WAFL Colts weekly wrap: Round 4 – Claremont, West Perth remain undefeated

IN Round 4 of the Simply Energy WAFL Colts competition, there were a host of great individual and team performances alike.

This round saw West Perth (12.11.83) triumph over East Perth (5.6.36), Perth (8.7.55) overcoming East Fremantle (6.8.44), Claremont (12.13.85) beating Peel (8.10.58), and Subiaco (16.14.110) overpowering South Fremantle (5.3.33). Swan Districts was the club that had the bye this weekend.

Read below to see the results of round three and to see the best players.

West Perth 12.11 (83) def. East Perth 5.6 (36)

West Perth remains unbeaten in 2020, after defeating arch-rivals East Perth by 47 points at Provident Financial Oval. Michael Mallard was West Perth’s best player with 22 possessions, 36 hit-outs, five marks, five inside 50s and a goal in a dazzling performance.

Heath Chapman (23 possessions, eight marks), Logan Foley (16 possessions, five marks, four inside 50s, one goal) and Callum Johnson (22 possessions, 10 tackles) were all instrumental for the Falcons.

Jaylen Colegate (23 possessions, six tackles, four marks), Josh Hubbard (10 possessions, 15 tackles), and Luke Lombardi (21 possessions, five marks, four inside 50s) tried hard for the Royals.

East Fremantle 6.8 (44) def. by Perth 8.7 (55)

Perth secured their second victory of the 2020 season after overcoming East Fremantle by 11 points in a thrilling contest at New Choice Homes Park. Conor McPartland inspired the Demons to victory with 33 possessions, six marks, six tackles, five inside 50s and a goal in a sublime performance against his old team.

Zak Meloncelli (30 possessions, 12 marks, six tackles, three inside 50s), Nathan O’Driscoll (22 possessions), and Jaiden Hunter (20 possessions, 44 hit-outs) were all excellent for the Demons.

Edward Curley was East Fremantle’s best player with 19 possessions, 10 tackles, three inside 50s, and three goals. Jack Carroll (20 possessions, five tackles, four marks, four inside 50s), Brandon Walker (19 possessions, two goals), Finn Gorringe (18 possessions, nine tackles), and Keanu Haddow (17 possessions, four marks) all contributed strongly for the Sharks.

Claremont 12.13 (85) def. Peel Thunder 8.10 (58)

Claremont is still undefeated in 2020, after beating Peel Thunder by 27 points at Revo Fitness Stadium. Bottom-aged prospect Jacob Van Rooyen starred for Claremont with 19 possessions, five marks, and five goals.

Logan Young (24 possessions, six tackles, five marks, four inside 50s), Jake Willson (19 possessions, six tackles, one goal), Cameron Anderson (18 possessions, six marks, six tackles, five inside 50s), Sam Alvarez (17 possessions, two marks, two inside 50s), and Kalin Lane (12 possessions, 23 hit-outs) were all instrumental for the Tigers.

For the Thunder, Isiah Winder continued to increase his draft prospects with another outstanding performance. He finished with 26 possessions, nine marks, five tackles, four inside 50s, and a goal. Kobe Farmer (10 possessions, five tackles, three marks, two goals), Luke Polson (14 possessions, four inside 50s, two goals), and David Yaccob (17 possessions, four marks, four tackles, three inside 50s), all competed strongly for the Thunder.

Subiaco 16.14 (110) def. South Fremantle 5.3 (33)

Subiaco has marched into third position on the Simply Energy WAFL Colts Ladder, after overpowering South Fremantle by 77 points at Leederville Oval. Jaxon Bilchuris starred for the Lions with 16 possessions, nine marks, and three goals.

Jed Kemp (19 possessions, four tackles, three inside 50s), Matthew Johnson (19 possessions, three marks, three tackles), Connor Patterson (12 possessions, six tackles, three goals), Sandon Page (13 possessions, three goals), Blake Morris (10 possessions, four marks), Ezekiel Bolton (10 possessions, two goals), and Tyler Brockman (11 possessions, two goals) were all influential for the Lions.

For South Fremantle, Solomon James (20 possessions, 25 hit-outs, two goals), Shannon Neale (20 possessions, 14 hit-outs, two goals), and Jaxon Bellchambers (23 possessions, nine marks, four tackles) competed admirably for the Bulldogs.

Picture: Aaron Kirby/Coastal Times

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