2013 Final Under 18s Power Rankings

The 2013 season is finished and this year’s draft crop have completed their testing so their fate is now up to the recruiters, with little for them to do that can change it. This makes it a great time to look back on the season and see who the best 100 players were according to the BFGN Power Rankings formula.

Players were allocated points in every match they played in, with points being given for each disposal, tackle, mark, goal, clearance and hitout.  Different statistics received different weightings for each position and attributes that are seen as being more valuable were given a higher points allocation. For example, defenders received a higher weighting for contested marks and tackles than other positions, while small forwards received a higher weighting for each tackle and goal. There was also a higher weighting given to performances in the seniors and reserves, as it is harder to have an impact against the bigger bodies in a tougher and more skilled grade.

A handful of underage players were included in the rankings, as a tool to see where they sit compared to this year’s prospects.

  1. Riley Knight (Woodville-West Torrens)
  2. Ben Lennon (Northern Knights)
  3. Matt Crouch (North Ballarat Rebels)
  4. James Aish (Norwood)
  5. James Battersby (Sturt)
  6. Josh Kelly (Sandringham Dragons)
  7. James Tsitas (Geelong Falcons)
  8. Tom Boyd (Eastern Ranges)
  9. Tom Langdon (Sandringham Dragons)
  10. Lewis Taylor (Geelong Falcons)
  11. Billy Hartung (Dandenong Stingrays)
  12. Peter Bampton (Norwood)
  13. Jack Billings (Oakleigh Chargers)
  14. Dayle Garlett (Swan Districts)
  15. Sam Heavyside (Bendigo Pioneers)
  16. Christian Salem (Sandringham Dragons)
  17. Mitch Honeychurch (Eastern Ranges)
  18. Eli Templeton (Burnie)
  19. Blake Acres (West Perth)
  20. Josh Scott (Gippsland Power)
  21. Alex Carr (Gippsland Power)
  22. Kade Kolodjashnij (Launceston)
  23. Dom Sheed (Subiaco)
  24. Josh Turner (Northern Knights)
  25. Will Maginness (Oakleigh Chargers)
  26. Darcy Lang (Geelong Falcons)
  27. David Iaccarino (Western Jets)
  28. Zach Merrett (Sandringham Dragons)
  29. Ben Sokol (South Fremantle)
  30. Christian Petracca (Eastern Ranges)
  31. James Sicily (Western Jets)
  32. Marcus Bontempelli (Northern Knights)
  33. Ben Cavarra (Eastern Ranges)
  34. Jacob Chisari (Bendigo Pioneers)
  35. Michael Gibbons (Murray Bushrangers)
  36. Trent Dumont (Norwood)
  37. Campbell Coombe (North Adelaide)
  38. Lachlan Cassidy (Northern Knights)
  39. Bryden Squire (Murray Bushrangers)
  40. Nick Favretto (West Adelaide)
  41. Mitch Harvey (North Adelaide)
  42. Willie Rioli (South Fremantle)
  43. Jay Kennedy-Harris (Oakleigh Chargers)
  44. Luke McDonald (Werribee)
  45. Aidan Franetic (Oakleigh Chargers)
  46. Luke Dunstan (Woodville-West Torrens)
  47. Matt Scharenberg (Glenelg)
  48. Toby Nankervis (North Launceston)
  49. Zac Webster (Glenorchy)
  50. Isaac Conway (Aspley)
  51. Brady Grey (Burnie)
  52. Louis Herbert (North Ballarat Rebels)
  53. Nick Robertson (West Perth)
  54. Chris Cain (Port Melbourne)
  55. Matt Haynes (Northern Knights)
  56. Cameron Giles (Woodville-West Torrens)
  57. Orazio Fantasia (Norwood)
  58. Mitch Norton (Western Jets)
  59. Issiah Miller (Bendigo Pioneers)
  60. Jared Jansen (East Fremantle)
  61. Darcy Hourigan (South Adelaide)
  62. Matt Boag (Geelong Falcons)
  63. Darcy Cameron (Claremont)
  64. Jake Greiser (Western Jets)
  65. Hugh Goddard (Geelong Falcons)
  66. George Cameron (Geelong Falcons)
  67. Patrick Mccartin (Geelong Falcons)
  68. Nick Holman (Murray Bushrangers)
  69. Patrick Cripps (East Fremantle)
  70. Ryan Dijksman (West Adelaide)
  71. Blaine Johnson (South Fremantle)
  72. Matt Merlo (Calder Cannons)
  73. Jesse Tardio (Northern Knights)
  74. Brett Bewley (Western Jets)
  75. George Hewett (North Adelaide)
  76. Callum Cathcart (Sandringham Dragons)
  77. Alex Urban (Oakleigh Chargers)
  78. Alex Spina (North Adelaide)
  79. Nathan Freeman (Sandringham Dragons)
  80. Paul Ahern (Calder Cannons)
  81. Ben Brown (Werribee)
  82. Jake Maher (Bendigo Pioneers)
  83. Michael Apeness (Eastern Ranges)
  84. Jarman Impey (Murray Bushrangers)
  85. Jake Kalanj (Northern Knights)
  86. Nick Bourke (Geelong Falcons)
  87. Jake Lever (Calder Cannons)
  88. Jake Sharp (Murray Bushrangers)
  89. Zac Jones (Dandenong Stingrays)
  90. Clem Smith (Perth)
  91. Dan McStay (Eastern Ranges)
  92. Zac Bates (West Adelaide)
  93. Tyler Keitel (East Perth)
  94. James Harmes (Dandenong Stingrays)
  95. Jason Robinson (Western Jets)
  96. Dallas Willsmore (North Ballarat Rebels)
  97. Luke Reynolds (Port Adelaide)
  98. Darcy Byrne-Jones (Oakleigh Chargers)
  99. Max Hayes (Sandringham Dragons)
  100. Fraser Fort (Geelong Falcons)

Notable exclusions from this list include Darcy Gardiner who finished 101st, Cam McCarthy who ranked 103rd, Jonathan Marsh who was 113th and Dwayne Wilson in 134th,  all of whom are expected to go early on draft day but have ranked poorly for various reasons (ball finding ability, disposal). Gardiner can count himself unlucky as the rankings do not take into account spoils which is an area where Gardiner excels.

While these statistics won’t accurately account for the actual draft order, they do give an insight into which players can statistically find the football and therefore could be closer to senior action than others.

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