BFGN Rising Stars Phantom Draft – LIVE from 8pm

The Bound For Glory News Rising Stars team is bringing an extra element to the site’s mid-year phantom draft – we’re tweeting it live to you!

Tonight starting at 8pm, we’ll be bringing you the live draft coverage, totalling four rounds, including father-son picks and academy selections which have been bidded on. The pre-draft information will start from 7pm when we list the pre-selected players, the six recruiters (covering three teams each) and then every single pick from 8pm onwards.

Don’t stress if you miss any of the coverage, we’ll post the full results on Bound For Glory News so you can relive the night. It will be the first time a phantom draft will be tweeted live as it happens. Prepare yourself as the first pick will be taken at 8pm tomorrow night.

The recruiters are as follows:

Alex Takle (@Alex_Takle) – Port Adelaide, West Coast, Greater Western Sydney
Jourdan Canil (@JourdanCanil) – Sydney, Essendon, Carlton
Luke McAlister (@lukemcalister) – Fremantle, Adelaide, Western Bulldogs
Paige Cardona (@paigecardona) – Hawthorn, Collingwood, St Kilda
Peter Williams (@pawil5) – North Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane
Stephen Marson (@stephenmarson) – Geelong, Richmond, Melbourne

Each recruiter was awarded a top six team, middle six team and bottom six team. Father-son and academy players were nominated and subsequently bid on. The results will be posted at 7pm tonight prior to the draft. Following each pick, there will be a brief explanation from the recruiter as to why they have made that selection.

This draft will commence Thursday, August 7 from 8pm. Follow @Bound4GloryNews for all the picks and the relevant teams’ recruiter for the explanations.

BFGN Rising Stars Phantom Draft LIVE selections

Player (Club)


(f/s) = father-son selection
(a/s) = academy selection
* = father-son or academy selection was drafted by another team

Round 1:
1 St Kilda – Patrick McCartin (Geelong Falcons)
2 Melbourne – Christian Petracca (Eastern Ranges)
3 Greater Western Sydney – Angus Brayshaw (Sandringham Dragons)
4 Brisbane – Peter Wright (Calder Cannons)
5 Western Bulldogs – Jake Lever (Calder Cannons)
6 Carlton – Jayden Laverde (Western Jets)
7 Richmond – Jarrod Pickett (South Fremantle)
8 West Coast – Paul Ahern (Calder Cannons)
9 Adelaide – Sam Durdin (West Adelaide)
10 Gold Coast – Liam Duggan (Western Jets)
11 Collingwood – Darcy Moore (Oakleigh Chargers) (f/s)
12 North Melbourne – Jordan De Goey (Oakleigh Chargers)
13 Port Adelaide – Caleb Marchbank (Murray Bushrangers)
14 Fremantle – Lachie Weller (Southport)
15 Geelong – Connor Menadue (Western Jets)
16 Gold Coast (compo) – Corey Ellis (Western Jets)
17 Sydney –  Isaac Heeney (Cardiff) (a/s)
18 Hawthorn – Tom Lamb (Dandenong Stingrays)
19 Greater Western Sydney (compo) – Connor Blakely (Swan Districts)
20 Essendon (compo) – Hugh Goddard (Geelong Falcons)

Round two:
21 St Kilda – Touk Miller (Calder Cannons)
22 Melbourne – Ed Vickers-Willis (Sandringham Dragons)
23 Greater Western Sydney – Jarrod Garlett (South Fremantle)
24 Brisbane –  Matt Hammelmann (Morningside) (a/s)
25 Western Bulldogs – Tyler Keitel (East Perth)
26 Carlton – Reece McKenzie (Northern Knights)
27 Richmond – Brayden Maynard (Sandringham Dragons)
28 West Coast – Alec Waterman (Claremont) (f/s)
29 Adelaide – Josh Glenn (Central Districts)
30 Gold Coast – Peter Bampton (Norwood)
31 Collingwood – Clem Smith (Perth)
32 North Melbourne – Zaine Cordy (Geelong Falcons) (f/s*)
33 Port Adelaide – Alex Neal-Bullen (Glenelg)
34 Fremantle – Jack Steele (Belconnen) (a/s*)
35 Geelong – Kyle Langford (Northern Knights)
36 Sydney – Harrison Wigg (North Adelaide)
37 Hawthorn – Jackson Nelson (Geelong Falcons)

Round three:
38 St Kilda – Dillon Viojo-Rainbow (Western Jets)
39 Melbourne – Billy Stretch (Glenelg) (f/s)
40 Greater Western Sydney – Aiden Anderson (Swan Districts)
41 Brisbane – Liam Dawson (Aspley) (a/s)
42 Western Bulldogs – Jeremy Finlayson (Hills Eagles) (a/s*)
43 Carlton – Tom Wilkinson (Sandringham Dragons)
44 Richmond – Zac Ballard (Northern Knights)
45 West Coast – Toby McLean (Oakleigh Chargers)
46 Adelaide – Caleb Daniel (South Adelaide)
47 Gold Coast – Daniel Capiron (Dandenong Stingrays)
48 Collingwood – Ed Langdon (Sandringham Dragons)
49 Essendon – Lukas Webb (Gippsland Power)
50 North Melbourne – Jordan Cunico (Gippsland Power)
51 Port Adelaide – Dan Butler (North Ballarat Rebels)
52 Fremantle – Nakia Cockatoo (Southern Districts)
53 Geelong – Jack Lonie (Dandenong Stingrays)
54 Sydney – Abiana Davis (UNSW-Easts) (a/s)
55 Hawthorn – Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale)

Round four:
56 St Kilda – Daniel Nielson (Eastern Ranges)
57 Melbourne – Marc Pittonet (Oakleigh Chargers)
58 Greater Western Sydney – Keenan Ramsey (Port Adelaide Magpies)
59 Brisbane – Joe Maishman (Geelong Falcons)
60 Western Bulldogs – Declan Hamilton (Port Adelaide Magpies)
61 Carlton – Sean McLaren (Sandringham Dragons)
62 Richmond – Tim Jones (Tasmania)
63 West Coast – Jared Hardisty (Claremont)
64 Adelaide – Conor McKenna (Tyrone GAA)
65 Gold Coast – Nathan Drummond (Murray Bushrangers)
66 Collingwood – Damien Cavka (Calder Cannons)
67 Essendon – Jayden Short (Northern Knights)
68 North Melbourne – Jake Owen (Williamstown)
69 Port Adelaide – Harris Andrews (Aspley) (a/s*)
70 Fremantle – Dean Gore (Sturt)
71 Geelong – Teia Miles (Geelong Falcons)
72 Sydney – Alex Urban (Oakleigh Chargers)
73 Hawthorn – Harry Dear (Sandringham Dragons) (f/s)

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