2019 Draft Pool

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Riley Baldi

GP Riley Baldi

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Midfielder/Forward
20/02/2001 | 174cm | 78kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A hard working, smart midfielder/forward who knows how to move around stoppages, and also go forward and hit the scoreboard.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Trent Bianco

OC Trent Bianco 2

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Defender
20/01/2001 | 176cm | 70kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An elite user of the ball who makes the right decisions time and time again thanks to high footy IQ, while he has defensive aspects he can build upon to develop a more all-round game.”


Connor Budarick

Allies Connor Budarick

Gold Coast SUNS Academy/Queensland | Utility
06/04/2001 | 175cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Diminutive Gold Coast Academy product Budarick is as clean as they come, able to impact on each line with sharp disposal and heavy defensive pressure.”

DRAFT RANGE: Second-third round*

Ned Cahill

DS Ned Cahill 2

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Small Forward
11/01/2001 | 178cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Cahill provides a rare mix of the flashy and more unheralded traits as a hard-working small forward who is developing his craft further afield.””


Riley Garcia

Pic: Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Swan Districts/Western Australia | Balanced Midfielder
30/01/2001 | 176cm | 70kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A tough and uncompromising midfielder, Garcia has footy smarts and knows how win the ball in close or on the outside.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Liam Henry

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Claremont/Western Australia | Midfielder/Forward
28/08/2001 | 179cm | 67kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An extremely talented mid/forward with class and skill, Henry just has to spend time in the gym to cope against the stronger AFL bodies.””


Jack Mahony

Jack Mahony

Sandringham Dragons | Small Midfielder/Forward
12/11/2001 | 177cm | 71kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: ““Possessing smarts and ball winning ability, Mahony has long been touted as one of the leading small midfielders in this year’s crop.”


Mitch O'Neill

Allies Mitch O'Neill

Tasmania Devils/Allies | Small Utility
21/02/2001 | 176cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A skilful ball user off half-back or through the midfield, O’Neill is still lightly built and needs a clean run injury-free.”


Kysaiah Pickett

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Small Forward
02/06/2001 | 170cm | 67kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An electric player capable of almost anything on the filed either in the air, or around goal, the player with the most X factor in the draft.”


Malcolm Rosas Jr

NT Malcolm Rosas Jr

Northern Territory/Allies | Mid/Fwd
27/06/2001 | 175cm | 70kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Rosas is as classy as they come on the ball, lighting up the forward half with his pace and poise in front of goal.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie*

Caleb Serong

GP Caleb Serong 3

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Midfielder/Forward
09/02/2001 | 178cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “One of the most well-rounded draft prospects, Serong ticks plenty of boxes across multiple roles and is as consistent as they come with a high level of competitiveness.”


Cody Weightman

DS Cody Weightman

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Forward
15/01/2001 | 177cm | 73kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An electric small forward who kicks goals in bags and can take high marks, Weightman’s outstanding National Championships propelled him up draft boards into first round contention.”


Lachlan Ash

Lachlan Ash MB

Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country | Defender
21/06/2001 | 186cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A natural-born leader with elite kicking abilities, Ash makes the right decisions with ball-in-hand and is a damaging player coming off half-back.”


Louis Butler

Louis Butler 2

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Defender
25/04/2001 | 183cm | 74kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “One of the better rebounders in this year’s crop, Butler is a competitive half-back flanker with sharp kicking and great tenacity.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third-fourth round

Darcy Cassar

WJ Darcy Cassar

Western Jets/Vic Metro | Utility
31/07/2001 | 184cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Having been tried across every line over three years, Cassar has solidified his status as one of the more effective outside accumulators in this year’s crop.”

DRAFT RANGE: Second-third round

Jesse Clark

GF Jesse Clark

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Defender
23/02/2001 | 188cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A consistent leader who plays the half-back role perfectly, Clark is a natural footballer who uses the ball well and just has to continue developing his athleticism and versatility.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Will Day

SA Will Day

West Adelaide/South Australia | Defender
06/05/2001 | 187cm | 70kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Will Day is a lightly-framed but skillful rebounding defender with all-round athleticism and a high upside.”


Ben Johnson

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

West Perth/Western Australia | Defender
06/03/2001 | 180cm | 65kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A potential smoky based on his athletic traits and penetrating kick, Johnson just needs a year in the gym to build both strength and endurance to be a more rounded player.”


Oscar Lewis

Oscar Lewis 2

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Defender
13/08/2001 | 189cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Lewis is a dashing wingman/defender who likes to run and carry and create with his left boot who can run all day with his elite endurance”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Jaxson Prior

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

West Perth/Western Australia | Medium Defender
04/06/2001 | 189cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented half-back with good size and rebounding ability, Prior has to improve his physicality and defensive pressure in the next phase of his career.”


Trent Rivers

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Midfielder/Defender
30/07/2001 | 188cm | 85kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Rivers is a big-bodied midfielder who oozes class and leadership.”


Brock Smith

GP Brock Smith

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Defender
13/03/2001 | 188cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A reliable defender who loves a niggle and is hard to beat one-on-one due to his positioning and strength overhead.”


Ryan Sturgess

NK Ryan Sturgess 4

Northern Knights/Vic Metro | Defender/Forward
16/11/2001 | 189cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Capable of making an impact in multiple roles, Sturgess is a reliable prospect with the eye-catching element of high marking.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Hayden Young

DS Hayden Young 3

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Defender
11/04/2001 | 188cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Arguably the best kick in this year’s draft pool, Young is a damaging half-back with great intercept marking and scope to move into the midfield.”


Miles Bergman

SD Miles Bergman

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Mid/Forward
18/010/2001 | 188cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A first round bolter, Bergman could land as a top 10 selection on the back of his enormous upside and eye-catching traits.”


Noah Cumberland

Allies Noah Cumberland 2

Brisbane Lions Academy/Allies | Forward
15/03/2001 | 183cm | 79kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Aggressive both with and without the ball, Cumberland is a midfielder/forward with a terrific mix of inside and outside traits.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Sam Flanders

GP Sam Flanders 2

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Mid/Forward
24/06/2001 | 182cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An explosive mid-forward with clean hands and a high X-factor, Flanders just has to build his consistency throughout matches to take his game to the next level.”


Josh Honey

WJ Josh Honey

Western Jets/Vic Metro | Mid/Forward
17/10/2001 | 184cm | 85kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A superb athlete, Honey has a high hurt factor when he is up and about, and just needs to build his consistency both by foot and as a whole within matches to take his game to the next level.”

DRAFT RANGE: Mid-late draft

Jai Jackson

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Medium Forward
25/04/2001 | 185cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Jackson is a big-bodied inside midfielder who has the capability to push forward where he can be a threat.”


Josh Morris

SA Josh Morris

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Medium Forward
07/11/2001 | 186cm | 76kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A fast leading, and dangerous forward who consistently hits the scoreboard.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Callum Park

SA Callum Park 3

Glenelg/South Australia | Medium Forward
19/01/2001 | 189cm | 69kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A player with some nice outside traits and superb marking ability, Park is looking to build up his strength and endurance to compete against bigger bodies.”


Fraser Phillips

GP Fraser Phillips

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Medium Forward
15/05/2001 | 187cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An incredibly talented forward with high upside, Phillips has great attributes to take to the elite level, and now just needs to piece the rest of his game together.”


Cameron Taheny

SA Cameron Taheny 3

Norwood/South Australia | Medium Forward
03/08/2001 | 185cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Cameron Taheny is a crafty medium forward, with superb marking skills and many traits to impact straight into the AFL level.”


Elijah Taylor

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Perth/Western Australia | Medium Forward
01/05/2001 | 188cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Taylor is a medium-sized forward who is raw, but has plenty of X-factor”


Dylan Williams

OC Dylan Williams ?

Oakleigh Chargers | Medium Forward
01/07/2001 | 185cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “”A damaging small forward at his best, Williams has all the hallmarks of being a serious player at the elite level if he can build his consistency and up his defensive pressure.”


Lachlan Williams

DS Lachlan Williams

Dandenong Stingrays | Utility
12/09/2001 | 184cm | 79kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented utility with high upside, Williams can beat opponents in the air or at ground level, but still has to build a tank and work on his four quarter consistency.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Noah Anderson

Noah Anderson OC3

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Forward
17/02/2001 | 190cm | 87kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Anderson is a complete prospect who has the ability to tear games apart with his presence inside 50 and around the ball.”


Darcy Chirgwin

SD Darcy Chirgwin

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder
25/07/2001 | 191cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A big-bodied inside midfielder, Chirgwin had no problems overcoming a long-term injury by racking up an average of 24.7 disposals per game to go with his eight tackles and five clearances, with just his outside game to develop in order to match his inside talents.”


Thomson Dow

BP Thomson Dow

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country | Midfielder/Forward
16/10/2001 | 183cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Dow is an athletically gifted midfielder with great inside-ball winning abilities and can hit the scoreboard.”


Tom Green

Allies Tom Green 2

GWS GIANTS Academy/Allies | Inside Midfielder
23/01/2001 | 188cm | 85kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “The premier pure inside midfielder in the draft crop, Green is an elite accumulator, contested ball and clearance winner.”


Brodie Kemp

VC Brodie Kemp 3

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country | Utility
01/05/2001 | 192cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Bendigo’s leading prospect, Kemp can play multiple roles and proved a game winner this year.”


Finn Maginness

SD Finn Maginness

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Inside Midfielder
23/02/2001 | 187cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A hard working big-bodied midfielder who is excellent at winning his own ball and feeding it out but, also covers the ground well with his elite endurance.”


Ronin O'Connor

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Claremont/Western Australia | Inside Midfielder
02/01/2001 | 191cm | 85kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A consistent inside midfielder who is a natural born leader with improvement to come in his outside game and scoreboard impact.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Sam Philp

NK Sam Philp 3

Northern Knights/Vic Metro | Inside Midfielder
04/08/2001 | 185cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Philp is an inside bull whose stocks have risen steeply on the back of irresistible form and an athletic base which saw him earn a National Combine invite.”

DRAFT RANGE: Second-third round onwards

Jay Rantall

GWV Jay Rantall

GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder
10/06/2001 | 184cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An elite gut-runner, Rantall racks up the ball and does it defensively as well, as the raw talent will look to build on his technical skill going forward.”


Deven Robertson

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Perth/Western Australia | Inside Midfielder
30/06/2001 | 184cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Robertson is a natural leader who thrives on the contested side of the game similar to how Richmond’s Trent Cotchin goes about his business.”


Matt Rowell

OC Matt Rowell 2

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Inside Midfielder
01/07/2001 | 178cm | 75kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Rowell is the standout prospect in this year’s draft and is all but signed, sealed and delivered to the Gold Coast with Pick 1.”


Harry Schoenberg

SA Harry Schoenberg

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Inside Midfielder
21/02/2001 | 182cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong and hard working inside midfielder who is a classy ball user, who excels in clearance work and is a high possession winner.”


Cooper Stephens


Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder
17/01/2001 | 188cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A tough leader who thrives on the contested ball who will look to build his outside influence within games.”


Chad Warner

Chad Warner

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Inside Midfielder
19/05/2001 | 181cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A hard-working medium-sized midfielder who thrives on the contested side of the game.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third-fourth round

Ryan Byrnes

SD Ryan Byrnes

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Balanced Midfielder
03/05/2001 | 181cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “As consistent as they come, Byrnes is a hard-nosed and tireless small midfielder made of leadership material.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Will Martyn

Allies Will Martyn

Brisbane Lions Academy/Allies | Outside Midfielder
29/03/2001 | 185cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “The Brisbane Academy skipper proved his worth as an accumulator who works hard around the ground, with room to improve in his disposal and overall impact.”


Jackson Mead

SA Jackson Mead 2

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Balanced Midfielder
30/09/2001 | 183cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong, smart balanced midfielder who consistently wins his own footy and uses it effectively for his team.”


Daniel Mott

CC Daniel Mott

Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Balanced Midfielder
01/05/2001 | 183cm | 76kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A classy and consistent midfielder able to win his own ball, but also find it on the outside where he can cause the most damage.”


Flynn Perez

Pic: Bendigo Advertiser

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country | Outside Midfielder
25/08/2001 | 188cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A developing talent with some draftable qualities such as his vertical leap and class, Perez missed all of 2019 with an ACL injury, and will hope he has done enough in his bottom-age year to earn a spot on a club’s list.”


Hugo Ralphsmith

SD Hugo Ralphsmith

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Forward
09/11/2001 | 186cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented forward who oozes X-factor, Ralphsmith causes headaches in the air and at ground level with his fantastic leap and line breaking speed.”


Brady Rowles

BP Brady Rowles

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country | Midfielder/Defender
10/07/2001 | 186cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw prospect who has great footy smarts, acceleration and a high vertical leap that needs to build a greater defensive game with a focus on contested work.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Jeremy Sharp

Pic: Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Midfielder/Defender
13/08/2001 | 187cm | 79kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Sharp is one of the better outside midfielders in this year’s AFL Draft pool, often using his skills and athleticism to break the lines.”


Josh Shute

SA Josh Shute 2

Sturt/South Australia | Outside Midfielder
28/03/2001 | 187cm | 73kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Shute is a classy, hard working wingman with high production and clean foot skills.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Dylan Stephens

SA Dylan Stephens 2

Norwood/South Australia | Outside Midfielder
08/01/2001 | 183cm | 69kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A ready-made midfielder with the potential to impact immediately thanks to his endurance and ball-winning abilities.”


Isaac Wareham

Isaac Wareham 2

GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Outside Midfielder
24/12/2001 | 187cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw prospect with skills and good decision making abilities, Wareham is one who has plenty of upside, as well as improvements going forward.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Sam De Koning

DS Sam De Koning

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Key Position Utility
26/02/2001 | 201cm | 86kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw and versatile key position player, De Koning shone on the big stage this year to join the leading pack in a draft short of tall options.”


Karl Finlay

SA Karl Finlay 3

North Adelaide/South Australia | Tall Defender
14/07/2001 | 192cm | 88kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Karl Finlay is a potent defensive weapon, with the intercept marking ability to create real drive out of the backline.”


Will Gould

SA Will Gould 3

Glenelg/South Australia | Tall Defender
14/01/2001 | 191cm | 98kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Will Gould is a no-fuss, clean kicking key defender possessing all the required traits to slot straight in at AFL level.”


Dyson Hilder

SA Dyson Hilder 3

North Adelaide/South Australia | Key Defender
31/03/2001 | 196cm | 91kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Hilder is a poised, composed key defender with outstanding ability to read the play and coordinate the rebound.”


Fischer McAsey

SD Fischer McAsey

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Key Position Utility
08/03/2001 | 197cm | 91kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “The standout key position player in the draft, McAsey has shown great promise at both ends of the ground with his contested and intercept marking and looks set to be the first key position player drafted.”


Jake Pasini

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Swan Districts/Western Australia | Key Defender
06/02/2001 | 193cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A consistent and reliable defender who has played at all three levels of WAFL this season, and has worked hard on improving aspects of his game.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Trey Ruscoe

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Tall Defender
03/11/2001 | 190cm | 90kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Ruscoe is a utility who can play anywhere on the ground, due to his marking ability and his skill execution.”


Josh Worrell

Joshua Worrell

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Key Defender
11/04/2001 | 195cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Worrell is the archetypical modern footballer; well skilled, and able to impact up either end both in the air and at ground level.”


Jack Bell

SD Jack Bell

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Forward/Ruck
26/01/2001 | 202cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw but talented tall, Bell plays the second ruck/forward role perfectly, and is strong with a nice vertical leap and contested marking ability, though he must build up a tank and some consistency to take his game to the next level.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Nick Bryan

OC Nick Bryan

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Ruck
22/10/2001 | 202cm | 87kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A developing ruck who has terrific athleticism and a high ceiling, Bryan just needs to build his consistency and have more of a presence around the ground to further build his game.”


Charlie Comben

GP Charlie Comben 2

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Forward/Ruck
20/07/2001 | 199cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A contested marking forward and ruck, with a nice vertical leap who backs up his good work at ground level.”


Liam Delahunty

Allies Liam Delahunty

GWS GIANTS/Allies | Forward/Defender
13/02/2001 | 192cm | 90kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented 192cm utility with elite speed, great vertical leap and sticky hands who uses the ball well, and now needs to develop further consistency within games and greater presence at ground level.”

DRAFT RANGE: Mid-draft

Mitch Georgiades

WA Mitch Georgiades

Subiaco/Western Australia | Tall Forward
28/09/2001 | 192cm | 87kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw tall forward with excellent athletic traits, Georgiades is a smart footballer who knows how to impose himself on games.”


Luke Jackson

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Ruck
29/09/2001 | 198cm | 94kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “The premier ruckman in this year’s AFL Draft pool, Jackson is one of the players in this year’s Draft Pool whose upside is quite tantalising.”


Callum Jamieson

Pic: Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Claremont/Western Australia | Ruck/Forward
31/07/2000 | 200cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A mobile, competitive ruck/forward who manages to have an impact all around the ground, and once he builds greater strength, can compete against stronger bodies.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Emerson Jeka

WJ Emerson Jeka

Western Jets/Vic Metro | Key Forward/Defender
18/09/2001 | 197cm | 89kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Jeka is a versatile key position player who is a terrific contested mark and will look to build on his consistency and adding more aggression to his game going forward.”

DRAFT RANGE: Mid-late draft

Harrison Jones

CC Harrison Jones

Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Key Position Utility
25/02/2001 | 194cm | 75kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An athletic and developing player who can play in a range of positions because of his height and leap and has shown great dedication to any role he plays.”


Cooper Sharman

OC Cooper Sharman 3

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Tall Forward
25/07/2000 | 192cm | 79kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A smart and reliable goalkicking forward, Sharman has developed quickly over a short space of time, but still has a long way to go and will look to build his endurance and defensive pressure at the next level.”


* Indicates player is eligible for the Gold Coast SUNS Academy and therefore can bypass the regular bidding process and be taken at the end of either National or Rookie Draft.