1 Paddy Dow

October 16, 1999

DRAFT ANALYSIS: "Paddy Dow is one of the best players in the 2017 draft crop with his trademark burst speed and vision out of a stoppage among his top traits"


Paddy Dow is one of if not the most all-round complete packages in the 2017 draft crop. Along with Andrew Brayshaw, Dow arguably has the most boxes ticked and it is no surprises why he is in contention for the number one pick. Dow is powerful, a classy mover, has great vision, loves the contested side of football and has a scoreboard impact, mostly setting up others when going inside 50. To find a weakness for Dow is very difficult, however if you had to pick an improvement, it would be his kicking under pressure. His kicking when given time and space is fantastic, and averaging 58 per cent as an inside midfielder is not too bad at all. As a whole, Dow is a really good prospect who will flourish in the elite system.


  • Powerful
  • Classy
  • Contested work
  • Vision
  • Scoreboard impact

Dow has plenty of strings to his bow with the inside midfielder winning 51 per cent of his possessions at the coal face. Despite winning most of his possessions on the inside, Dow has a touch of class about the way he wins it and moves through a stoppage. He has fantastic vision and just thinks through each contest and some of his highlights are up there with the best players in the draft crop. In one instant in his last TAC Cup game for the season, Dow was playing Gippsland Power and he cleanly won the ball at half-back, fired off a handball to a teammate, received the 1-2 back, split through three opposing players using his burst speed and then hit up a target at half-forward.

The way he takes the game on and backs himself to hit targets is a feature of the way he plays and despite being that inside bull, he has that outside presence which hurts opposing teams. While he does not kick a heap of goals himself, he averaged two score assists per game in the TAC Cup and with six inside 50s, Dow makes any team he is in look better with his delivery inside 50. It helps that he has fantastic vision and just sums up the situation well.


  • Kicking under pressure

As mentioned earlier it is hard to find too many knocks with Dow’s game. If you had to pick one it would be his kicking under pressure. He has improved his kicking as a whole this season and it is clear to see his game has gone to another level. Always touted as about a top 20 prospect by most, Dow shot up the rankings with strong performances in the National Under 18 Championships and school football. Every footballer has internal improvements they want to make to their game and I dare say Dow would be continuing to work on his kicking under pressure because occasionally he can rush his kick. As a whole though, there is not a great deal wrong with his game. Some say he lacks the “X-factor” that Cam Rayner and Jaidyn Stephenson have, but he has that trademark burst speed out of a stoppage so he has attractive traits which would entice recruiters.



Paddy Dow is a top prospect in this year’s draft. He is in contention for the number one pick and it is hard to see him fall outside the top five, especially given Fremantle and North Melbourne are ready to pounce if Brisbane decides to let him slide. His burst speed, ability to think his way through traffic and deliver to a leading forward is top notch. He wins plenty of contested ball, has no problem accumulating the pill and is a consistent performer on the big stage, having won the past three best and fairests for his school. Expect Dow to be a player of the future whether that is with Brisbane, Fremantle, Carlton or North Melbourne.

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