Who will the Cats draft?

James Parsons disposes of the footy. Photo: Ashleigh Wong
James Parsons disposes of the footy. Photo: Ashleigh Wong

Geelong is in a really difficult position draft wise. They will upgrade Michael Luxford with their final pick, but they still have to draft at least three more players. Their first pick is at 66, which is already hard enough to predict, but there are a few players who might be around.

Pick 57 (originally 66)

The big fish: James Parsons

Parsons is a tall, versatile player who adds class in every position. He’s a very nice kick on either side of the body, and he reads the play really well. Parsons has shown a knack for goal kicking, although most of his goals come from ground ball situations, rather than him playing as a forward target. Parsons has really improved his intercept marking and physicality, which is important considering his light frame.

Plan B: Nash Holmes

Holmes looks to be a really solid value pick a little later in the draft. He’s a really competitive, gut running inside midfielder. He hunts the football on the inside, and his skills are pretty clean when he gets it out to the running ball carriers. He’s got a really high endurance base, so most of his disposals come from work rate, which should translate well at the top flight. Holmes also tackles really well, and again that’s through his constant work rate.

Pick 73 (originally 85)

The big fish: Gach Nyuon

It’s always hard to rate where ruckmen will be picked in the draft. Nyuon could be taken in that 30-40 range, or he might still be available later on. Nyuon is extremely athletic and his rate of development is promising. He’s a decent user of the football for a ruckman who hasn’t been in the system for long. He’s surprisingly strong despite being a bit smaller than other ruckmen his age.

Plan B: Sam Skinner

Skinner was in that second round range before he did his knee and missed the whole year. He’s a really versatile player who has showed a little bit as a forward and plenty of good football in defence. He could also be used as a pinch hit ruckman. He’s got great strength and his marking overhead is very solid. Skinner is one of the most competitive players in this draft class and he’s a real professional.

Pick 103

The big fish: Josh Schoenfeld

Schoenfeld is the best runner in this year’s draft crop. He set a new record in the three kilometre time trial at the combine, as well as having the best beep test score. Schoenfeld is a tidy user of the football, but he’s very conservative player as it stands. Schoenfeld is also a good mark overhead and he can push forward. He’s clearly more of an athlete than a footballer at this stage, but his rate of development skills wise is encouraging.

Plan B: Daniel Houston

Houston is an undersized key forward who is one of the best set shots in the draft. Houston moves well and marks strongly overhead, but he’s not good enough at ground level to play as a medium forward. Houston has struggled to play in other positions, which has hurt his draft stocks.

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