Q&A: Ebony Peterson (Gold Coast SUNS Academy/Queensland)

AS the postponement of all seasons commenced over the last week, we head back to the pre-season where we chatted to a number of athletes across the country. In a special Question and Answer (Q&A) feature, Draft Central‘s Taylah Melki chatted with Queensland’s Ebony Peterson at the state testing day hosted by Rookie Me.



TM: How did you get into football, Ebony?

EP: “One of my school friends needed players for their club team, so I thought I’d go a long and try out and now I’m here.”


How long ago was that?

“That was about four-five years ago.”


What is it that has kept you in the game for those years?

“Definitely the people and the coaches as well, they’re a really good help. And it’s fun, it’s just fun.”


What’s the most fun part?

“It’s what, 16 against 16 and you just go ham.”


You mentioned the coaches, how much of an influence have they had on your development?

“Oh, heaps. They just know what they’re talking about and with anything, you can ask them whatever you need and they’ll give you the right answer.”


How’s the preseason been going?

“Very well actually. No injuries, no setbacks yet.”


Are there any particular areas you’re hoping to improve on this year?

“Just knowing how I play more. Understanding the positions and improving in every position.”


Is there an area you’re particularly strong in?

“I think I’m an alright leader. I can talk, tell everyone what they need to do.”


What are you hoping to get out of this season?

“To improve as a footballer, definitely. And my knowledge of the game.”


What’s it like being involved with the Gold Coast SUNS Academy?

“It’s a good opportunity. The facilities are pretty good so we are in a good position, especially because how girls footy is growing. It’s really good for us to be (here).”


Do you find there’s any difference between playing with the Academy and at club level?

“It’s actually very different. We’ve been training academy since November and when we got back to club, we could see the difference from the academy girls to the club girls. It’s boosted our performance levels majorly.”


Have you got any role models you look up to?

Melissa Hickey. She’s got very good muscles… you’ve got to see a photo of her.”

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