SANFL Women’s Team of the Week: Round 3 – Panthers strike with fantastic five

SOUTH Adelaide leads the way for the Draft Central South Australian National Football League (SANFL) Team of the Week nominations for Round 3, with the Panthers recording an impressive five players in this week’s team. Fellow undefeated side North Adelaide recorded four players in the team, with Glenelg, West Adelaide and Woodville-West Torrens – the only losing side to have more than two – also having three nominees. The remaining four sides had two nominees each, in what was an even league contribution this round.

South Adelaide had plenty of players who put up their hand for nomination in the Team of the Week, starting with Samantha Pratt in the back pocket. She had 18 disposals, two marks, eight tackles, two clearances and six rebounds in the Panthers’ win, while up the other end, Jess Kirk kicked a round-high four goals to go with seven disposals and three contested marks. Through the midfield, Tahlia Meyer was named on a wing after 22 disposals, two marks, three tackles, four inside 50s, two rebounds and a goal, just up from Teah Charlton (26 disposals, six tackles, two clearances, five inside 50s and two rebounds). Rounding out the Panthers’ five is Montana McKinnon who was named on the bench after another strong performance of 14 disposals, seven marks – four contested – three hitouts, two inside 50s and four rebounds.

North Adelaide also remain undefeated in the competition and had four players made the side this week with Kristi Harvey slotting into full-back for the third consecutive week, racking up 15 disposals, five marks and three rebounds in the Roosters’ victory. Up the other end of the ground, last week’s captain, Ashleigh Woodland booted another three goals from five scoring shots to go with 22 touches, seven marks, two tackles, three clearances and two inside 50s. In the forward pocket is Katelyn Pope who had a team-high eight inside 50s as well as 15 disposals, four tackles and a goal, while on the bench due to a stacked starting midfield is Leah Tynan (18 disposals, two marks, six tackles, three clearances and four inside 50s).

Glenelg had its first win of the season on the weekend and were rewarded with three players making the side. Tess Kohn made back-to-back teams, this time in the starting line-up after 13 disposals, five tackles, five clearances and three inside 50s. Captaining the side this week is match-winner and Adelaide AFL Women’s player, Caitlin Gould who was a late inclusion and made the most of it with four goals from eight scoring shots, 18 hitouts, 17 disposals, six marks (two contested), four clearances, two inside 50s and four tackles in the clear dominant performance in Round 3. The other Tiger in the team is Lucy Armitage who made it in after 13 disposals, seven tackles, two clearances and four inside 50s. Their opposition on the day was Central District, with the Bulldogs earning two players in the side – both defenders – with Demi Sonneman named in the back pocket following a 19-disposal, two-mark and six-rebound game, while fellow defender, Kimberley Fry was named on the interchange for her 11 disposals, two marks and four rebounds.

Woodville-West Torrens had three players named in the side as well despite the loss, with a couple of defenders making it in on the half-back line. Amie Blanden and Ashlee Reid both make their debuts in this team following outstanding performances. Blanden had 13 disposals, two marks, three tackles, 10 hitouts, two clearances and two rebounds getting around the ground, while Ashlee Reid finished with 11 disposals, two marks, nine tackles, two inside 50s and five rebounds. Jaimi Tabb was the clear dominant forward in the game, booting three goals from four chances, while having 10 disposals and laying five tackles. Their opponents Sturt only had the two players make it in despite winning in an even team performance. The Double Blues had Georgia Bevan in for the third straight week after 20 disposals, three marks, six tackles, four clearances and three inside 50s, while Isobel Kuiper made the bench following her 18 disposals, five marks, six tackles, four clearances and two inside 50s.

West Adelaide’s three nominees in this week’s team are represented across three areas with Keeley Kustermann returning to the side once again following 12 disposals and six rebounds in defence. A couple of midfielders also make the side with Zoe Venning named vice-captain of this hypothetical squad after a huge game of 26 disposals, six marks (two contested), three clearances, two inside 50s and three rebounds, while Rachelle Martin made the interchange after 16 disposals, four tackles and five clearances. Rounding out the 24-player squad is Norwood who also had two players in the side, Matilda Zander and Leah Cutting. Both players have been in the team this season already, and on the weekend, Zander racked up 18 disposals, eight marks (four contested), three tackles and four inside 50s, while Cutting was named in the ruck once again after 19 hitouts and seven clearances to go with her 11 disposals and six tackles.

There were plenty of players who were on the fringe of forcing their way into the side, and the trio on the cuff of making it in and named as the three emergencies in the team are Glenelg’s Madisyn Freeman, South Adelaide’s Czenya Cavouras and Woodville-West Torrens’ Sophie Zuill. Extending out to the shortlist were defenders, North Adelaide’s Lauren Gauci and South Adelaide’s Emily Brockhurst, Eagles’ forward duo, Stephanie Walker and Kiana Lee, West Adelaide’s Emma Smith and Sturt’s Alex Ballard. Double Blues’ Zoe Prowse and Glenelg’s Soriah Moon were considered for the ruck position as well, while Sturt duo, Jaimee Wittervan and Maya Rigter, Panthers’ Indy Tahau, Norwood’s Jade Halfpenny and Isabel Martin, Central’s Shelby Smith and West Adelaide’s Abbie Ballard were all in consideration for the heavily talented midfield group.


B: Samantha Pratt (SA) – Kristi Harvey (NA) – Demi Sonneman (CD)
HB: Ashlee Reid (WWT) – Amie Blanden (WWT) – Keeley Kustermann (WA)
C: Tahlia Meyer (SA) – Zoe Venning (WA) (vc) – Matilda Zander (NW)
HF: Teah Charlton (SA) – Caitlin Gould (GL) (c) – Ashleigh Woodland (NA)
F: Katelyn Pope (NA) – Jaimi Tabb (WWT) – Jess Kirk (SA)
R: Leah Cutting (NW) – Tessa Kohn (GL) – Georgia Bevan (ST)
INT: Lucy Armitage (GL) – Kimberley Fry (CD) – Isobel Kuiper (ST) – Rachelle Martin (WA) – Montana McKinnon (SA) – Leah Tynan (NA)
EMG: Madisyn Freeman (GL) – Czenya Cavouras (SA) – Sophie Zuill (WWT)


  1. Round 3 was matches between teams in order on the league ladder, tight contests, so to be considered in a team of the week is a great reward for effort. More than 15 disposals was tough for most this round, racking up more than 65 ‘Dreamtime points’ would have you in a state guernsey. If you made the best players for your team, well done.
    For those who weren’t picked in Peter Williams’ selections for this round 3 team of the week, it may seem more important to consider other factors than the obvious. Don’t be disheartened. It is a team game and your team needs you to stay focused, no matter what position you play. It is true the goal kickers, the brilliant stars, some favourites get the hype, the media and rewards but history is full of bewilderment. Most doyens of this game would say the most admired trait is consistancy. No wonder the umpires cop it. Love the game.
    John Leo

  2. Glenelg give Centrals a surprise in the warm up? At 181cm it was hard to hide the obvious return of Caitlin Gould for her 1st game this season. Not seen in the selected teams the 20yo was best on ground with 18 hitouts, 13 kicks, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 4 goals, 4 behinds. That’s 130 dreamtime points! Imagine if she kicked straight? The Gould and Moon combination gives the tigers fans high hopes after the long weekend.
    John Leo

  3. An amazing round of contested footy sees only a few stars of the league established on the statistics leader booards. Excitingly 4 rookies were picked in this extended team of the week. Firstly, Katelyn Pope, 15 disposals with a round high of 8 inside 50’s and a goal looks a real rover. Tessa Kohn (picked 2nd week in a row)and Sophie Zuill 14 disposals, both tied for 2nd most clearances in the league! The youngster Keeley Kustermann’s 7 rebound 50’s, the highest, makes the team twice in her first three weeks! Once they find their feet they could be playing in another position, another team?
    John Leo

  4. Just a comment about all the talk. Surely ‘team of the week’ justly rewards player performance for any particular round. You have the best across the league, there in the statistics. Deserved recognition, a position in this week’s best in the state.
    Dream team points are relevant in a ‘fantasy world’. Six points for a goal? Maybe in soccer? Four points for tackles when 2 tackle one opponent to hold in the ball? Stripping an opponent gets zero, just applause? Every fullback gets points after watching so many behinds kicked? Try working out the points on a few players? Disposals count across the different sites?
    There are considerations to be made, like where there is a tie in disposals, basic factors, which are in the eyes of a coach, well, most coaches!
    Ten disposals at 80% efficiency is a skilled player, maybe a star of the team, rewards will come, BUT, others try their guts out to get the ball in their hands, all game. Eventually a player who gets so many disposals causes an affect. Coaches, talent scouts, opponents will target them. Ideally they become protected by team mates?
    If we are allowing for exceptional performance in round 3, this ‘Team of the Week’ would have 4 stars of the league in four debateable positions on any field. West’s Zoe Venning, 28 disposals, 6 marks, 16 hand balls in a losing side. Could play centre but as 1st rover I think I’d rest her in the forward pocket, a huge tank, doesn’t need a bench. Glenelg’s Caitlin Gould 18 hit outs, 6 marks and 4 goals. This week’s Ruck resting at Full Forward? South’s Teah Charlton, 27 disposals, 7 tackles, 15 handballs. A pressure switch at Half Forward but could play anywhere. North’s Ashleigh Woodland, 22 disposals, 7 marks and 3 goals. Centre Half Forward, a match winner.
    Only 14 others had 16 or more disposals, outstanding and almost all are automatic inclusions. It turns out that 6 players tied with 15 disposals. Again, answered in the statistics, the top 24 and how they got there is the only consideration worth a bit of thought.
    In as much as the stars of the league will dominate their position, most times, I’m sure they would cope in the AFLW, whether in the back pocket or off the bench! The league’s best positional players? It’s all as plain as day by the end of the year. Deservedly more than a ten possession specialist, I’m positive most of the 24 highest disposal go-getters in any ‘team of the week’ can play more than one role and beat any so called balanced team.
    The fans, the commentators, one’s personal opinion, the conjecture over a hypothetical team should go to a panel of selectors at state of origin time. If making the team once rewards one players peak performance isn’t this incentive, the objective?
    Putting it out there, for comment!
    John Leo

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