Pocket Podcast | Elite readymade prospects

THE Final Siren Podcast team returned this for another pocket podcast edition, this time assessing the elite readymade prospects poised to feature heavily at the top end of this year’s draft. Chief Editor Peter Williams again took over the host chair to grill Draft Editor Michael Alvaro on some of the prime top 10 talents, and why they are likely to make quick inroads at the top level.

For the sake of this podcast, we defined readymade players as those with a combination of choice of; elite talent, mature physical attributes, and great reliability/consistency in their styles of play. The absolute best players have at least one or two of these traits, and the list of players mentioned throughout the podcast fit that criteria.

Below is an ordered rundown of each topic ticked off.

Podcast link: Click here!

Podcast Agenda:

  • The traits that define a readymade player
  • Who are the most readymade top 10 prospects, and why?
    • Nick Daicos
    • Jason Horne-Francis
    • Ben Hobbs
    • Josh Ward
    • Finn Callaghan
  • Trends
    • Talls taking longer to develop – a clichè?
    • Given the amount of gametime lost in 2020/21, will players be less readymade?

Stay tuned to Draft Central, as tomorrow we’ll have an explainer piece to accompany your listen.

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