Balanced/Outside Midfielders

Ryan Byrnes

SD Ryan Byrnes

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Balanced Midfielder
03/05/2001 | 181cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “As consistent as they come, Byrnes is a hard-nosed and tireless small midfielder made of leadership material.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Will Martyn

Allies Will Martyn

Brisbane Lions Academy/Allies | Outside Midfielder
29/03/2001 | 185cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “The Brisbane Academy skipper proved his worth as an accumulator who works hard around the ground, with room to improve in his disposal and overall impact.”


Jackson Mead

SA Jackson Mead 2

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Balanced Midfielder
30/09/2001 | 183cm | 83kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong, smart balanced midfielder who consistently wins his own footy and uses it effectively for his team.”


Daniel Mott

CC Daniel Mott

Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Balanced Midfielder
01/05/2001 | 183cm | 76kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A classy and consistent midfielder able to win his own ball, but also find it on the outside where he can cause the most damage.”


Flynn Perez

Pic: Bendigo Advertiser

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country | Outside Midfielder
25/08/2001 | 188cm | 81kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A developing talent with some draftable qualities such as his vertical leap and class, Perez missed all of 2019 with an ACL injury, and will hope he has done enough in his bottom-age year to earn a spot on a club’s list.”


Hugo Ralphsmith

SD Hugo Ralphsmith

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Forward
09/11/2001 | 186cm | 77kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented forward who oozes X-factor, Ralphsmith causes headaches in the air and at ground level with his fantastic leap and line breaking speed.”


Brady Rowles

BP Brady Rowles

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country | Midfielder/Defender
10/07/2001 | 186cm | 72kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw prospect who has great footy smarts, acceleration and a high vertical leap that needs to build a greater defensive game with a focus on contested work.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Jeremy Sharp

Pic: Michael Farnell - Sports Imagery Australia

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Midfielder/Defender
13/08/2001 | 187cm | 79kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Sharp is one of the better outside midfielders in this year’s AFL Draft pool, often using his skills and athleticism to break the lines.”


Josh Shute

SA Josh Shute 2

Sturt/South Australia | Outside Midfielder
28/03/2001 | 187cm | 73kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Shute is a classy, hard working wingman with high production and clean foot skills.”

DRAFT RANGE: Third round onwards

Dylan Stephens

SA Dylan Stephens 2

Norwood/South Australia | Outside Midfielder
08/01/2001 | 183cm | 69kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A ready-made midfielder with the potential to impact immediately thanks to his endurance and ball-winning abilities.”


Isaac Wareham

Isaac Wareham 2

GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Outside Midfielder
24/12/2001 | 187cm | 80kg

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw prospect with skills and good decision making abilities, Wareham is one who has plenty of upside, as well as improvements going forward.”

DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie