TAC Cup wrap: Round 15

Geelong Falcons 16.4 (100) defeated Eastern Ranges 14.11 (95)

Geelong goals: T. Miles 5, J. Carlin 4, M. Augerinos 2, A. Christensen, B. Beardsell, B. Blair, J. Nelson, H. Smith.
Eastern goals: Goal Kickers: B. Hardwick 8, C. Petracca 3, S. Weideman 2, L. Wilson.
Geelong best: T. Miles, M. Augerinos, A. Christensen, J. Nelson, R. Mathieson, D. Parish.
Eastern best: B. Hardwick, C. Petracca, L. Wilson, D. Nielson, M. Burt , A. Cotte.

A reasonably large crowd gathered in Werribee to watch a game that was billed to be an exciting match. Geelong were missing names such as Goddard, McCartin, Cordy, Maishman and Nick Dixon which really took a lot of class and finishing out of the side. It mattered little as they finished off Eastern by five points which while score-wise it was a thriller, the gameplay was about as entertaining as Adelaide vs Melbourne a few years back. That’s not to say there weren’t moments of brilliance and some high goal scorers, but the weather was ordinary and it was a good old fashioned scrap. Very few players were clean and the umpiring was frustrating simply because they weren’t allowing for the weather conditions so a number of free kicks were given that probably tiggy-touchwood.

The match itself was a see-sawing contest that truth-be-told looked like it was going to be one-sided early on as Eastern ran away early. Blake Hardwick had six goals to half time yet the Eastern Ranges led by just 15 points. They increased the margin to 18 points at the final change but the Falcons, led by Teia Miles refused to give in, with the nuggety midfielder finishing with five goals and apparently only 16 disposals. Darcy Parish was sensational, not just because he found the ball, but because he broke the lines and looked dangerous every time he had it. Jackson Nelson was also impressive while Rhys Mathieson again showed why he’ll be a top ten pick next season.

For Eastern, it was once again Christian Petracca who stood up and despite being in the trainers arms just before half time, he excelled and finished with three goals and 24 disposals. Blake Hardwick’s eight goals was also pretty impressive, but was held tighter after the main break. One of the most underrated players in the competition earned votes in Daniel Nielson. Without Nielson, the Falcons would have being well ahead early on, but his drive off half back was sensational. Overall while the game itself was pretty ugly, a number of top-age and bottom-age players stood out. For Eastern, they fall outside the eight with only a handful of matches remaining. Geelong continue their bid for a top four place and with their stars returning soon, they’ll no doubt improve.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Darcy Parish (Geelong Falcons)
4 – Christian Petracca (Eastern Ranges)
3 – Teia Miles (Geelong Falcons)
2 – Blake Hardwick (Eastern Ranges)
1 – Daniel Nielson (Eastern Ranges)

Bendigo Pioneers 23.17 – 155 defeated Northern Territory 7.4 – 46

Bendigo Goals: J. Maher 4, J. Chisari 3, B. Evans 3, J. Ryan 2, L. Tardrew 2, M. Chisari 2, D. Davie 2, T. Cole, P. Ludeman, L. Ryan, C. Barrett, S. Simmons.

Northern Territory Goals: M. Hagan(3, A. Ankers 2, S. Godden 2.

Bendigo Best: J. Maher, B. Evans, J. Chisari, M. Pickering, L. Tardrew, T. Cole, D. Davie.

Northern Territory: D. Gordon, M. Hagan, A. Ankers, S. Godden, M. Tilmouth-Turner.

The Bendigo Pioneers claimed their fourth victory of the season in style with a 109-point thumping of Northern Territory on Sunday afternoon. Conditions were perfect for football and the 12th placed Pioneers made the most of a fast Queen Elizabeth Oval, kicking their highest score and first triple figure score for the year in an impressive four quarter display.

Scoring was difficult early on in the match as both teams went goal for goal until the Pioneers booted six unanswered goals to start the second term, opening up a handy 26-point half time lead. Goals to Jacob Chisari and Lachlan Tardrew allowed the home side to hold it’s five goal buffer as the Norther Territory midfield started to win the contested ball in the third term, keeping the contest alive. However, the Northern Territory side failed to score in the final term as Bendigo eased home with a 66-point to nothing last quarter effort helping set up the 109-point victory in style.

Inspirational captain Jake Maher led the way for the Pioneers with 22 disposals and four goals in a man of the match performance while Tom Cole and Billy Evans chipped in with 27 disposals each. For the Northern Territory, Micheal Hagan was gallant in defeat slotting three goals and working hard until the final siren as did Dylan Gordon, picking up 26 disposals in his side’s loss.

Next Saturday the Bendigo Pioneers head to Epsom/Huntly reserve to take on Eastern Ranges with plenty of confidence, a win could see them climb above 12th position on the ladder. The Northern Territory will return to Victoria as they are scheduled to play the Northern Knights at Preston City Oval on Saturday August 2nd.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal

5 – Jake Maher (Bendigo Pioneers)
4 – Jacob Chisari (Bendigo Pioneers)
3 – Billy Evans (Bendigo Pioneers)
2 – Tom Cole (Bendigo Pioneers)
1 – Lachlan Tardrew (Bendigo Pioneers)

Calder Cannons 12.13 (85) defeated Oakleigh Chargers 6.11 (47)

Calder Goals: Kerbatieh 3, Foster 3, Wright 2, Young 2, Cauchi, Ahern

Oakleigh Goals: Jackson, Sinclair, Mahon, McLean, Ledder, Beasley

Calder Best: KerbatiehJames, Latham, Wright, Ahern

Oakleigh Best: Sinclair, Jackson, Mclean, Beasley

Calder Cannons have all but secured second position on the TAC Cup ladder after downing the top of the table Oakleigh Chargers at Highgate on Saturday afternoon.

The Cannons bounced back in convincing fashion after their surprise loss to Sandringham Dragons two weeks ago.

It was a highly charged encounter between the two top teams, who appear destined to meet in a hotly contested finals series in a month’s time.

Jack James and James Latham were lively for Calder, gathering plenty of the footy in a tight first quarter and initiating attacking plays from the midfield and off half back.

But Oakleigh went toe-to-toe with their opponents early, with Hugh Beasley impressively handling pressure situations well on the last line of defence to keep Calder at bay.It was a tale of wasted opportunities for Oakleigh though, who failed to hit the scoreboard when it counted early on and Calder was able to make them pay.

Peter Wright was the first player to hit the scoreboard, applying a strong tackle and nailing a goal from 30 metres out after highly rated draft prospect Darcy Moore uncharacteristically fumbled an easy mark in defence, in what proved to set the tone for Oakleigh for the rest of the day.

Despite Oakleigh kicking the first goal of the second term to even the ledger, Calder surged ahead with Touk Miller and Ben Allen combining to hit Jayden Foster lace out and nail a goal to take back the lead.

Usual goal suspect Higham Kerbatieh looked dangerous all day, and was hugely influential in the first half, nailing 3 goals with impressive finishing skills on display.

As Calder pushed the lead out to 3 goals, Toby McLean and Jack Sinclair rallied to provide some spark for Oakleigh, and the momentum appeared to be shifting prior to the half time break with Oakleigh’s foot skills lifting all over the park.

Sinclair continued on after half time, nailing the first goal of the term by finding the ball at half back and then sprinting forward to take a mark to bring Oakleigh within 2 kicks.

But Calder responded, with strong pressure and pace and zip at half forward to hit up Wright and covert to build Calder’s lead.

Calder worked hard to lock Oakleigh in their forward half during the third term, with Paul Ahern taking a spectacular high flying contested intercept mark and bombing a goal from outside 50 to take the game away from Oakleigh once more.

Calder continued to create numerous opportunities in the final quarter, pushing the lead out to 38 points at the final siren in a sensational win.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:
5 – Hisham Kerbatieh (Calder Cannons)
4 – Jack James (Calder Cannons)
3 – James Latham (Calder Cannons)
2 – Peter Wright (Calder Cannons)
1 – Jack Sinclair (Oakleigh Chargers)

Sandringham Dragons 2.10.22 defeated by Dandenong Stingrays 9.10.64

Sandringham Goals: L. Gogis , B. Maynard

Dandenong Goals: A. Wilson 3, J. Lonie 2, L. Hulett 2, L. Williams , B. Mullane

Sandringham Best: B. Maynard , D. James , T. Grace , J. Noone , H. Balic , J. Bazzani

Dandenong Best: A. Wilson , K. Gray , M. White , D. Kempster , M. Homfray , R. Fischer

It could not have been a more disappointing and substandard loss for the Sandringham Dragons against the Western Jets at home at Trevor Barker Oval on Saturday.

Despite light showers and a touch of wind, the Sandringham Dragons barely fired a shot in what was arguably their worst loss of the season. It was of full credit to the Stingrays who relished the opportunity to get dirty and play a game of centimetres with a direct style of play that played into the hands of star small forward, Jack Lonie who was his influential self, pouncing on the ball at ground level and tackling hard to ensure the ball remained locked in to Dandenong’s forward 50.

Anthony Giuliano had the task of nullifying Tom Lamb, completely taking the star midfielder/forward out of the game. Lamb, who received plenty of attention was visibly aggravated and minced words with coach Craig Black at quarter time.

Angus Brayshaw battled wilfully the one way champions do. With the game already dead and buried midway through the final quarter, a diving desperate smother drew applause from both sides, an action that personified Brayshaw’s hard-line approach and a never say die attitude.

Dandenong piled on eight unanswered goals in the first half before Brayden Maynard scored Sandringham’s first goal of the game early in the third quarter, Dandenong’s defence efforts against the game-breakers Mal Neiwand and Taylor Grace were outstanding. Tyler Roos can hold his head up high, for he battled hard all afternoon and was unlucky not to kick what would’ve been a brilliant individual goal.

Among Dandenong’s even-spread team, Aaron Wilson was unable to be controlled, kicking three goals, whilst top ager Blake Mullane had a standout game, showing exactly why the Rays brought him back as a 19 year old this season. But it was the heroics of bottom-age prospect, Tom Glen who earned praise from TAC Cup Radio as man of the match, despite not being able to fit into Dandenong’s best.

Kyle Gray was every bit influential playing a key post down back, so too was fellow defender Matt Homfray, whilst Rourke Fischer was also influential.

With three games remaining, Dandenong maintain their position in the top four and face a rampant top of the ladder Oakleigh Chargers in round 15 at Wirrawee Park. Sandringham have moved down one spot to sixth on the ladder, but face the Western Jets at Burbank oval, who sit seventh on the ladder after a good win against NSW/ACT.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal

5 – Tom Glen (Dandenong Stingrays)
4 – Jack Lonie (Dandenong Stingrays)
3 – Angus Brayshaw (Sandringham)
2 – Aaron Wilson (Dandenong Stingrays)
1 – Kyle Gray (Dandenong Stingrays)

Western Jets 14.14 98 defeated NSW/ACT Rams 5.8 38

Western Goals: L. Duggan 3, L. Spiteri 2, J. Hickey , M. Orr , C. Holdsworth , J. Hobbs , B. Monk , C. Menadue , B. Coletta , D. Dawam , M. Palma

NSW/ACT Goals: J. Cornell 2, N. Hey , J. Finlayson , J. Foote

Western Best: L. Duggan , J. Hickey , M. Palma , D. Viojo , B. Myers , B. Payne

NSW/ACT Best: J. Finlayson , J. Foote , M. Mattingly , C. Bance , M. Flynn , L. Austin

Western Jets showed they were a class above their reunited opponents, coming away with a comfortable 60 point victory. NSW/ACT were missing many of their stars who played in the carnival, including the likes of Isaac Heeney and Callum Mills, while an almost full-strength Western team ran them ragged.

Western lead at every change but it was the third quarter where they really stamped themselves on the game, scoring six goals and putting the game beyond the reach of NSW/ACT.

Liam Duggan continued his good form for the Jets, collecting 24 disposals and three goals, and Brenton Payne was everywhere for the Jets and amassed 13 marks. Jeremy Finlayson starred for NSW/ACT. The GWS Academy prospect showed plenty of good signs with his 18 possessions and five marks from centre half forward.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5- Liam Duggan (Western Jets)

4- Brenton Payne (Western Jets)

3- Billy Myers (Western Jets)

2- Mitch Palma (Western Jets)

1-Jeremy Finlayson (NSW/ACT Rams)

Murray Bushrangers 11.7 73 defeated Tasmania 9.9 63

Murray Goals: J. Schache 3, L. Middleton 2, N. Coughlan 2, D. Mennen , J. Marshall , C. Crisp , B. Hodgson

Tasmania Goals: M. Rainbird 3, A. Dickenson 2, N. Dodge , I. Franks , J. Sandric , K. Pitchford

Murray Best: D. Mennen , B. Hodgson , D. Howe , J. Carroll , K. Ellis , J. Clarke

Tasmania Best: M. Rainbird , O. Jones , T. Jones , B. McGuinness , C. Hislop , R. Gardner

On paper it looked like it would be a walkover, but the match between Murray and Tasmania ended up being a tight tussle. Despite the apparent disparity in talent, Tasmania matched it with their more fancied opponents and stuck with the Bushrangers all day.

In a game which never really got going, it was the efforts of Bushranger David Mennen who got them over the line. Mennen took the game on and used his pace to help propel the Bushies forward and kept them away from the chasing Tasmanians.

Tasmania, who remained within a goal or two for the most part, were well served by midfielders Tim Jones and Caleb Hislop, who racked up 43 and 31 possessions respectively.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5- David Mennen (Murray Bushrangers)

4- Tim Jones (Tasmania)

3- Brydan Hodgson (Murray Bushrangers)

2- Caleb Hislop (Tasmania)

1-Dan Howe (Murray Bushrangers)

Gippsland Power 13.14 92 defeated Northern Knights 10.8 68

Gippsland Goals: J. Dunkley 4, T. Papley 4, J. Cunico , D. Keilty , A. Carr , C. Ambler , E. Park

Northern Goals: K. Malone 2, L. Hunt 2, C. McCabe , G. McDonagh , J. Booth , A. Di Paolo , S. Switkowski , L. East

Gippsland Best: J. Dunkley , T. Papley , D. Keilty , E. Park , L. Nash , B. Olsson

Northern Best: L. Hunt , S. Switkowski , Z. Ballard , J. Gresham , D. Macpherson , J. Short

Gippsland pulled off a minor upset, defeated Northern Knights in a scrappy game at Morwell. Wins have been few and far between for the Power this season but they managed to get over the line in this one, finishing the stronger of the two teams after the game was up for grabs at half time.

The half time margin was just four points, with Gippsland leading but they pulled away from Northern in the second half as they kicked eight goals to five, and wasted a number of chances.

Josh Dunkley continued to star as an underager for Gippsland, kicking four goals from the midfield and Brad Olsson was also very good with 22 touches. For Northern, it was their bigger names who stood up, as Zac Ballard, Liam Hunt and Jade Gresham playing well again.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5- Josh Dunkley (Gippsland Power)

4- Liam Hunt (Northern Knights)

3- Brad Olsson (Gippsland Power)

2- Jade Gresham (Northern Knights)

1-Thomas Papley (Gippsland Power)


North Ballarat Rebels 11.7 73 defeated Queensland 7.11 53

North Ballarat Goals: T. Taurau 2, M. Johnston 2, K. Mason , E. Guthrie , J. Hopper , N. Weightman , S. McClure , D. Butler , L. McLeod

Queensland Goals: M. Hammelmann 5, H. Andrews , D. Mutu

North Ballarat Best: M. Johnston , J. Hopper , D. Butler , T. Templeton , B. Simpson , R. Marshall

Queensland Best: M. Hammelmann , H. Andrews , B. Keays , C. Stevenson , I. Hay , . Henderson

North Ballarat bounced back after a tough loss to Eastern, with a narrow win over a very competitive Queensland team. Queensland came out to play, and went into the quarter time break with an eight point advantage. However they were unable to hold the lead for long and North Ballarat hit back, dominating the game early on but unable to take advantage of their opportunities. Matt Hammelman kicked his third for the game midway through the second, but North Ballarat hit back with two more to go into the main break with a 12 point lead.

Queensland hit back with another to Hammelman to open the third term and it proved to be the only major of the quarter, as the Rebels held on to a slender six point lead at the final change.

The final quarter was the opposite of the third, as both teams traded goals. Queensland came within 14 points but Dan Butler sealed the game for the Rebels with a late major.

Ben Keays and Matt Hammelman were impressive for Queensland while Jacob Hopper,Rowan Marshall and Tom Templeton were among North Ballarat’s best players.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5- Rowan Marshall (North Ballarat Rebels)

4- Matt Hammelman (Queensland)

3- Ben Keays (Queensland)

2- Jacob Hopper (North Ballarat Rebels)

1-Tom Templeton (North Ballarat Rebels)

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