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Breguet takes “learning opportunity” with both hands

BY her own account, Lauren Breguet‘s footballing journey is “a bit of a long story”, and the explosive Central District forward has come quite some way in a short period of time. The 18-year-old hopped codes and borders to get to where she is now, thriving at SANFL Women’s level and in the South Australian State Under 19s Academy.

“I originally started basketball in Mildura, then my mum was like ‘it’d be a great idea for you to play football’,” Breguet said. “I started doing the Bendigo Pioneers programs over there before we moved for family reasons. Then I made it to Centrals and now I’m in the state squad, so it’s pretty exciting.”

Breguet says she’s “loving” being part of Centrals’ senior side, with which she played seven games in 2021 through injury and representative interruptions. Above all else, it has proven a valuable “learning opportunity” both on and off the field – from learning new positions, to gaining life lessons.

“It’s been a great experience,” she said. “I’ve learned so much from all these different coaches. It’s just such a great learning opportunity that I can take on and hopefully better my football, and even life lessons. “I’m still learning the game. I’m starting to learn more positions which I find really useful. I’m still (improving) the defence side of it, and I’m almost finished learning forward which is great.”

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While still honing her defensive game in a positional sense, Breguet is “never shy of putting [her] body on the line”. With terrific speed both in possession and while chasing, she boasts some eye-catching traits in the forward half.

They show in her season averages too; managing 10 disposals and three tackles per each SANFLW outing, while lifting to 10.7 disposals and five tackles across three AFL Women’s Under 19 Championships games. All that, while most importantly hitting the scoreboard in both competitions.

It was little surprise, then, to hear just which current AFLW stars the youngster looks towards for inspiration.

“I look up to Darcy Vescio, I find her a great forward, and Monique Conti,” she said. “They’re both really great at what they do and that’s what I aspire to be like.”

With the season run and done, Breguet recently took part in South Australia’s AFLW Draft Combine, an event where selection indicates promising interest at the next level. The Centrals forward is taking nothing for granted though, simply aiming to “improve” and go “as far as [she] can” with her football.

“Even if I don’t make AFLW, it’s still a great opportunity… to meet some new people and love the game even more,” she said.

Breguet, along with hundreds of prospects from around the nation will hope to have her name called out at the fast-approaching AFLW Draft, on July 27.

AFLW Draft Combine invites announced as draft date set

THE 2021 AFL Women’s Draft will take place on Tuesday, July 27 at 6:45pm in a landmark announcement from AFL House today. In a huge day for the future of women’s football, the 2021 AFL Women’s Draft Combine invitees were announced.

A total of 35 players from Victoria earned places at the Draft Combine which is yet to be announced, with all bar one player born this century, and the oldest two being Casey Demons’ Imogen Milford (21 years-old) and Port Melbourne’s Sophie Locke (20-years-old).  Tasmania’s Perri King was the sole nominee from the Apple Isle as 11 players from Queensland, eight from South Australia, six from NSW/ACT and three from Northern Territory. Western Australia had the clear second most overall with 15 in total.

The oldest player to receive a nomination was Norwood’s Leah Cutting (29 years-old), with Claremont’s Tessa Doumanis (21-years-old) the other one born prior to 2000. The full list of nominees including a host of AFL Women’s Under 19 Championships representatives is below:

2021 NAB AFL Women’s Draft Combine Invitees

Amanda Ling 9/07/2002 Oakleigh Chargers
Annie Lee 28/08/2003 Geelong Falcons
Ashleigh Richards 22/10/2003 Dandenong Stingrays
Aurora Smith 13/12/2003 Murray Bushrangers
Brooke Vickers 6/03/2003 Oakleigh Chargers
Charlie Rowbottom 22/01/2003 Oakleigh Chargers
Chloe Leonard 1/02/2002 GWV Rebels
Eliza James 1/10/2003 Oakleigh Chargers
Elizabeth Dowling 31/07/2003 Geelong Falcons
Elizabeth Snell 14/03/2002 Bendigo Pioneers
Ella Friend 30/12/2003 GWV Rebels
Emelia Yassir 25/09/2003 Calder Cannons
Gabbi Featherston 12/11/2003 Geelong Falcons
Georgia Campbell 1/09/2003 Eastern Ranges
Georgie Prespakis 13/03/2003 Calder Cannons
Grace Matser 3/01/2003 Gippsland Power
Imogen Milford 2/12/1999 Casey Demons
Ingrid Houtsma 20/11/2003 Geelong Falcons
Jaide Anthony 20/11/2003 Dandenong Stingrays
Jemima Woods 28/05/2003 Western Jets
Keeley Sherar 29/10/2003 Eastern Ranges
Maykaylah Appleby 18/07/2003 Northern Knights
Olivia Meagher 10/12/2002 Eastern Ranges
Poppy Schaap 28/07/2003 Geelong Falcons
Stella Reid 10/09/2003 Oakleigh Chargers
Tahlia Gillard 12/12/2003 Calder Cannons
Tahlia Meier 19/10/2003 GWV Rebels
Tara Slender 11/03/2003 Bendigo Pioneers
Tarrah Delgado 22/08/2003 Northern Knights
Tess Craven 23/12/2003 Geelong Falcons
Zali Friswell 30/12/2003 Calder Cannons
Nyakoat Dojiok 7/01/2003 GWV Rebels
Cadhla Schmidli 6/06/2003 Eastern Ranges
Maeve Chaplin 22/08/2002 Northern Knights
Sophie Locke 24/04/2001 Port Melbourne VFLW
Perri King (TAS) 25/08/2003 Tasmania/Glenorchy
Maggie Harmer 12/04/2003 Maroochydore
Mikayla Pauga 10/04/2003 Bond University
Abbey Hewett 12/04/2003 Wilston Grange AFC
Bella Smith 5/10/2003 Maroochydore
Casey Wynne 8/06/2003 Coolangatta
Christene Okesene 3/09/2002 Yeronga AFC
Giselle Davies 17/03/2003 Bond University
Madison Goodwin 7/03/2000 Yeronga AFC
Teagan Levi 14/08/2003 Bond University
Steph O’Brien 22/09/1993 University of QLD
Ashanti Bush 18/08/2002 NT Thunder
Bella Clarke 22/05/2001 NT Thunder
Grace Mulvahil 18/04/2003 Southern Districts
Abbie Ballard 16/04/2002 West Adelaide
Brooke Tonon 19/09/2003 Glenelg
Gypsy Schirmer 18/02/2003 South Adelaide
Lauren Breguet 14/02/2003 Central Districts
Leah Cutting 14/03/1992 Norwood
Tahlita Buethke 30/04/2002 South Adelaide
Zoe Prowse 30/07/2003 Sturt
Zoe Venning 4/11/2003 West Adelaide
Brodee Mowbray 2/09/2002 Southern Power
Georgie Fowler 19/12/2003 East Coast Eagles
Jessica Doyle 15/09/2003 Manly
Maddy Hendrie 17/07/2002 UNSW
Teagan Germech 24/09/2002 Belconnen Magpies
Ally Morphett 11/11/2003 Murray Bushrangers / Wagga
Amy Franklin 4/02/2003 Claremont
Charlotte Thomas 5/09/2003 Subiaco
Courtney Rowley 24/09/2003 Peel Thunder
Bella Mann 16/08/2003 Peel Thunder
Beth Schilling 1/12/2003 Peel Thunder
Chloe Reilly 12/10/2003 East Fremantle
Dana East 10/06/2002 Swan Districts
Emily Bennett 26/12/2002 Claremont
Emma Nanut 4/06/2003 Swan Districts
Makaela Tuhakaraina 23/08/2003 South Fremantle
Matilda Dyke 21/02/2002 Claremont
Melisha Hardy 24/42003 Swan Districts
Nyra Anderson 24/11/2001 Swan Districts
Sarah Lakay 20/02/2003 Swan Districts
Tessa Doumanis 10/10/1999 Claremont

AFL Women’s Draft Combine wrap

AN Eastern Ranges duo and the potential number one pick in the Under 18 AFL Women’s Draft have emerged as the top performers from the AFL Women’s Draft Combine yesterday.

Geelong Falcons star, Nina Morrison walked away with two combine records, smashing the Yo-Yo test with an 18.2 score, as well as clocking 7:14 in the 2km time trial. Morrison remarkably finished top five in six of the possible seven events. Eastern duo, Emerson Woods and Charlotte Wilson won their respective events in the 20m sprint and standing vertical jump, with Woods easily breaking the previous record when she produced a dazzling 3.129-second sprint. Wilson achieved a 56cm standing vertical jump, two centimetres more than any other participant.

Wilson finished second in both the running vertical jumps, and finished third in the 20m sprint and Yo-Yo test. Woods finished second to Morrison in the Yo-Yo test, third in the agility and 2km time trial, and equal fifth in the standing vertical jump. Both Eastern girls produced top five finishes in five of the seven tests.

Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels’ Sophie Van De Heuvel and Murray Bushrangers’ Rebecca Webster recorded the next best overall results, finishing top five in three events, with the pair taking out the left and right running vertical jumps respectively. In the other events, Gippsland Power co-captain, Tyla Hanks clocked up 8.788 in the agility to break the record in that test ahead of Geelong Falcons onballer, Olivia Purcell.

Of those participants outside Victoria, Queensland ruck, Lauren Bella was impressive with top five finishes in the running vertical jumps, while Tasmania’s Libby Haines finished fifth in the 20m sprint with a time of 3.299 seconds, and fourth in the 2km time trial. Others who achieved top five finishes were GWV Rebels, Rene Caris, Lauren Butler and Georgia Clarke, Sandringham Dragons’ Eleanor Brown, Northern Knights’ Madeline Brancatisano and Dandenong Stingrays’ Jordyn Allen.

20m sprint:

1 Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 3.129 seconds
2 Sophie Van De Heuvel (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) 3.242
2 Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 3.242
4 Madeline Brancatisano (Northern Knights/Vic Metro) 3.25
5 Libby Haines (Burnie/Tasmania) 3.299

Yo-Yo Test:

1 Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) 18.2
2 Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 16.7
3 Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 16.5
4 Lauren Butler (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) 16.3
5 Tyla Hanks (Gippsland Power/Vic Country) 16.2


1 Tyla Hanks (Gippsland Power/Vic Country): 8.788
2 Olivia Purcell (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country): 8.809
3 Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro): 8.859
4 Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country): 8.878
5 Jordyn Allen (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country): 8.891

2km time trial:

1 Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) 7:14
2 Eleanor Brown (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro) 7:29
3 Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 7:39
4 Libby Haines (Burnie/Tasmania) 7:51
5 Lauren Butler (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) 7:52

Standing vertical jump:

1 Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 56cm
2 Rebecca Webster (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) 54cm
2 Sophie Van De Heuvel (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) 54cm
4 Georgia Clarke (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) 52cm
5 Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 50cm
5 Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) 50cm
5 Rene Caris (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) 50cm

Running vertical jump (right):

1 Rebecca Webster (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) 63cm
2 Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 62
3 Rene Caris (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) 61
4 Lauren Bella (Bond University/Queensland) 59
5 Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) 59

Running vertical jump (left):

1 Sophie Van De Heuvel (GWV Rebels/Vic Country) 70cm
2 Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro) 68cm
3 Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country) 66cm
4 Lauren Bella (Bond University/Queensland) 65cm
5 Rebecca Webster (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country) 65cm