Who will the Giants draft?

Matt Kennedy running at the combine. Photo: Adam Trafford
Matt Kennedy running at the combine. Photo: Adam Trafford

The Giants are really well placed coming into the draft, as at least six of their academy players look like they could make the leap onto the big stage. The Giants do have a few list spots, but the issue is whether or not they will have the points to match all the bids.

Pick four

The big fish: Jacob Hopper

Hopper is clearly the best pure inside midfielder in the draft. He’s strong, throws himself at the ball and he reads the tap well. Hopper also hits the scoreboard consistently and plays a bit like Ollie Wines. He should attract a bid in that top five range.

Pick eight

The big fish: Matthew Kennedy

We haven’t seen a lot of Kennedy through some injury issues, but some experts believe he could be the best player in the draft. He’s a clean kick on both sides of the body, terrific overhead, an inside bull and he’s got a great endurance base. He should attract a top-10 bid.

Pick 40

The big fish: Harrison Himmelberg

Himmelberg is a 19-year-old rangy third tall forward. He consistently makes an impact in games by kicking a couple of goals, but he hasn’t shown that he can be a dominant key forward as of yet. He’s a clean mark overhead and he works hard leading up the field. Himmelberg is a reliable kick for goal and he may even attract a bid a bit earlier than 40, which means the Giants could potentially go in debt in terms of next year’s academy points.

Pick 72

The big fish: Matthew Flynn

Flynn looks like the most viable ruck-forward option in the draft, but there’s a chance he may even go as a rookie. Flynn is a big strong bodied player, and he’s capable overhead and in front of goals. Depending on whether another club bids on him, the Giants may be willing to let him go considering they already have a few long-term ruck options.

Plan B: Lachlan Tiziani

Tiziani is a medium defender with a really nice leap. He uses the ball fairly well when he rebounds, and he’s shown that he’s got the versatility to play all over the ground. Tiziani doesn’t find a lot of the footy, but he does some eye catching things.

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