11 Finn Betterman

May 9, 2000


STRENGTHS: Strong hands and marking ability for his size, Tackle pressure, defensive work, inside game, clearances
IMPROVEMENTS: Kicking efficiency, decision making, athleticism

SUMMARY: Finn Betterman has had a consistent season at Glenelg both Under 18s and Reserves level, and showed his abilities during South Australia’s winning campaign at the National Under 18 Championships. Betterman is an aggressive inside tackle machine and has excellent defensive pressure around the contest. Although smaller than other midfielders, Betterman is a very good reader of play at stoppage and will often hit a full pace and be able to break away from clearance. For his size he is a very good overhead mark, and although he played most of his footy this year as a midfielder, could slot into a high forward role as well. It would have been good to see Betterman in defence to see if his skills of marking and pressure would enable him to be a rebound defender. At the National Under 18 Championships at the higher level, Betterman was a valuable contributor and was always working hard at every contest. When breaking away from contest he looked his best, but there is no doubt the foundation of him game is tackle pressure to help cause turnover. Betterman also participated at the recent South Australia AFL State Combine and performed well in all areas.

Under 18s Championships

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