Who will Richmond draft?

The Tigers are in a solid spot draft wise. They’re in a position where they are a realistic chance to grab an excellent player who suits their needs with their first pick. Richmond could do with some more speed all over the ground, as well as an extra small forward.

Pick 16 (Originally 12)

The big fish: Callum Ah Chee

Ah Chee is an ultra-agile midfielder who adds speed, class and a great leap. Ah Chee is an outside midfielder, but he works hard to win his own ball, despite his slight frame. Ah Chee is a very smart forward, who makes the right decisions and knows when to fly for the football and when to stay down. He’s got the potential to be a massive steal on draft day due to his high ceiling.

Plan b: David Cuningham

A real draft day smokey. Cuningham has gone from being a second round option to a genuine bolter. His mixture of speed, elusiveness and nice skills in traffic make him a unique prospect. Around the stoppages, he is able to burst away with great acceleration, and he is very difficult to tackle. He’s got traits that remind you of a young Patrick Dangerfield and Luke Shuey.

Pick 48 (Originally 52)

The big fish: Stephen Tahana

Tahana is an unselfish small defender who has the right balance of offensive and defensive qualities. Tahana is a reliable ball user and he’s got a little bit of speed too. Aside from Steve Morris, the Tigers lack a reliable lockdown defender.

Plan b: Hisham Kerbatieh

Kerbatieh is a tremendously skilled small forward. He’s got a really long and accurate kick, and he leads hard, which makes him a reliable component to any forward line. Kerbatieh can find a little bit of the ball in the midfield, and he’s not afraid to try and put pressure on defensively.

Pick 76: Kane Lambert (Rookie Upgrade)

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