2015 BFGN Rising Stars mid-year phantom draft

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Building on the success of last year’s iteration, The Bound For Glory News Rising Stars team will again be running a mid year phantom draft – and we’re tweeting it live to you!

Next Wednesday, starting at 8pm, we’ll be bringing you the live draft coverage, totaling five rounds, including father-son picks and academy selections which have been bid on. The pre-draft information will start from 7pm when we list the pre-selected players, the six recruiters (covering three teams each) and then every single pick from 8pm onwards.

Don’t stress if you miss any of the coverage, we’ll post the full results on Bound For Glory News so you can relive the night. Prepare yourself as the first pick will be taken at 8pm Wednesday night. Make sure you’re following our recruiters on twitter if you want to follow it live!

The recruiters are as follows:

Alex Takle (@Alex_Takle) – Carlton, Port Adelaide, Fremantle
Jourdan Canil (@JourdanCanil) – Essendon, Western Bulldogs, Sydney
Luke McAlister (@LukeMcAlister) – Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hawthorn
Matt Balmer (@MattBalmer7) – Brisbane, Geelong, Richmond
Peter Williams (@pawil5) – Melbourne, GWS, Collingwood
Duncan Robertson (@Uncle_Barrels) – St Kilda, North Melbourne, West Coast

Each recruiter was awarded a top six team, middle six team and bottom six team. Father-son and academy players were nominated and subsequently bid on. The results will be posted at 7pm tonight prior to the draft. Following the draft, each recruiter will explain the rationale behind the selections for their respective clubs.

This draft will commence Wednesday, July 15 from 8pm. Follow @Bound4GloryNews for all the picks and the relevant teams’ recruiters for the explanations. You can also use the hashtag #BFGNDraft to follow and interact with the draft.

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