Author: Peter Williams

Draft Central Team of the Week: AFLW U18 Championships – Round 2

AFTER a massive week on the Gold Coast, we at Draft Central have named our Team of the Week for the AFL Women’s Under-18 Championships. For the exercise, the 24-player team does not include form from Round 1 (ie. prior to the Gold Coast matches) and only includes players who played all three matches, therefore a number of middle-agers such as Ellie McKenzie are ineligible having played just the two games as it is such a short tournament. Across the breakdown, Central Allies actually had the most individual standouts with five players named in our Team of the Week, followed by Vic Metro, Vic Country, Queensland and Western Australia all on four, and Eastern Allies on three after even team performances.


Madison Newman (CENTRAL ALLIES) – The rebounding defender had the equal second most rebounds at the carnival and averaged 15.3 disposals and 2.7 marks out of defence.
Shantel Miskin-Ripia (CENTRAL ALLIES) – The NT Thunder defender was far and away the most dominant rebounder, averaging almost seven per game, and was a crucial key in getting the ball out of defence when under siege against other opponents in tight games.
Kitara Whap-Farrar (QUEENSLAND) – Was an excitement machine with X-factor and one of a number of pre-listed AFL Women’s players who stepped up at the carnival, averaging 12.0 disposals and 2.7 tackles per game.


Ellie Hampson (QUEENSLAND) – The Queensland MVP was a huge ball winner for the home side and was deserving of the honour in a side that failed to win a game. The pre-listed Gold Coast SUNS player averaged 20.3 disposals, 4.0 marks, 4.3 tackles, 3.3 inside 50s and 2.0 rebounds.
Serene Watson (QUEENSLAND) – Another member of the impressive Queensland defence, Watson was crucial in getting the ball out of danger and still winning the footy. She dropped into the hole to intercept and rebound, averaging 14.7 disposals, 3.7 rebounds and 3.7 tackles.
Georgia Patrikios (VIC METRO) – Probably a little cheeky to have the winger here, but Patrikios averaged more than two rebounds per game on her way to having the equal sixth most of any player in the carnival. She played across all three thirds and also averaged 20.7 disposals, 2.3 marks and 5.0 tackles on her way to the overall MVP.


Sophie Molan (VIC COUNTRY) – The versatile utility was consistent across all three games for Vic Country, averaging 17.0 disposals, 5.7 tackles and 2.0 clearances and earned her spot on the wing in the side.
Lily Postlethwaite (QUEENSLAND) – Backed up her dominant carnival last year with another great effort as a top-ager this year. The Queensland captain averaged 16.0 disposals, 3.3 marks, 2.0 clearances, 2.0 inside 50s and 2.0 tackles.
Lucy McEvoy (VIC COUNTRY) – The Vic Country MVP and Geelong Falcons premiership skipper was a ray of consistency through good and bad, and was the biggest ball winner at the carnival, averaging 21.0 disposals, 3.3 clearances, 2.0 marks and 5.0 tackles whilst booting three goals.


Teah Charlton (CENTRAL ALLIES) – The middle-age forward looms as a top talent for next year after roaming up the ground and causing defensive half headaches for the opposition. She averaged a massive 7.0 tackles to go with her 14.3 disposals, 2.3 marks, 3.3 inside 50s and booted a goal.
Gabby Newton (VIC METRO) – A standout for the Metro side and no doubt a shade behind eventual MVP Georgia Patrikios, standing up in each of the three games with great consistency. Newton averaged 15.7 disposals, 4.0 marks, 4.0 tackles and 3.0 clearances.
Tyanna Smith (VIC COUNTRY) – Another player who is not eligible to be drafted until next year, Smith kept getting better as the championships rolled on, providing dash and hardness between the arcs. She averaged 16.0 disposals, 4.3 inside 50s – ranked equal first – and 6.3 tackles.


Olivia Barber (VIC COUNTRY) – Led the overall goalkicking for the week with five majors, proving to be a threat up forward. While the majority came in the opening match, Barber provided a great target in the air and at ground level and worked hard inside 50.
Cleo Saxon-Jones (VIC METRO) – Stepped up as a key target inside 50 for Metro and gave a chop out in the ruck, booting the three goals, but assisting in a number of others and providing a presence in attack.
Roxanne Roux (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) – The high-flying West Australian forward was dominant at her best and still looking dangerous when she was being held. Showed off her leap on the opening day chopping out in the ruck, and continued to present throughout the week with a high ceiling for improvement.


Montana McKinnon (CENTRAL ALLIES) – The captain and MVP was terrific in the ruck, but she earns the spot for her work around the ground. While Mim Strom had more hitouts, McKinnon took a number of strong grabs throughout the week at crucial times, averaging 11.7 disposals. 3.7 marks and 16.3 hitouts per game.
Mia King (EASTERN ALLIES) – The Tasmanian and vice-captain of the Eastern Allies was one of the most consistent players across the carnival using her burst and ability to do all the defensive things right. King averaged 5.3 clearances – ranked first – as well as 18.0 disposals, 6.7 tackles and 2.3 inside 50s.
Mikayla Bowen (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) – The West Australian leader and pre-listed West Coast player lived up to expectations with a sensational carnival, winning her state’s MVP. She averaged 8.0 tackles and 5.0 clearances per game – ranked second in both – as well as 17.7 disposals.


Nyra Anderson (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) – Underrated West Australian midfielder who finished the carnival with two big games, averaging 13.3 disposals, 4.0 clearances and 5.0 tackles.
Abby Favell (EASTERN ALLIES) – Murray Bushrangers’ middle-age midfielder who continued her ball-winning form to have an impact in the Eastern Allies’ midfield. She finished with 11.0 disposals, 2.7 marks and 2.7 tackles per game.
Elisabeth Georgostathis (VIC METRO) – Worked hard and stepped up in big moments for Vic Metro, having more impact than her 9.0 disposals per game might suggest, also laying 4.7 tackles and booting the match sealer against Queensland at Southport.
Jayde Hamilton (EASTERN ALLIES) – Another Eastern Allies midfielder who was fierce in her attack on the ball, laying 5.7 tackles per game to go with her 11.3 disposals, 3.3 clearances and 2.7 inside 50s per game.
Mim Strom (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) – The dominant ruck of the carnival who only misses out on the spot due to McKinnon’s dominance around the ground and her MVP achievement. Strom racked up 27.7 hitouts per game – 10 more than her nearest rival – as well as 9.3 disposals and 2.3 tackles.
Jaimi Tabb (CENTRAL ALLIES) – The number one tackler at the carnival, Tabb cracked in and won the hard ball whilst keeping opposition players looking over their shoulders. She laid 8.7 tackles per game to go with her 11.3 disposals.

Team Selection: NAB League Boys – Round 14

NAB League Boys sides have loaded up heading into the final few rounds of action as Vic Metro and Vic Country players return to their respective sides. Whilst the likes of Oakleigh Chargers and Sandringham Dragons still have to grapple with school football commitments, there is still plenty of talent out on the park for both sides, as there is across the competition. The match of the round could well be the top four clash between Eastern Ranges and the Chargers at Box Hill as part of a double header following Gippsland Power taking on Tasmania Devils. Sunday sees Sandringham host an early game before the top Under 18s head to country areas with matches in Geelong, Shepparton and Bendigo. Just as exciting as the players returning from Under-18 National Championships, a number of Under-16 stars make their debuts after the conclusion of their championships. Among those names are Eastern Ranges’ Tyler Sonsie, Murray Bushrangers’ Josh Rachele and Tasmania’s Sam Banks – the latter has already tasted NAB League action – after winning MVPs at the championships.


Round 14 – 20/07/2019
Box Hill City Oval


B: 10. L. Connolly, 14. T. Hourigan, 22. Z. Reid
HB: 8. B. McAuliffe, 12. B. Smith, 29. T. Rees
C: 1. R. Angwin, 6. R. Baldi, 15. R. Sparkes
HF: 21. M. McGarrity, 13. T. Fitzpatrick, 20. H. Neocleous
F: 37. H. Pepper, 16. J. Smith, 19. F. Phillips
R: 17. C. Comben, 35. J. van der Pligt, 4. S. Flanders
Int: 30. T. Baldi, 36. M. Bentvelzen , 39. M. Hawkins, 24. B. Maslen
Emg: 33. N. Prowd, 5. F. Shields, 32. L. Williams
23P: 44. K. Robinson

In: H. Pepper, R. Sparkes, B. Smith, C. Comben, M. Bentvelzen , K. Robinson, J. Smith, R. Baldi, S. Flanders
Out: T. Mann, C. Doultree, D. McRae, S. Berry, Z. Skinner, J. Hume


B: 21. L. Gadomski, 8. J. Steele, 38. O. Shaw
HB: 6. S. Banks, 39. S. Green, 17. P. Walker
C: 37. L. Deegan, 35. L. Viney, 50. C. Riethoff
HF: 4. W. Peppin, 23. H. Ireland, 26. O. Sanders
F: 2. O. Burrows-Cheng, 9. J. Chaplin, 27. R. Mansell
R: 56. J. Lane, 7. M. McGuinness, 3. O. Davis
Int: 58. Z. Adams, 33. L. Borsboom, 13. S. Collins, 20. W. Harper, 31. J. Menzie, 34. J. Rand, 41. C. Stephenson
23P: 60. J. Barwick

In: S. Banks, O. Sanders, C. Riethoff, H. Ireland, J. Rand, C. Stephenson, Z. Adams
Out: I. Chugg, J. Callow, B. Simpson, M. O’Neill


Round 14 – 20/07/2019
Box Hill City Oval


B: 12. J. Gilbee, 45. M. Zalac, 40. J. Hourihan
HB: 8. R. Bailey, 18. B. McCormack, 19. W. Parker
C: 4. J. Clarke, 7. L. Stapleton, 20. C. Downie
HF: 9. J. Duffy, 36. B. Hickleton, 11. M. Mellis
F: 10. C. Black, 53. J. Tilly, 27. J. Jaworski
R: 48. S. Woodward, 23. Z. Pretty, 30. T. Edwards
Int: 6. M. Brown, 24. T. Hardstaff, 1. K. Hubber, 58. N. Riddle, 52. T. Sonsie, 3. C. Tilyard, 28. T. Weir
23P: 46. T. Leiu

In: T. Leiu, C. Tilyard, S. Woodward, M. Brown, R. Bailey, J. Tilly, K. Hubber, T. Sonsie, T. Hardstaff, N. Riddle
Out: J. Nathan, I. Mccormick, J. Ross, H. Keeling, A. Begg, J. Rossiter


B: 1. L. Westwood, 36. R. Valentine, 34. V. Zagari
HB: 15. K. Schreiber, 67. H. Mundy, 57. S. Seach
C: 5. T. Bianco, 12. L. Jenkins, 27. J. May
HF: 22. T. Graham, 65. T. Lovell, 75. A. Tassell
F: 77. N. Stathopoulos, 73. C. Sharman, 23. D. Williams
R: 63. J. Woodfull, 6. J. Lucas, 9. W. Phillips
Int: 18. F. Elliot, 53. F. Maguire, 78. J. Nelson, 20. M. Tighello, 17. G. Varagiannis, W. Bainbridge, F. Robertson
23P: 2. B. Laurie

In: J. Woodfull, H. Mundy, J. Lucas, A. Tassell, F. Maguire, M. Tighello, S. Seach, F. Elliot, W. Bainbridge, J. Nelson, F. Robertson
Out: T. Furphy, S. Tucker, R. McInnes, J. Ugle-Hagan, C. Stone, L. Johnson, H. Mastras, J. Ayton-Delaney


Round 14 – 21/07/2019
Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval – Sandringham


B: 17. T. Milne, 33. C. Watts, 62. R. Pietsch
HB: 74. H. Loughnan, 18. J. Lloyd, 7. J. Voss
C: 3. G. Grey, 5. R. Byrnes, 15. A. Hanrahan
HF: 43. J. Bowey, 28. R. Bowman, 40. R. Virtue
F: 21. T. Murray, 29. F. McAsey, 39. B. O’Leary
R: 32. J. Bell, 6. M. Bergman, 8. T. Deane-Johns
Int: 20. C. Blitsas, 22. J. Cowden, 38. B. Krongold, 60. J. Nowell, 71. T. Sheezel, 53. E. Soylemez, 14. K. Yorke
23P: 49. L. Carrigan

In: R. Pietsch, T. Sheezel, J. Cowden, F. McAsey, R. Bowman, G. Grey, E. Soylemez, C. Blitsas, J. Lloyd, M. Bergman, H. Loughnan, T. Murray, J. Nowell, A. Hanrahan, R. Virtue, B. Krongold
Out: H. Ralphsmith, J. Mifsud, F. Maginness, O. Lewis, O. Lord, N. Burke, L. Riley, J. Worrell, L. Butler, C. Dean, J. Castan, A. Courtney, J. Le Grice


B: 31. J. Mounter, 20. S. De Koning, 14. D. Smith
HB: 39. J. Toner, 32. B. Kuipers, 2. H. Young
C: 47. W. Bravo, 45. L. Goonan, 50. L. Williams
HF: 11. E. Cahill, 17. B. Milford, 37. B. Welsh
F: 10. C. Gay, 24. B. Nyuon, 51. A. Williamson
R: 28. B. Schmidt, 34. R. Orchard, 38. M. Gregory
Int: 1. H. Berenger, 8. B. Cliffe, 12. M. Haywood, 13. N. Heath, 40. S. Merrick, 23. J. Neal, 48. J. Stuart
23P: 3. M. Bergman

In: L. Goonan, E. Cahill, B. Schmidt, H. Young, J. Stuart, S. De Koning, B. Kuipers, B. Welsh, B. Nyuon
Out: D. Gould, J. Andrews, W. Howe, P. Gerdan, C. Battams, J. Roysmith


Round 14 – 21/07/2019
Deakin Reserve – Shepparton


B: 42. H. Beasley, 18. C. Crisp, 44. J. Hillary
HB: 6. W. Chandler, 49. C. McLeod, 26. S. Durham
C: 2. C. Byrne, 53. C. Wilson, 5. C. Wild
HF: 12. L. Ash, 13. H. Kaak, 9. K. Chalcraft
F: 19. J. Boyer, 22. E. Baxter, 14. J. Chalcraft
R: 58. W. Garner, 20. E. Hollands, 8. Z. Maher
Int: 38. D. Clarke, 39. M. Holt, 23. E. Keogh, 51. S. Thompson
Emg: 32. W. Bowden, 48. M. Hallows, 4. A. Shepherd
23P: 31. J. Rachele

In: E. Hollands, A. Shepherd, C. Wild, L. Ash, W. Bowden, W. Garner, J. Rachele, S. Thompson, E. Keogh, C. McLeod, D. Clarke
Out: D. Bedendo, W. Christie, R. Bouker, T. Matthes, B. Ashley-Cooper, L. Fiore, Z. Barzen, D. Everett


B: 27. E. Macpherson, 24. B. Major, 42. J. Potter
HB: 4. J. Davies, 45. A. Taylor, 31. H. Ramshaw
C: 12. C. Barbera, 18. S. Brazier, 41. N. Kitchell
HF: 5. J. D’Intinosante, 1. L. Potter, 43. T. McMahon
F: 40. L. Mcmahon, 34. Z. Costello, 11. R. Sturgess
R: 49. Z. Reichert, 10. J. Lucente, 13. S. Philp
Int: 17. J. Bowne, 37. K. Brandt, 54. A. O’Sullivan, 56. J. Rossimel, 36. R. Seakins, 47. M. Sindrivanis, 44. L. Waldron

23P: 55. D. Wilmot

In: C. Barbera, D. Wilmot, R. Seakins, Z. Reichert, A. O’Sullivan, L. Mcmahon, J. Rossimel, L. Waldron, M. Sindrivanis, K. Brandt, J. Bowne
Out: O. Simpson, C. Simonsen, N. Long, J. Watson, A. Carafa, N. Howard, N. Cox, B. Nikolovski


Round 14 – 21/07/2019
Queen Elizabeth Oval – Bendigo


B: 59. R. Clarke, 44. S. O’Farrell, 31. R. Ironside
HB: 38. B. Rowles, 20. J. Schischka, 19. B. Worme
C: 1. S. Conforti, 21. R. Wilson, 40. J. Evans
HF: 29. J. Ginnivan, 34. W. Wallace, 9. E. Roberts
F: 32. K. Attwell, 22. J. Treacy, 51. S. Mitchell
R: 11. A. Gundry, 26. N. Walsh, 6. J. Rodi
Int: 12. A. Cole, 17. L. Fitzgerald, 47. L. Latch, 14. M. Lias, 25. W. Shaw, 27. C. Smith
23P: 50. F. Ellis Castle

In: W. Shaw, E. Roberts, J. Treacy, B. Rowles, L. Fitzgerald, S. O’Farrell
Out: C. Maxted, J. Hickman, J. Dick-O’Flaherty, B. Vaz


B: 39. B. Overman, 23. C. Brand, 31. G. Thomas
HB: 5. C. Brown, 38. B. Newman, 32. M. Simpson
C: 49. M. Allison, 10. H. Minton-Connell, 43. L. Gollant
HF: 12. J. O’Sullivan, 21. H. Jones, 2. J. Sutton
F: 44. H. Andronaco, 26. M. Fletcher, 27. N. Gentile
R: 61. J. Hotchkin, 1. D. Mott, 8. S. Ramsay
Int: 37. B. Bozinovski, 3. J. Cardillo, 29. C. Edwardes, 41. J. Eyre, 60. S. Paea, 34. O. Sasalu
23P: 46. C. Wrigglesworth

In: B. Bozinovski, J. Eyre, D. Mott, H. Jones, H. Andronaco, C. Wrigglesworth, B. Newman
Out: N. Stewart, J. Misiti, J. Keeping, R. Mason, F. Gentile


Round 14 – 21/07/2019
GMHBA Stadium – Geelong


B: 27. C. Brauer, 52. S. Christensen, 53. C. Fleeton
HB: 35. O. Barrow, 55. M. Langan, 40. J. Clark
C: 12. N. Gribble, 11. C. Karpala, 21. L. Smith
HF: 6. A. Hildebrandt, 29. B. Miller, 25. J. Sarcevic
F: 37. O. Henry, 36. C. Sprague, 24. C. Seymour
R: 46. H. Walsh, 3. K. Rayner, 13. H. Whyte
Int: 33. J. Fleeton, 16. C. Ham, 17. S. Ham, 28. L. Hocking, 9. B. Jepson, 20. W. Kilpatrick, 2. J. Lange
23P: 10. L. Hood

In: S. Christensen, A. Hildebrandt, J. Sarcevic, C. Ham, B. Jepson, S. Ham, J. Clark, J. Lange, W. Kilpatrick, L. Hocking, B. Miller, L. Hood, J. Fleeton
Out: S. Witherden, M. Lord, J. Paterson, N. Gadsby, C. Lazzaro, N. Lever, C. Harris, J. Mullen, C. Page, K. Skene


B: 22. M. Burgess, 18. J. Wright, 6. J. Tillig
HB: 4. J. Hill, 11. J. Dwyer, 12. R. Polkinghorne
C: 14. L. Herbert, 13. J. Rantall, 32. H. Sharp
HF: 2. I. Grant, 19. N. Caris, 7. M. Martin
F: 44. B. Hobbs, 5. M. Jorgensen, 41. F. Marris
R: 29. P. Glanford, 3. T. Mahony, 1. C. Craig-Peters
Int: 27. M. Herbert, 26. N. Nash, 33. R. O’Keefe, 45. J. Rentsch
Emg: 17. E. Ajang, 38. T. Jennings, 40. F. Macdonald
23P: 15. G. Wright

Team of the Week: NAB League Boys – Round 12

IN a Draft Central first, the Round 12 NAB League Boys Team of the Week featured two players from the 12 sides across the competition in the 24-player squad. The Round which was split over two weekends – was completed on the weekend with Eastern Ranges defeating Tasmania Devils. The other five games were played the weekend prior to Round 13 last weekend, with no one scoring more than 60 points in a rain-affected round.

In the standalone game on the weekend, Eastern Ranges’ Mitch Mellis continued his terrific season with a spot in the team, joined by ruck Billy McCormack who can spend time up forward. Also in the forward line is Tasmania’s Jackson Callow and up the other end, his teammate Matt McGuinness, both of whom make the team once again. Speaking of regulars in the Team of the Week, Western Jets’ captain Lucas Rocci has become a lock in the back pocket over the past couple of months, making the side with Josh Kellett. Their opponents Calder Cannons had Sam Ramsay make the team on the wing, whilst Ben Overman was impressive in the back half.

The double header at Shepley Oval resulted in eight players making the side, with Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels duo Mitch Martin and Mitchell Burgess making the side up either end on flanks, while Clayton Gay and Max Gregory worked hard in the Dandenong Stingrays’ loss and made the side. In the ohter game, Sam Berry was sensational with 18 tackles from 20 touches and three goals for Gippsland Power, joined in the side by teammate Tye Hourigan. Their opponents Geelong Falcons had ruck Henry Walsh, and tireless midfielder Charlie Lazzaro make the side – the latter was the only player to pick up more than four touches in the final term (eight) when they were overran by the Power.

In the other two games, Murray Bushrangers’ Jye Chalcraft slotted into the team after he earned the Draft Central Player of the Week for Round 12, joined by overager Zane Barzen in the side. Their opponents were Bendigo Pioneers, as James Schischka was named on half-back and Ben Worme on a wing. In the all-metropolitan battle, Oakleigh Chargers’ Jamarra Ugle-Hagan booted three goals and fits into the forward line, with Reef McInnes also making the team. Sandringham Dragons’ Hugo Ralphsmith and Will Mackay round out the Team of the Week for Round 12.

Red-hot start by Rams helps them to Division 2 title

NEW South Wales/Australian Capital Territory (NSW/ACT) Rams have claimed the Under-16 National Championships Division 2 title with a convincing 41-point win at Aspley today. The Rams booted the first nine goals of the game despite Tasmania dominating possession and forward 50 entries, taking the Devils an hour to slot their first major. Once they did they found their rhythm, booting three consecutive goals to cut the deficit to 32 early in the final term, but it was a case of too little, too late as the Rams booted two of the final three goals to win 11.9 (75) to 4.10 (34).

The first term was a dominant showing from the home side with NSW/ACT peppering the goals early, before finding their range with accurate shots from a mixture of set shots and forward 50 stoppages. Matthew McKenzie was busy in the front half setting up scoring opportunities when he found Kai Watts 40m out straight in front for the Rams’ first of the day. He almost made it two five minutes later but just missed, and it was Tasmania’s turn to then take control of possession for a few minutes. Locked in the Devils’ forward half for a few minutes, they could only muster the two behinds before it resided in the Rams’ half for the rest of the quarter.

An end-to-end play saw Euriah Hollard kick a miraculous goal from the pocket, which was then followed by majors to Jordan Endemann from a set shot, and Sam Stening and Austin Ball from quick kicks close to goal from stoppages. McKenzie almost had a major himself, but the ball was touched off the boot before it bounced through the big sticks. Josh Fahey had a strong first term for the Rams, while for Tasmania, Noah Holmes was busy up forward while Baynen Lowe and Darcy Gardiner tried their best through the midfield. It was a dominant first term by the Rams with the wind however, heading into the first break with a 32-point advantage.

The second quarter consisted of Tasmania dominating possession, but NSW/ACT dominated the scoreboard. The Rams had single digit inside 50s but still booted 3.1 to Tasmania’s sole behind, as the Devils overused the football inside 50 with more handballs to try and set up the play. It enabled the Rams to set up in defence and get numbers back, then run it out of the back half, even though Tasmania had repeat entries. Will Splann and Zac Morris both had chances but one hit the behind post and the other missed to the left.

On the other hand, the half chances for the Rams were converted with Stenning and Ethan Grace both kicking their second goals – the latter from another forward stoppage. The next 10 minutes was again controlled by Tasmania but they just could not seem to buy a goal as the Rams defence held up. Running up the other end, McKenzie ran onto a loose ball in the goalsquare and put it through for the third of the term. Holmes took a strong mark out in front on the 50m and found Sam Banks in space, but the kick was to the top of the goalsquare and once again cleared by the opposition defence. Stenning almost added more pain to the Devils with a set shot after the siren, but his shot sprayed and went out on the full for the half-time margin to sit at an even 50 points.

The third term was much the same, with Tasmania dominating possession in the forward half with repeat forward 50 entries, but only a snap from George McLeod 16 minutes in – an hour since the first bounce – finally split the big sticks. The cheers from the Tasmanian faithful went up as they finally got some reward for effort, with their endeavour great all game, but their finishing wayward. They finished the quarter with 1.5 as several set shots went wide as Sam Sherriff, McLeod and Holmes all missed, while Ryan Whitney also just missed his snap close to goal. The Rams side had only a handful of inside 50s but again managed to create a goal earlier in the term with Hollard marking inside 50 thanks to good body work one-on-one and converting the set shot from 25m out. It was a much better quarter from Tasmania, but once again showing that had the Devils been accurate, they could have well and truly being in the contest, instead facing a 44-point deficit at the final break.

The final quarter gave Tasmania the slightest of sniffs with the crowd thinking “surely not?” as Jordy McIvor answered the call with a snap from the pocket in the opening two minutes to goal from the set shot. Fahey asked him if he had a left foot as he kicked it, only to answer his own question seconds later with “I guess he does”. McLeod quickly added his second a minute later and the margin was 32 with 19 minutes remaining. The Rams steadied after that however as Stening and Will Edwards added majors to their team’s total, before Holmes finally put one through the middle after a few misses as a late consolation goal for the Devils.

Fahey was his side’s best with 24 touches, four marks, three tackles, six inside 50s and 10 rebounds, while McKenzie was also impressive in the forward half, notching up 23 disposals, six marks, nine inside 50s, four clearances and a goal. Stenning had 14 disposals and six marks to go with his three majors, while Jeremy Woodford was also prominent with 17 touches, five clearances, four tackles and three inside 50s. For Tasmania, Lowe had 27 disposals, five marks, seven clearances, four inside 50s and seven tackles, while Banks (25 disposals, 10 marks, four inside 50s and five rebounds) and McLeod (23 disposals, 11 marks, seven inside 50s, three rebounds and two goals were the prominent ball winners for Tasmania.


NSW/ACT 5.4 | 8.5 | 9.5 | 11.9 (75)
TASMANIA 0.2 | 0.3 | 1.8 | 4.10 (34)


NSW/ACT: S. Stening 3, E. Hollard 2, Endemann, K. Watts, A. Ball, E. Grace, M. McKenzie, W. Edwards.
TD: G. McLeod 2, J. McIvor, N. Holmes.


NSW/ACT: J. Fahey, M. McKenzie, J. Woodford, S. Stening, E. Hollard.
TD:  B. Lowe, S. Banks, G. McLeod, W. Splann, N. Holmes, J. Dixon.

Country finds the answers in entertaining win over South Australia

VIC Country has finished the AFL Under-16 National Championships on a high with a victory over South Australia at The Gabba today. The Country side had several bursts throughout the match which handed them ascendancy, but it took until the final term for the Country side to final shake off the Croweaters. There were six lead changes in the match and the largest lead was just 22 points, but in the end it was Country who saluted in a rather inaccurate 11.13 (79) to 10.3 (63) win.

Vic Country had a lot of the play early inside 50 with three misses in the opening two minutes and a fourth behind a couple of minutes later. Country co-captain Josh Rachele had two of those behinds but was looking busy in the forward half. After five minutes of dominance, Country finally put one through the big sticks with a bouncing goal from a snap off the boot of Murray Bushrangers’ Tom Brown. South Australia’s defence was holding up strong as 14-year-old Tyson Coe laid a terrific tackle to set the tone deep inside 50 and Oscar Adams rebounded to try and clear the danger zone.

For all of Country’s dominance, they had just 1.5 on the board before South Australia’s first meaningful chance with an elite kick from Jason Horne into Cooper Murley who converted the set shot and the Croweaters were back within a kick midway through the first term. Pocket rocket Isaiah Dudley was moving well around the ground for South Australia with some nice touches, while Lachlan Thomas was clean at ground level with a terrific pick-up at half-back. A 50-metre penalty to Matthew Roberts led to a shot on goal from long range and put it straight through the middle and with two great plays in a few minutes, South Australia was in front. A good lead, mark and set shot conversion from Luke Young drove the dagger in a bit further for Country with dead-eye accuracy proving the difference in the term.

But then came the play of the day with an absolute elite tap from Rachele 15m out like a ruckman more so than a leaping forward, calmly palming the ball down to Ben Hobbs who seemed to read the play well before it happened, running onto the tap and putting it through from five metres out to make the margin more representative of the game – just one point separating the side.

Similar to the first term, it did not take long for Vic Country to take ascendancy in the second with Charlie Molan running onto a ball and bursting away to boot one from point blank range and take back the lead for his side. His Greater Western Victoria (GWV) teammate in Hobbs soon had his second moments later, bursting out of a stoppage and slamming home a long-range goal. When Bendigo Pioneers’ Hugh Hamilton converted his first out of nothing, Country were suddenly 17 points up and were having the scoreboard impact they did not manage into the first quarter.

In an eerily similar turn of events to the first, Norwood’s Murley broke the deadlock once again with a handy goal inside 50 for his second. A touch of magic from Dudley to Henry Smith who was backing back to take the grab, but his set shot was stopped on the line by the steady Country defence. After helping Murley to his first in the opening term, Horne pounced on a loose ball and snapped from the pocket to put it straight through the middle and the margin was back to five. Again a meaningful pass inside 50 for South Australia, this time by Brad Jeffries found Young who, while likely would have slotted it from 20m, won a 50m penalty infringement and made it a certainty for his second.

Murley almost had his third later in the quarter but his snap drifted to the right and through for just one behind. Roberts thought he had his second, celebrating a touch too early with a fist pump for what was an impressive behind following his run out of a stoppage and flying shot. South Australia was controlling the ball in its forward half, but just missed a couple of gettable chances and the Country last line was picking off the deep entries inside 50. But the final score of the first half would go to Vic Country with Connor Macdonald running late to the line, beating his direct opponent and soccering it through.

Both sides had flying chances early in the third but only registered behinds. Both teams defences were holding up well with a terrific smother from Harry Tunkin stopping a Vic Country attacking foray. It led to an end-to-end play by the Croweaters as Jay Watson managed to get boot-to-ball as he was dragged down, hitting up the leading Roberts who converted his second major and regain the lead for his side. Both sides were bringing the tackling pressure in the term with just the one goal kicked in the first half of the term, completely different to the first two quarters. Then another nice touch from Brown into teammate Josh Rentsch gave Country a chance, though the big man missed to the left. Another end-to-end play led to Horne kicking long inside 50 then pushing hard to work over his opponent, get free and convert his second from a set shot.

The lead did not hold for long as Country’s defensive pressure inside 50 paid off with Brown refusing to accept an attempted fend-off from his opponent, dragging him down and winning the free to level the scores in the eighteenth minute. Moments later, Country had the lead back as pressure and an awkward bounce against South Australian defender Adams resulted in Rachele pouncing and snapping a goal from 15m out with some class. In the dying moments of the final term, Justin Davies and Blake Scott could have extended the margin for Country, but missed their set shots meaning the side headed into the break leading by eight points. 

With both sides needing an early major after more of an arm-wrestle in the third term, Macdonald broke away from the pack, burst inside 50 and slotted it on the run to extend the lead to 15 less than a minute into the quarter. A few minutes later Country added to their handy buffer with Rachele again in the thick of it. The co-captain twisted one way and spun the other before kicking it deep and on track for goal. It was spoiled in the marking contested but Brown was waiting and he grabbed it cleanly and, in an instant, put ball to boot and added another goal to the Country’s side total making it 22 points, the largest of the game to date.

The next eight minutes were an arm-wrestle with neither team able to score and neither side giving an inch. The ball mostly camped inside South Australia’s forward line, with a goal-saving smother from Kai Lohmann stopping a certain goal, only for a free a moment later in a stoppage to Dudley to hand the Croweaters that desperately needed major. But no sooner as it looked like South Australia had the momentum back, Davies ran onto a Rachele bomb inside 50, shook off his opponent and slammed it home from the square. Matthew Dnistriansky answered the call for his side just when it looked like the game was over with six minutes remaining, finding space and taking a good mark then converting the set shot to cut the deficit to 16 again. It would be the last major of the game however, as Country held firm to win by 16 points in perfect conditions.

Rachele finished the game with a match-high 26 disposals, three clearances, three inside 50s and 1.3, while Rebels duo Hobbs (25 touches, five marks, 10 tackles, eight clearances, six inside 50s and two goals) and Molan (20 disposals, two marks, four clearances, three inside 50s and one goal) were also impressive. Brown was one of the best in the forward half with three goals from his 18 touches, while Sam Breuer was busy with 18 touches, two marks and three rebounds. For South Australia, Horne and Tunkin both finished with 18 disposals and four clearances, combining for 14 tackles and five inside 50s as well. Lewis Rayson (16 disposals, five rebounds, five marks, five tackles and three inside 50s), Lachlan Thomas (16 disposals, eight rebounds) and Jefferies (16 disposals, three marks, two tackles, two clearances and two inside 50s).


SOUTH AUSTRALIA 3.0 | 6.2 | 8.3 | 10.3 (63)
VIC COUNTRY 2.5 | 6.5 | 8.11 | 11.13 (79)


SA: C. Murley 2, L. Young 2, M. Roberts 2, J. Horne 2, I. Dudley, M. Dnistriansky.
VC:  T. Brown 3, B. Hobbs 2, C. Macdonald 2, C. Molan, H. Hamilton, J. Rachele, J. Davies.


SA: M. Roberts, C., Murley, J. Horne, H. Tunkin, L. Rayson, L. Thomas
VC: B. Hobbs, T. Brown, J. Rachele, C. Molan, C. Macdonald, S. Breuer


Team of the Week: NAB League Boys – Round 13

BENDIGO Pioneers and Oakleigh Chargers have received the most nominations for the Draft Central Team of the Week for Round 13 in the NAB League Boys. All other sides have two players each in an even spread, with Dandenong Stingrays and Geelong Falcons the two exceptions (one player each) after heavy losses.

Bendigo’s forward duo of Seamus Mitchell and Jack Ginnivan both made the side along with ruck Aaron Gundry. Oakleigh’s trio of nominations occur in the forward half, with Dylan Williams and Jamarra Ugle-Hagan booting nine goals between them, while Reef McInnes also hit the scoreboard from the midfield. Their opponents Geelong had a sole representative in Charlie Lazzaro with the midfielder working hard defensively to pick up five rebounds and was named on the half-back flank. On the other half-back flank is Matt McGuinness who played in Tasmania Devils’ loss to Bendigo, named in the side with teammate Jackson Callow at the other end.

Other winners with two nominees include Calder Cannons who had Sam Ramsay and Jackson Cardillo both make the side, as did Eastern Ranges’ Mitch Mellis and forward Ben Hickleton. Northern Knights’ captain Jackson Davies and inside midfielder, Adam Carafa both made the team, as did Western Jets’ captain Lucas Rocci and overager Will Kennedy. The other side with just one sole nominee was Dandenong Stingrays, seeing Jack Toner‘s performance in his side’s loss earn him a spot in the 24-player team.

Gippsland Power defender Tye Hourigan and midfielder Sam Berry squeeze into the team once again, while Murray Bushrangers’ Jye Chalcraft backed up his Player of the Week nomination last round with another strong performance in Round 13. He and Will Christie are the two Bushrangers’ representatives with Christie rotating between defence and ruck. Sandringham Dragons welcomed back a number of Vic Metro representatives to the team over the weekend with two Metro players in Hugo Ralphsmith and captain Ryan Byrnes making the side.

Team Selection: NAB League Boys – Round 13

AFTER Round 12 created a number of upsets in pouring rain, the NAB League Boys turns its attention to Round 13 with some metropolitan teams going in at full strength after Vic Metro had the bye in the final round of the AFL Under 18 National Championships, while others await the return of Vic Country or Allies players. Sandringham Dragons and Oakleigh Chargers are among the sides with huge inclusions, as Ryan Byrnes, Josh Worrell, Louis Butler and Jack Bell are among the inclusions for the Dragons, while co-captains Trent Bianco and Dylan Williams return for the Chargers. For all sides bar Tasmania Devils and Eastern Ranges, the round is ahead of a competition bye the following weekend with the Ranges and Devils playing their Round 12 match from last weekend on July 13.



Round 13 – 06/07/2019


Downer Oval – Williamstown



B: 37. L. Conway, 28. K. Crimmins, 26. C. Raak

HB: 8. J. Kellett, 18. E. Jeka, 4. L. Rocci

C: 14. M.  Cousins, 39. L.  Phillips, 2. H.  White

HF: 33. S. El-Hawli, 45. A. Clarke, 3. E. Ford

F: 43. L. Green, 44. A. Manton, 24. J. Honey

R: 47. W. Kennedy, 19. J. Horo, 7. D. Andrews

Int: 34. E. Bentley, 15. H. Blake, 10. Z. Christofi, 1. L. Failli, 27. D. Grmusa, 40. J. Mathews, 29. B. Ryan

23P: 11. J. Haines


In: E. Jeka, H. Blake, B. Ryan, A. Clarke, E. Bentley, L. Green, J. Mathews

Out: N. Reynolds,  L. Vidovic,  K. Borg,  D. Cassar,  D. Edwards



B: 13. L. Butler, 33. C. Watts, 10. J. Le Grice

HB: 9. N. Burke, 26. J. Castan, 7. J. Voss

C: 36. O.  Lewis, 4. F.  Maginness, 16. J.  Mifsud

HF: 11. H. Ralphsmith, 14. K. Yorke, 31. J. Worrell

F: 59. O. Lord, 12. C. Dean, 39. B. O’Leary

R: 32. J. Bell, 5. R. Byrnes, 8. T. Deane-Johns

Int: 43. J. Bowey, 30. A. Courtney, 15. A. Hanrahan, 18. J. Lloyd, 37. W. Mackay, 17. T. Milne, 44. L. Riley

23P: 49. L. Carrigan


In: R. Byrnes, L. Carrigan, F. Maginness, O. Lewis, B. O’Leary, J. Bell, J. Worrell, L. Butler, K. Yorke, A. Hanrahan

Out: A. Perkins, L. Cleary, J. Florent, T. Sheezel, F. Rosman, T. Grant, D. Hipwell, T. Spencer




Round 13 – 06/07/2019


Morwell Recreation Reserve



B: 26. C. Doultree, 14. T. Hourigan, 22. Z. Reid

HB: 5. F. Shields, 40. T. Mann, 32. L. Williams

C: 10. L.  Connolly, 35. J.  van der Pligt, 29. T.  Rees

HF: 21. M. McGarrity, 13. T. Fitzpatrick, 20. H. Neocleous

F: 8. B. McAuliffe, 33. N. Prowd, 19. F. Phillips

R: 43. Z. Skinner, 7. S. Berry, 30. T. Baldi

Int: 1. R. Angwin, 34. J. Hume, 24. B. Maslen, 41. D. McRae

Emg: 18. H. Dawson, 3. M. McGannon, 44. K. Robinson

23P: 39. M. Hawkins


In: C. Doultree, F. Phillips, Z. Skinner

Out: M. Nicholas,  S. Tapner



B: 27. E. Macpherson, 45. A. Taylor, 9. C. Simonsen

HB: 24. B. Major, 4. J. Davies, 31. H. Ramshaw

C: 41. N.  Kitchell, 13. S.  Philp, 1. L.  Potter

HF: 5. J. D’Intinosante, 10. J. Lucente, 16. O. Simpson

F: 23. N. Cox, 18. S. Brazier, 11. R. Sturgess

R: 15. N. Howard, 8. A. Carafa, 43. T. McMahon

Int: 12. C. Barbera, 59. J. Boyd, 34. Z. Costello, 3. B. Nikolovski, 42. J. Potter, 19. J. Trudgeon, 14. J. Watson

23P: 50. N. Long




Round 13 – 06/07/2019


Norm Minns Oval – Wangaratta



B: 48. M. Hallows, 25. L. Fiore, 29. K. Williamson

HB: 42. H. Beasley, 7. Z. Barzen, 44. J. Hillary

C: 2. C.  Byrne, 14. J.  Chalcraft, 26. S.  Durham

HF: 22. E. Baxter, 54. D. Bedendo, 6. W. Chandler

F: 19. J. Boyer, 13. H. Kaak, 53. C. Wilson

R: 1. W. Christie, 21. D. Everett, 8. Z. Maher

Int: 17. B. Ashley-Cooper, 9. K. Chalcraft, 18. C. Crisp, 35. T. Matthes

Emg: 39. M. Holt, 28. J. O’Dwyer, 51. S. Thompson

23P: 55. R. Bouker


In: T. Matthes, M. Holt, J. O’Dwyer, L. Fiore

Out: W. Bowden,  K. Brown,  J. Cooper



B: 12. J. Gilbee, 39. J. Nathan, 40. J. Hourihan

HB: 16. T. Garner, 21. J. Ross, 19. W. Parker

C: 4. J.  Clarke, 7. L.  Stapleton, 20. C.  Downie

HF: 11. M. Mellis, 18. B. McCormack, 13. J. Rossiter

F: 10. C. Black, 36. B. Hickleton, 3. C. Tilyard

R: 49. R. Smith, 23. Z. Pretty, 30. T. Edwards

Int: 47. J. Diedrich, 24. T. Hardstaff, 1. K. Hubber, 32. I. Mccormick, 53. J. Tilly, 28. T. Weir, 45. M. Zalac

23P: 44. H. Keeling




Round 13 – 06/07/2019


Rams Arena – Craigieburn



B: 39. B. Overman, 23. C. Brand, 31. G. Thomas

HB: 5. C. Brown, 29. C. Edwardes, 32. M. Simpson

C: 43. L.  Gollant, 3. J.  Cardillo, 28. R.  Mason

HF: 49. M. Allison, 12. J. O’Sullivan, 16. J. Keeping

F: 10. H. Minton-Connell, 26. M. Fletcher, 48. N. Stewart

R: 61. J. Hotchkin, 8. S. Ramsay, 27. N. Gentile

Int: 4. K. Baker, 37. B. Bozinovski, 17. J. Langborne, 58. J. Misiti, 60. S. Paea, 34. O. Sasalu, 59. D. Tully

23P: 45. F. Gentile


In: K. Baker, M. Simpson, D. Tully

Out: J. Eyre



B: 38. M. Gregory, 1. H. Berenger, 14. D. Smith

HB: 10. C. Gay, 17. B. Milford, 39. J. Toner

C: 13. N.  Heath, 50. L.  Williams, 40. S.  Merrick

HF: 54. C. Battams, 23. J. Neal, 12. M. Haywood

F: 47. W. Bravo, 36. J. Roysmith, 15. D. Gould

R: 55. P. Gerdan, 42. J. Nanscawen, 34. R. Orchard

Int: 26. J. Andrews, 8. B. Cliffe, 9. W. Howe, 31. J. Mounter, 25. J. Stuart, 30. J. Thomas, 51. A. Williamson

23P: 3. M. Bergman


In: J. Mounter, D. Gould, J. Stuart, J. Nanscawen, W. Bravo, A. Williamson, J. Thomas, L. Williams

Out: J. Burton, K. George, B. Welsh, H. Sullivan, J. Stuart, T. Westworth




Round 13 – 07/07/2019


Twins Ovals – Kingston



B: 58. Z. Adams, 38. O. Shaw, 21. L. Gadomski

HB: 22. N. Baker, 7. M. McGuinness, 13. S. Collins

C: 14. B.  Simpson, 3. O.  Davis, 17. P.  Walker

HF: 12. I. Chugg, 9. J. Chaplin, 4. W. Peppin

F: 20. W. Harper, 25. J. Callow, 27. R. Mansell

R: 23. H. Ireland, 2. O. Burrows-Cheng, 35. L. Viney

Int: 37. L. Deegan, 18. E. Jackson, 56. J. Lane, 31. J. Menzie, 59. T. Reeves, 26. O. Sanders, 41. C. Stephenson

23P: 60. J. Barwick



B: 42. C. Maxted, 34. W. Wallace, 26. N. Walsh

HB: 59. R. Clarke, 20. J. Schischka, 19. B. Worme

C: 1. S.  Conforti, 21. R.  Wilson, 2. J.  Hickman

HF: 29. J. Ginnivan, 10. B. Vaz, 51. S. Mitchell

F: 32. K. Attwell, 12. A. Cole, 40. J. Evans

R: 11. A. Gundry, 31. R. Ironside, 6. J. Rodi

Int: 30. J. Dick-O’Flaherty, 47. L. Latch, 14. M. Lias, 27. C. Smith

23P: 50. F. Ellis Castle


In: K. Attwell, L. Latch, J. Rodi, J. Ginnivan

Out: W. Shaw, Z. Murley, J. Treacy, A. McPhee, S. O’Farrell




Round 13 – 07/07/2019


Avalon Airport Oval – Werribee



B: 35. O. Barrow, 53. C. Fleeton, 48. J. Paterson

HB: 32. N. Gadsby, 55. M. Langan, 21. L. Smith

C: 12. N.  Gribble, 8. C.  Lazzaro, 7. C.  Harris

HF: 4. G. Bove, 39. K. Skene, 37. O. Henry

F: 27. C. Brauer, 36. C. Sprague, 13. H. Whyte

R: 46. H. Walsh, 34. C. Page, 3. K. Rayner

Int: 52. S. Christensen, 11. C. Karpala, 14. M. Lord, 29. B. Miller, 26. J. Mullen, 24. C. Seymour, 44. S. Witherden

23P: 22. N. Lever


In: C. Sprague, M. Lord, B. Miller, C. Seymour, N. Lever, H. Whyte

Out: W. Kilpatrick,  J. Grigsby,  L. Lloyd,  S. Ham



B: 49. H. Mastras, 36. R. Valentine, 34. V. Zagari

HB: 5. T. Bianco, 30. S. Tucker, 24. B. Jepson

C: 27. J.  May, 12. L.  Jenkins, 17. G.  Varagiannis

HF: 28. L. Johnson, 65. T. Lovell, 61. C. Stone

F: 77. N. Stathopoulos, 25. J. Ugle-Hagan, 23. D. Williams

R: 63. J. Woodfull, 39. R. McInnes, 15. K. Schreiber

Int: 3. J. Ayton-Delaney, 40. T. Furphy, 16. L. Godden, 51. W. Hart, 9. W. Phillips, 73. C. Sharman, 1. L. Westwood

23P: 2. B. Laurie


In: T. Bianco, W. Phillips, D. Williams, B. Jepson, C. Sharman, J. Ayton-Delaney

Out: T. Graham, N. Guiney, R. Walsh, C. Oglethorpe

Robertson leads class of 2019 in All Australian side

LARKE medallist Deven Robertson leads a strong brigade of midfielders in the 2019 Under 18 All Australian side which was announced today. The team features an impressive seven players from Vic Country and six from champions Western Australia, while South Australia has four players. The Allies and Vic Metro have supplied three players each to the team.

Vic Country’s defence was a strength of its 2019 campaign, with full-back Sam De Koning, and half backs Lachlan Ash and Hayden Young making the side. Up forward, Gippsland Power teammates Sam Flanders and Country Most Valuable Player (MVP) Caleb Serong have both secured spots, while Cody Weightman has been named on the bench after a superb carnival as the leading goal kicker. For the eventual champions Western Australia, their entire midfield just about made the cut with captain Robertson leading the charge, joined in the side by Trent Rivers, Jeremy Sharp, Liam Henry and ruckman Luke Jackson. Elijah Taylor also earned All Australian honours up forward after an electrifying few weeks.

South Australia provided Will Gould who along with Sharp and Mitch O’Neill made it back-to-back All Australian appearances, with the Croweaters captain supported by teammates, Jackson Mead, Harry Schoenberg and Dylan Stephens. The Allies MVP Tom Green and Harrison Medallist (best Academy Series player) Connor Budarick made the side along with O’Neill, meaning one from each of Queensland, New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory (NSW/ACT) and Tasmania have achieved All Australian status. Vic Metro’s potential top two picks Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson were unsurprising inclusions in the side, along with Metro MVP Fischer McAsey who holds down a key back position.

Western Australia’s title-winning coach Peter Sumich was named as coach of the 2019 Under-18 All Australian side. Remarkably, no bottom-age players made the All Australian side this year, meaning next year’s squad is likely to be made up of 23 fresh new players.



The talented midfielder was named in the back pocket having spent time in defence during the Academy Series, averaging 15.5 disposals, 2.3 marks and 9.3 rebounds in the AFL National Under 18 Championships. He had just the two rebounds during the four-game championships, but can play anywhere on the field and earned his place after winning the Harrison Medal.


Consistent as ever across the series, De Koning got better as the carnival went on, and was one of Vic Country’s best in the final two games when a lot of his teammates were down on form. His intercept marking was a treat to watch as he finished the carnival with 12.5 disposals, 4.8 marks and 2.3 rebounds, playing mostly as a one-on-one defender with great spoiling technique.


The South Australian captain made it back-to-back all Australian jumpers and as the premier rebounder of the competition, it was no surprise to see his name feature in defence. He averaged 21.5 disposals, 4.5 marks, 2.5 tackles and a mammoth 7.5 rebounds – seven more total rebounds than his nearest competitor. An absolute beast who almost won his side the game against Vic Country at GMHBA Stadium.




The slick, powerful boot of Lachlan Ash featured plenty of times over the championships, and he ranked third in the competition for rebounds and the highest disposal winner of the five rebounders. Ash finished with 23.0 disposals, 5.0 marks and 5.0 rebounds, as well as a handy 3.0 inside 50s getting forward and setting up attacking plays. Ash was the one who found Brodie Kemp for the winning goal against South Australia.


The Metro MVP was a revelation during the carnival and showed off his strength, intercept marking and long kicking out of defence. The Sandringham Dragons product racked up 14.5 disposals, 6.5 marks, 3.3 tackles and 2.5 rebounds clearly being the most important player for Metro and helping them in each and every game with great consistency.


Similar to Ash, Young has a super boot that he uses to penetrate through opposition zones and his elite kicking skills were on display throughout the carnival. Ranked fourth overall for rebounds, Young completed the series with an averaged of 22.0 disposals, 5.3 marks, 2.3 tackles and 4.5 rebounds.




The powerful midfielder averaged an impressive 23.5 disposals, 3.3 marks, 2.8 tackles, 5.3 clearances and 3.0 rebounds, living up to pre-carnival expectations. He recorded the equal fifth and equal third most disposals across the tournament, being a key difference in the midfield battle between teams and finishing top five in the Larke Medal voting.


The Western Australia captain finished with a swagger of awards including state MVP, Larke Medal and All Australian jumper and the captaincy to boot. The ball winning midfielder not only had an impressive carnival, but he dominated, picking up the most ever disposals – 120 – which was two more than Sam Walsh last year. He also amassed an average of 4.3 marks, 6.8 tackles, 4.8 clearances, 4.0 inside 50s and 3.5 rebounds in a well-rounded game overall.


The Tasmania Devils talent had two best on ground performances for the Allies across the carnival, averaging 20.3 disposals, 5.5 marks, 2.5 clearances and 3.3 rebounds spending time in defence and using his effective skills when driving the Allies forward. A key talent who does not win as much of the footy as others, but uses it well. Back-to-back All-Australians for O’Neill after making the squad on the bench last year.




One of five midfielders named in the forward line, Mead did show an ability to play forward, booting two crucial last quarter goals for South Australia against Vic Country at GMHBA Stadium. They were his only two goals of the carnival as he dominated the midfield with 21.3 disposals, 3.3 marks, 3.0 clearances, 3.8 inside 50s and 5.0 tackles to be the playmaker in the forward half setting up scoring opportunities for his teammates.


The exciting forward looked classy throughout the past month, booting three goals against the Allies to help turn the game in the Sandgropers favour, and earning a place in the All Australian forward line. He finished with six goals from his four games to be equal third in the competition for goals, also averaging 12.3 disposals and 2.5 marks.


The Gippsland Power potential top five pick was one of Vic Country’s most consistent along with Power teammate and Country MVP Caleb Serong. He averaged 22.5 disposals, 4.5 marks, 6.0 tackles, 4.5 clearances and 4.8 inside 50s across his four games to stamp his authority on each and every match. He only managed the two goals, but was constantly looking like a threat in the forward half.




Vic Country’s MVP ball-winning midfielder finds a place in the forward pocket, a role he has played as a bottom ager and is capable of doing. He booted three goals from his four games this carnival, racking up the equal fifth most disposals across the matches, averaging 23.5 disposals, 5.5 marks, 8.5 tackles, 5.3 clearances and 3.0 inside 50s.


The Bendigo Pioneers utility played everywhere over the championships, starting in the back pocket, moving into his dominant midfield role, then going forward and kicking crucial goals after towering marks. The most memorable was the winning goal for Vic Country against South Australia, but his whole carnival was a highlight, raising his draft stakes by averaging 20.0 disposals, 6.5 marks, 2.3 tackles and booting three goals in his four games.


Mixed emotions for Fremantle fans as their Next Generation Academy prospect Liam Henry earns a spot in the All Australian team. His talent is undeniable but his value at the draft board just skyrocketed, as he enjoyed an impressive carnival, booting three goals in four games, but having 17.5 disposals, 5.3 marks, 4.0 tackles and 3.3 inside 50s.




The dominant ruckman across the championships, Jackson stamped his authority as the top ruck in this year’s draft crop with four impressive games. Jackson recorded a massive 59 more hitouts than the next highest ruck, averaging 36.8 per game, while finding the ball with 14.5 disposals, 2.5 marks and 3.0 tackles.


The big-bodied inside midfielder took out the Allies’ MVP and showed off his leadership skills throughout as captain of the combined side. His inside work was the best of anyone and followed on from a remarkable Academy Series where he averaged more than 30 disposals and 10 clearances. Green once again was the number one clearance player, averaging eight per game as well as 23.8 disposals, 2.8 marks and 4.5 tackles, with almost 50 per cent of his possessions once in the the contest.


The potential number one pick in the 2019 AFL National Draft did not harm his draft chances one iota after he was named among the best in each of the four games, including a couple of best on ground performances. He amassed 24.8 disposals, 5.0 marks, 6.0 tackles, 5.3 clearances and 3.0 inside 50s, ranked third for both disposals and clearances in a terrific carnival, adding yet another award to his already impressive collection.




The South Australian MVP was a bolter of the carnival, impressing over highly fancied teammates and becoming a crucial player both on the inside and outside of the contest. He averaged the second most disposals behind the Larke Medallist Robertson, finished with 27.0 disposals, 4.8 marks, 4.8 tackles and 5.8 clearances.


The third back-to-back All Australian played all over the ground, from defence to attack and in midfield, and had a solid all-round game with 21.0 disposals, 5.8 marks and three goals from his four games to earn a place in the 23-player squad.


The speedy small forward continued his rise in the NAB League Boys with Dandenong Stingrays by topping the goal kicking in his four games. He finished with nine goals – eight of them came in two games, and also recorded 11.0 disposals, 3.5 marks, 2.0 tackles and 2.3 goals and could have arguably made the field as the top performing pure forward in the side.


The classy midfielder never let his team down and was a key player with Robertson in the midfield, working hard on the outside and from half-back to use his vision and skill to pinpoint targets up the field. He had 21.8 disposals, 5.0 marks, 2.5 tackles and 3.0 rebounds across the tournament and could be the Sandgropers first player picked in November.


In three of the four games, Stephens was terrific using his slick skills and movement in transition to great effect going forward with the ball. He averaged 23.5 disposals, 3.5 marks, 4.3 tackles, 4.5 clearances and 4.8 inside 50s playing his role as that outside midfielder perfectly.

South Australian weekly wrap: SANFL – Round 11

IT took two weekends to complete, but the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) Round 11 results are in the books with plenty of standout performances across the board. While many of the top-end talented Under 18s were representing South Australia at the AFL Under 18 National Championships, there was still both under-age and mature-age talent on show, including some serious numbers from AFL-listed players.

Round 11 – League:

NORWOOD 13.9 (87) defeated by WWT EAGLES 22.9 (141)
GLENELG 19.9 (123) defeated CENTRAL DISTRICT 7.12 (54)
STURT 3.5 (23) defeated by ADELAIDE 6.8 (44)
NORTH ADELAIDE 6.6 (42) defeated by PORT ADELAIDE 13.6 (84)
WEST ADELAIDE 5.10 (40) defeated SOUTH ADELAIDE 9.14 (68)

Adelaide and Glenelg moved further at the top of the SANFL League table over the split Round 11, defeating Sturt and Central District respectively. Port Adelaide jumped into fourth spot with a win over North Adelaide to replace the Redlegs in the position, after Norwood suffered a shock heavy loss to Woodville-West Torrens Eagles at home. Angus Poole caused all sorts of headaches for the Redlegs, booting 4.1 from his 22 disposals, five marks and three tackles, while Christopher Hall had a day out with 29 disposals, four clearances and two goals. Bradley McKenzie did all he could for Norwood in the disappointing match, racking up a game-high 31 touches to go with his 11 marks and four tackles. In Glenelg’s big win over lowly Central District, former AFL forwards, Jesse White and Liam McBean combined with White having a day out up the field with 21 disposals, four marks, six clearances and a goal, while McBean booted 6.1 from 14 touches, five marks and four tackles. Marlon Motlop showed his class with a dominant 35-disposals, eight-clearance, six-mark and two-goal game to be best afield. Jarrod Schiller was the best for the Bulldogs, amassing 26 disposals, five clearances and laying nine tackles. Patrick Wilson continued his great season with the hope of a call-up to Adelaide’s senior side, laying a whopping 22 tackles to go with his 23 touches, eight marks and four clearances, while former AFL forward Matthew Wright recorded 23 touches, seven tackles, five clearances and a goal. For Sturt, Sam Colquhoun (25 disposals, 10 clearances and 11 tackles) and James Battersby (20 disposals, five clearances and 13 tackles) tried hard throughout. If we’re talking AFL recalls, then none put their hand up more than a trio of Port Adelaide players. Tom Rockliff had a lazy 57 disposals – not a typo – as well as 14 clearances, 12 tackles and seven marks, while Justin Westhoff picked up an impressive in his own right, 37 disposals, nine marks, six tackles, four clearances and three goals, as Sam Powell-Pepper also impressed with 33 disposals, four marks, five tackles and three clearances. Aidan Tropiano was the best for the last placed Roosters, recording 29 disposals, six marks, seven tackles and seven clearances in the loss. In West Adelaide’s home loss to South Adelaide, Dallas Willsmore produced an impressive performance with 29 touches, 10 marks and three tackles, but it was the consistency of the Panthers midfield, including Mark Noble (24 disposals, six marks, six tackles, three clearances and a goal) and Malcolm Karpany (22 disposals, seven marks, six tackles, two clearances and a goal) that saw them home.

As it stands heading into Round 12, there are seven teams left in the hunt for the top five spots, with Sturt and Eagles just outside the five by a win, as Adelaide and Glenelg have gained some breathing space over South Adelaide, Port Adelaide and Norwood who are only separated by percentage from third to fifth. Central District, West Adelaide and North Adelaide hold the bottom three spots.

Round 11 – Reserves:

NORWOOD 13.12 (90) defeated WWT EAGLES 13.7 (85)
GLENELG 12.11 (83) defeated CENTRAL DISTRICT 11.7 (73)
STURT 8.5 (53) defeated NORTH ADELAIDE 7.6 (48)
WEST ADELAIDE 13.13 (91) defeated SOUTH ADELAIDE 6.7 (43)

It was a good weekend for the fans as all four home sides triumphed, with Norwood leapfrogging Woodville West Torrens thanks to a victory over the Eagles, as did Sturt who knocked off North Adelaide. West Adelaide moved into top spot with a win over South Adelaide, after Central District slipped up against bottom two side Glenelg. Lachlan Pascoe impressed for the Redlegs with 28 disposals, six marks, eight clearances and five tackles, but he was far from alone with Sam Buckham picking up 29 touches, six marks, seven tackles and six clearances. For the Eagles, Harrison Morgan dominated up forward with seven straight goals from his 16 touches and five marks, but it was to no avail in the five-point defeat. Declan Carmody impressed for Glenelg in its win over the Bulldogs, standing up with 17 disposals, eight marks and two goals after coming back from South Australian state duty, while Nicholas Leck slotted four goals from 17 touches, eight marks and six tackles. For the visitors, Kyle Presbury (33 disposals, three marks, nine clearances, 12 tackles and two goals) and Darcy Pisani (34 disposals, three marks, eight clearances and nine tackles) were the two standouts. In Sturt’s narrow five-point triumph over Norwood, Casey Voss kept Brisbane Lions fans interested with 24 touches, four marks, five clearances and five tackles, while South Australian representatives, Oliver Grivell (18 touches, four marks and four tackles) and Anzac Lochowiak (14 disposals, one mark, 11 tackles, three clearances and one goal) were also impressive. For Norwood, Max Lower was best on ground by some way, racking up 34 disposals, 14 clearances, three marks and eight tackles, while former Port Adelaide goalsneak Jake Neade laid 14 tackles to go with his 23 touches and four clearances. In the final game, West Adelaide’s Sam May impressed with 24 touches, three marks, seven clearances, six tackles and a goal, while Tom Morrish (13 disposals, seven marks and three goals) and Connor Fairlie (25 touches, four marks, six tackles and four clearances) also stood out. Sam Whitbread was solid for the Panthers, amassing 22 touches, eight marks, seven tackles and six clearances, while Bailey Snelling had 18 disposals, 10 marks, three tackles and a clearance.

With first placed West Adelaide taking on third placed Norwood this weekend, it is sure to create some ladder movement, as Central District looks to take advantage of one of its rivals losing with a game against bottom two side, North Adelaide. Sturt and the Eagles are just a win off the top three sides, while Glenelg sits two games outside the top five, with South Adelaide last with three wins from 11 encounters.

Round 11 – Under 18s:

NORWOOD 8.11 (59) defeated by WWT EAGLES 10.7 (67)
GLENELG 15.7 (97) defeated CENTRAL DISTRICT 10.12 (72)
SOUTH ADELAIDE 3.7 (25) defeated by WEST ADELAIDE 5.6 (36)
NORTH ADELAIDE 9.7 (61) defeated STURT 8.9 (57)

In the Under 18s, the top four sides recorded wins over their bottom four opponents to extend the gap between finalist and non-finalist positions to four points (two games). The Eagles juggernaut rolled out but were challenged on the road against Norwood, while Glenelg knocked off Central District, West Adelaide had to scrap to get the points against their South counterparts, while North Adelaide maintained second spot with a nail-biting four-point win over Sturt. In the Eagles’ win over Norwood, Luke Barnett racked up a massive game of 28 touches, 13 clearances and 10 tackles, while Lachlan Jones (33 touches, five tackles and a goal) was also impressive. Stefan Lanzoni had a day out for the Redlegs with 28 disposals, nine marks, six tackles, 11 clearances and 2.2, while Daniel Fairbrother was also strong in defeat with 23 disposals, six marks, eight tackles and two clearances. In the Tigers’ win over the Bulldogs, Kye Dean racked up 30 touches, six marks, five clearances and two tackles, while Angus Weir worked hard for 23 disposals, three marks, seven tackles and three clearances. For the losers, Rhys Cannizzaro was Central District’s best, notching up 26 disposals, six marks, nine clearances and nine tackles, while Jakob Thomson (23 disposals, 12 marks, two clearances and a goal) and Sam Falland (27 disposals, 10 marks, five clearances, two tackles and a goal) were also impressive. Despite losing to West Adelaide, South’s bottom-age talent of Zac Dumesny showed his skill in a 30-disposals, five-tackle, eight-mark game to be one of the best afield, while teammate, Nicholas Kraemer (22 disposals, eight marks, seven tackles and three clearances) stood tall. For the winners, Jason Westley (22 disposals, 12 clearances and 12 tackles) was impressive, as was Joel Groom (19 touches, eight clearances and a massive 20 tackles. Macenzie Nield (18 disposals, six clearances, 13 tackles and a goal) and Bailey Chamberlain (17 disposals, eight clearances and 17 tackles) were others who stood out for the Bloods. In the final game of the round, North Adelaide had an even contribution across the board from players with Matthew Borg (28 disposals, four marks, five tackles, four clearances and two goals) the best, while Tyler McKenzie (19 disposals, 12 tackles and three clearances), Lachlan Borg (20 disposals, four marks, six tackles, five clearances and six tackles) and Jamison Murphy (21 disposals, 10 clearances and nine tackles) racked up big numbers, and Josh Hart was strong in the ruck. For Sturt, Tulley Kennett (33 disposals, four marks, 18 tackles, seven clearances and a goal) and Mani Liddy (33 disposals, six tackles, five clearances and a goal) were the two standout Double Blues on the day.

Heading into Round 12, the Eagles sit comfortably on top as the raging favourites with 10 wins from 11 games, three wins clear of North Adelaide and Glenelg with West Adelaide a game behind the Roosters and Tigers. South Adelaide and Norwood need to make up some ground if they are to make finals being two wins behind, while Sturt and Central District sit in the bottom two spots, but are just three wins outside the top five.

Western Australia and Vic Country to decide AFL U18s title

A NEW national champion will be crowned tomorrow evening with Vic Country and Western Australia set to lock horns for the national title, while South Australia and the Allies play after in what has become a dead rubber match, but still plenty of talent on show. Vic Country has not won since 2015, with Vic Metro and South Australia combining for the other seven titles in that time. Josh Schache was named the Larke Medallist for his dominance up forward, in a team that included Darcy Parish, Ben Ainsworth, Jarrod Berry, Jacob Weitering and Rhys Mathieson. For Western Australia, the time between wins is even longer, with a decade passing since their 2009 triumph where the likes of David Swallow, Mitch Duncan, Jack Darling, Brandon Matera and Travis Colyer were running around in the yellow and black.


Wednesday July 3, 2.10pm
Marvel Stadium

The 2019 AFL Under-18 National Championships once again comes down to the final day, and the winner of this match between Vic Country and Western Australia with the home side undefeated from its three games, while Western Australia has won two out of three, the only blip coming in a low-scoring against South Australia in Round 1. Both teams have accounted for the Allies and Vic Metro – with Country notching up its two wins early on including a 15-goal humiliation of the Allies, while Western Australia had to fight hard but recorded strong wins over both. This game is set to be a beauty with the strong defence of the Country side going head-to-head with the excitement machines that represent Western Australia.

Vic Country has made two changes for the game with Sandringham Dragons’ Darcy Chirgwin coming in for his first game of the series following a successful return from injury a couple of weekends ago against Eastern Ranges. That day he collected 32 disposals and 11 clearances in an impressive return match, joined in the Country side by Murray Bushrangers’ Cam Wild who was left out of the Murray side on the weekend in order to play this game, but picked up 29 touches the week prior. Fraser Phillips and Lachlan Williams are the two players to miss out after quiet games in the narrow win over South Australia. Western Australia has opted for four changes with the highly rated Jeremy Sharp missing out on the side this week, while Cameron Anderson, Tristan Hobley and Reuben McGuire are also out of the team. In their place come a couple of overagers in Ryan Bennell and Jarvis Pina, as well as Nathan O’Driscoll and Nicholas Martin.

Both teams have the capability to move the ball with speed, and for Country, it has the two best half-backs in the draft in Hayden Young and Lachlan Ash making life difficult for any side as they slice up opposition zones. Brock Smith and Sam De Koning have proven to stand up as the key talls, with Smith having to play in a higher weight division as he will with a potential match-up against bottom-age tall Logan McDonald on the cards. The small forwards of Country have been very damaging with Cody Weightman the leading goalkicker of the carnival and it will be between him and Elijah Taylor to take out the title. Elijah Hollands has weaved magic across the past month despite being a bottom-ager, while Ned Cahill has worked well with Weightman transitioning from Dandenong Stingrays to the Country side. The midfield of Gippsland Power duo, Caleb Serong and Sam Flanders, and Bendigo Pioneers’ Brodie Kemp has made a massive difference and will no doubt look to control the ball in there, able to match it with the strong West Australian midfielders.

Western Australia’s strength lies in its ruck and speed. Luke Jackson is the dominant ruck and is set for All-Australian honours, while Taylor, Liam Henry and Tyrone Thorne have that X-factor about them and can create something out of nothing. Deven Robertson has done his draft chances no harm after being injured last year, coming second in the disposals across the carnival, and being a shining light as captain of the Sandgropers. Riley Garcia and Chad Warner have also been consistent in there, while Trent Rivers is a touch of class who can play between half-back and the wing, or go through the middle. The bottom-age talls of McDonald and Denver Grainger-Barras hold the visitors in good stead for next year, while Jake Pasini and Callum Jamieson have been strong up either end at the carnival. Spectators also get a glimpse of bottom-age talent O’Driscoll who has been named at half-back, in a game that is predicted to be an absolute beauty.

Vic Country will head in as favourites having gone undefeated thus far, but Western Australia are fresh off a rest whereas Vic Country have the five-day break so it will be interesting to see how that affects them.


Vic Country:

B: 26. Jesse Clark – 36. Sam De Koning – 9. Isaac Wareham
HB: 12. Lachlan Ash – 24. Brock Smith – 18. Hayden Young
C: 8. Thomson Dow – 16. Brodie Kemp – 15. Ryan Sparkes
HF: 1. Ned Cahill – 20. Elijah Hollands – 13. Jay Rantall
F: 6. Riley Baldi – 39. Josh Smith – 3. Cody Weightman
R: 40. Charlie Comben – 4. Sam Flanders – 2. Caleb Serong
INT: 22. Darcy Chirgwin – 14. Liam Herbert – 10. Harrison Pepper – 5. Cameron Wild

IN: Darcy Chirgwin, Cam Wild
OUT: Fraser Phillips, Lachlan Williams

Western Australia:

B: 13. Ben Johnson – 21. Jake Pasini – 20. Jaxon Prior
HB: 22. Max Murphy – 36. Denver Grainger-Barras – 7. Nathan O’Driscoll
C: 12. Regan Clarke – 10. Deven Robertson – 5. Liam Henry
HF: 18. Jai Jackson – 25. Logan McDonald – 19. ELijah Taylor
F: 23. Nicholas Martin – 39. Callum Jamieson – 3. Tyrone Thorne
R: 32. Luke Jackson – 14. Chad Warner – 4. Riley Garcia
INT: 34. Ryan Bennell – 24. Ronin O’Connor – 11. Jarvis Pina – 35. Trent Rivers – 26. Trey Ruscoe

IN: Nathan O’Driscoll – Nicholas Martin, Ryan Bennell, Jarvis Pina
OUT: Cameron Anderson, Tristan Hobley, Jeremy Sharp, Reuben McGuire


Wednesday July 3, 4.40pm
Marvel Stadium

In the second game of the double-header, South Australia and Allies will effectively play-off for third spot having already amassed two losses from three games. As South Australia defeated Western Australia, the Croweaters can effectively grab second with a win over the Allies and a Vic Country triumph in the first game. However they could also finish last with a loss, because they also lost to Vic Metro who sit with the same amount of wins – one. If the Allies win they will grab third, while if they lose they will be fourth after ensuring they will not finish last thanks to the win over Vic Metro. South Australia came agonisingly close to making this a title game if they had come away with the points against Vic Country, but with their back-to-back hopes dashed, the Croweaters will be keen to finish off the carnival with a good win.

The Allies have made two changes to the side that got over the line by two points against Vic Metro, recalling exciting bottom-age forward Braeden Campbell, as well as ball winner, Jeromy Lucas who has been named at full-forward. Out of the side go Nicholas Brewer and James Peatling. The South Australians have also made the two changes with Kysaiah Pickett returning from suspension for the game, joined in the side by Jordan Moore, while Jordan O’Brien and Brady Searle are the outs from the team that narrowly lost to Vic Country in the previous game.

The battle of the midfields will be entertaining with Jackson Mead, Harry Schoenberg and Lachlan McNeil going head-to-head with Tom Green, Ben Jungfer and Connor Budarick on the outside, while Will Martyn and Mitch O’Neill will hope to match the run provided by Dylan Stephens and Josh Shute on the wing. Up forward, South Australia has some great variety with Daniel Sladojevic the key tall, Cameron Taheny as the talented medium forward, and Pickett as the electrifying small. Noah Cumberland, Tom Griffiths and Luke Parks are in some good form and will look to cover the smalls and mediums, while Liam Delahunty could have the job on Sladojevic.

Up the other end, the South Australian defence is right up there in terms of quality with Dyson Hilder and Karl Finlay a couple of dominant tall intercept markers, allowing captain Will Gould to run riot off half-back. Will Day and Luke Edwards also create great run and rebound out of the back half, but will need to be accountable to the likes of Campbell and Hewago Paul Oea who are nimble and damaging if given time and space. Josh Gore is in some ripping form after three goals in the last game, and Hamish Ellem has also produced the goods at ground level. Add in the Allies depth of Errol Gulden and Malcolm Rosas Jr coming off the bench through the forward half and they have plenty of scoring options. Corey Durdin is a name to remember for next year for the Croweaters, while Damon Freitag could cause issues given his size and strength.

South Australia will be favourites in this game given how close all of their games have been, but the Allies have improved each game they have run out, so if that is any indication, they are set to hold up here against strong opposition.


South Australia:

B: 35. Karl Finlay – 33. Dyson Hilder – 22. Harrison Magor
HB: 19. Luke Edwards – 24. Will Gould – 12. Will Day
C: 10. Joshua Shute – 18. Jackson Mead – 7. Dylan Stephens
HF: 8. Jed McEntee – 32. Daniel Sladojevic – 17. Josh Morris
F: 31. Jordan Moore – 9. Cameron Taheny – 1. Kysaiah Pickett
R: 37. Lachlan Burrows – 15. Harry Schoenberg – 20. Lachlan McNeil
INT: 14. Declan Carmody – 3. Corey Durdin – 42. Damon Freitag – 11. Callum Park – 28 Oliver Shaw

IN: Kysaiah Pickett, Jordan Moore
OUT: Jordan O’Brien, Brady Searle


B: 8. Tom Griffiths – 52. Dirk Koenen – 21. Luke Parks
HB: 46. Noah Cumberland – 26. Liam Delahunty – 36. Sam Thorne
C: 15. Will Martyn – 3. Connor Budarick – 9. Mitch O’Neill
HF: 5. Braeden Campbell – 37. Josh Gore – 2. Hewago Paul Oea
F: 31. Hamish Ellem – 47. Jeromy Lucas – 32. Jack Steele
R: 54. Ben Kelly – 22. Thomas Green – 16. Ben Jungfer
INT: 12. Ashton Crossley – 1. Errol Gulden – 24.Joel Jeffrey – 20. Matt McGrory – 4. Malcolm Rosas Jr

IN: Jeromy Lucas, Braeden Campbell
OUT: Nicholas Brewer, James Peatling