PODCAST | August Power Rankings Q&A

THE Final Siren Podcast returned this week with another special edition Q&A, this time fielding your questions following Draft Central’s August Power Rankings update. With a new frontrunner, three fresh faces in the top 10, and four previously unranked prospects entering the overall 25, there was plenty to discuss this time around.

Chief Editor Peter Williams took over the host chair to grill Draft Editor Michael Alvaro about the current state of things, before passing on the queries send through by you, via Instagram. Below is the agenda which was run through – check out the podcast link below to see if your question was answered!

Podcast Agenda:

  • The new number one – Nick Daicos takes over Jason Horne‘s mantle
  • Top 10 entrants – Mac Andrew, Josh Ward, and Neil Erasmus climb into early contention
  • The fresh faces – Jye Amiss, Tom Brown, Sam Butler, and Judson Clarke enter the overall 25
  • Casualty ward – how previous and ongoing injuries to top prospects have impacted the rankings
  • The evenness of the pool – how is the crop shaping up, and how difficult has it been to narrow down to just 25 players?
  • The absence of a National Championships – how the absence of an AFL U19 champs has impacted the rankings
  • Instagram Q&A – your questions answered

Podcast Link: Click here!


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