Draftee comparison: Goddard vs. McCartin vs. Wright


If you’ve ever looked at a group of names that the media suggest as the next big thing and wonder who they are, we’re here to give you a great insight into those names. In our first edition of draftee comparison, we look at the three Victorian talls that will dominate the headlines at this year’s draft. Along with South Australian Sam Durdin, Hugh Goddard, Patrick McCartin and Peter Wright will all be vying for that number one spot. Here is a comparison of all three players for you to compare:


Hugh Goddard is the cousin of Essendon’s Brendon but is a much different player to the versatile midfielder. Goddard plays at both ends and has impressive agility and a turn of speed for someone of that size. He slots in nicely at centre half forward, but is equally at home playing on the opposition’s danger man. Of the three compared in this piece, he would rate higher than the others comfortably in the defensive half, while probably a tad below both up forward and obviously in the ruck. He is the most athletically gifted of the the three and with the most flexibility.

TAC Cup 2014:

Games: 1
Goals: 3
Disposals: 11
Marks: 6 (two contested)
Tackles: 4
Hit outs: 1

TAC Cup 2013:

Games: 8
Goals: 19
Disposals: 92
Marks: 42 (16 contested)
Tackles: 10
Hit outs: 2


Patrick McCartin is your typical full-forward. He is a strong mark on the lead, but can mark it in contested situations as well. Probably McCartin’s biggest knock is his inability to play in other positions, but he is incredibly gifted up forward. Of the three, he is the most natural forward and while he probably doesn’t clunk as many marks as the other two, he reads the play the best and finds space incredibly well. He doesn’t have the same bulking size about him but uses his footy smarts and goal kicking to help him. He’s the guy you want kicking for goal if the game is on the line above the other two.

TAC Cup 2014:

Games: 1
Goals: 4
Disposals: 12
Marks: 5
Tackles: 0
Hit outs: 2

TAC Cup 2013:

Games: 8
Goals: 21
Disposals: 108
Marks: 68 (19 contested)
Tackles: 5
Hit outs: 10


Peter Wright is the TAC Cup’s Dean Cox. He’s a lumbering ruck who just towers over everyone else and beats them with brute strength. It’s hard to compare his goals to the others as he often marks it much closer to goal in one-on-one situations. He is the strongest of the three and has the versatility to play in the ruck. Wright’s sheer size is a daunting prospect for opposition defenders and he rarely goes a game without kicking multiple goals. This season he has mostly played forward and relief rucking, similar to last season. He would be impressive at both and will no doubt play a role in both positions in his AFL career with his main knock being his movement, especially compared to the other two.

TAC Cup 2014:

Games: 3*
Goals: 8
Disposals: 39
Marks: 21 (four contested)
Tackles: 1
Hit outs: 25

TAC Cup 2013:

Games: 12
Goals: 27
Disposals: 138
Marks: 79 (28 contested)
Tackles: 9
Hit outs: 79


Defender: Goddard – Wright – McCartin
Ruck: Wright – Goddard – McCartin
Forward: McCartin – Wright – Goddard

Strength: Wright – Goddard – McCartin
Athleticism: Goddard – McCartin – Wright
Goal kicking: McCartin – Wright – Goddard

Peter Wright = 13
Hugh Goddard = 12
Patrick McCartin = 11


In all likelihood all three will go top 10 in the draft, and potentially top five depending on how clubs rate them in comparison with interstate players such as Sam Durdin or smaller midfielders in this draft. Clubs needing a ruck/forward will lean towards Wright, clubs needing a flexible player up both ends will lean towards Goddard, while clubs needing a key forward and reliable kick for goal will select McCartin. All three are jets and will be valuable additions to any AFL side.


  1. One question would you trade gibbs to recieve a compo pick(depending where youfinish)and use that pick on 1 off these blokes.What are your thoughts.

    1. I think if given the opportunity, getting a first round compo pick for Gibbs and being able to pick up one of these guys would be fantastic for the Blues. If I were Carlton, I’d lean towards McCartin simply because a key forward would be their first priority. He potentially might be the most likely to drop out of the three too and get to Carlton.

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