TAC Cup wrap: Round 15 review

Eastern Ranges vs. Geelong Falcons

North Ballarat Rebels 25.8 (158)
Eastern Ranges 10.5 (65)

North Ballarat goals: Y. Eades 5, J. Berry 4, J. Hopper 3, H. McCluggage 3, C. Wellings 3, C. Byrne 2, T. Templeton, M. Johnston, T. Williamson, R. Thompson, D. Rioli.
Eastern goals: J. Gilbert 2, L. Wilson, A. Cotte, B. Hardwick, J. Hannon, D. Crocker, J. Smith, L. Jeffs, J. Parsons.
North Ballarat best: D. Tucker, Y. Eades, J. Hopper, C. Wellings, H. McCluggage, B. Simpson
Eastern best: B. Mitchener, B. Batty, B. Hardwick, A. Cotte, T. Hollins, D. Crocker

North Ballarat Rebels put an exclamation mark on their premiership credentials, with a 93-point humilation of top four hopeful Eastern Ranges. The Rebels had far too many scoring options with the talented Yestin Eades booting five goals, while Jarrod Berry booted four and talented midfield Jacob Hopped kicking three. Darcy Tucker played his best game in a number of months with 27 disposals, seven marks and three tackles. Callan Wellings and Hugh McCluggage were also important around the ground, booting three goals each. For the Ranges, Beau Mitchener, Bryce Batty and Beau Hardwick were solid in defeat.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Darcy Tucker (North Ballarat Rebels)
4 – Yestin Eades (North Ballarat Rebels)
3 – Jacob Hopper (North Ballarat Rebels)
2 – Callan Wellings (North Ballarat Rebels)
1 – Hugh McCluggage (North Ballarat Rebels)

Gippsland Power 14.6 (90)
Geelong Falcons 5.15 (45)

Gippsland goals: L. Robinson 5, B. Ainsworth 3, B. McKay 2, T. Papley, T. Hobbs, M. De Bruin, K. Renooy.
Geelong goals: B. Remmos 2, D. Parish 2, P. Killen.
Gippsland best: C. Buykx-Smith, N. Holmes, J. Patullo, M. De Bruin, A. Ferreira, L. Robinson
Geelong best: B. McCarthy, J. Syddall, H. Kol, T. Rieniets, D. Parish, Z. Zdybel

Gippsland Power secured their top eight spot on the weekend with an impressive 45-point victory over Geelong Falcons who are subsequently two wins out of the top four. Rugged inside midfielder Nash Holmes was ultra impressive, while Joshua Patullo continues to impress in the ruck and Christian Buykx-Smith ever-solid in defence. Despite the loss, Geelong had one more scoring shot, with an 0.11 first half the main cause of the loss. For the Falcons, Darcy Parish again collected plenty of the football and more importantly hit the scoreboard, kicking two of his side’s five goals.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Nash Holmes (Gippsland Power)
4 – Joshua Patullo (Gippsland Power)
3 – Christian Buykx-Smith (Gippsland Power)
2 – Link Robinson (Gippsland Power)
1 – Darcy Parish (Geelong Falcons)

Bendigo Pioneers 10.8 (68)
Calder Cannons 14.11 (95)

Bendigo goals: X. Elford 3, J. Burke 2, C. McCarthy, K. Farrell, J. Marciano, R. Free, T. Cole.
Calder goals: K. Brown 6, C. Moore 3, H. Kerbatieh 2, L. Shannon, M. Lewis, H. Blythe.
Bendigo best: J. Healy, M. Hore, J. Burke, J. Muscatello, T. Cole, L. Tardrew
Calder best: K. Brown, C. Moore, H. Blythe, J. Reaper, N. O”Kearney, M. Lewis

Calder Cannons secured a finals spot, with an important 27-point victory over the Bendigo Pioneers on the weekend. The game was relatively close early on, with Calder taking a two-point lead into the first break, but a five goals to two second term made a difference and the Cannons never looked back. Karl Brown was enormous for the Cannons, booting six goals and collecting 17 disposals and seven marks, while Callum Moore kicked an inaccurate 3.4 but had 24 hit outs. For the Pioneers, Marty Hore and Tom Cole were impressive in the midfield.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Karl Brown (Calder Cannons)
4 – Callum Moore (Calder Cannons)
3 – Nick O’Kearney (Calder Cannons)
2 – Hisham Kerbatieh (Calder Cannons)
1 – Marty Hore (Bendigo Pioneers)

Dandenong Stingrays 11.9 (75)
Sandringham Dragons 7.14 (56)

Dandenong goals: S. Gladman 4, J. Lovett 3, J. Di Pasquale, J. Holden, M. Cox, L. Williams.
Sandringham goals: K. Lopo 2, T. Wilkinson 2, J. Briggs 2, J. Matera.
Dandenong best: D. Capiron, B. Rice, J. Lovett, L. Williams, T. Young, S. Gladman
Sandringham best: L. Hiscock, A. McGrath, T. Wilkinson, J. Briggs, G. Lok, A. Sakeson

Dandenong Stingrays secured a top four spot while ending Sandringham Dragons finals hopes, with a 19-point victory. The Stingrays kicked 5.0 to 1.1 in the first term to hold a 23-point lead, before the Dragons whittled the deficit back to seven points by half-time. After the main break, Dandenong booted five goals to one to open up a 38-point buffer and effectively end the contest. The Dragons booted 2.7 in an inaccurate final term while holding the Stingrays scoreless, but the damage had been done and could not kick enough to steal the win. Father-son hopefuls Jake Lovett and Bailey Rice were among the best, while Andrew McGrath was good around the stoppages for Bendigo.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Jake Lovett (Dandenong Stingrays)
4 – Daniel Capiron (Dandenong Stingrays)
3 – Bailey Rice (Dandenong Stingrays)
2 – Lachlan Williams (Dandenong Stingrays)
1 – Andrew McGrath (Sandringham Dragons)

Northern Knights 10.13 (73)
Oakleigh Chargers 12.10 (82)

Northern goals: J. Gresham 2, K. Malone 2, B. Fiorini 2, M. Tilmouth-Turner 2, L. McVeigh, M. Ercolano.
Oakleigh goals: B. Crocker 5, T. Phillips 2, N. Larkey 2, J. Ridley, J. Corboy, R. Jones.
Northern best: M. Blakey, B. Fiorini, M. Mattingly, J. Gresham, D. Macpherson
Oakleigh best: B. Crocker, K. Answerth, T. Phillips, F. Pearce, N. Larkey

The Northern Knights have suffered another frustrating home loss, this time at the hands of fourth placed Oakleigh Chargers.

Oakleigh managed to claw themselves back from quarter time and three quarter time deficits despite missing a host of their combine invitee stars.

Ben Crocker, the only invitee left in the side, proved to be the difference on the day with his five goal haul earning him best on ground honours despite bottom-ager Mason Blakey’s manful shut down efforts. Crocker put his side in front twice in the final term, with his fifth goal proving to be the dagger through the home side’s heart.

Oakleigh midfielders Kade Answerth and Tom Phillips provided some good grunt work out of the middle to make full use of Crocker’s marking prowess with long kicks into his area.

Apart from that delivery, both sides found it tough to move the ball efficiently by foot, especially when entering the forward 50. But when the Knights clicked into gear their transition was near unstoppable, with their stars Brayden Fiorini and Darcy Macpherson providing some outstanding balls to key forward Michael Tilmouth-Turner.

Their skipper Jade Gresham also found the ball forward, kicking two goals in a game where his midfield minutes were lessened.

Overall, the Knights will rue some missed opportunities in the last quarter that could have easily swung the result their way, while Oakleigh will blow a sigh of relief as they charge towards the finals.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Ben Crocker (Oakleigh Chargers)
4 – Brayden Fiorini (Northern Knights)
3 – Kade Answerth (Oakleigh Chargers)
2 – Darcy Macpherson (Northern Knights)
1 – Michael Mattingly (Northern Knights)

Murray Bushrangers 9.7 (61)
Western Jets 8.7 (55)

Murray goals: J. Schache 5, J. Minogue 2, L. Middleton, Z. Sproule.
Western goals: N. Walker 2, C. Griffiths 2, W. Berry 2, M. Knezevic 2.
Murray best: J. Minogue, M. King, J. Schache, B. Sharp, L. Middleton, J. Marshall
Western best: W. Berry, L. Knight, D. Foley, B. Monk, J. Pattison, J. Hickey

Murray Bushrangers guaranteed a top four spot with a narrow six-point win over cellar dwellers the Western Jets. Despite going into the match as heavy favourites, the Bushrangers trailed at every change, with as much as 19 points at the half-time break. With the low scoring, Murray was always in the contest and managed to get over the line by a solitary goal. Josh Schache was the star up forward with five goals, while his valuable assistant Josh Minogue booted two. Max King was also impressive in the ruck, while William Berry and Lachlan Knight were important for the Jets.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Josh Minogue (Murray Bushrangers)
4 – Max King (Murray Bushrangers)
3 – Joshua Schache (Murray Bushrangers)
2 – William Berry (Western Jets)
1 – Lachlan Knight (Western Jets)

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