyde came to life in the second half, kicking all three of her goals in that period. Nothing is to be taken away from her first half though as she showed consistent hunger to win the footy. Displayed nice run and carry throughout the match and also good composure, such as when she handballed the footy backwards to create time inside 50 rather than blaze into the goals. Hyde kept running after the ball even when she got tackled, showing her intent to go hard at the footy and take heavy hits. Her leading towards the footy was superb and she blew me away when explosively led to the ball to kick her first major of the game. For her second goal, she got on the end of a downfield free kick and kicked the goal from a difficult angle. Ran in for her third major of the day in a great forward display.

#8 Ella Smith

Laid a great tackle to dispossess her opponent of the footy. Also delivered a nice kick towards the centre of the ground. Showed great agility when she executed a nice pick up and quick kick out of the pack. A very agile player who runs well across the ground.

#9 Sabreena Duffy

Duffy is one of the most composed players I have seen and is great to watch. Took a great one-on-one intercept mark from a full back kick in and then executed a great pick-up in defence. This was followed by lovely run and carry down the wing of the ground, displaying her exciting speed. Read the play well when it came off a pack and composed herself well with a kick to the wing. I thought she did really well on the last line of defence when she was there. Did well to take the game on out of full back when she played on to herself and provided great run and carry. Kicked a bullet of a ball to Mikayla Hyde which was outstanding, as it displays the variety of kicks she can pull off. Took a great intercept mark and displayed wonderful run and carry once again to create a chance for Western Australia up forward.

#10 Matilda Sergeant

Like Duffy, Sergeant is another composed player who is a great user of the footy. Her intercept marking was amazing, and she was often in the right spots to send the ball straight back inside 50 for Western Australia. Sergeant also read the play well and showed excellent desperation to get the handball out to Ella Smith while she was falling over near the boundary line.

#14 Rikkiesha Carling

Carling was buzzing around the contest and tackling hard all day. She picked up the ball well and showed agility when she performed a good spin inside 50. A highlight of her game was when she laid a great tackle to dispossess her opponent of the ball.

#17 McKenzie Dowrick

Dowrick was influential as always, being a playmaker in her side’s victory. She took a good mark down the line and also delivered a great long kick towards inside 50. Used this long kick again down the line, which gave her teammates the opportunity to win the ball aerially. Accelerated well out of a pack and followed it up with a good quick-fire handball to Sabreena Duffy. Showed her kicking prowess again when she excellently pinpointed kick down the line to Ella Smith. Did well defensively too when she laid a great smother to save a kick for goal inside 50.

#20 Abbey Dowrick

Dowrick is one of the most aggressive players I’ve seen which is a fantastic trait of hers. Blew me away when she executed an excellent pick-up off the deck and had a great long range punt at goal that sailed through. Displayed good hands when handballing and also marking, such as when she executed a great lead up mark in the forward line. Laid a clever tackle late in the match where she didn’t exactly dispossess her opponent of the ball, instead simply snatching it out of her hand. Dowrick goes hard at every ball and is always hungry to win it.

#23 Emma O’Driscoll

O’Driscoll was solid all day for Western Australia, simply playing her role and not overdoing it. She showed a great burst of acceleration with the ball in hand out of defensive 50. Also laid a great tackle on Chloe Haines to save a certain goal, which was a fantastic effort.


Eastern Allies 

By: Peter Williams

#1 Alyce Parker

A smooth mover who was once again among the Eastern Allies’ best. She thinks her way through situations and has a nice blend of pace, acceleration and agility to get out of trouble. Wins plenty of the ball and has a high work rate, laying strong tackles. Parker knows how to extract the ball out of a stoppage and always puts in a consistent four quarter effort.

#8 Georgia Garnett

A classy player who is a quick thinker and has a smart sidestep. She used good pace and nous to trap the ball in the air and keep it in front of her during the third term, and just won the football in and around the contest, spreading to the outside.

#11 Eliza Cumming

A real strong outside player who can also win the ball on the inside. Not as consistent across the four quarters as some, but the tools she has show her talent is untapped. She has good hands in traffic, a lovely burst of acceleration and a strong frame she uses to outmuscle and out-body her opponents.

#14 Mia King

King was busy early and is one player who has great agility and can win a one-on-one. Still a couple of years away from being draftable, King has class and can kick long to dangerous areas. Really classy player who used a neat sidestep to kick long and set up a goal

#16 Lauren Stevenson

One of Eastern Allies’ top defenders on the day, she kicked long out of the back 50 and was really consistent in her defensive efforts across the four quarters. The highlight was a fantastic goal-saving tackle on the last line on the red-hot Mikayla Hyde in the second term to deny her an easy goal.

#17 Netty Garlo

Just has that raw talent and X-factor, while the consistency is not there yet, you get the sense with time and development it will piece together. She has elite acceleration and her ability to close down opponents in short spaces of time is exciting. Garlo also hunts the opposition when they have the ball and is a strong pressure player. In the opening term she used her acceleration to lock the ball in at a contest against two opposition players and did well not to be caught holding the ball.

#20 Alexia Hamilton

Hamilton was another piece in the defensive puzzle for the Eastern Allies who was strong overhead and positioned herself at half-back. She took a number of good intercept marks and looked downfield to kick long and open up the game for her teammates. She was one of the top performers on the day and put pressure on her opponents throughout the match.

#21 Chloe Haines

One of Eastern Allies’ top players on the day, Chloe Haines was terrific across the ground, finding space on the wing, kicking long and then getting back and helping out the defence. She laid some great tackles to win a free kick in the midfield, then kicked the ball off the ground for a goal in the third term. She capped off her game with an important smother inside 50 in the final quarter to lock the ball in there.

#24 Brea Quinlivan

Was the main target up forward for the Eastern Allies across the four quarters and just missed opportunities to put it on the scoreboard early. She kicked a couple of behinds, but finally was rewarded for effort with a great goal on the run near the boundary line in the third term just before the siren. Constantly involved in the play up forward and made multiple leads, working hard to double back towards goal.

#25 Libby Haines

Played primarily in defence and moved up the ground at times, Libby Haines was another in the Eastern Allies best. In the first term she laid two fantastic smothers showing a great defensive intent, then laid a great tackle on the wing in the second term to dispossess her opponent and kick long. She took a strong one-on-one mark in the third term and kicked clear, then showed good vision at half-back to handball to a teammate in space.

Western Australia bounces back from loss with 30-point win against Eastern Allies

A GREAT team performance from Western Australia has secured them a rebound win, as they defeated the Eastern Allies 7.3 (45) to 2.3 (15). Captain, Sabreena Duffy and AFLW Academy member, McKenzie Dowrick were the standouts of the day, and were well complemented by the likes of Matilda Sergeant and Emma O’Driscoll. Up forward, it was Mikayla Hyde who did the damage with three second half majors. They all teamed up for a great and hard-fought victory against a much improved Allies side that were able to build on their win against the Central Allies. 

After the ball was trapped in Western Australia’s forward half for most of the first quarter, it was Caitlin Hill who was able to get a breakthrough. She kicked a goal late in the quarter to give the Black Swans a 1.1 (7) to 0.0 (0) lead, but Netty Garlo and Libby Haines fought hard for the Allies, making it difficult for the Black Swans to pile on the goals. 

In the second quarter, Western Australia continued to press forward and got reward for their effort. Kate Bartlett crumbed a goal off the pack and gave the Black Swans a 13-point lead. Abbey Dowrick then got involved among the goals, using her clean hands to sweep the ball off the deck and kick a long-range major to bring the house down at Broadbeach. After this, the Allies prevented Western Australia from scoring in the rest of the quarter, thanks to the hard work of Chloe Haines and Alyce Parker. Meanwhile, Western Australia captain, Sabreena Duffy worked hard with strong hands and great run and carry, creating many important passages of play for the Black Swans. This allowed them to go into half time with a 3.2 (20) to 0.1 (1) lead over the Eastern Allies.  

It was a tight tussle in the third quarter with the first goal of the term coming in the latter stages. It took a perfectly pinpointed kick from Duffy to Mikayla Hyde on the lead to register the Black Swans’ first major of the quarter. Hyde led explosively to the ball and made no mistake from a set shot right in front. The Allies had their chances to get their first goal though, but behinds from Brea Quinlivan and Eliza Cumming meant a couple of chances went begging. Then AFLW Academy member and Tasmanian star, Chloe Haines came in to save the day, kicking her side’s first goal of the match. She was quickly outdone by Brea Quinlivan though, who made amends for her two behinds in the game with a crucial major from the boundary line, reducing the deficit to 2.3 (15) to 4.3 (27) at three quarter time.

It did not take long for Western Australia to stamp their authority in the game, as Mikayla Hyde got on the end of a downfield free kick and slotted through her second major of the day from a difficult angle. The Black Swans pocket rocket popped up again not long after, running in for her third major of the day and extending the margin beyond the Allies’ reach. Despite this, Parker and Cumming continued to fight hard for their side, putting in a formidable performance at Broadbeach. They succumbed to the pressure of players like Abbey Dowrick, who was aggressive at every contest she appeared in. Tanisha Anderson did well on Chloe Haines in the final term after being switched into defence, working well one-on-one and putting body pressure on her. The pressure on the Allies increased when Sarah Verrier joined in the action, running in to a goal to help the Black Swans to an important victory. They ran out winners against the Eastern Allies 7.3 (45) to 2.3 (15).

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: 1.1 | 3.2 | 4.3 | 7.3 (45)
EASTERN ALLIES: 0.0.0 | 0.1 | 2.3 | 2.3 (15)

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Mikayla Hyde 3, Caitlin Hill, Kate Bartlett, Abbey Dowrick, Sarah Verrier.
EASTERN ALLIES: Chloe Haines, Brea Quinlivan.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Sabreena Duffy, McKenzie Dowrick, Mikayla Hyde, Matilda Sergeant, Abbey Dowrick, Emma O’Driscoll.
EASTERN ALLIES: Chloe Haines, Alyce Parker, Brea Quinlivan, Libby Haines, Alexia Hamilton, Georgia Garnett.

Doyle’s hat-trick sees Eastern Allies grab win

EASTERN Allies have started the AFL Women’s Under 18s Championships off with a good win over Central Allies on the back of a three goals to zero final term. Lillian Doyle was the inspiration in the last term, nailing two majors and three for the game, while Alyce Parker was superb through midfield.

The Central Allies started strongly as Parker won the opening two clearances. She led the team through the midfield and her work ended up leading to a goal on the board in the opening couple of minutes courtesy of a great snap which saw a tussle in the goal square and a goal to Brea QuinlivanChloe Haines‘ ability to cover the ground was evident early on, taking an intercept mark at half-back, then finding herself on the receiving end of a free kick down forward. Her set shot just missed, but Eastern Allies were doing all the attacking. Running into another open goal, Hannah Munyard stopped her in her tracks. Doyle then made it two with a goal on the line courtesy of a great opportune kick. Then in one of the Central Allies’ first opportunities, dominant goal kicker, Katelyn Rosenzweig stepped up for a strong mark, but her set shot faded. South Australian captain Esther Boles was battling away, continually cracking in hard. The quarter came to an abrupt end after the scoreboard clock did not start for some time and quarter time siren sounded just five and a half minutes in to the term with Eastern Allies leading by 11 points.

The second term started with a couple of shots on goal to the Eastern Allies including a snap from Alyce Parker off the deck. It resulted in a behind, and then the work of Arthurina Moreen off half-back to clear by breaking the lines was impressive. Parker’s work through congestion was very eye-catching, managing to remain calm under pressure and somehow got out of a stoppage with four opposition players surrounding her. A subsequent shot on goal fell short, as did Chloe Haines’ snap which went out on the full and then dribbled a behind shortly after. All the play was up the Eastern Allies’ end but they were not capitalising on their chances. Then Brianna McFarlane did capitalise, with a flying shot on goal that managed to bounce through before a desperate defender could touch it. Rosenzweig had a chance to get on the board for Central Allies late in the quarter but her shot drifted wide for another behind. Then a kick forward put it to the advantage of Moreen who won a free kick then converted the set shot perfectly. It was the last meaningful disposal of the game, with Moreen dragging her team back to within 13 points at the main break. Central Allies’ star Nikki Gore had a strong second term, lifting up and maintaining intensity across the term.

McFarlane started the third term how she left off in the second term, having a shot on goal. It dropped short, but Eastern Allies were still pushing hard early in the opening couple of minutes. Jemima Wrigley produced a good tackle to dispossess her opponent and have a shot on goal, but it too just fell short. Doyle had a shot for her second but it also just missed. Boles and Montanna McKinnon were working hard on the wing to make something happen, but the strength of the Eastern Allies defence repelled their efforts. Madeline Gault was having a nice patch in the third term, going in hard and winning some possessions through hard running. Parker had a spell on the bench then immediately had an impact upon return late in the quarter, taking a strong mark on the lead and having a set shot from long range. It was just touched on the line and brought down. Gore continued to have the ball on a string, running hard and dropping back into defence to help out her defenders. Jaimi Tabb had a rare inside 50 for the Central Allies, but once again Eastern Allies’ defence was up to the task. Gore’s fierce tackling was on show on the wing and she was beginning to have a massive influence on the game and her efforts led to Rosenzweig pounced with the final kick of the third quarter to add a bit of spice to the final term.

The final term continued as had been the game so far with Eastern Allies taking control early. Doyle pounced on a loose ball and ran into goal kicking a major. McKinnon was strong in the opening minutes, taking a powerful mark at half-back, while Gault was busy in midfield. But Eastern Allies’ relentless attack on the ball was starting to pay dividends on the scoreboard, with Zoe Hurrell kicking a great goal on the run. Then Doyle made it two for the term and three for the game, with a great dribble goal for Eastern Allies’ sixth of the game. But not to lie down without a fight, a long kick inside 50 found Rosenzweig. Unfortunately her shot missed, but Central Allies were beginning to even out the contest in the quarter. It would not be enough though, held goalless in the final term, going down 6.8 (44) to 2.4 (16). Gore, Rosenzweig and Boles were clear standouts for the Central Allies.

EASTERN ALLIES 2.1 | 3.4 | 3.5 | 6.8 (44)
CENTRAL ALLIES 0.2 | 1.3 | 2.3 | 2.4 (16)

EASTERN ALLIES: Lillian Doyle 3, Zoe Hurrell, Brea Quinlivan, Brianna McFarlane.
CENTRAL ALLIES: Arthurina Moreen, Katelyn Rosenzweig.

EASTERN ALLIES: Lillian Doyle, Alyce Parker, Chloe Haines, Zoe HurRell, Brianna McFarlane.
CENTRAL ALLIES: Nikki Gore, Katelyn Rosenzweig, Esther Boles, Montana McKinnon, Arthurina Moreen.

NSW/ACT and Western Australia claim wins in Series One of AFLW National Championships

AS the opening series of the AFL Women’s National Under 18 Championships continues, four teams took to the field on the weekend to display their skills. New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory (NSW/ACT) and Western Australia were the big winners, with many players standing out across the four games.

NSW/ACT 6.7 (43) defeated Tasmania 1.1 (7)

NSW/ACT kept Tasmania scoreless up until half time, asserting its dominance at Blacktown International Sports Park.

Emily Hurley got on the board with two majors for NSW/ACT, and was complemented by Brea Quinlivan, Lillian Doyle, Zoe Hurrell and Eliza Cumming, who all scored a goal in the 36-point win. Georgia Garnett was named best afield for NSW/ACT while Alexia Hamilton and Brenna Tarrant also had solid performances. AFLW Academy member, Alyce Parker began her Nationals tournament strongly with a great performance. Fellow AFLW Academy member,

Libby Haines was also impressive, named amongst the best for Tasmania. She was joined by Mia King, Kelsie Hill, Tahlia Bortington, Hailee Baldwin and Netty Garlo. Mya Slatter was Tasmania’s only goalkicker on the day.

Western Australia 4.6 (30) defeated Queensland 3.9 (27)

Western Australia recorded a brilliant come-from-behind win at Domain Stadium. Queensland led at every change but after being kept scoreless in the last quarter, Western Australia ran over the top by just three points.

AFLW Academy member, McKenzie Dowrick was named best afield for Western Australia, and was complemented by fellow Academy member, Sabreena Duffy. Duffy also got a goal on the board, which brought Western Australia’s deficit to 10 points. She was complemented by Mikayla Hyde, who scored two majors, and Kate Bartlett, who scored one. Bartlett’s goal was a crucial one, as it gave Western Australia the lead for the first time in the game, which ultimately delivered the win.

It was a brave effort by Queensland, whose goals came from Charlotte Hammans, Jemma Abbott and Georgia Brehmer. Dee Heslop was named best-on-ground for Queensland and was complemented by Lily Postlethwaite, Kitara Farrar, Lauren Bella and Zimmorlei Farquharson.

NSW/ACT 6.8 (44) defeated Tasmania 0.3 (3)

In the second battle between NSW/ACT and Tasmania, it was NSW/ ACT that came out on top with another big win.

Lillian Doyle was NSW/ACT’s only multiple goalkicker with two majors, while Brea Quinlivan and Eliza Cumming got on the scoreboard once again. This time, it was Ahlani Eddy who was judged best afield for NSW/ACT, but AFLW Academy member, Alyce Parker and the best-on-ground in NSW/ACT’s first hit-out against Tasmania, Georgia Garnett were not far off the mark. Although there were no goalkickers for Tasmania, there was still a host of impressive performances.

Backing up their solid performances from their last match against NSW/ACT were Tahlia Bortington, Hailee Baldwin, Libby Haines, Netty Garlo and Mia King. They were complemented by Elise Barwick, who played a solid game against NSW/ACT.

Western Australia 6.4 (40) defeated Queensland 2.3 (15)

Western Australia continued its winning ways with another big victory over Queensland.

AFLW Academy member, McKenzie Dowrick was again named in the best for Western Australia. This time she was joined by Mikayla Bowen, Emma O’Driscoll, Roxanne Roux, Abbey Dowrick and Taylor Pescud. The goalkickers in the last match stepped up again on Monday’s hit-out, as Kate Bartlett got on the board with two majors while Sabreena Duffy and Mikayla Hyde each kicked one.

Youth Girls Northern Academy Series – NSW/ACT squads

GWS Giants and Sydney Swans have named their squads ahead of the 2018 Youth Girls Northern Academy Series starting tonight. The three-day event will see the four northern AFL clubs – Brisbane, Gold Coast, GWS and Sydney – battle it out in a round robin fixture at CEX Coffs International Stadium. The competition serves as a way for AFL NSW/ACT to pick a final state squad to face Tasmania in early June.

Talking to AFL NSW/ACT website, head coach Alicia Eva said she was looking forward to the competition and showcasing the best NSW/ACT talent.

“This weekend provides an opportunity for the girls to come together for the fourth time – albeit in two teams – and test themselves against the best talent in Queensland,” says Eva. “From camp one in Sydney to camp three in Canberra, we saw how much the girls have developed in such a short period of time, so this Northern Academy Series is the next step up. “We will be selecting the state squad from these games. Hopefully that is a tough task, because if it is, it means the girls are putting in the work and we as coaches are doing our jobs.”

NSW/ACT assistant coaches Rachel Terlich and Nicola Barr will coach the GWS Giants and Sydney Swans respectively in the tournament. Eva has nominated trio Zoe Hurrell, Brea Quinlivan and Breeana Tarrant as some of the players to watch, while Murray Bushrangers’ in-form defender Eloise Ashley-Cooper will represent GWS in the series.

Below are the fixtures and squads for the series, thanks to AFL NSW/ACT. Remember to follow AFL NSW/ACT on Facebook for updates throughout the series.



7.00pm Brisbane Lions vs. GWS GIANTS CEX Coffs International Stadium
8.00pm Gold Coast Suns vs. Sydne Swans CEX Coffs International Stadium



1.00pm Gold Coast Suns vs. Brisbane Lions CEX Coffs International Stadium
3.00pm GWS GIANTS vs. Sydney Swans CEX Coffs International Stadium



9.00am Gold Coast Suns vs. GWS GIANTS CEX Coffs International Stadium
10.00am Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney Swans CEX Coffs International Stadium