Medium Forwards

Miles Bergman

SD Miles Bergman

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Mid/Forward
18/010/2001 | 188cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A first round bolter, Bergman could land as a top 10 selection on the back of his enormous upside and eye-catching traits.”


Noah Cumberland

Allies Noah Cumberland 2

Brisbane Lions Academy/Allies | Forward
15/03/2001 | 183cm | 79kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Aggressive both with and without the ball, Cumberland is a midfielder/forward with a terrific mix of inside and outside traits.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Sam Flanders

GP Sam Flanders 2

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Mid/Forward
24/06/2001 | 182cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An explosive mid-forward with clean hands and a high X-factor, Flanders just has to build his consistency throughout matches to take his game to the next level.”


Josh Honey

WJ Josh Honey

Western Jets/Vic Metro | Mid/Forward
17/10/2001 | 184cm | 85kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A superb athlete, Honey has a high hurt factor when he is up and about, and just needs to build his consistency both by foot and as a whole within matches to take his game to the next level.”

DRAFT RANGE: Mid-late draft

Jai Jackson

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Medium Forward
25/04/2001 | 185cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Jackson is a big-bodied inside midfielder who has the capability to push forward where he can be a threat.”


Josh Morris

SA Josh Morris

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Medium Forward
07/11/2001 | 186cm | 76kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A fast leading, and dangerous forward who consistently hits the scoreboard.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Callum Park

SA Callum Park 3

Glenelg/South Australia | Medium Forward
19/01/2001 | 189cm | 69kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A player with some nice outside traits and superb marking ability, Park is looking to build up his strength and endurance to compete against bigger bodies.”


Fraser Phillips

GP Fraser Phillips

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Medium Forward
15/05/2001 | 187cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An incredibly talented forward with high upside, Phillips has great attributes to take to the elite level, and now just needs to piece the rest of his game together.”


Cameron Taheny

SA Cameron Taheny 3

Norwood/South Australia | Medium Forward
03/08/2001 | 185cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Cameron Taheny is a crafty medium forward, with superb marking skills and many traits to impact straight into the AFL level.”


Elijah Taylor

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

Perth/Western Australia | Medium Forward
01/05/2001 | 188cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Taylor is a medium-sized forward who is raw, but has plenty of X-factor”


Dylan Williams

OC Dylan Williams ?

Oakleigh Chargers | Forward
01/07/2001 | 185cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “”A damaging small forward at his best, Williams has all the hallmarks of being a serious player at the elite level if he can build his consistency and up his defensive pressure.”


Lachlan Williams

DS Lachlan Williams

Dandenong Stingrays | Utility
12/09/2001 | 184cm | 79kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented utility with high upside, Williams can beat opponents in the air or at ground level, but still has to build a tank and work on his four quarter consistency.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie