Prespakis the game-changer in Metro’s U18 victory

TWO goals in two minutes from Vic Metro captain, Maddy Prespakis opened the floodgates for her side to run away with that exact game-changing margin. Prespakis had been playing in the midfield in the first half but shifted her classy ball-use to the forward line, using her long kicks and strong hands to put the game away in an instant for Vic Metro.

The Sunbury Lions product was complemented by her Cannons teammate, Georgia Patrikios, who was agile across the ground. Her signature side-step was a highlight of her game, and she used it to effect to weave her way out of trouble.

Oakleigh midfielder, Katie Lynch also had an outstanding day, presenting well to the footy at every opportunity she could. Lynch displayed strong hands throughout the contest and used her long kick to penetrate the ball forward. Chargers teammate, Daisy Bateman was also a solid performer, getting a goal on the board in the third quarter. Up the other end, Georgia Macpherson was superb late in the game, marking everything directed at her as Country attacked.

In the middle of the ground, it was Sandringham products, Abbie McKay and Eleanor Brown who stood out on the day. McKay ran hard throughout the match, laying strong tackles on opponents and demonstrating clean hands to get the ball forward for Metro. Teammate, Brown improved as the game went on with her strong hands and clever one percenters that allowed her to pounce on the ball.

To begin the match, Vic Country’s Tyla Hanks was running with Metro’s Prespakis in an intriguing match-up. Hanks then started to come into her own as the game went on, as she ran hard on the outside to penetrate the ball forward for her side. Fellow Gippsland co-captain, Amy Dunn was on the end of such forward movement, as she produced the highlight of the day through kicking a goal from the boundary line.

Vic Country captain, Jordyn Allen had a superb game, never giving up on the day. She worked hard throughout the match, taking some great intercept marks and making good decisions with the ball in hand.

Geelong Falcons premiership captain, Lucy McEvoy looked right at home at GMHBA Stadium, shining for her side early in the contest. She took some great marks, laid some strong tackles and even had a stint in the forward line in what was a great all-round game for her. Murray Bushrangers star Bec Webster showed off her versatility at both ends in a solid performance, while Julia Harvey threatened to take the game by storm early, just missing a couple of shots, but constantly putting pressure on the opposition.

The match was good preparation for both sides, who take off to the Gold Coast for Series Two of the National AFLW U18 Championships. Vic Country will be taking on Queensland while Metro will go head-to-head against Western Australia on Monday, July 9 in what will be a series of three matches for the teams across five days.


VIC METRO 1.3 | 1.4 | 4.5 | 4.5 (29)
VIC COUNTRY 1.0 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 2.5 (17)


Metro: Maddy Prespakis 2, Abbie McKay, Daisy Bateman.
Country: Amy Dunn, Olivia Purcell.


Metro: Maddy Prespakis, Georgia Macpherson, Katie Lynch, Abbie McKay, Georgia Patrikios, Eleanor Brown, Emerson Woods.
Country: Jordyn Allen, Lucy McEvoy, Tyla Hanks, Rene Caris,Nina Morrison, Olivia Purcell, Bec Webster, Julia Harvey.

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