TAC Cup wrap: Round 16 review

Ryan Clarke and Blake Hardwick of the Eastern Ranges celebrate a goal during the 2015 TAC Cup match between the Western Jets and the Eastern Ranges at Ikon Park, Melbourne on March 21, 2015. (Photo: David Callow/AFL Media)
Ryan Clarke and Blake Hardwick of the Eastern Ranges celebrate a goal during the 2015 TAC Cup match between the Western Jets and the Eastern Ranges at Ikon Park, Melbourne on March 21, 2015. (Photo: David Callow/AFL Media)

Dandenong Stingrays 15.6 (96)

Oakleigh Chargers 7.12 (54)

Dandenong goals: J. Battle 3, S. Gladman 3, Z. Roscoe 3, H. Prior 2, T. Young 2, L. Batten, K. Mutimer.
Oakleigh goals: D. Johnstone 2, D. Cuningham, K. Answerth, C. Lane, B. Crocker, P. Phillips.
Dandenong best: D. Capiron, B. White, M. Cox, L. Williams, G. Nyuon, J. Weitering
Oakleigh best: M. Wenn, M. Jackson, D. Johnstone, K. Answerth, L. Walker, C. Lane

Dandenong Stingrays have disposed of other top four hopeful Oakleigh Chargers by 42 points at Shepley Oval thanks to a strong middle two quarters. The Stingrays led by six points at the first break, before booting 12 goals to four in the second and third quarters to hold a 49-point advantage going into the last quarter. While the Chargers outscored them in the last term, it was a case of too little too late. Mitchell Cox and Daniel Capiron provided the Stingrays with plenty of run, while Jacob Weitering was solid in defence racking up over 20 disposals and cutting off forward advances. For the Chargers, Matthew Jackson and Kade Answerth were in the best.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Mitchell Cox (Dandenong Stingrays)
4 – Daniel Capiron (Dandenong Stingrays)
3 – Jacob Weitering (Dandenong Stingrays)
2 – Matthew Jackson (Oakleigh Chargers)
1 – Kade Answerth (Oakleigh Chargers)

Eastern Ranges 27.15 (177)
Bendigo Pioneers 7.11 (53)

Eastern goals: B. Hardwick 12, J. Parsons 2, C. Brown 2, J. Garner 2, D. Crocker 2, J. Hannon , J. Gilbert, J. Kennedy, A. Cotte, J. Cyster, D. Clarke, A. Brolic.
Bendigo goals:  L. Tardrew 2, K. Farrell, J. Atley, B. Blake, R. Free, M. Higgs.
Eastern best: B. Hardwick, R. Clarke, A. Cerra, J. Parsons, C. Brown, D. Crocker
Bendigo best: B. Daniels, P. Dow, M. Hore, L. Tardrew, C. Jones, K. Mutch

The Ranges pushed into the top four in a stunning performance at Box Hill City Oval thanks to a mammoth 12 goals by Blake Hardwick.

The game was pretty much settled in the first 15 minutes of the game. Blake Hardwick and James Parsons had five goals between them by quarter time, as the Ranges took a 70-point lead going into the first change.

Ryan Clarke was terrific in the centre, as he read taps well and gave the Eastern forwards immaculate delivery. Clarke ended the game with 42 disposals, with his outside work being the real feature (18 handball receives and eight uncontested marks).  The Ranges also seemed to find a terrific prospect in Josh Hannon. The bottom aged prospect stands at 197 cm and 81 kg and he moved smoothly around the ground, showing excellent vision and a nice kick running at full tilt. He played just about everywhere, and whilst he wasn’t dominant, he showed terrific signs.

The Pioneers came back in the second quarter, kicking four goals to Eastern’s one, but after half time, the momentum shifted back Eastern’s way. The Ranges added seven goals in the third term, with small forward Blake Hardwick bringing up his 10th goal on the siren.

In the end, the Ranges mauled the Pioneers, with Hardwick kicking his 12th and final goal halfway through the last quarter. The Pioneers didn’t have too many standouts, although Lachie Tardrew battled hard all day.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Blake Hardwick (Eastern Ranges)
4 – Ryan Clarke (Eastern Ranges)
3 – James Parsons (Eastern Ranges)
2 – Anthony Brolic (Eastern Ranges)
1 – Lachlan Tardrew (Bendigo Pioneers)

Sandringham Dragons 14.13 (97)
Western Jets 9.8 (62)

Sandringham goals: C. Rich 4, H. Johnson 2, J. Matera 2, N. Pavlou, O. Florent, N. Peterson, T. Wilkinson, T. Cameron, B. Hayes.
Western goals: K. Galley 2, B. Monk 2, M. Nicholls, B. Romensky, J. Volpato, F. Campisi, M. Norton.
Sandringham best: A. Tashevski-Beckwith, T. Taranto, G. Lok, T. Wilkinson, C. Rich, L. Filipovic
Western best: B. Monk, J. Volpato, M. Norton, L. Carter, N. Giarrizzo, O. Junker

A bright and sunny afternoon greeted the Western Jets at Trevor Barker Beach Oval on Saturday. Without a cloud in the sky or any wind, it was a perfect day for TAC Cup footy.

The Dragons started well in the first quarter with Corey Rich kicking three goals in the first quarter to give them a 27-point lead at quarter time.

The Jets hit back with some smart midfield play from Brayden Monk and Jackson Volpato to bring the margin back to a 16-point deficit for the Jets at Half Time.

The Dragons’ run from half back improve with Andrew Tashevski-Beckwith (29 disposals) and Tyler Roos (29 disposals) having plenty of the footy, propelling the ball into their forward 50.

The Dragons were able to control the game after half time, eventually running out winners by 35-points, to keep their slim finals chances alive.

A highlight at the match was the crowd mark taken in the final quarter behind the goals, one that would have impressed many of the fans and recruiters watching.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Andrew Tashevski-Beckwith (Sandringham Dragons)
4 – Tim Taranto (Sandringham Dragons)
3 – Brayden Monk (Western Jets)
2 – Goy Lok (Sandringham Dragons)
1 – Jackson Volpato (Western Jets)

Geelong Falcons 15.14 (104)
Sandringham Dragons 7.10 (52)

Geelong goals: C. Curnow 4, B. Blair 3, H. Kol 3, L. Wagener 2, W. Sexton 2, J. Henry.
Sandringham goals: M. Tilmouth-Turner 2, S. Peet 2, M. Perry, L. Bunker, K. Malone.
Geelong best: D. Parish, W. Sexton, H. Kershaw, H. Kol, L. Wagener, B. Remmos
Sandringham best: C. Dalgleish, M. Mattingly, B. Fiorini, M. Signorello, M. Tilmouth-Turner, M. Ercolano

Geelong Falcons continued their push into the top four, with a convincing 52-point victory over the Northern Knights. It was a reasonably close first half, with the Knights leading by five points at the first break and the Falcons holding sway at half-time by three points. Geelong started to get away in the third, opening up a 14-point lead, before booting seven goals to one in the final quarter to run away with the match and keep their top four chances alive. Harry Kershaw, Darcy Parish and Harrison Kol were good in the midfield, while Will Sexton used his run to get forward and kick a couple of goals. Charlie Curnow’s four goals signalled his return to football, while Brett Blair also booted three goals. For the Knights, Brayden Fiorini was his usual productive self, while Mick Mattingly and Connor Dalgleish were also impressive despite the loss.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Harry Kershaw (Geelong Falcons)
4 – Will Sexton (Geelong Falcons)
3 – Brayden Fiorini (Northern Knights)
2 – Darcy Parish (Geelong Falcons)
1 – Harrison Kol (Geelong Falcons)

Gippsland Power 12.21 (93)
North Ballarat Rebels 12.8 (80)

Gippsland goals: L. Robinson 3, A. Ferreira 2, T. Papley 2, J. Patullo, B. McKay, H. McKay, K. Renooy, B. Ainsworth.
North Ballarat goals: E. Frank 3, M. Johnston 2, T. Taurau 2, J. Jones, L. McLeod, C. Wellings, J. Cowan, J. Korewha.
Gippsland best: J. Patullo, K. Renooy, B. Ainsworth, E. Park, A. Ferreira, T. Papley
North Ballarat best: J. Webster, A. Cleary, H. Dawborn, J. Symons, B. Lusby, J. Korewha

Gippsland Power did what very few teams have done this year and defeated the top-of-the-table North Ballarat Rebels, albeit missing Jacob Hopper and Darcy Tucker, to win by 13 points at Morwell. The Power were inaccurate on the day, with both sides booting 12 goals, but the Power kicked an extra 13 behinds to win. The Rebels opened with a strong start, booting five goals to two in the first term, before extending their lead to 37 points by half-time and were looking strong. Then the Power hit back in the second half with a super impressive third term, booting five goals to zip to take the lead by a solitary point at the final change. A three goals to two final term finished off the performance to officially book them a place in the finals. Joshua Patullo was again the dominant ruck man with 44 hitouts, while Kade Renooy and Aloysio Ferreira were also good. Josh Webster stood up strongly in the defeat.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Joshua Patullo (Gippsland Power)
4 – Kade Renooy (Gippsland Power)
3 – Aloysio Ferreira (Gippsland Power)
2 – Josh Webster (North Ballarat Rebels)
1 – Nash Holmes (Gippsland Power)

Murray Bushrangers 14.13 (97)
Calder Cannons 11.11 (77)

Murray goals: J. Schache 4, J. Simpkin 3, D. McDonald 2, C. Oliver, E. Boxall, M. King, K. Galloway, F. Carroll.
Calder goals: C. Moore 4, H. Kerbatieh 2, O. Magbegor, J. Flower, J. Owen, H. Blythe, K. Brown.
Murray best: C. Oliver, J. Schache, H. Morrison, M. King, M. Waite, D. McDonald
Calder best: N. O”Kearney, T. Wallis, J. Owen, C. Moore, T. Gawthrop, M. Stillman

Murray Bushrangers managed to get the win against Calder Cannons to secure a top three spot, but not without a fight. Calder kicked the first two goals of the game, before Murray’s Jy Simpkin began to look dangerous around the goals. The Bushrangers pulled away to a four-goal lead in the third term before Calder kicked back into the contest to lead by three points at the final change. Murray came out and booted five goals to one in the final quarter to run out 20-point victors. Forward Dylan McDonald and Josh Schache were good once again, while Clayton Oliver and Harry Morrison were also impressive. For the Cannons, Vic Metro star Nick O’Kearney stood up in defeat.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Clayton Oliver (Murray Bushrangers)
4 – Josh Schache (Murray Bushrangers)
3 – Nick O’Kearney (Calder Cannons)
2 – Dylan McDonald (Murray Bushrangers)
1 – Harry Morrison (Murray Bushrangers)

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