TSL Women’s weekly wrap: Round 16

CLARENCE and Launceston continued their remarkable seasons in the Tasmanian State League (TSL) with big wins over the weekend. Clarence smashed the Tigers by 130 points while Launceston won by 94 points against Burnie.


CLARENCE FOOTBALL CLUB 5.1 | 8.4 | 13.7 | 20.10 (130)
TIGERS FOOTBALL CLUB 0.0 | 0.0 | 0.0 | 0.0 (0)


Clarence: M. Smith 5, D. Elliston 3, H. Scott 3, S. Pennicott 2, J. Limbrick 2, J. Minifie, B. Goward, N. Garlo, J. Farrow, T. Ford.
Tigers: Nil.


Clarence: J. Limbrick, G. Pennicott, M. Smith, S. Hinks, J. Minifie, C. Wells
Tigers: M. Neal, H. Squires, T. Roxann, L. Reid, S. Grimsey, C. Brooke

After opening up a 52-point margin at quarter time, the Roos simply put their foot on the accelerator in the second half. They kicked 12.6 in two quarters while also managing to keep the Tigers scoreless for the entire game. Maddison Smith was the highlight up forward with five majors, taking her season tally to 23 goals from seven games, which is just four goals off the leader, Nietta Lynch from the Magpies. Smith was complemented by Darcy Elliston and Hannah Scott, who both kicked three majors, while Sophie Pennicott kicked two. Second-placed leading goal kicker, Jacinta Limbrick kicked just the one goal but was still named best-on-ground for Clarence. Tasmania Under 18 representatives, Netty Garlo and Jenna Farrow also kicked majors in the massive win. Fellow state representatives, Chloe Wells and Jessica Minifie also contributed well with both being named in the best, while Minifie also got on the board with a goal. For the Tigers, Marla Neal, Hannah Squires, Tyler Roxann, Liarna Reid, Samantha Grimsey and Cara Brooke were the standouts.


BURNIE FOOTBALL CLUB 0.0 | 0.1 | 0.1 | 0.1 (1)
LAUNCESTON FOOTBALL CLUB 3.1 | 9.1 | 13.2 | 15.5 (95)


Burnie: Nil.
Launceston: B. Rattray 5, M. Binns 2, A. Dickson 2, M. Radford 2, C. Taylor, N. Ristrom, D. Taylor, G. Hill.


Burnie: E. Doig, L. Stevenson, E. Duncombe, S. Aitken, L. Wijesingha-Frohmader, S. Rodman
Launceston: B. Rattray, M. King, M. Binns, A. Dickson, M. Radford, C. Taylor

Launceston’s accurate kicking was the key to a big winning margin in this game. After kicking 3.1 in the first quarter, the Blues piled on six unanswered goals in the second term to open up a 54-point margin at half time. The behinds were slim in the second half as well, with the away side kicking 9.4 to claim a 94-point win. Brie Rattray was the star up forward with five majors while Mikayla Binns, Angela Dickson and Meg Radford each kicked two. Radford, who is a Tasmanian Under 18 representative, has now kicked 11 goals from five games. Fellow Under 18s representatives, Camilla Taylor and Georgia Hill also got on the board with a major, and Taylor was also named in the best, along with Radford. Rattray was named best-on-ground with that five-goal performance, and was complemented by Eastern Allies player, Mia King, who was the only Tasmanian representative in the 48-player AFL Women’s Under 18 All-Australian squad this year. King came up against fellow Tasmanian representative, Lauren Stevenson in this game, who was named second best in Burnie’s loss. Emily Doig was judged best afield. Emily Duncombe, Shelby Aitken, Lila Wijesingha-Frohmader and Shaeli Rodman were the other impressive players for the Dockers. Tasmanian Under-18 representative, Samantha Langmaid also featured in the loss.

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