2014 Draft Profile: Declan Hamilton

Declan Hamilton
Height: 183 cm, Weight: 68 kg, DOB: 18/03/1996
Club: Port Adelaide

Highly regarded among many clubs, Declan Hamilton had a really strong championships, averaging 16 possessions at 76% efficiency from all six games. However, given the vast array of Victorians featuring heavily again in this draft period, Hamilton is one who has unfairly been overlooked in terms of what he offers at the next level.

Better known as the nephew of Darren and Andrew Jarman, Hamilton is quite a versatile player who has excelled in stints particularly across half back, along with cameo appearances through the midfield. His awareness in congestion makes it seem as though he has a sixth sense: he just knows when to expect contact, when to sidestep and when to pull the trigger on a risky handball or kick that opens up a passage of play.

Hamilton also has a really strong endurance base, often doing a lot of unrewarded running. On top of that, he also works well into space to always create an option, while his repeat efforts are worth noting. Hamilton is a really smooth user of the ball. His kicks are low and sharp, and his handballs have a lot of pace on them. Whilst Hamilton hasn’t been a volume accumulator, his football intelligence and use of the ball make him a solid player who can hurt teams.

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