2015 TAC Cup GF Player Ratings

Eastern vs. Calder-1

The Oakleigh Chargers went back to back yesterday, but there were only a few standout players. We’ve rated every single player’s performance. 

2. Jack Whitehead (3)
He didn’t have much of an influence and ended up with eight disposals.

3. Kade Answerth (9)
Answerth had 21 disposals and nine clearances to half-time, but cooled down and finished with 30 disposals and 10 clearances to end the game. His work on the inside was phenomenal, and he clearly beat Ryan Clarke in the middle.

4. Patrick Phillips (8)
Patty Phillips could have been the clear best on ground, but he finished with 2.6. He had 21 disposals and looked extremely dangerous around the goals. Even his misses were exciting, as he did his draft chances no harm.

5. Fraser Pearce (6)
It was not his most dominant display, but he used the ball well between the arcs. Pearce finished with 16 disposals, six inside 50’s and five tackles in a solid effort.

6. Campbell Lane (4)
Lane took six marks and scored two behinds. Despite having 12 disposals, he was relatively anonymous for most of the day.

8. Alex Morgan (6)
Morgan had a very quiet start to the day and couldn’t find the ball in the backline. When the game was in the balance, he headed forward and looked really dangerous in the last quarter. He took a couple of great marks and kicked a goal in the last quarter.

9. Ben Crocker (5)
Crocker was really well held for the first half by Jordan Gallucci and Dylan Clarke. Crocker kicked a goal on the half-time siren and really started to present well in the last quarter. He finished with 11 disposals, six marks and four tackles.

10. Tom Phillips (7)
Started off like a house on fire, kicking two terrific first quarter goals. He showed a lot of X-factor and stood up really well while the captain Crocker was nullified. Ended up with 18 disposals and did a bit of everything.

12. David Cunningham (7)
20 disposals, seven marks, six inside 50’s and three clearances for the speedster. He wasn’t dominant, but he was clean with ball and seemed to be pretty solid across all four quarters.

14. Michael Wenn (7)
The ruckman finished with 35 hitouts and nine disposals. He didn’t have much of an impact around the ground, but he gave Answerth first use early on which was very important.

15. Sam McLarty (4)
A very quiet day for the big man, with just the 10 disposals. Eastern went with a small line up, so he ended up heading forward in the third quarter but couldn’t really make an impact. He took a very strong mark in a pack in the opening minutes but was barely sighted after that.

16. Harvey Hooper (6)
Hooper was okay, with 13 disposals and four tackles. He generally used the ball well in between the arcs, and kept presenting as a link up target all day.

21. Lachlan Walker (8)
A great display from one of Oakleigh’s unsung heroes. He finished with 20 disposals, a goal and four inside 50’s. His best work was in tight, with his five clearances being very effective, as well as five tackles.

24. Jack Firns (4)
Firns didn’t have an obvious match up, like McLarty and Whitehead. Firns was generally solid, with nine disposals and three tackles.

25. Daniel Beddison (3)
A pretty poor day from Beddison. The medium sized Eastern forwards in Blake Hardwick and Jayden Stephenson had the better of the Beddison when he played on them.

27. Jack Roughsedge (6)
He didn’t win a heap of the football, with 12 disposals, but he made up for it with six tackles and four clearances.

28. Patrick Kerr (2)
Despite kicking a goal and a behind early on, Kerr was very quiet. He finished with four disposals.

31. Taylin Duman (6)
A promising day for the 17 year-old, finishing with 17 disposals, four inside 50’s and three rebound 50’s. He worked really well in tandem with Fraser Pearce as link up players.

40 – Lachlan Sullivan (7)
A good day for Sullivan, with 20 disposals, five tackles and four clearances. He was excellent early on when Oakleigh got on top.

48 – Harry Thompson (6)
He was fairly quiet around the ground, but he had a good purple patch where he kicked two goals in a few minutes. He gave Wenn a decent chop out in the ruck and applied pressure, finishing with four tackles.

57. Dion Johnstone (4)
Johnstone did a little bit almost everywhere, but couldn’t find it as much as he would have liked, finishing with nine disposals.

66. Lachlan Bryne-Jones (7)
The little guy continued his excellent finals form, with 15 disposals, six marks and a handful of rebounds. He was really good with the ball in hand.

1. Jayden Cyster (6)
His running was excellent, as he burst through the middle to overlap on several plays. His kicking wasn’t as good as he would have liked, but he was the one player to create some movement when the play became stagnant.

6. Tom Jacotine (3)
Was a non-factor for most of the game. He did a bit of rebounding off half back, but he didn’t have a lot of hurt factor from seven disposals.

7. Jordan Gallucci (6)
Gallucci tried to do a bit too much with it and got caught out a few times. He only had the eight touches, but he was excellent in nullifying Ben Crocker, and his defensive game was excellent.

11. Bryce Batty (5)
Batty missed most of the second half with a dislocated wrist, but before that he was very productive. He finished with 11 disposals and was excellent on the inside as usual.

12. Dylan Clarke (7)
Clarke rotated with Gallucci on Ben Crocker, and for the most part, Clarke won the battle. He had a few nice spoils, and found enough of it himself, finishing with 14 disposals and a few tackles too.

14. Anthony Brolic (7)
I thought he was one of the best for the Ranges, finishing with 18 disposals and six rebounds.

15. Liam Jeffs (4)
A very quiet game from Jeffs, finishing with 11 disposals. He got smashed on the inside and couldn’t hurt Oakleigh when he did find the football.

18. Aaron Cotte (8)
Cotte was probably Eastern’s best, as he played a big role in their third-quarter come back. He finished with 20 disposals and a nice goal, and his work on the inside and outside was excellent. He’s just a really hard worker.

19. Josh Hannon (2)
Really looked out of sorts today. He looked unsure where to lead, and was a non-factor up forward. He looked a bit better in the ruck, but he fumbled quite a bit. A dark day for a promising player.

20. Ryan Clarke (5)
Despite having 18 disposals and six tackles, Clarke was convincingly beaten in the middle. His run was taken away, he was bumped every time he had the ball and in the end he had to head forward.

21. Darcy Crocker (8)
Crocker worked tirelessly all day, with his eight tackles being a game high. He finished with 19 disposals and five clearances.

22. Ryan Harvey (4)
It was not a great day for the skipper, finishing with just nine disposals. He tried hard, winning a few clearances and he pushed hard between the arcs, but he went missing.

24. Jack Maibaum (4)
The full back didn’t have his best day, but he battled hard. Maibaum provided a bit of a chop out in the ruck, and applied plenty of pressure against a quicker and smaller forward line.

26. Blake Hardwick (7)
It was a pretty good day for Hardwick, as he worked hard around the clearances. His best work was in the third quarter where he kicked some really important goals. He finished the day with 3.2 and 16 disposals.

27. Beau Mitchener (7)
Mitchener actually played quite well after being beaten in the first quarter. Ended up with 33 hitouts, but he was also pretty good around the ground, with 14 disposals and four inside 50’s.

33. Kane Keppel (3)
It was not a great day for the usually solid Keppel. He didn’t keep his feet twice when he needed to, and that ended up in scoring opportunities.

37. Callum Brown (4)
Gavin’s son was lively in bursts, kicking an excellent goal and helping out on the inside. But he was quiet for most of the day with just seven disposals.

51. Haydn Stanley (5)
Stanley did a solid job off half back with six rebounds and 13 disposals, but his ball use was pretty average.

54. Joel Garner (3)
Garner had just seven disposals and no real influence on the game.

56. Jayden Stephenson (7) was the best forward target for the Ranges, as he took contested marks and provided a real goal scoring threat. Finished the day with three goals and six marks from eight disposals. Another terrific game from the 16 year-old.

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