11 Keidean Coleman

March 31, 2000

DRAFT ANALYSIS: "An exciting defender with plenty of class and upside, who is a member of the Brisbane Lions Academy."


Keidean Coleman is still a raw player with plenty to improve on, but he has some attractive draftable qualities. He showed at the National AFL Under 18 Championships that he has top-line speed and agility to evade opponents in heavy traffic, and the class to dish it off by hand or foot. He has tremendous upside given he is quite light (74kg at the time of the championships), but still has areas which clubs will want to see marked improvement on in the future. The biggest question mark is his defensive pressure, as he is an offensively-minded player. The other is finding more of the football, averaging just nine disposals per game, which is not enough for an offensively-minded defender. However with his class and athletic traits, expect him to still warrant attention from AFL clubs with more of a long-term view compared to immediate impact.


  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Class
  • Scope

Coleman is a player who has an exciting base from which clubs can work with in the future. He is a member of the Brisbane Lions Academy, so they will have the first chance to bring him on board. His speed and agility are fantastic, and he has a really handy sidestep with strong lateral movement to evade opponents in the back half. These two strengths enable Coleman to be able to take the game on and break the lines out of defence and down the ground. He is clean with ball in hand and ran at 85.7 per cent by foot in the National Under 18 Championships for the Allies. There was the occasional time where he would turn the ball over, but more often than not is trusted to hit a target coming out of the back half by hand or foot.

The other area that clubs will look at when considering Coleman is his future scope. He has the tools to already have an impact athletically, it is just piecing the remaining parts of his game together. He does have some improvements to become a better all-round player, but he has that eye-catching run, combined with classy moving and finishing that gives supporters hope he can become something special. He is far from the finished product which is exciting, but he still needs to work hard to get there, which he will no doubt do. Like many players for the backend of the draft, nothing is guaranteed in terms of being drafted, but Brisbane have played him in their Reserves side, so can see a place for him should they decide to draft the talented defender.


  • Defensive pressure
  • Strength
  • Accumulation

As mentioned above, Coleman still has a fair way to go before being a completed product. He is still raw in terms of the full scope he could fulfil, and he knows the areas he will need to work on in the future. His defensive pressure is one that has been highlighted in the past, and in the final National Under 18 Championships game, he laid five tackles, which was impressive. He did only lay 11 for the tournament, meaning just the six in the other three games. For an outside player, if you need to work on your defensive game, you need to find a fair bit of the football to ensure hurt factor. Accumulation is a way Coleman can further improve, averaging less than 10 touches at game at the National Championships, and 14.8 touches at North Eastern Australian Football League (NEAFL) level. If he can become that 16-18 disposal a game defender, then he will likely be a damaging rebounder. Finally, his strength is another area that can be improved on, but is the easiest of the lot, with the 74kg defender set to spend a full pre-season in the gym just to ensure he can handle the bigger bodies at senior level.



Keidean Coleman is an exciting, raw product who has plenty of impressive offensive attributes. He does have to find more of the ball and build his defensive game, but he has class, great agility and a good scope to look at long-term. If drafted, fans can expect he will take a while, so patience is required, but the small glimpses he has shown already gives draft watchers he is one to keep an eye on over the coming years.

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