2013 Draft Profile: Karl Amon

Karl Amon (Sandringham Dragons)

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Position: Midfielder
Player comparison: Chris Yarran
Strengths: Disposal, speed, hurt factor
Weaknesses: Ball getting

Karl Amon is often one player who isn’t given fair recognition for his efforts. With all the hype surrounding the ‘Sandringham trifecta’ in Josh Kelly, Christian Salem and Nathan Freeman; Amon has gone about his business quietly and continued to put his case forward to be drafted.

At the beginning of the Under 18s Championships, Amon was one player who had to step up for Vic Metro against the division two sides after being impressive for Sandringham. Given the hype around the other Vic Metro midfielders, he had to mount his case for selection. He did just that being close to best on ground against NSW/ACT at Visy Park.

The biggest advantage about Amon is his devastating disposal and hurt factor that is combined not only by foot but also by hand. He makes good decisions under pressure and can win his own football as well as run and carry. Unlike other midfielders in this draft, Amon has some great depth in his kicking and can punish oppositions that aren’t able to stop him.

The fact that Amon has so much hurt factor with his disposal means that the fact he doesn’t find a lot of it isn’t as major. He would like to pick up a few more disposals, but if he does manage to rack up disposals, he will become and incredibly dangerous player.

Amon also has that ability to play off half back and could well settle there given his line-breaking speed and disposal efficiency. He might follow a similar career path to Yarran once the speedy Blue moved to half back. Amon has the same sublime footskills and pace that will make opposition coaches very wary of his influence.

Given the fact he is incredibly underrated, Amon could go anywhere in the draft, most likely between the second and fourth rounds which could prove a bargain for whichever club decides to take the punt on him. He does still have a lighter frame, but can build that over time as well as his endurance so he can impact games for longer.

If he does build his strength and endurance, Amon can very well become one of the best players out of this draft crop simply because he has all the characteristics to turn matches and become an impact player. While he hasn’t kicked a lot of goals this season, Amon is clever when he is forward and could potentially play there if clubs deemed that was where they needed class and good decision making. While he could play there, Amon is definetely suited to the midfield/half back role where he can set up the play with his fantastic disposal and line breaking speed.

In the Bound For Glory News Rising Stars Phantom Draft, Karl Amon was selected by Fremantle with pick 86. Given they already have a wealth of classy players, Amon could very much add to the squad and take over from Paul Duffield and Garrick Ibbotson to provide more run and better foot skills coming out of defence.

Karl Amon is another player who could go anywhere in the draft. If he can enhance his potential and find more of the footy then his disposal, speed and hurt factor will see him become not only a good player at AFLĀ  level, but potentially one of the game’s best, settling at half back and pinch hittting through the middle.

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