Small Midfielders/Defenders/Forwards

Riley Baldi

GP Riley Baldi

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Midfielder/Forward
20/02/2001 | 174cm | 78kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A hard working, smart midfielder/forward who knows how to move around stoppages, and also go forward and hit the scoreboard.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Trent Bianco

OC Trent Bianco 2

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Defender
20/01/2001 | 176cm | 70kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An elite user of the ball who makes the right decisions time and time again thanks to high footy IQ, while he has defensive aspects he can build upon to develop a more all-round game.”


Connor Budarick

Allies Connor Budarick

Gold Coast SUNS Academy/Queensland | Utility
06/04/2001 | 175cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Diminutive Gold Coast Academy product Budarick is as clean as they come, able to impact on each line with sharp disposal and heavy defensive pressure.”

DRAFT RANGE: Second-third round*

Ned Cahill

DS Ned Cahill 2

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Small Forward
11/01/2001 | 178cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Cahill provides a rare mix of the flashy and more unheralded traits as a hard-working small forward who is developing his craft further afield.””


Riley Garcia

Pic: Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Swan Districts/Western Australia | Midfielder
30/01/2001 | 176cm | 70kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A tough and uncompromising midfielder, Garcia has footy smarts and knows how win the ball in close or on the outside.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Liam Henry

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Claremont/Western Australia | Midfielder/Forward
28/08/2001 | 179cm | 67kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An extremely talented mid/forward with class and skill, Henry just has to spend time in the gym to cope against the stronger AFL bodies.””


Jack Mahony

Jack Mahony

Sandringham Dragons | Small Midfielder/Forward
12/11/2001 | 177cm | 71kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: ““Possessing smarts and ball winning ability, Mahony has long been touted as one of the leading small midfielders in this year’s crop.”


Mitch O'Neill

Allies Mitch O'Neill

Tasmania Devils/Allies | Small Utility
21/02/2001 | 176cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A skilful ball user off half-back or through the midfield, O’Neill is still lightly built and needs a clean run injury-free.”


Kysaiah Pickett

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Small Forward
02/06/2001 | 170cm | 67kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An electric player capable of almost anything on the filed either in the air, or around goal, the player with the most X factor in the draft.”


Malcolm Rosas Jr

NT Malcolm Rosas Jr

Northern Territory/Allies | Mid/Fwd
27/06/2001 | 175cm | 70kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Rosas is as classy as they come on the ball, lighting up the forward half with his pace and poise in front of goal.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie*

Caleb Serong

GP Caleb Serong 3

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Midfielder/Forward
09/02/2001 | 178cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “One of the most well-rounded draft prospects, Serong ticks plenty of boxes across multiple roles and is as consistent as they come with a high level of competitiveness.”


Cody Weightman

DS Cody Weightman

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Forward
15/01/2001 | 177cm | 73kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An electric small forward who kicks goals in bags and can take high marks, Weightman’s outstanding National Championships propelled him up draft boards into first round contention.”


* Indicates player is eligible for the Gold Coast SUNS Academy and therefore can bypass the regular bidding process and be taken at the end of either National or Rookie Draft.