TAC Cup wrap: Round four


TAC Cup: Round four

Bendigo Pioneers 7.11 (53)
Dandenong Stingrays 12.10 (82)

Bendigo Pioneers:

Goal Kickers: B. Edwards, J. Brain, R. Barrack, T. Cole, B. Spurr, J. Ryan, B. Evans
Best Players: C. Barrett, T. Cole, D. Davie, J. Coghlan, B. Evans, F. Payne

Dandenong Stingrays:

Goal Kickers: A. Wilson 5, M. White 2, J. Holden, J. Bennett, B. Mullane, R. Fischer, J. Lonie
Best Players: A. Wilson, M. White, J. Lonie, R. Fischer, J. Holden, A. Harnett

The Dandenong Stingrays recorded a comfortable 29-point win over the Bendigo Pioneers at Queen Elizabeth Oval. Aaron Wilson booted five goals in an impressive display while Jack Lonie and Alex Harnett were solid contributors for the Stingrays. For Bendigo, Cam Barrett seemed to be everywhere with 31 disposals, but the Pioneers lacked a forward target, having only seven goal scorers and no multiple contributors. In fact, they booted four of their seven goals in the second term. The win helps Dandenong jump to sixth, while Bendigo slip to ninth with just the one win.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5: Cameron Barrett (Bendigo Pioneers)
4: Alex Harnett (Dandenong Stingrays)
3: Rourke Fischer (Dandenong Stingrays)
2: Jack Lonie (Dandenong Stingrays)
1: Aaron Wilson (Dandenong Stingrays)

Eastern Ranges 15.13 (103)
Northern Knights 14.15 (99)

Eastern Ranges:

Goal Kickers: S. Weideman 3, J. Parsons 2, P. Klep 2, B. Batty 2, L. Hannon, N. Evans, M. Traynor, B. Hardwick, R. Harvey, R. Clarke
Best Players: B. Batty, M. Traynor, R. Harvey, S. Weideman, J. Parsons, C. Jones

Northern Knights:

Goal Kickers: K. Langford 5, J. Smith 2, G. McDonagh 2, J. Lowe, J. Perry, R. McKenzie, L. Hunt, K. Malone
Best Players: J. Perry, K. Langford, J. Iacobaccio, J. Gresham, Z. Ballard, R. McKenzie

The Northern Knights were hot favorites coming into their round three encounter against the Eastern Ranges, with the reigning premiers yet to notch their first win of the season – it set up a thrilling, game-of-the-round encounter which went down as a TAC Cup game to remember between the old foes. The Knights were served well in the first quarter, winning the stoppages and pushing the ball forward to their big, leading 196 cm, 105 kg forward Reece McKenzie.

McKenzie, who was a marking force in the air and a weapon in the ruck was dominating the game early on. Unfortunately his wayward kicking thanks to an ankle injury sustained in round three and a knock on his shoulder towards the end of the first quarter restricted his ability to impact the scoreboard. This proved costly for the Knights, kicking 1.4 and spraying some important set shots.

Key forward Kyle Langford was brilliant for the Knights, kicking five goals off eight disposals and three marks, underlining the fact he didn’t need a lot of the ball to play with serious impact. But as the Knights pushed their lead out to 40 points, thanks to a Garrett McDonough 60 meter cannon, the momentum was all with Knights heading into the long break.

Top-ager Jordan Perry continued to plug away, and was arguably the Knights’ best player. He finished with a classy 35 disposals (22 kicks), including five marks, 3 tackles and a goal to boot, operating at an elite 70 per cent disposal efficiency. The busy, high production gun midfielder arguably would’ve been a top 30 pick in last years draft had his season not been written off due to an array of injuries.

The Knights were overcome by a rampant Eastern Ranges outfit who piled on eight goals and restricted the Knights to just the one goal, with scores all tied up coming into the final quarter. Eastern’s Sam Weideman went berserk, marking and kicking everything in sight to finish with three goals and seven marks, of which three were contested. Midfield star Matthew Traynor was given an license to roam, and the energetic, busy midfielder was the catalyst the swung momentum in the way of the Ranges in the third quarter, and continued that into the final quarter.

Top aged midfielder Bryce Batty, who played in Eastern’s premiership last year, became a focal point as the Eastern Ranges surged ahead, kicking two important goals and finishing with 11 disposals, seven tackles and three marks. A nine-goal final term set up see-sawing affair, with the lead changing seven times throughout the final stanza.

Samuel Switkowski was a smooth mover, working his way through traffic and offering a cool head in congestion, whilst Zac Ballard was notable with 13 tackles, bringing a halt to a wild Eastern outfit. But ultimately the Eastern Ranges held their nerve and ran out four-point victors, in an amazing 44-point turnaround, underlining the character of Darren Bewick’s men.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5: Kyle Langford (Northern Knights)
4: Sam Weideman (Eastern Ranges)
3: Reece McKenzie (Northern Knights)
2: Jordan Perry (Northern Knights)
1: Bryce Batty (Eastern Ranges)

Geelong Falcons 17.12 (114)
Gippsland Power 11.13 (79)

Geelong Falcons:

Goal Kickers: R. Mathieson 4, A. Christensen 4, C. Floyd 2, L. McCartney 2, T. Rieniets, L. Wagener, M. Augerinos, H. Kershaw, J. Maishman
Best Players: J. Sheahan, R. Mathieson, N. Dixon, J. Maishman, T. Miles, C. Floyd

Gippsland Power:

Goal Kickers: L. Webb 3, J. Cunico 3, M. Jacobsen 2, N. Argento, A. Ferreira, L. Robinson
Best Players: L. Webb, J. Cunico, J. Jacobsen, M. Stanlake, N. Argento, L. Robinson

In one of the strangest games of the season, the Geelong Falcons turned an epic contest into a 35-point belting over the Gippsland Power. Despite missing a handful of stars due to AIS duties, the Falcons were competitive for most of the day but trailed by a few points, 16 minutes into the last quarter. Enter Rhys Mathieson. The young bottom-ager booted three last quarter goals as the Falcons kicked the last six of the game in the space of seven minutes to run away and disguise what was an entertaining contest. Aaron Christensen also booted four goals while Joe Maishman and Teia Miles were impressive. For the Power, Lukas Webb and Jordan Cunico stood out, finding plenty of the football and hitting the scoreboard as well. The Falcons remain undefeated while Gippsland sit narrowly inside the eight with just one win from three outings.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5: Rhys Mathieson (Geelong Falcons)
4: Lukas Webb (Gippsland Power)
3: Jordan Cunico (Gippsland Power)
2: Joe Maishman (Geelong Falcons)
1: Teia Miles (Geelong Falcons)

Sandringham Dragons 6.9 (45)
Calder Cannons 16.8 (104)

Sandringham Dragons:

Goal Kickers: T. Wilkinson 3, B. Maynard, H. Dear, J. Matera
Best Players: T. Wilkinson, T. Laumets, B. Maynard, T. Roos, J. Matera, S. Kelly

Calder Cannons:

Goal Kickers: J. Cauchi 4, P. Ahern 3, Z. Wunhym 2, D. Cavka, M. Kovacevic, J. Wallis, T. Miller, A. Christensen, J. Flower, M. Goodyear
Best Players: P. Ahern, T. Gawthrop, N. O”Kearney, T. Miller, D. Cavka, J. Cauchi

Calder Cannons flexed their muscles on the weekend, belting the Sandringham Dragons by 59 points in a one-sided affair. Paul Ahern starred with 21 disposals and three goals while goal sneak Josh Cauchi booted four. Tom Wilkinson was the only multiple goal scorer for the Dragons, kicking three of their six majors and continuing his fantastic start to the season. It was an important win for Calder as they jumped past Sandringham into third and in doing so, handed the Dragons their first loss of the season, dropping to fourth.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5: Paul Ahern (Calder Cannons)
4: Touk Miller (Calder Cannons)
3: Tom Wilkinson (Sandringham Dragons)
2: Victor Carboni (Calder Cannons)
1: Josh Wallis (Calder Cannons)

North Ballarat Rebels 6.11 (47)
Murray Bushrangers 12.14 (86)

North Ballarat Rebels:

Goal Kickers: J. Neville, R. Marshall, J. Palmer, O. McDonald, R. Kemp, J. Symons
Best Players: J. Palmer, R. Marshall, J. Webster, D. Butler, S. Bennett, T. Templeton

Murray Bushrangers:

Goal Kickers: N. Drummond 2, B. Webster 2, L. Leeds 2, J. Schache, S. Mannagh, M. Mahady, J. Carroll, M. Waite, E. Wales
Best Players: N. Drummond, K. Ellis, I. Muller, A. Clarke, B. Webster, D. Howe

Murray Bushrangers recorded an impressive 39-point win over the North Ballarat Rebels in the twilight game at Queen Elizabeth Oval. It wasn’t as entertaining as the other contests, but former AIS player Nathan Drummond looked good, booting two goals from 32 disposals while also taking 11 marks and laying 10 tackles. Fellow over-ager Kieran Ellis was also impressive in the win, while Josh Webster was solid for the win-less Rebels. Murray moved into fifth on the ladder with the win, while the Rebels remain on the bottom, similar to last season.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5: Nathan Drummond (Murray Bushrangers)
4: Kieran Ellis (Murray Bushrangers)
3: Josh Webster (North Ballarat Rebels)
2: Isaac Muller (Murray Bushrangers)
1: Allister Clarke (Murray Bushrangers)

Western Jets 23.12 (150)
Northern Territory 3.10 (28)

Western Jets:

Goal Kickers: T. Vujanic 5, M. Norton 3, B. Payne 3, C. Ellis 2, L. Pulitano 2, J. Volpato 2, M. Palma 2, J. Laverde, C. Holdsworth, B. Myers, B. Monk
Best Players: C. Ellis, B. Myers, B. Payne, M. Palma, J. Volpato, C. Menadue

Northern Territory:

Goal Kickers: G. Hampton, K. Holt-Tubbs, C. Clyden
Best Players: D. Gordon, J. Musgrove, S. Daly, R. Dhamarrandji, C. Clyden, B. Parfitt

In a very one-sided contest, the Western Jets obliterated Northern Territory with seven multiple goal scorers and 11 goal scorers all together. The Jets never looked like losing, leading at every change and booted ten goals in the third quarter. Tylar Vujanic was the most prolific, booting five goals, while Corey Ellis was cool around the ground. For Northern Territory it was hard to find too many positives but Brandon Parfitt had 18 disposals in the loss. Ironically the huge win was the Jets’ first and catapulted them into the eight.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5: Corey Ellis (Western Jets)
4: Billy Myers (Western Jets)
3: Tylar Vujanic (Western Jets)
2: Mitchell Parma (Western Jets)
1: Jackson Volpato (Western Jets)

Oakleigh Chargers 15.17 (107)
Queensland 7.6 (48)

Oakleigh Chargers:

Goal Kickers: D. Houston 7, L. Waddell, T. Carter-Taylor, J. De Goey, J. Sinclair, M. Rivett, D. Cuningham, T. Young, H. Thompson
Best Players: D. Houston, H. Beasley, A. Urban, K. Answerth, M. Rivett, J. Sinclair


Goal Kickers: M. Uebergang 2, C. Wagner, J. Rayner, I. Hay, C. Stevenson, B. Keays
Best Players: H. Leong, D. Cameron-Reeves, J. Rayner, M. Uebergang, D. Henderson, B. Keays

Oakleigh Chargers continued their unbeaten start to the 2014 season with a 59-point belting of Queensland. Dan Houston managed to boot as many goals as his opposition team, finishing with seven majors as the sole target up forward amongst nine individual goal scorers. For Queensland only Matthew Uebergang booted multiple goals while Darcy Cameron-Reeves had 21 disposals. Oakleigh still sit on top of the ladder with a superior percentage and are looking very impressive thus far.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5: Dan Houston (Oakleigh Chargers)
4: Alex Urban (Oakleigh Chargers)
3: Kade Answerth (Oakleigh Chargers)
2: Hugh Beasley (Oakleigh Chargers)
1: Mackenzie Rivett (Oakleigh Chargers)

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