Pocket Podcast | The Midfielder’s Draft

THE Final Siren Podcast team returned this week for another pocket podcast edition, this time breaking down why the upcoming AFL intake has been deemed a midfielder’s draft. Chief Editor Peter Williams again took over the host chair to grill Draft Editor Michael Alvaro on some of the prime midfielders available, and why they are likely to feature at the pointy end.

Among the group of likely first-rounders, the team broke prospects into three different categories to get a better understanding of how each of them play, and perhaps help fans narrow in on the exact type of ball winner they want their club to pursue. Below is an ordered run sheet for all the topics covered.

Podcast link: Click here!

Podcast Agenda:

  • The top end – first round prospects
    • The top two – Daicos and Horne-Francis
    • The safe/reliable picks – Hobbs, Ward, Erasmus, Roberts
    • The classy types – Callaghan, Sonsie, Johnson, Wanganeen-Milera
    • The versatile/hybrid types – Draper, Sinn, Rachele, Goater, Chesser
  • Depth – those also in contention

Stay tuned to Draft Central, as tomorrow we’ll have an explainer piece to accompany your listen.

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