Sturgess hitting the mark with top efficiency

NORTHERN Knights’ Ryan Sturgess is hitting the mark as a bottom-ager in the TAC Cup competition. The 187cm young defender is the most efficient kick from all players with 50 or more kicks thus far this season. Sturgess has played the six games, averaging 19.3 disposals and four rebounds. Of his 70 kicks, 57 were deemed as effective, with just six ineffective and seven clangers.

Following Sturgess is Western Jets’ defender and AFL Academy member Buku Khamis, who has had 57 kicks with a kicking efficiency of 80.7 per cent. Oakleigh Chargers’ midfielder Lachlan Bugeja only just reached the 50-kick minimum with his fifth game on the weekend, and is the only other player to reach the mark and hit four of his five targets by foot.

It is no surprise to see defenders dominate the list, with many clubs putting their better kickers behind the ball to rebound out of the back half. Overagers Matthew McGannon and Laitham Vandermeer feature on the list, as does bottom-ager Ryan Sparkes. Calder Cannons’ defender Lucas Cavallaro is also on the list and at 74.3 per cent kicking efficiency, has the highest efficiency of any player with at least 40 per cent contested possession rate.

Gippsland Power’s Boadie Motton is the next highest, with 68.4 per cent of his kicks hitting the target, while winning 41.5 per cent of his possessions at the coal face. Vic Country representative Jake Frawley has won an impressive 49.1 per cent of his possessions in a contest, yet maintains a 67.7 per cent kicking efficiency. The list also features key forward and leading goal kicker Hudson Garoni, over-ager Cannons co-captain Mitch Podhajski, AFL Academy defender Isaac Quaynor, and GWV Rebels’ pair Matt Schnerring and Jed Hill. It is also worth noting that Sandringham Dragons’ Liam Stocker – 10th for kicking efficiency with 63.2 per cent – has the highest contested possession rate on the list with 53.4 per cent of his possessions won in a contest.

Cavallaro and Vandermeer also lead all-comers when it comes to having at least 20 effective long kicks this season. They are ahead of Dandenong midfielder Jamie Plumridge, talented Oakleigh Chargers bottom-ager Dylan Williams, and Frawley. Others who made that particular list are Geelong Falcons Sam Torpy and Charlie Harris, Dandenong’s Lachlan McDonnell and Northern’s Ryan Gardner – who leads the league with the most long kicks, 37 in total.

Top 10 highest kicking efficiencies: (Minimum 50 kicks)

1 | Ryan Sturgess (NK) 81.4%
2 | Buku Khamis (WJ) 80.7%
3 | Lachlan Bugeja (OC) 80.0%
4 | Matthew McGannon (GP) 75%
4 | Ryan Sparkes (GP) 75%
6 | Lucas Cavallaro (CC) 74.3%
7 | Laitham Vandermeer (MB) 73.5%
8 | Joel Randall (NK) 72.5%
9 | Jamie Plumridge (DS) 72.2%
10 | Ismail Moussa (CC) 72.1%

Top 10 highest kicking efficiencies: (Contested possession 40% minimum)

1 | Lucas Cavallaro (CC) 74.3%
2 | Boadie Motton (GP) 68.4%
3 | Jake Frawley (DS) 67.7%
4 | Lachlan McDonnell (DS) 65.9%
5 | Hudson Garoni (MB) 65.6%
6 | Mitch Podhajski (CC) 65%
7 | Isaac Quaynor (OC) 64.2%
8 | Matt Schnerring (GWV) 63.4%
9 | Jed Hill (GWV) 63.3%
10 | Liam Stocker (SD) 63.2%

Top 10 Kicking Efficiencies: (Minimum 20 effective long kicks)

1 | Lucas Cavallaro (CC) 74.3%
2 | Laitham Vandermeer (MB) 73.5%
3 | Jamie Plumridge (DS) 72.2%
4 | Dylan Williams (OC) 71%
5 | Jake Frawley (DS) 67.7%
6 | Sam Torpy (GF) 66.7%
7 | Lachlan McDonnell (DS) 65.9%
8 | Charlie Harris (GF) 65.5%
9 | Ryan Gardner (NK) 65.3%
10 | Isaac Quaynor (OC) 64.2%

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