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Young Guns Green

The annual Victorian Young Guns game was held on Sunday at Trevor Barker Oval. With majority of clubs in attendance (including a few ‘head recruiters’) the Young Guns Black win by two goals. In previous editions Jayden Hunt (2014), Adam Saad (2014) and Tom Papley (2015) have stood out elevating themselves onto AFL lists.

Matt Balmer’s scouting notes:


#8 James Peters– Bobbed up and kicked a few goals. Showed some pace and energy across half forward and was one of the few that flashed in and out throughout the game. Had a disappointing finish to the season for Calder, but showed his talent that has been rarely seen with multiple injuries over the last few seasons at the Cannons.

#12 Oliver Hanrahan– Looked a touch off the pace early having not played since the APS v AGSV school football game. Some of his touches were very good across half forward and he also booted a goal. Will need some time in the gym (and some sun!), but I certainly have him as one of the few who played with a chance of being drafted.


#19 Wilson Berry– Stood out with his big frame throughout the first half. Played forward of centre and was impressive. Probably an outside chance to be picked, but thought it was one of his better games I’ve seen him play.

#29 Rowan Marshall– First time I’d seen Marshall play this season and I was impressed. Is very agile and covers the ground well better than some of the other talls. His light frame doesn’t stop him in the ruck where he did go forward and kick goals.


#7 Hisham Kerbatieh– Is he worth a rookie pick? Maybe. I can’t see Kerbatieh being more than just a small forward and even then he has plenty to work on. His goal sense is good but on multiple occassions going inside 50 he looked for his teammates in areas he probably could’ve kicked the goal. His kicking was iffy going inside 50 and he finished the game on ice with a lower leg/calf issue. Can be picked as a Category B rookie to Essendon.

#12 Jackson Sketcher– After being voted out of ‘The Recruit,’ Fox 8’s TV show during the week, Sketcher played a solid match. Being the oldest player out there- By nearly four years meant his bigger frame did help him through the midfield. I was expecting more from him and he didn’t stand out like I expected someone of his nature to do. Maybe worth a rookie pick- But seems destined for VFL again next year if he wants.

#15 Alex Mastromanno– After missing the last few months through ankle injury, Mastromanno returned playing on the wing. He showed speed with an outstanding run down tackle in the first quarter, as well an interception of the ball in the air. Played forward for most of the second half but was largely quiet. Needed the run.

#24 Sam Dunstan– Saw him play in the Vic Country U19 game against VAFA and was one I had marked down before the game. Dunstan didn’t start well with five dropped marks in front of the recruiters in the stands. Looked a tad nervous in defence, but his light frame allows him to step through traffic well. Might be VFL bound next year.

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  1. Matt. Good call on the standout players. I have been watching a lot of these fellas through the season and commentary from yrself.
    I loved watching #29 for the Blacks Rowan Marshall for his pick up and follow up for a tall. #12 also blacks Ollie Hanrahan could be indigenous apart from his white skin. His low centre of gravity and football brain give him an X factor I have not seen for a while. A lot of good hard get ball players but these 2 fare the standouts.

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