Preseason testing analysis: Which State is the fastest?

THE current sporting hiatus serves as somewhat of an extended preseason for the nation’s brightest AFL Draft prospects, who will be itching to get back on the field. Aside from a few scratch matches on the eve of Round 1, much of the 2020 class has had little in the way of competition thus far. But preseason testing always serves to get the competitive juices flowing, with players from each region and academy coming together to test where they are at. Rookie Me hosted the preseason testing in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania, while the AFL completed testing in Western Australia and NSW/ACT.

In our first look at the results from those days around the country, we take a look at the 20-metre sprint results and try to answer the question of ‘Which State is the fastest?’. We have compiled the top 10 scores from each State, an overall top 10, and averages from around the nation to help answer the question. Stay tuned for results across each test in the near future.

TOP 10’s

New South Wales:

1. Riley Fitzroy (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.87 seconds
2. Jordan Endemann (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.9
3. Hugh Melville (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.91
4. Harrison Grintell (GWS GIANTS Academy) – 2.915
5. Ed Ogilvy (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.93
6. Matthew McKenzie (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.94
7. Braeden Campbell (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.95
8. Matthew McGrory (GWS GIANTS Academy) – 2.951
9. Austin Ball (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.96
10. Thomas Sase (GWS GIANTS Academy) – 2.962

Top 10 Average: 2.928 seconds
State Average: 3.094 seconds

One of the top three quickest states at the top end was New South Wales, with Sydney Swans Academy members making up seven of an impressive top 10. Riley Fitzroy‘s 2.87-second time was the equal second-best across the nation, with Jordan Endemann‘s 2.9-flat effort also putting him among the final top 10. The biggest name among the NSW group is Braeden Campbell, who looks to be the Swans’ top 2020 draft prospect.


1. Jack Briskey (Brisbane Lions Academy) – 2.92 seconds
2. Riley Buckland (Gold Coast SUNS Academy) – 2.94
3. Darcy Prest (Brisbane Lions Academy) – 2.98
4. Tahj Abberley (Brisbane Lions Academy) – 3.02
5. Flynn Petersons (Gold Coast SUNS Academy) – 3.03
=6. Billy Evers (Gold Coast SUNS Academy) – 3.04
=6. Kirk McGrory (Brisbane Lions Academy) – 3.04
=6. Damon Eastwell (Brisbane Lions Academy) – 3.04
=6. Blake Coleman (Brisbane Lions Academy) – 3.04
=10. 3.06 x4

Top 10 Average: 3.01 seconds
State Average: 3.142 seconds

The Queenslanders lagged a touch on testing day, albeit with a small sample size and some big names not testing, averaging a tick over three seconds with its top 10. Jack Briskey was clear at the top as one of six Brisbane Academy members in the best 10 efforts, while Riley Buckland claimed silver as the fastest Gold Coast Academy prospect. Briskey’s fellow Lions and Allies hub members Tahj Abberley and Blake Coleman also showcased their pace.

South Australia:

=1. Connor Willsmore (Sturt) – 2.93 seconds
=1. Daniel Fairbrother (Norwood) – 2.93
3. Willa Taylor (Sturt) – 2.94
=4. Morgan Ferres (Sturt) – 2.95
=4. Izach Zinndorf (West Adelaide) – 2.95
=6. Ryan Williams (Eagles) – 2.96
=6. Jacob Ferrari (Sturt) – 2.96
=6. Ben Ianniello (Norwood) – 2.96
=6. Tariek Newchurch (North Adelaide) – 2.96
=10. 2.97 x2

Top 10 Average: 2.951 seconds
State Average: 3.171 seconds

The South Australian top 10 managed to sneak just under three seconds with their average score, with each player managing no more than 2.97 seconds in their dash. Connor Willsmore shared first place with Daniel Fairbrother, and the former was one of an impressive four Sturt products at the pointy end. Tariek Newchurch, an Adelaide NGA prospect also featured, while Morgan Ferres, an impressive key forward at last year’s Under 16 carnival is right near the top, too.


1. Isaac Chugg (Launceston) – 2.93 seconds
2. Darcy Gardner (Clarence) – 2.99
=3. Sam Banks (Clarence) – 3.02
=3. Sam Tilley (Lauderdale) – 3.02
=3. Jared Dakin (Lauceston) – 3.02
6. Noah Holmes (Clarence) – 3.04
=7. Sam Collins (North Hobart) – 3.05
=7. Ryan Whitney (North Launceston) – 3.05
=7. Kye Chilcott (Launceston) – 3.05
=7. Baynen Lowe (Devonport) – 3.05

Top 10 Average: 3.02 seconds
State Average: 3.139 seconds

Tasmania managed the unfortunate feat of laying claim to the slowest top 10 performers, with just two players managing to crack the three-second mark. Former athletics star Isaac Chugg was top of the tree with his 2.93-second sprint, joined by Darcy Gardner on the podium. Academy members Sam Banks and Sam Collins also earned their way onto the top list, while Baynen Lowe is another under-age jet to look out for.


1. Jackson Cardillo (Calder Cannons) – 2.88 seconds
=2. Michael Lewis (Sandringham Dragons) – 2.89
=2. Flynn Maguire (Oakleigh Chargers) – 2.89
=2. Charlie Brauer (Geelong Falcons) – 2.89
=5. Kobi George (Dandenong Stingrays) – 2.9
=5. Lachlan Green (Western Jets) – 2.9
=7. Lachlan Carrigan (Sandringham Dragons) – 2.91
=7. Jonah Potter (Northern Knights) – 2.91
=7. Ben Overman (Calder Cannons) – 2.91
=10. 2.93 x2

Top 10 Average: 2.901 seconds
State Average: 3.140 seconds

By far the biggest talent pool, Victoria produced plenty of names among the nationwide top 10, with Jackson Cardillo‘s 2.88-second effort the leading time. There was a good mix of club representation as Calder and Sandringham were the only regions to boast two players each among the top 10. Last year’s clubhouse leader, Jonah Potter was knocked off his perch, notching a 2.91-second time good enough for equal-seventh.

Western Australia:

1. Riley Colborne (South Fremantle) – 2.86 seconds
2. Zac Meloncelli (Perth) – 2.870
3. Joel Western (Claremont) – 2.88
=4. Jordan Berry (West Perth)  – 2.89
=4. Luke Michael (West Perth) – 2.89
6. Jayden Peak (East Perth) – 2.90
7. Seth Roberts (Claremont) – 2.91
=8. Lachlan Rewell (West Perth) – 2.92
=8. Tai Kirkpatrick (Subiaco) – 2.92
=10. 2.93 x6

Top 10 Average: 2.897 seconds
State Average: 3.130 seconds

Riley Colborne not only notched the quickest time in Western Australia, but also the best time across the nation with his 2.86-second burst. He was the lone South Fremantle product in the 10 though, with West Perth represented thrice and Claremont twice. Fremantle NGA prospect, Joel Western was among them. The West Australians also claim the honour of boasting the quickest top 10 sprinters of any state, averaging 2.897 seconds at the top end.


1. Riley Colborne (South Fremantle) – 2.86 seconds
=2. Zac Meloncelli (Perth) – 2.87
=2. Riley Fitzroy (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.87
4. Jackson Cardillo (Calder Cannons) – 2.88
=5. Michael Lewis (Sandringham Dragons) – 2.89
=5. Flynn Maguire (Oakleigh Chargers) – 2.89
=5. Charlie Brauer (Geelong Falcons) – 2.89
=8. Kobi George (Dandenong Stingrays) – 2.9
=8. Lachlan Green (Western Jets) – 2.9
=8. Jordan Endemann (Sydney Swans Academy) – 2.9

The quickest half-dozen Victorian prospects make up much of the nationwide top 10, but the best NAB Leaguer, Jackson Cardillo‘s 2.88-second time was only good enough for fourth overall.

Western Australia fills two places on the podium, including the all-important number one spot on the back of Riley Colborne‘s scintillating 2.86-second effort.

The Swans’ Academy should have some pace to burn this year too, as the only club to boast two products on the elite leaderboard.

It was tight at the top, with just 0.3 of a second separating first from 10th. With such a competitive field, no athletes from Queensland, South Australia, or Tasmania made the final cut.


1. NSW/ACT – 3.094 seconds
2. Western Australia – 3.130
3. Tasmania – 3.139
4. Victoria – 3.140
5. Queensland – 3.142
6. South Australia – 3.171

In the question of which state is the fastest as a collective? The answer is NSW/ACT with the Swans and GIANTS Academies recording an average of 3.094 seconds across the board to be the fastest as a whole. Western Australia and Tasmania fill out the podium, with South Australia the slowest of the six states.

Picture: AFL Photos


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