Scouting Notes | 2021 Victorian Under 19 trials

IT was Vic Country’s day on Sunday, taking out both Under 19 trial games against their Metro counterparts at Avalon Airport Oval in Werribee. But the results mattered little, with fans, recruiters and pundits alike keen to see which players would put their hands up for further representative honours at the upcoming Under 19 National Championships. We outline some of the best performers from all four squads, with each set of Scouting Notes the opinion of the individual author.

GAME ONE | VIC COUNTRY 10.11 (71) def. VIC METRO 8.11 (59)


By: Michael Alvaro

#1 Sam Conforti (Bendigo Pioneers)
173cm/74kg | 15/03/2002 | Midfielder/Small Forward

The Bendigo Pioneers top-ager did his usual job rotating between the midfield and forwardline, finding a decent amount of ball and looking to be creative with his run and foot skills. Conforti started in attack and booted the game’s first goal from a 45m set shot, but was far busier after half time with his move to midfield. He used his run positively to help Country stream forward, like in one instance during the fourth term where he took on the man on the mark, backing his pace and delivering inside 50 through the corridor.

#2 Ben Hobbs (GWV Rebels)
183cm/80kg | 16/09/2003 | Inside Midfielder/Forward

Arguably the best player afield in game one, Hobbs proved his top 10 credentials with another superb outing. His return from injury has been seamless, cracking in and running hard to find plenty of the ball over the last fortnight. Hobbs started in midfield and got to work straight away, though some of his ball use was rushed under the early pressure. He still got good penetration on his kicks and brought good intensity to the contest with his tackling. Having moved forward after half time, Hobbs still managed to find the ball through sheer work rate and finished the game with two goals, one of which was a clean snap in term three.

#4 Josh Rachele (Murray Bushrangers)
180cm/78kg | 11/04/2003 | Forward

From what we saw on Sunday, Country is set to use Rachele as a pretty permanent forward fixture. The mercurial Murray Bushrangers talent looked switched on early, presenting well up at the forward 50 arc with good separation on the lead. He notched an early score via that method, then speared a pass to Conforti for the game’s first goal having been hit further out. Rachele grew a touch quieter after his early glimpses, but still provided an option at half-forward and slotted his first goal in the third term, before adding another from a goalmouth scramble in the following period.

#6 Marcus Herbert (GWV Rebels)
181cm/81kg | 13/08/2002 | Midfielder/Forward

The smooth-moving Rebels midfielder was a centre bounce starter for Country, before being shifted forward in the second half. In his primary post, Herbert got busy around the ball and showed nice agility on a few occasions to wheel into space before delivering a kick. He was one of the many Rebels to end up in attack, booting two goals after half time with one from a 40m set shot and the other out the back in open play.

#8 Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo Pioneers)
179cm/75kg | 26/09/2003 | Midfielder/Forward

Gallagher was another to feature in the midfield-forward rotation, starting in attack before spending more time among the engine room. In his time up forward, the Bendigo Pioneers product worked hard up the ground and looked to run the ball back towards goal, showing positive intent when in possession and releasing kicks at full tilt. He also worked hard in that sense without the ball, burning his opponent with his work rate on fast breaks to get to the next contest inside 50.

#11 Zavier Maher (Murray Bushrangers)
184cm/82kg | 5/05/2002 | Inside Midfielder

As one of Country’s centre bounce staples, Maher produced a big performance from the engine room. He set his side on the front foot, winning a heap of ball at the coalface with his mature frame and turn of speed allowing for regular extraction. He was often the player to get first hands on the ball and looked a lot cleaner than in previous outings, while also getting good penetration on his clearing kicks out of congestion. Maher’s explosiveness also allowed him to get to the outside, where he lowered his eyes a touch more but still showed room for improvement in that department.

#13 Sam Breuer (GWV Rebels)
183cm/80kg | 26/06/2003 | Defender/Midfielder

The story of Breuer’s season could be observed through the journey of his four quarters on Sunday, as he started steadily in defence before coming to life through midfield. Once he entered the centre bounce mix, Breuer was able to find much more of the ball and have an impact moving forward, using his turn of speed and penetrating kick coming to the fore. His intent and pressure acts were also up, making for a well-rounded midfield game.

#14 Jamieson Ballantyne (GWV Rebels)
183cm/79kg | 16/04/2003 | Wing

In what was one of his best performances to date, Ballantyne made the wing his own and was a crucial cog to Country’s success between the arcs. He battled really well to split and win a bunch of contests on the outer, before helping his side progress its transition with his run and carry. The Rebels prospects also snuck forward and hit the scoreboard, converting well via set shots.

#16 Kai Lohmann (GWV Rebels)
6/05/2003 | 185cm/76kg | Forward

A player with plenty of flair and eye-catching athletic traits, Lohmann always promises to provide some exciting moments. That was again the case on Sunday, though he just lacked that finishing touch at times to cap off his good work. The dynamic forward did well to impact further afield and link Country into attacking 50, while also becoming a threat closer to goal. He missed a couple of chances on goal during the third term, with a set shot falling short and a snap put just off target.

#21 Josh Gibcus (GWV Rebels)
195cm/84kg | 4/04/2003 | Tall Defender/Forward

Utilised at either end of the ground, Gibcus was again able to showcase his strong aerial prowess and athleticism. The standout GWV Rebels prospect started in his usual defensive post and timed his leaps well, rising for typically assured intercept marks and spoils. His distribution by foot was also noticeably more clean than in previous weeks, shown as he took the kick-ins. Gibcus was then swung forward, where he continued to compete in the air and despite not clunking too many marks, he managed to bring the ball to ground and allow others to enter the play inside 50.

#30 Toby Conway (Geelong Falcons)
204cm/90kg | 24/04/2003 | Ruck

Conway was one who had a nice moment in each term, plying his trade in the ruck and eventually spending some time up forward. The Geelong Falcons bigman used his size and reach on a couple of occasions to clunk strong marks down the line, with his pack grab on the wing during the first quarter particularly strong. He is also building his follow-up work and did well to win a centre clearance in term two, but had one effort by foot he would want back in the following period. Conway’s forward stint was not as productive, but he was solid as usual in the ruck with his craft.


By: Declan Reeve

#3 Jake Soligo (Eastern Ranges)
179cm/80kg | 25/01/2003 | Midfielder

Has somewhat been overshadowed at times by Eastern teammate Tyler Sonsie, but with Sonsie missing in this clash, Soligo took the opportunity to put his name up as arguably the best Metro player on ground for the game. He was at his usual best with his inside ball winning, throwing himself into everything in an attempt to win the hard balls and handball out to runners. He took some good marks throughout the game, with an early one being full stretch overhead under direct pressure off an opposition inside 50. He was always happy to do the hard work, with his pressure and tackling top notch once again, putting on so much pressure it forced an out on the full kick from an opponent at one stage in the game. Early on in the game when goals weren’t flowing, Soligo was the one to break through for Metro with two early goals; the first of which was a kick on the run from 50 out, and the second of which less than two minutes later, converting a set shot from about 45 meters out.

#4 Corey Preston (Eastern Ranges)
181cm/76kg | 18/12/2002 | Defender/Forward

Lining up across the half-back line, Preston was one of Metro’s best with some exceptional ball use coming out of the defensive half, in a game where clean kicks to marks were few and far between. Positioning well behind the play to rack up intercept possessions, Preston’s tendency was to push up and impact contests in the middle of the ground, before turning on the jets and kicking well when he got the ball, causing headaches for Vic Country. He was an aerial threat at times, taking an impressive overhead contested mark in the second quarter to highlight what he can do in that regard. There were times when he found himself one-on-one with Country’s Josh Rachele, able to match his exceptional athleticism to spoil a few of his marking attempts.

#6 Josh Ward (Northern Knights)
181cm/79kg | 15/08/2003 | Midfielder/Forward

Forming a good dynamic with Soligo, Ward played his usual balanced role around the midfield, able to crack in and win it in tight, but just as capable of holding out to receive a releasing handball. What was impressive was Ward’s confidence in his speed and elusiveness, which he doesn’t always show off, going for a few runs with ball in hand that led to dangerous Metro plays. One such instance came in the first quarter where he went just the 10 meters with speed, then delivered the ball to a leading target inside 50. That same kind of burst was shown when he scored the first goal of the second quarter as well, getting onto the end of a kick in transition, taking a run from the centre square with two bounces en route to kicking the goal from a slight angle. 

#8 Marcus Windhager (Sandringham Dragons)
183cm/82kg | 16/05/2003 | Defender/Midfielder

The St Kilda Next Generation Academy (NGA) member had arguably his best display for the year playing in the defensive 50 and midfield, where his power in his acceleration and leap caught the eye. His leaping was most obvious in the backline, where he often got first hands to the ball in the air. Even if he didn’t always hold onto the ball, he could stop opponents winning it cleanly. His acceleration was obvious around stoppages, where he would get in at the contest and burst out to handball to runners.

#12 Finn Callaghan (Sandringham Dragons)
189cm/82kg | 26/04/2003 | Balanaced Midfielder

Being pushed back out to the wing as he had done earlier in the NAB League season, it took Callaghan some time to work into the game and start impacting like he’s proven he can. Apart from taking the advantage from a teammate’s free kick and missing a shot on goal from 25 out early on, it was another typical Callaghan display that we’ve become slowly accustomed to. He held his space well when positioned on the wing, taking some good overhead grabs but also proving crafty when having to pick the ball up off the ground, getting separation on opponents when he had the ball to give himself space to deliver via foot, usually to a central target. He moved into a rover spot in the second half where he really put his foot down and started stamping some more authority on the game, able to accelerate away from the opposition as he got handball receives from the stoppage winners. Callaghan also looked particularly classy when bringing the ball out of the defensive half, side stepping opponents and delivering in front of leading targets.

#13 Luke Cleary (Sandringham Dragons)
189cm/80kg | 5/03/2002 | Defender

A pretty standard day at the office for Cleary, where he showed some superb positioning in the defensive half that led to him racking up intercept possessions. Cleary used this positioning to get in front of opponents or be an extra number to other contests and take marks in the defensive half, using his penetrative and accurate kick to hit some game opening passes going forward. He took the kick-ins at stages where he ran the ball out and kicked long, often to the top of the centre square.

#14 Luke Nankervis (Sandringham Dragons)
189cm/76kg | 25/05/2003 | Wing/Forward

Splitting his game time between the wing and the half-forward role as he does in the NAB League, Nankervis had some nice moments throughout the game, bringing his usual strengths with his leap, speed and marking particularly impressive. It’s been noted before that his ability to keep his hands free in tackles and contests is outstanding. It led to him getting some free kicks as the game went on, as opponents tried to get the ball out of his hands, pushing him in the back or getting him high in the process. He was the first link in a fourth quarter chain of play that led to a Metro goal, taking a high-leaping contested mark and then kicking it in front of a teammate to run onto. He showed defensive accountability as well throughout the game, running hard for tackles and spoils even when it wasn’t in his area.

#18 Blake Howes (Sandringham Dragons)
190cm/79kg | 7/04/2003 | Wing/Forward

Playing a bit everywhere, Howes showed he has the versatility to impact around the ground really well regardless of the position his magnet is in. He managed to consistently get good separation on his leads, making it easy for him to take marks on his chest or out in front. He was good in contested marking situations as well, even out-marking highly touted Vic Country product Josh Gibcus when he ran back with the flight in defensive 50 and held it well. Howes was a strong tackler when in close, especially around stoppages, making it hard for Country to run it out cleanly when he was around. He would follow up from his marks and free kicks with clean ball use, trying to get it into the corridor with most of his disposals.

#19 Mitch Owens (Sandringham Dragons)
190cm/85kg | 24/09/2003 | Forward

Another St Kilda NGA prospect for Metro, Owens impressed with his work inside 50. Standing up in tackles was one of his biggest strengths and led to a moment in the second quarter where he won the ball off the ground, kept his feet with the contact and handed it off to a teammate in the goal square for an easy goal. His work aerially was also really strong, taking some good one grab marks around the ground – one of which in the fourth quarter came deep inside 50, taking an intercept mark from an intended switch kick, and put himself on the scoreboard. 

#23 Cody Raak (Western Jets)
193cm/80kg | 8/10/2002 | Defender

The Western Bulldogs NGA member has been one of the strongest defenders in the NAB League this season, and continued that in the trial game for Metro. Looking most impressive in the first half, Raak was doing a lot of the same things he’s become renowned for, taking marks as a kick behind the play defender, spreading the opposition with his switch kicks and stopping opposition attacks with his tackling and defensive work. What was good to see, was how proactive he was in initiating offensive plays with his kicking, rather than always looking for safe options.

#26 Anthony Caminiti (Northern Knights)
Key Forward

A late call-up to the trials, Caminiti has previously impressed in APS footy with bags of goals. Whilst the scoreboard alluded him to a degree in this contest, he still managed to look good as a lead up forward option, getting separation from his opponents well and sticking most marks. He looked surprisingly elusive for a big man as well, having a few moments where he was composed in traffic to give hands off to a runner in a good spot. Whilst he might have liked a more complete performance, he certainly showed some really good glimpses.

GAME TWO | VIC COUNTRY 14.5 (89) def. VIC METRO 12.15 (87)


By: Michael Alvaro

#3 Max Walton (Gippsland Power)
180cm/73kg | 6/11/2003 | Small Defender

Walton brought his best traits to the fore on Sunday, reverting back to his usual running defender role and providing plenty of offensive drive for Country. The Gippsland Power product took some of the early kick-ins and did not hesitate to get on his bike straight away, carrying the ball out of defensive 50 and utilising his long kick. His positive rebounding and ability to chain one-two plays down the line made for some smooth transitions, traits which are also applicable to the wing, where Walton may also end up.

#6 Connor Macdonald (Dandenong Stingrays)
184cm/77kg | 13/01/2003 | Midfielder/Forward

Macdonald provided a good bit of spark to the centre bounces for Country, with his clean bursts away from congestion proving a real weapon in the opening stages. The Dandenong Stingrays midfielder was able to win a bunch of centre clearances, either breaking into space with speed or kicking long under immediate pressure. He snuck forward in the second quarter and struck a handy 45m set shot goal, before being shifted forward more often after half time, but missing another chance to add to Country’s tally.

#7 Judson Clarke (Dandenong Stingrays)
179cm/69kg | 17/10/2003 | Small Forward/Midfielder

While his five-goal performance was somewhat overshadowed by the exploits of Metro’s Sam Darcy, Clarke emerged as a genuine top 25 prospect with his team-best performance on Sunday. The zippy midfielder-forward started brightly, slamming home the game’s first goal from a set shot and sharking a sharp nice later in the opening term. He added majors in each of the next three quarters, including one on the three quarter time siren and a lovely conversion from range which capped off his outing nicely. Clarke’s pace, clean hands and spearing left-foot kicking were real highlights on the day, especially on the attack.

#9 Mitch Knevitt (Geelong Falcons)
193cm/77kg | 8/01/2003 | Inside Midfielder/Forward

Knevitt continues to show a few different sides to his game, with the big-bodied midfielder showing glimpses of his high potential. He played almost exclusively in midfield for the first three quarters and was typically strong around the ball, winning clearances and standing up in tackles to flick out handballs over his shoulder – one of his best traits at stoppages. Knevitt also did well to compete aerially and was eventually moved forward, hitting the post with a snap and unfortunately putting a set shot well wide in the fourth term.

#12 Will Bravo (Dandenong Stingrays)
181cm/77kg | 6/05/2002 | Midfielder/Forward

While he only stands at 181cm, Bravo brings real physicality and hardness to the contest each time he plays. The top-ager’s speed is also a useful trait in midfield, and he leant on it while breaking forward and looking to chain possessions with repeat running efforts. He also used his pace to impact defensively and applied some absolutely crunching tackles in an attempt to set the tone after half time. Bravo moved forward in the final term, but looked much more impactful further afield.

#13 Noah Gribble (Geelong Falcons)
180cm/79kg | 8/07/2002 | Wing

It is no secret that Gribble knows how to find the ball. That was no different on Sunday, as the Geelong Falcons running man found plenty of it through sheer work rate and smarts. He was everywhere early, dropping back to the defensive 50 to help shift the ball forward, while doing his usual bit between the arcs and accumulating possessions. Gribble also snuck forward and was gifted a goal in the second term, converting well with a snap right on the behind post. The top-ager didn’t try and do too much in possession either, meaning Country could link cleanly.

#14 James Cahill (Dandenong Stingrays)
183cm/80kg | 10/01/2003 | Forward/Wing

In his usual half-forward to wing rotation, Cahill was a busy type as he worked up the ground and looked to use his skills going into attack. He started inside attacking 50 and finished with aplomb for the game’s second goal, before providing useful dash in transition as a link into Country’s forward arc. He was a touch quieter after half time with his move to the wing, but popped up with some nice moments.

#17 Bryce Milford (Dandenong Stingrays)
195cm/82kg | 8/07/2002 | Tall Utility

Milford was involved in almost everything Country produced going forward in the first half, as he presented with separation on the lead time and time again to good effect. A mobile type at 195cm, the Dandenong Stingrays utility also gave a chop-out in the ruck, but looked most dangerous with his marking in the front half. His lone goal of the game came in the opening quarter, via a clean set shot, and Milford could have finished with a couple more if not for inaccuracy. His first half was a good measure of his potential, though he faded a touch after the main break.

#24 Oscar Morrison (Geelong Falcons)
193cm/86kg | 21/08/2003 | Defender

While Morrison’s game would not have been one to yield enormous numbers, the aerially adept defender played a couple of key roles and held firm across Country’s backline. The Geelong Falcons prospect, donning his usual headband, was easy to spot out there and also caught the eye with his play. He was typically assured in the air and read the play well to intercept, while also distributing the ball quite reliably. He even spent some time on Darcy during the second half, engaging the key forward in battles of strength inside 50 to help combat the 11cm height difference.

#25 Justin Davies (Dandenong Stingrays)
192cm/92kg | 29/04/2003 | Defender

Another Country defender with sharp skills and versatility, Davies played both tall and small on Sunday. He matched up on bigger opponents at times but held his own, before looking productive when let off the leash and allowed to intercept more freely. The Dandenong Stingrays talent showed good smarts to meet the ball on the intercept both in the air and at ground level, taking it cleanly and keeping the play moving with his quick decision making on the rebound.

#29 Max Annandale (Geelong Falcons)
192cm/86kg | 30/01/2002 | Forward

Country’s hero in game two having booted the winning goal, Annandale did most of his work inside attacking 50 and proved a viable marking target. His hands were strong overhead, as the Geelong Falcons forward took advantage of quick and long delivery to his area for two of his three major scores. The top-ager was also gifted one in the second term, cutting off a kick across goal and converting without fuss. Overall he was a solid option deep in attack, and an important one in the end.


By: Declan Reeve

#3 Youseph Dib (Oakleigh Chargers)
174cm/76kg | 25/02/2003 | Midfielder/Small Utility

Playing almost exclusively in the midfield for the game, Dib showed cleanliness below his knees and a seemingly fearless approach to winning contested footy. Whilst this change meant he wasn’t getting as much time to compose himself before getting rid of the ball, he still managed to show glimpses of smart ball use, with his natural tendency to use both sides of his body meaning he could always get rid of the ball quickly under pressure. He needs to find a way to add more penetration consistently, but overall it was a good outing.

#6 Zac Taylor (Calder Cannons)
180cm/74kg | 31/01/2003 | Midfielder/Forward

Playing through the midfield for most of the contest, Taylor had a quiet start to the game, but really came into it from the second quarter onwards. He became a regular danger around stoppages and provided clean ball use when given the slightest bit of space, often running to be the receiver if he wasn’t the initial ball winner. He was however, still finding himself as that initial ball winner from clearances pretty often, with a really good purple patch for centre clearances in the second quarter where he won three in a row and followed up with clean ball use when the options were there. He was smart and realistic in his own ability with the footy, often being in a spot where he could try and pull off a miracle disposal, but would go for a shorter handball or kick – never as flashy as the other option but infinitely better. This was best highlighted in the third quarter, where he collected a ground ball, had enough room to snap around the body on goal but opted to handpass to Sam Darcy who was running into goal.

#7 Lachlan Rankin (Oakleigh Chargers)
182cm/68kg | 5/02/2003 | Defender/Forward

Splitting his time between the forwardline and backline, Rankin added a touch of class to both lines and demonstrated composure with the ball. He kicked Metro’s opening goal for the game, getting the handball from a pack and kicking it off a step from 45 meters out. His switch into the defensive half worked wonders for Metro, as he set up well for intercept possessions behind the play, where he’d run on with the ball and use it well by hand and foot alike, often spotting up the inside 45 options well and darting his kicks low and hard. Had a great display of workrate in the final quarter, where he tripped up as an opponent side-stepped him on the half-forward line, but ran hard to chase the same opponent and lay a tackle about 25 meters out from goal. 

#8 Darcy Wilmot (Northern Knights)
183cm/75kg | 31/12/2003 | Defender

Whilst not necessarily winning as much ball as he has done in the NAB League of late, he brought his same eye catching and daring dash out of the defensive 50 and kick-ins, causing headaches for Country as they were unable to consistently structure against it. He used the ball well by foot as he didn’t try to blaze away with his top line speed, rather composing himself prior to kicking the ball to make sure it was effective. Wilmot even took time to get it onto the opposite foot when going forward and being pressured on his favoured right side. He looked strong in the air as well, taking some impressive quick reflex intercept marks in the defensive 50.

#10 Paul Curtis (Western Jets)
183cm/73kg | 4/03/2003 | Forward

As a smaller marking target in the forwardline, Curtis was a dangerous option up forward even if overshadowed by Darcy. With his ability to get separation from opponents and take marks, but also his cleanliness below his knees, he’s rather versatile in his approach to getting the ball. His kicking for goal left a bit to be desired at times, but the way he managed to win the ball inside 50 meant through sheer quantity of shots he ended the day with three goals, where he could’ve had four or five more had it not been for inaccuracy. With some polishing of that kicking for goal, there’s no doubt Curtis could be a very serious threat at the next level.

#16 Karl Worner (Oakleigh Chargers)
188cm/78kg | 16/06/2002 | Wing

In arguably his best display for the year, Worner was consistently impactful around the ground, making the wing his own but often getting down deep into defence to assist with his strong marking. That marking was often a headache for Country, consistently strong above his head even in packs and seemingly never being spoiled through the game which gave Metro a level of certainty when kicking the ball to him. He also showed good follow up ball use with penetrative kicking to the advantage of his teammates when moving it forward or laterally, and was happy to take on opponents with his run and carry when applicable.

#19 Braden Andrews (Oakleigh Chargers)
189cm/83kg | 21/02/2003 | Defender/Midfielder

With an injury affected start to the year for the AFL Academy member, Andrews took the trials as an opportunity to remind those that may have forgotten of his skill and strengths. Splitting his game time between the defensive 50 and the midfield, Andrews was impressive in patches across both roles. In the backline, he looked good with his positioning behind the ball, taking some impressive marks above his head and following up with good use by foot, mostly hitting his targets but getting smothered off the boot a couple of times. When getting his runs through the midfield he was a strong body around stoppages, able to win the ball and move through traffic, then handball to release runners going forward.

#21 Josh Goater (Calder Cannons)
190cm/79kg | 2/06/2003 | Inside Midfielder

One of the best performing Metro players across the day, at least in the midfield, Goater pushed his draft credentials higher with some stellar midfield play, especially around stoppages. He did pretty much everything well, demonstrating cleanliness below his knees, even when under pressure, with multiple one hand pick ups on the run and pinpoint handballs to runners in the same motion. He kicked well, balancing how he kicked for the situation, hitting short 45s and switching the ball when it was the best option, but also demonstrating some real dangerous kicking in transition – with one in particular being a 50 meter pass from the wing to the forward pocket. His stoppage work was at its usual high level, able to read the ball off the rucks’ hands better than most opponents and weave through heavy traffic in a way he has little right to, then using those quick hands or kicking to get Metro forward.

#27 Sam Darcy (Oakleigh Chargers)
204cm/73kg | 19/07/2003 | Tall Utility/Ruck

Arguably the highest profile prospect playing across either game, the Western Bulldogs father-son prospect well and truly put himself into pick one conversations, slotting six goals and missing some fairly gettable late shots to prove that he gets enough of the ball when he’s being targeted by his teammates. Darcy’s marking was strong throughout the game, with his reach and overall height meaning he was able to take marks relatively easily, even without getting much separation from his opponents. He made up for the difficulty in getting separation on certain opponents with solid leading patterns, switching direction and turning opponents around with his constant movement which was particularly helpful in transition, as Metro’s damaging ball users moved it quickly. There was a switch of opposition in the last quarter, and with a slower opponent Darcy was able to get separation with more ease, meaning he was able to just lead straight at the ball carrier rather than get carried away with complicating his leads. As mentioned, his marking was superb, but one particular one late in the game, where he got tripped up but still managed to take the mark when falling down perfectly demonstrated just how strong his marking was. A good set shot and able to snap the ball straight through the big sticks when on an angle, it was a great showing from Darcy, and one that’ll get Dogs fans extremely excited.  

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