Exercise is the best medicine

The one thing that comes with everyday life is stress, one minute it’s not there and the next it is. So, I’m going to ask you an important question, how do you deal with stress?

I, like most people, used to turn to food as not only a source of comfort, but as a way to deal with my everyday stress. If school was getting to hard or if something wasn’t right in my personal life, I would turn to food. My kryptonite was chocolate biscuits, potato chips and deep fried foods and then eventually eating those bad foods became a part of my day to day life.

But what changed for me was my first personal trainer, he changed my outlook on not only life, but food as well. I still remember my first session, I remember showing up at the football oval expecting a ‘light session’. But let me tell you there wasn’t anything easy about it. What I know now that I didn’t before, is that it gets easier. My breathing become more controlled and I was able to push myself even more. It didn’t happen overnight and I’m not going to lie it wasn’t all sunshine, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over time I started to change how I dealt with stress and instead of stuffing my face with food I would go and do a workout, whether that would be a personal training session or taking the dog for a run on the farm. To me it didn’t matter what I did because all that mattered to me was that I was able get out of my head. With the help of Jorden (my personal trainer) he taught to have a healthy relationship with food, because before I was abusing it, I was using it as a band aid to fix the issue and stress in my life.

If you asked most people, they would say that I’m pretty much obsessed with food and I’m okay with that. I now know that what I put into my body is fuelling it for that day ahead. There is a saying ‘you are what you eat’ and I whole hearty believe in that because if you ate crap food then your body is going to feel like crap. I’m not saying don’t treat yourself because those treat days are important, it just all about living a balance life.

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