WAFL Colts MOTR: East Fremantle vs. Claremont

EAST Fremantle secured its third victory of the 2020 Simply Energy WAFL Colts competition, after downing the previously undefeated Claremont by 21 points at New Choice Homes Park.

Geraldton product Jack Carroll was best afield for the Sharks, finishing with 31 possessions, four marks, four inside 50s and two goals. Jed Hagan (28 possessions, seven marks, four inside 50s), Joshua Browne (24 possessions, six marks, four tackles, four inside 50s, one goal), Edward Curley (20 possessions, nine inside 50s), Keanu Haddow (20 possessions, seven marks), Ethan Paholski (19 possessions, five marks, four tackles, one goal), Brandon Walker (19 possessions, five marks, four inside 50s) and Finn Gorringe (17 possessions, six marks) were exceptional for East Fremantle.

For Claremont, Jack Avery was inspirational at centre half-back. The Cottesloe junior finished with 28 possessions, 15 rebounds, nine marks, three tackles and two inside 50s. Jake Willson (24 possessions, four tackles), Samuel Alvarez (24 possessions, fur inside 50s), Logan Young (22 possessions, 10 tackles), Alex Pearce (22 possessions, four inside 50s) and Joel Western (20 possessions, seven inside 50s, five marks, three tackles) were prolific for the Tigers.

East Fremantle got off to a flying start in the opening quarter. In the second minute, Paholski speared a pass onto Lachlan McGrath who took a strong contested contested mark. McGrath went back and nailed his set shot from a tight angle. Moments later, Walker chiseled a pass onto Paholski, who went back and converted his set shot from 40 metres out. Soon after, Alex Crowe gathered the ball on the defensive side of the wing, before taking off, taking four bounces and kicking the ball to the top of the goalsquare. Jack Williams gathered the ball, and snapped through his first goal of the morning. Chris Walker roved a pack expertly before he banged through a goal from 50 metres out. Hagan was able to find Carroll inside 50, who had produced an excellent lead into space. Carroll went back and converted his set shot from 48 metres out. The Sharks had held Claremont goalless in the first quarter, and went in at quarter time with a 34-point lead.

In the opening stages of the second quarter, Jacquin Ciminata was able to shrug off two opponents, before he kicked Claremont’s first goal of the game. Carroll was able to burst from a stoppage before kicking to Bailey Hodge who was in space. Hodge played on immediately and kicked a goal for the Sharks. Jacob Van Rooyen then kicked two consecutive goals for Claremont. Just before half-time, Carroll snapped through his second goal to give East Fremantle a 27-point lead at the main break.

Within the first 20 seconds after the main break, Browne burst from a centre bounce stoppage, before drilling through a goal. It proved to be a stalemate for much of the third quarter, but in the 11th minute Ciminata kicked his second goal. Soon after, Kai Harwood added another goal for the Tigers. Kobe McMillan scored a steadying goal for East Fremantle. Harwood was able to convert a set shot late in the quarter, to bring the Tigers within 22 points of the Sharks.

At the 11th minute mark of the final quarter, Tom Muskarovsky kicked a goal for East Fremantle. Moments later, Leith Fitzpatrick snapped through a goal for Claremont.

Next week, East Fremantle travels to Leederville Oval to take on the in-form Subiaco, while Claremont will be hosting West Perth at Revo Fitness Stadium.

Featured Image: (Retrieved from) WAFL

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