2020 NAB League Girls – Full Fixture


Round 1:

Saturday, February 29:

Northern Knights vs. Calder Cannons at RMIT Bundoora, 10.15am
Geelong Falcons vs. Gippsland Power at RMIT Bundoora, 12pm
GWV Rebels vs. Sandringham Dragons at City Oval, Ballarat, 11.30am
Bendigo Pioneers vs. Western Jets at QEO, 11.30am

Sunday, March 1:

Dandenong Stingrays vs. Eastern Ranges at Beaconsfield, 11am
Murray Bushrangers vs. Oakleigh Chargers at Wangaratta, 1pm

Round 2:

Saturday, March 7:

Northern Knights vs. Geelong Falcons at RMIT Bundoora, 11.30am
Western Jets vs. Murray Bushrangers at RMIT Bundoora, 1.15pm
Sandringham Dragons vs. Bendigo Pioneers at Highgate Rec Reserve, 12pm
Calder Cannons vs. Dandenong Stingrays at Highgate Rec Reserve, 1.45pm
Tasmania Devils vs. Oakleigh Chargers at North Hobart, TBC

Round 3:

Saturday, March 14:

Northern Knights vs. Dandenong Stingrays at RMIT Bundoora, 11am
GWV Rebels vs. Western Jets at Mars Stadium, 11.30am

Sunday, March 15:

Gippsland Power vs. Sandringham Dragons at Churchill, 11am
Bendigo Pioneers vs. Calder Cannons at Epsom Huntly, 1pm
Eastern Ranges vs. Tasmania Devils at Kilsyth, 1pm

Round 4: 

Saturday, March 21:

Sandringham Dragons vs. Oakleigh Chargers at Trevor Barker Oval, 9.30am
Murray Bushrangers vs. Gippsland Power at Trevor Barker Oval, 11.15am
GWV Rebels vs. Dandenong Stingrays at Mars Stadium, 10.45am
Northern Knights vs. Eastern Ranges at RMIT Bundoora, 11am
Calder Cannons vs. Tasmania Devils at Highgate Rec Reserve, 11am
Geelong Falcons vs. Bendigo Pioneers at Deakin Uni, Geelong, 1.30pm

Round 5:

Saturday, March 28:

Murray Bushrangers vs. Bendigo Pioneers at Deakin Reserve, 11am
Geelong Falcons vs. GWV Rebels at GMHBA Stadium, 12pm
Gippsland Power vs. Dandenong Stingrays at Morwell, 3.30pm

Sunday, March 29:

Oakleigh Chargers vs. Western Jets at Trevor Barker Oval, 9.30am
Eastern Ranges vs. Calder Cannons at Trevor Barker Oval, 11.15am
Sandringham Dragons vs. Tasmania Devils at RSEA Park, 2.15pm

Round 6:

Friday, April 3:

Calder Cannons vs. Western Jets at Highgate Rec Reserve, 6.30pm

Saturday, April 4:

Eastern Ranges vs. Oakleigh Chargers at Kilsyth, 1pm

Sunday, April 5:

Bendigo Pioneers vs. Gippsland Power at Epsom Huntly, 10am
Dandenong Stingrays vs. Geelong Falcons at Epsom Huntly, 11.45am
Murray Bushrangers vs. GWV Rebels at Epsom Huntly, 1.30pm
Tasmania Devils vs. Northern Territory at TBC, 11.15am
Sandringham Dragons vs. Northern Knights at Trevor Barker Oval, 3pm

Round 7:

Saturday, April 18:

Tasmania Devils vs. Bendigo Pioneers at North Hobart, 10am
Gippsland Power vs. Eastern Ranges at Morwell, 11.15am
Murray Bushrangers vs. Calder Cannons at Wangaratta, 12.15pm
Oakleigh Chargers vs. Geelong Falcons at Warrawee Park, 1pm

Sunday, April 19:

GWV Rebels vs. Northern Knights at Mars Stadium, 11.15am
Northern Territory vs. Western Jets at Northern Territory, TBC

Round 8:

Friday, April 24:

Dandenong Stingrays vs. Sandringham Dragons at Shepley Oval, 7.30pm

Saturday, April 25:

Oakleigh Chargers vs. Northern Knights at Warrawee Park, 10.30am
Calder Cannons vs. Geelong Falcons at Highgate Rec Reserve, 12.15pm

Sunday, April 26:

Tasmania Devils vs. Murray Bushrangers at UTAS, 10am
Bendigo Pioneers vs. Northern Territory at QEO, 10.15am
Eastern Ranges vs. Western Jets at Kilsyth, 1pm
Gippsland Power vs. GWV Rebels at Shepley Oval, 3pm

Round 9:

Saturday, May 2:

Dandenong Stingrays vs. SUNS Academy at Shepley Oval, 10.30am
Oakleigh Chargers vs. Lions Academy at Shepley Oval, 12.15pm
Geelong Falcons vs. Eastern Ranges at Deakin Uni, Geelong, 12pm

Sunday, May 3:

Tasmania Devils vs. GWV Rebels at UTAS, 9.30am
Western Jets vs. Sandringham Dragons at Williamstown, 10.30am
Gippsland Power vs. Calder Cannons at Morwell, 11am
Murray Bushrangers vs. Northern Knights at Wangaratta, 12pm

Round 10:

Saturday, May 9:

Geelong Falcons vs. Sandringham Dragons at Werribee, 11am
Western Jets vs. GWV Rebels at Werribee, 12.45pm
Eastern Ranges vs. Murray Bushrangers at Box Hill, 12.15pm

Sunday, May 10:

Tasmania Devils vs. Dandenong Stingrays at Dial Park, Penguin, 9.30am
Gippsland Power vs. Oakleigh Chargers at Morwell, 11.15am
Northern Knights vs. Bendigo Pioneers at Preston, 12.15pm

Week 1 Finals: Saturday, May 16 (Werribee)

SF1: 1st vs. 4th
SF2: 2nd vs. 3rd

Week 2 Finals: Saturday, May 23 (Werribee)

Grand Final: Winner SF1 vs. Winner of SF2

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