TAC Cup wrap: Round 10 review


Geelong Falcons 10.11 (71)
Tasmania 10.11 (71)

Geelong goals: Z. Zdybel 3, B. Blair 2, B. Remmos 2, D. Schilder , K. Higgins , H. Kershaw
Tasmania goals: M. Rainbird 3, K. Lovell 2, M. Hibberd , J. Crossin , C. Brown , N. Dodge , L. Smith
Geelong best: Z. Zdybel, H. Kol, L. McCartney, B. McCarthy, H. Kershaw, M. Augerinos
Tasmania best: K. Lovell, L. Reynolds, B. Batchelor, J. Hayden, L. Smith, M. Rainbird

The Geelong Falcons came from a 19-point half-time deficit to draw with Tasmania at Avalon Airport Oval on the weekend. With a number of Falcons out, Zachary Zdybel stood up with three goals, while Harrison Kol and Harry Kershaw were again impressive. The game marked the return of Max Augerinos who did his ACL in the final series last year. For Tasmania, Kieran Lovell and Jordan Hayden were ultra-impressive, while Mitchell Rainbird kicked three goals in the draw.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Jordan Hayden (Tasmania)
4 – Kieran Lovell (Tasmania)
3 – Zachary Zdybel (Geelong Falcons)
2 – Harry Kershaw (Geelong Falcons)
1 – Mitchell Rainbird (Tasmania)

Calder Cannons 8.11 (59)
Queensland 13.8 (86)

Calder goals: T. Young 3, J. Murphy 2, J. Owen 2, C. McRorie
Queensland goals: C. Filewood 3, D. Budarick 3, C. Wagner 2, B. Keays, M. Spencer, W. Buzza, C. Marsden, R. Blood
Calder best: B. Laguda , M. Stillman , J. Owen , T. Wallis, J. Flower, R. Baker
Queensland best: C. Wagner, D. Budarick, B. Keays, A. Maricic, C. Filewood, N. Dennis

Queensland continued its good form this season with a comfortable 27-point victory over the Calder Cannons on the weekend. There were a host of goal kickers for Queensland, with Cody Filewood and Dyson Budarick leading the way with three goals each. Corey Wagner and Ben Keays also continued their good form in 2015, while for the Cannons, the usual suspects of Bruno Laguda and Matthew Stillman were impressive in defeat. Tyson Young was the highest goal kicker for the Cannons with three goals from three kicks.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Corey Wagner (Queensland)
4 – Dyson Budarick (Queensland)
3 – Ben Keays (Queensland)
2 – Bruno Laguda (Calder Cannons
1 – Matthew Stillman (Calder Cannons)

Dandenong Stingrays 16.13 (109)
Gippsland Power 13.10 (88)

Dandenong goals: J. Freeman 4, S. Gladman 4, L. Williams 2, K. Mutimer , T. Young , B. Rice, L. Batten, J. Di Pasquale, M. La Fontaine
Gippsland goals: T. Papley 4, B. Dessent 2, J. Rout 2, E. Park 2, T. Hobbs, D. Costigan, L. Robinson
Dandenong best: H. Prior, J. Freeman, S. Gladman, B. Kiely, J. Di Pasquale, L. McKay
Gippsland best: T. Hobbs, D. Costigan, J. Patullo, T. Papley, K. Renooy, B. Dessent

Dandenong came from behind them to overrun the Gippsland Power by 21 points at Shepley Oval. The Stingrays trailed by six points at quarter time before a four goal to two second quarter put the home side up by four points at half-time. Dandenong kicked nine goals to seven after the main break to run away with the win. A host of Gippsland players were impressive but they did not have enough contributors on the day. Bailey Rice was very impressive with 20 effective disposals from 22 touches, while Thomas Papley’s four goals for the Power was a highlight.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Deven Costigan (Gippsland Power)
4 – Shannon Gladman (Dandenong Stingrays)
3 – James Freeman (Dandenong Stingrays)
2 – Bailey Rice (Dandenong Stingrays)
1 – Thomas Hobbs (Gippsland Power)

North Ballarat Rebels 11.8 (74)
Murray Bushrangers 10.10 (70)

North Ballarat goals: J. Hopper 5, R. Conboy, D. Rioli, T. Templeton, J. Cowan, B. Lusby, C. Lee
Murray goals: Z. Sproule 5, J. Minogue 3, T. McMullan 2
North Ballarat best: J. Webster, C. Wellings, J. Hopper,  T. Templeton, B. Lusby, N. Hausler
Murray best: M. King, C. Oliver, N. Coughlan, Z. Sproule, J. Marshall, J. Minogue

North Ballarat got up in a see-sawing contest against the Murray Bushrangers by four points in the top-of-the-table clash. A good first term saw the Rebels kick 4.5 to 0.2, but the Bushrangers hit back in the second with a six goal to one second term, hitting the front by six points. The Rebels regained a five-point lead at three quarter time and held on in an entertaining contest. Potential top five pick Jacob Hopper starred with five goals, while the ever-reliable Josh Webster and Tom Templeton were good again. For the Bushrangers, Mitch King was prominent in the ruck with 28 hitouts, while Zachary Sproule kicked five goals.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Jacob Hopper (North Ballarat Rebels)
4 – Josh Webster (North Ballarat Rebels)
3 – Tom Templeton (North Ballarat Rebels)
2 – Mitch King (Murray Bushrangers)
1 – Zachary Sproule (Murray Bushrangers)

Bendigo Pioneers 8.14 (62)
NSW/ACT Rams 8.11 (59)

Bendigo goals: R. Free 3, L. Schultz 2, K. Mutch, L. Ryan, M. Hore
NSW/ACT goals: D. Sanderson 3, M. Wilson, H. Himmelberg, M. Wright, C. Bance, M. Flynn
Bendigo best: B. Edwards, L. Tardrew, M. Hore, I. Miller, J. Fox, R. Free
NSW/ACT best: C. McFadden, B. Hodgson, D. Baron-Hay, M. Flynn, M. Wright

Bendigo Pioneers won their first game of the year, pipping the NSW/ACT Rams by three points at Queen Elizabeth Oval. The Pioneers did not have the best of starts, held goalless in the first term before trailing by 17 points at half-time. After the main break, Bendigo came out and booted five goals to two to come from behind and win 8.14 (62) to 8.11 (59). Lachie Tardrew was again the star, collecting over 30 disposals, while Marty Hore, Bailey Edwards and Rhys Free were also impressive. For the Rams, Brydan Hodgson was the best with 31 disposals and five marks.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Lachie Tardrew (Bendigo Pioneers)
4 – Marty Hore (Bendigo Pioneers)
3 – Brydan Hodgson (Murray Bushrangers)
2 – Bailey Edwards (Bendigo Pioneers)
1 – Rhys Free (Bendigo Pioneers)

Northern Territory 12.16 (88)
Northern Knights 11.11 (77)

Northern Territory goals: M. Bricknell 3, B. Parfitt 2, J. Clarke 2, R. Dhamarrandji , J. Cole-Jackson , M. McMasters , D. Barry , D. Turner
Northern goals: B. Jordan 4, M. Blakey , A. Capeci , D. Macpherson , L. McVeigh , M. Ercolano , C. McKay , K. Waari
Northern Territory best: D. Barry, M. Hagan, J. Clarke, R. Nyhuis, B. Parfitt, J. Jeffrey
Northern best: B. Jordan, M. Ercolano, M. Blakey, D. Macpherson, C. McKay, E. Penrith

Northern Territory recorded its first win of the TAC Cup season, with an 11-point come from behind victory over the Northern Knights. The Knights got out to an early three-goal lead and led at every change, but they were ultimately overran in the last quarter. A host of unknown players bobbed up for Northern Territory with Jalen Clarke and Micheal Hagan among the top ball winners. Bailey Jordan booted four goals for the Knights, which Michael Ercolano and Mason Blakey were also impressive for the losers.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Jalen Clarke (Northern Territory)
4 – Micheal Hagan (Northern Territory)
3 – Bailey Jordan (Northern Knights)
2 – Michael Ercolano (Northern Knights)
1 – Mason Blakey (Northern Knights)

Oakleigh Chargers 13.7 (85)
Sandringham Dragons 10.9 (69)

Oakleigh goals: J.Ridley 3, M.Giles 2, J.Corboy 2, J.Guerin, N.Larkey, M.Jackson, A.Morgan, T.Duman, N.Silvestro
Sandringham goals: K.Lopo 2, C.Lyons 2, J.Wallace, L.Filipovic, J.Briggs, L.Marshall, H.Hunt, J.Maxfield
Oakleigh best: A.Morgan, M.Jackson, S.Michael, M.Wenn, J.Milen
Sandringham best: C.Lyons, J.Wallace, C.Larkin, T.Wilkinson, G.Borthwick

A bright and sunny day out at Warrawee Park saw the Oakleigh Chargers meet the Sandringham Dragons. With both sides missing key crucial players through Vic Metro and APS football, both sides fought hard right until the final siren with a crucial four points looming.

The Dragons led at every main break until the final quarter, where Oakleigh were able to kick five goals to two to steal the win from the Dragons. Corey Lyons was influential for Sandringham kicking two goals and playing a pivotal role in the middle of the ground while Alex Morgan returned from the Vic Metro side and was the standout player for the match.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Alex Morgan (Oakleigh Chargers)
4 – Corey Lyons (Sandringham Dragons)
3 – Matthew Jackson (Oakleigh Chargers)
2 – Jack Wallace (Sandringham Dragons)
1 – Jordan Ridley (Oakleigh Chargers)

Eastern Ranges 15.11 (101)
Western Jets 10.9 (69)

Eastern goals: J. Parente 4, P. Wallis 3, A. Brolic, D. Crocker, R. Harvey, J. Cyster, B. Mitchener, J. Hannon, E. Greenall, R. Sheridan-Ferrie
Western goals: W. Berry 3, J. Bertollo 2, J. Volpato, J. Cotter, J. Harrison, B. Coletta, L. Knight
Eastern best: D. Crocker, R. Harvey, A. Brolic, A. Cotte, T. Hollins, B. Mitchener
Western best: L. Carter, B. Romensky, O. Junker, B. Monk, M. Norton, B. Coletta

Eastern Ranges dominated the game against Western Jets to record a comfortable 32-point victory. The Ranges booted six goals in the first quarter and led by 14 points, but took control of the match in the second term, booting five goals to one and opening up a 47-point lead. The second half was closer, but the damage was done as Eastern looks towards another finals series. Darcy Crocker, Anthony Brolic and Ryan Harvey were among the top stars for the Ranges, while Mitch Norton arguably played his best game for the Jets.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Darcy Crocker (Eastern Ranges)
4 – Ryan Harvey (Eastern Ranges)
3 – Anthony Brolic (Eastern Ranges)
2 – Aaron Cotte (Eastern Ranges)
1 – Mitch Norton (Western Jets)

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