Medium Defenders

Lachlan Ash

Lachlan Ash MB

Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country | Defender
21/06/2001 | 186cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A natural-born leader with elite kicking abilities, Ash makes the right decisions with ball-in-hand and is a damaging player coming off half-back.”


Louis Butler

Louis Butler 2

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Defender
25/04/2001 | 183cm | 74kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “One of the better rebounders in this year’s crop, Butler is a competitive half-back flanker with sharp kicking and great tenacity.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third-fourth round

Darcy Cassar

WJ Darcy Cassar

Western Jets/Vic Metro | Utility
31/07/2001 | 184cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Having been tried across every line over three years, Cassar has solidified his status as one of the more effective outside accumulators in this year’s crop.”

DRAFT RANGE: Second-third round

Jesse Clark

GF Jesse Clark

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Defender
23/02/2001 | 188cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A consistent leader who plays the half-back role perfectly, Clark is a natural footballer who uses the ball well and just has to continue developing his athleticism and versatility.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Will Day

SA Will Day

West Adelaide/South Australia | Defender
06/05/2001 | 187cm | 70kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Will Day is a lightly-framed but skillful rebounding defender with all-round athleticism and a high upside.”


Ben Johnson

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

West Perth/Western Australia | Defender
06/03/2001 | 180cm | 65kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A potential smoky based on his athletic traits and penetrating kick, Johnson just needs a year in the gym to build both strength and endurance to be a more rounded player.”


Oscar Lewis

Oscar Lewis 2

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Defender
13/08/2001 | 189cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Lewis is a dashing wingman/defender who likes to run and carry and create with his left boot who can run all day with his elite endurance”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Jaxon Prior

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

West Perth/Western Australia | Medium Defender
04/06/2001 | 189cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented half-back with good size and rebounding ability, Prior has to improve his physicality and defensive pressure in the next phase of his career.”


Trent Rivers

Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Midfielder/Defender
30/07/2001 | 188cm | 85kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Rivers is a big-bodied midfielder who oozes class and leadership.”


Brock Smith

GP Brock Smith

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Defender
13/03/2001 | 188cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A reliable defender who loves a niggle and is hard to beat one-on-one due to his positioning and strength overhead.”


Ryan Sturgess

NK Ryan Sturgess 4

Northern Knights/Vic Metro | Defender/Forward
16/11/2001 | 189cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Capable of making an impact in multiple roles, Sturgess is a reliable prospect with the eye-catching element of high marking.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Hayden Young

DS Hayden Young 3

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Defender
11/04/2001 | 188cm | 82kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Arguably the best kick in this year’s draft pool, Young is a damaging half-back with great intercept marking and scope to move into the midfield.”