AFL Academy Vs Northern Blues scouting notes


Credit: AFL Photos (Darrian Traynor)
Credit: AFL Photos (Darrian Traynor)

The Northern Blues ran away with a nine point win over the AFL Academy; 14.15.99 to 14.6.90.

Northern Blues Goals: Armfield 4, Buckley 2, Johnson 2, Viojo-Rainbow, Foster, Totevski, Walsh, Whiley, Fields.
AFL Academy Goals: Schache 3, Weideman 2, Hipwood 2, Ah Chee 2, Keays, Cole, Tucker, Curnow, Snadden

Northern Blues Bests: Armfield, Walker, Buckley, Graham, Viojo – Rainbow
AFL Academy Bests: Ah Chee, Weideman, Weitering, Keays, Hopper

Scouting notes for the AFL Academy players:

Callum Ah Chee (WA)
If Nakia Cockatoo only needed one game to show he deserved to be a top 10 pick, Callum Ah Chee proved he only needed a quarter. After being fairly quiet in the first half, Ah Chee took the mark of the year and showed serious class. Ah Chee burned off Dylan Buckley several times with his speed. His disposal was excellent as he finished with the President’s Medal after 19 disposals and two goals. Lock him in as a top 10 pick at this stage, firming for top five.

Sam Weideman (VM)
Weideman dominated early, then dropped off. He had five marks and two goals in the first quarter, with several of those being contested grabs. It’s all about flashes for Weideman, as he’s the type that will take a few years to come on. He’s not consistent yet, but it’s interesting seeing him share a forward line with Josh Schache and Eric Hipwood.

Eric Hipwood (QLD)
The Lions Academy prospect is hard to get a grasp on, but this was his best big stage performance to date. Hipwood finished with two goals in a cameo, as Weideman and Schache got all the attention. Hipwood showed serious speed off the mark and offers something different as an athletic tall.

Jacob Weitering (VC)
The 195 cm 90 kg key defender looks to be a top five pick at this stage. He held Matthew Watson goalless with the help of Kieran Collins. Weitering is the type to lock down his opponent and hurt the opposition with his rebounding prowess and ability to float up towards the wing. Two really solid performances in a row against VFL sides boosts his credentials.

Ben Keays (QLD)
The other high profile Lions Academy prospect had a great cameo today. Keays has shades of Christian Petracca and Dustin Martin in his game style. He had 12 disposals and a goal to half time, and then let Ah Chee take over in the second half. A really damaging strong bodied midfielder who can go and dominate as a third forward option, Keays looks to be a first rounder for sure.

Josh Schache (VC)
The big burly forward consolidated his position in the top 10. After being fairly quiet in the first half, he took over from Weideman as the standout key forward, ending up with three goals. He had great delivery from Darcy Parish and Callum Ah Chee. Looks to be the most AFL ready key forward of this draft class.

Jacob Hopper (VC)
Hopper has had three great games in a row to start his season. The inside midfielder has shown how great he is at getting clearances and tackling. Hopper found plenty of the ball and was consistent throughout the day. The GWS Academy player has gone from being around the first round mark to a definite.

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