2014 Draft Profile: Mitch McGovern

Mitch McGovern

Position: Forward
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Club: Claremont
Plays like: Robbie Gray

Initially overlooked in the 2012 National Draft, and then enduring a 2013 season on the sidelines with a hotspot in his foot, 2014 delivered better news for Mitch McGovern, who announced himself as a consistent, high-flying forward whose game impact was heavy felt this season. McGovern is the younger brother of current Eagles player Jeremy, but is a different type of player.

McGovern played just the 11 games for Claremont, but returned 10 goals in 11 games, and averaged 4.2 marks, 2.3 tackles and even tried his hand in the ruck, finishing with 51 hit-outs for the year. The disciplined, yet hard-working forward has a defensive side that Claremont coaches have highly regarded this year, and it’s something recruiters have been quick to highlight, t00.

McGovern is a sound user of the football on either side of his body, and is crafty enough to play a high half-forward role where his excellent disposal can be exploited. At 191 cm, McGovern isn’t considered a true key forward, but his athleticism, more so his nature leap gives off the impression that he is. He recorded 26/30 in the kicking test at the draft combine and 87 cm in the running vertical jump.

McGovern could evolve into a Jeremy Howe type of player, with that third tall size and athleticism. Indeed, the athletic third tall is now a viable option in most forward lines in this era.

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