9 Jake Patmore

January 29, 1999

DRAFT ANALYSIS: "Outside midfielder who is a big ball winner having had multiple 40+ disposal games in the WAFL Colts"


AFL Academy member Jake Patmore has had an interesting 12 months – having shed nearly 10 kilograms over a few months early in the season. Patmore’s fitness increased over the season and has shown his wares as an outside midfielder or rebounding defender across half back. Throughout the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships, he averaged nearly 23 disposals and four tackles – with his best game coming against Vic Country recording 32 disposals. His WAFL Colts form was exceptional, where he used his speed at the contest racking up 42 & 48 disposals in two of his games. He pushed into the Claremont WAFL Reserves team later in the season, but finished the year with 25 disposals and four tackles in the Colts Grand Final. His tackling numbers have increased in the last 12 months, with his quick hands being a trademark strength of the West Australian.


  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Accumulation
  • Quick hands

At October’s National Combine, Patmore’s testing time of 8.43 seconds was above average in the agility test. When he plays, his agility is on show – often spinning out of packs and taking off to get away from his opponents. His sprint time in the 20m sprint of 3.02 seconds is also very good and it is an area that like his agility is noticeable when he plays.

As a link up player mostly on the outside, Patmore is a damaging player if he is allowed to grab the ball and run towards goal. In the contest, Patmore’s quick hands are noticeable. As soon as he takes possession of the ball, he is able to drill it out to a teammate on either side of his body – hitting the target on majority of occasions. His handballing efficiency of 80.5 per cent in the National Under 18 Championships is in the elite bracket.

Another trait that Patmore has, unlike some of the other outside midfielders is his accumulation. He averaged 29.2 disposals in the WAFL Colts and just under 23 disposals in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships. He is a decent user of the football on his right foot and his clean hands help him in the midfield. He has shown at all levels he can win the ball and it is an important trait for another outside midfielder.


  • Inside game
  • Endurance

Patmore’s inside game is an area of focus that could be improved for the 181cm prospect. His quick hands make him an important player in the contested situations – but in ┬áthe NAB AFL Under 18 Championships he had a contested possession percentage of 24.7. If he can improve this and bring it closer to 35-40 per cent at the next level, it will help him be an efficient footballer that can play in multiple positions – not just on the wing or across half back.

Despite trimming up in the early part of the season and recording very good skinfold numbers at the National Combine – Patmore’s endurance can be improved. At the Combine, Patmore’s Yo-Yo score of 21.1 was only just above the average – while his 2km time trial of 6 minutes 45 seconds was also right on the average. As a midfielder, his numbers should be well above the average – which takes into account multiple tall players who performed in these tests.



Overall Jake Patmore has taken some steps forward this year and has shown he has some good traits that can be used at AFL level. His speed and agility make him a tough match up on the outside, while as an outside midfielder he has shown he can accumulate a lot of the ball compared to other players. If his endurance can be improved, there’s no doubting he can develop into a crafty outside midfielder for whatever team drafts him.

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