TSL Women’s weekly wrap: Round 17

TO ensure even fixturing throughout the season, just the one match was played on the penultimate weekend, with Glenorchy getting an easy win over Tigers to lock up the minor premiership with a round to spare.

TIGERS 1.0 | 1.0 | 1.0 | 1.0 (6)
GLENORCHY 2.2 | 4.8 | 10.10 | 13.14 (92)


Tigers: B. McDonald.
Glenorchy: N. Lynch 4, J. Tate Turvey 2, M. Sutcliffe 2, T. Corrie 2, S. Eaton 2, R. Siely.


Tigers: O. McKee, S. Grimsey, T. Roxann , C. Brooke, L. Reid, B. McDonald
Glenorchy: S. Skinner, H. Smith, H. Ryan, N. Lynch, T. Corrie, J. Tate Turvey

Glenorchy flexed its muscles against Tigers in the standalone game for Round 17. To Tigers’ credit, the home side pushed the minor premiers in the first term to head into the first break just eight points down. The effort was well and truly there in the second term, despite not hitting the scoreboard. They restricted the Magpies to just 2.6 and were still within reach at the main break, just 26 points down. Unfortunately for the home side, their hopes of an upset was soon squashed when Glenorchy showed why they were the team to beat in this year’s competition, slamming home 6.2 and holding Tigers scoreless for the second consecutive quarter. The underdogs restricted the Magpies to three goals in the final term, but once again could not hit the scoreboard themselves, going down by 86 points.

Nietta Lynch booted four goals for the winners, but she was not alone, with Jasmine Tate Turvey, Thomasa Corrie, Macklyn Sutcliffe and Sandy Eaton all slotting multiple goals. Sarah Skinner, Hannah Smith and Holly Ryan were named as the Magpies’ top players, along withe goal kickers, while Rachael Siely also scored a goal. For Tigers, it was Brianna McDonald who got on the board for the home team early, while Olivia McKee, Samantha Grimsey and Tyler Roxann were voted as the best in the loss. The Tigers’ regular season is over now with a bye in the final round, while Glenorchy will face Clarence ahead of finals. Tigers will play finals providing the bottom of the table Burnie do not upset Launceston in the final round.

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