Who will the Eagles draft?

The Eagles are in an awkward spot draft wise. They’re a tad too low on the draft board to snare Callum Ah Chee or Ryan Burton, but there’s a chance they may find that a gem does slip through.

Pick 27 (originally 24)

The big fish: Ryan Clarke

Clarke is an exceptional runner, who finds the ball up to 40 times a game purely due to his extreme work rate. He is an excellent clearance player, and he breaks lines with his pace. He can hit the scoreboard, but he is usually unselfish and looking to set up team mates.

Plan B: Luke Partington

Partington is a similar player to former Eagle Matt Rosa, in that he can do most things on the inside or outside to a high standard, but he’s not overly dominant in any one area. Partington is a neat kick, with a bit of speed and he can find the footy.

Pick 36 (originally 31)

The big fish: Mason Redman

Redman is a taller half forward who can do a little bit of everything. He’s a very good mark overhead or on the lead and he adds a bit of class with his kicking. Redman has the versatility to play all over the ground, but he looks most comfortable as a lead up forward.

Plan B: Alex Morgan

While most see Morgan as a defender, he showed some signs that he could potentially be a very damaging small forward. He’s got elite speed, he takes the game on and he can take a strong mark overhead. Morgan has serious upside, and he could replace Josh Hill in the long run.

Pick 55 (originally 61)

The big fish: Gach Nyuon

The Eagles could do with an extra developing ruckman, and Nyuon is the best of the lot at this stage. He’s got an unbelievable vertical leap, and his rate of development has been very encouraging. Nyuon is a reliable user of the football and his athleticism could work very well in tandem with Nic Naitanui.

Plan B: Tom Phillips

Phillips is a 19-year old who can impact a game in just about any position. He wins enough of the football as a midfielder, can plug the hole in defence and he’s a spark when he heads up forward. The issue with Phillips is his ball use, but at this stage of the draft, he offers real value.

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